How to Make Money Online With Google [6 Things You Can Do]


Google has become an essential part of our everyday lives. If you’re one of the millions that use this helpful tool, you may have wondered how to make money while using one of the many options offered by Google. This article addresses how you can monetize the time you spend online. 

How to Make Money Online With Google

Google is not just a search engine; it offers various other options that anyone is free to use and make money in the process. Listed below are six of the best ideas and possibilities to earn money with Google. 


The first and possibly most popular way to make money with Google is to start a blog. Blogs are popular types of websites. Most of the content currently present on the internet is published on blogs. If you have writing skills or are simply passionate about writing, you should consider creating your own blog. If you have any doubts about what your blog should be about, keep in mind that you can write on any topic. You can focus on your area of expertise or write about a hobby and, soon, you’ll be making money with Google, according to these blogging statistics

Consider using the free tool, Google Blogger, or create your own blog. Professional bloggers and content creators frequently utilize Google Blogger. The process of creating a new blog on Google is straightforward.

When you visit the site, click on New Blog, input a name, choose an URL or a blog address, save the changes, and you’re set to go. You can also create a blog on another platform, such as WordPress, or use one of the many website builders at no cost. If you create a WordPress blog, remember to get the best WordPress hosting to ensure that the site will be up and running at all times.

Connect Your Blog to Google Adsense

After you’ve created your blog, you’ll want to monetize it, so you should focus on making money with AdSense. This tool is Google’s cost-per-click (CPC) source for advertising. 

You can create an AdSense account that will allow you to place AdSense codes on your blog or webpage. The code then automatically places ads that are related to the content you’re publishing. Any time someone clicks on one of the ads, you earn money. The more traffic your site attracts, the more money you earn. Essentially, you make money with clicks. But you can make a living with blogging in other ways, too. Remember to post high-quality content that’s SEO optimized and will rank better on Google searches. 

NOTE: Google AdSense is not available for use on (different from So if you want to monetize your blog, you should avoid this platform. And consider checking out this website launch checklist.

YouTube Channel

Another way you can use Google for financial gain is via YouTube. If you think writing is not your strong suit, you can try creating content in video format and publish it on the popular platform, which is an excellent way for making money online legitimately. But before the cash starts flowing, you need to create the channel, which, in itself, isn’t too complicated. First, you need to sign in to YouTube with your Gmail account, fill in all the information Google asks for, and before you know it, you’ll have your very own YouTube channel

Then comes the tricky part. You need to create high-quality content that will help you establish a presence on the platform, attract viewers, and entice people to subscribe to your channel. You should keep in mind that your channel should focus on a single niche to attract a steady viewership—anything from educational videos, pranks, or audio content. If you’re eager to create animated content, you should check out our Doodly review and see if it’s the right fit.

Another good strategy is to create a memorable video title, which you can use to add keywords to increase the video’s ranking. Then, once you’ve gathered 1,000 subscribers, you can submit a request to monetize your channel with YouTube ads. In this way, you can make money with Google AdSense.

Connect Your Channel to Google Adsense

To receive money from YouTube, you need to connect your channel to your AdSense account. If you’re still wondering how to make money with Google AdSense on YouTube, you should know that once you’ve been approved for monetization—and you’ve connected the AdSense account—there’s nothing left to do but wait for the money to arrive. 

After you’ve established this connection, you can select the videos you want to monetize and choose the type of ads you want your viewers to be shown. Then, your Video Manager will show the videos that have been monetized by displaying a green dollar sign next to the video to be sure you’ll know if you’ll make money with ads displayed on your channel. 

Google Play Store

If you’re tech-savvy and have knowledge of app building, then you should consider creating and publishing an app in Google Play Store. But you’ll want your efforts to pay off and make money online with Google. There are several ways you can earn money with the app that you’ve created, but there are several other steps that you need to complete:

Create a Developer Account

You can sign up for this with your existing Google Account and pay a registration fee of $25.00. Then, add your Developer Name and any other details Google might ask for. This is how to earn money online with a Google Developer Account.

Set Up a Merchant Account

Set up this account with Google Wallet if you want to get paid. All you need to do is click on the option ‘Set up a merchant account,’ fill out the necessary information, and this will be automatically linked to the Developer Account. With this type of account, you gain control over app sales and your monthly payouts

Set Up Play Console

This allows you to add the app to the Play Store. If you list the app as ‘Paid’ from the beginning, you’ll receive money each time someone buys it from the store. But even if your app is ‘Free,’ you can still make money with advertising by including Google Ads in the app—sometimes this will make you more money than the paid version. You can also include in-app purchases in free apps and get paid. 

Prepare the Store Listing

Here, you need to provide the app title and description, keeping your intended audience in mind. To help you with this, you can utilize the best SEO tools, so you’ll rest assured that your app ranks well compared to other similar apps. You also need to provide a rating category—you don’t want your app to be classified as ‘Unrated,’ as it could be removed from the Play Store. 

There are other materials you can sell in the Play Store. For example, you can create and sell an ebook or you could start a podcast that people can subscribe to. The possibilities are endless.

NOTE: The highest-paid YouTuber in the world is nine-year-old Ryan Kaji – he’s made a whooping $29.5 million by reviewing toys on his YouTube channel. 

Google Opinion Rewards

Making money online with Google is a relatively new practice. And although Google Opinion Rewards is one of the ways you can make money, it’s still not widely known. This mobile app is a survey tool. Each time you complete a short survey, you receive compensation

To use this tool, install the app available on Play Store or Apple App Store and sign in to your Google Account. You’ll then be given a preliminary survey that serves two purposes: it ensures that you understand how the app works and determines your demographic.

If you’ve completed the test survey, then you’ll move on to regular surveys that take anywhere from 10 seconds to 1 minute to complete. As compensation, you can receive 40¢ to $1.00per survey. In addition, Android users receive Play Store credit, and iPhone users are paid via PayPal. This is an easy way to make money online with Google

You must be at least 18 years old to use this app and live in one of the 26 countries where this app is available. You also need to update the app regularly. And if you enable location services, you’ll receive more surveys regarding the places you visit. In this way, you’ll be able to work online for Google and get paid

Each time a new survey is available, you’ll receive a notification. You need to answer the questions within 24 hours. The amount of money you earn depends on the number of questions you’ve responded to and their level of complexity. Of course, all your answers remain anonymous. Although you won’t get rich with Google Opinion Rewards, this is an ideal way to earn some extra credit for your Play Store account.

Google Maps

Google Maps is used by many around the world. Besides being the best guide to both popular and remote locations, it can also be an excellent tool for making money on the side. Google allows you to add sites, photos, and reviews, in return for compensation. This is how to make money with Google Maps.

To earn money with Maps, you can post location reviews for places you’ve visited, which is simple to do from your smartphone. You can also post your photos, tag the location, and when someone clicks on your image, you get paid. You can also answer location-related queries that will help people find their way around an unfamiliar location. And possibly the best way to make money with Google Maps is to add missing locations and edit incorrect information about already existing sites. 

NOTE: 88% of all maps on the internet are based on the info provided by Google Maps. So even if you get a map from somewhere else, it’s likely identical to that on Maps. 

Google Remote Careers

If you have a certain level of education, a specific area of expertise, or working as a freelancer, you can seek employment through Google Remote Careers. This provides a different way to make money through Google than making money with ads

Google, itself, can employ you. You can visit the Google job board and see what’s offered. In addition, Google often provides engineers and developers an opportunity to work remotely for the company. You can also find remote jobs in administrations or operations on the Google Remote Careers page. You’ll be surprised at the number of jobs offered by Google. So, if you’re qualified, you should apply and try your luck. 

Key Takeaways

You can create a blog or start a YouTube channel to place ads that will bring in revenue from Google.
App development can be a substantial source of income if you’re selling your apps on the Google Play Store.
Google Opinion Rewards allows you to take surveys for compensation. It’s an easy way to make small sums of money.
Anyone can edit or add information to Google Maps.
You can always seek a job with Google through Google Remote Careers and become remotely employed at the company.


The world is continually transferring most of its operations online, and Google is at the center of it all. Besides being a necessary tool in our everyday lives, Google also provides a way to make money. You can make money with an ad that’s appropriately placed in the content you’ve created or create or use one of the many Google tools for the same purpose.


How to make money with Google AdWords?

Google AdWords is a pay-per-click platform that allows advertisers to place their ads at the top of Google search. As a result, you can make money with online ads on this platform. You simply need to create high-ranking ads containing relevant keywords and sell them to prospective clients.

How can I make money with Google?

If you want to earn with Google, there are several ways to do so. For example, if you have a blog or YouTube channel, you can make money online with ads. You can also create apps, answer surveys, edit locations, or find remote employment at Google.

How to earn money from Google at home?

There are many ways you can use Google to turn a profit and from the comfort of your home. For example, you can make money online with Google by creating content, contributing to one of its services, or by finding employment with the company

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