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Would you like to leave a mark in the world and at the same time make a living out of it? Start a blog. But how do you make money doing so? This article provides the necessary information on how to make a living blogging.

How to Start a Blog and Get Paid

Many may wonder how to make a living writing. One way is to kick off a blog. These five steps (below) should make the process of starting your blog easier.

So, how do you start?

Choose a Name

The first aspect of how to make a blog includes choosing a domain name. The name you choose will be the name of your address. Deciding on a name might be time-consuming, but it’s essential. The name you select represents who you are and what your blog is about. Keep it short (up to three words) and memorable. Once you’ve decided on a name, head to a good domain registrar to purchase it. The domain then cannot be used by another.

Choose a Website Builder

Using a high-quality host with a free website builder is essential when looking at how to start a blog and get paid. It’s a platform that allows you to put all the pieces of a website together. In addition, a high-quality site builder can help establish your online presence.

Web Hosting

Web hosting companies are essential in how to start a paying blog. Obtaining an excellent hosting company is one of the best investments you’ll make. You might consider opting for a WordPress hosting site. And many choose Bluehost because of their impeccable service.

Launch Your Website

Before launching your website, make a checklist to ensure that you won’t miss anything. Many wish to start a blog for an easy profit. But what will guide you through the process is the determination of blogging for a living. You need, however, to possess some talent for writing. Keep an editorial calendar where you organize and see the progress of the blog you’ve created.

NOTE: Bloggers who succeed in their careers are those who provide something that others don’t have.

Choose Your Niche

There are millions of bloggers who have already made a name for themselves. But how can you stand out from the noise and make a name for yourself? Once you’ve decided that blogging for a living is what you want to do, choose your topic meticulously. Choose passion over dullness.

Do you love to keep your house organized and enjoy watching Marie Kondo? Does it get on your nerves to see that one piece of jewelry is not in the box? Then perhaps you’ve found your niche and are ready to get paid to write blogs.

Topics that you enjoy researching will help you stay motivated, and so produce great content. But no matter how much you love blogging, there will be days when you can’t seem to find the motivation. Nothing will kill a blog faster than a lack of enthusiasm. Choosing a subject you’re sincerely interested in will make those days of anxiety a lot easier.

Before setting your mind on a particular niche and finding ways to learn how to blog for a living, you need to search for top blogs already established and successful. Research how they got to where they are and what their formula for success is.

Find Ways to Monetize

Now let’s see how you can monetize your blog:


Some think that to make a living blogging includes advertising. But while there are varieties of ad networks—and it’s quite easy to insert an ad on your blog—the sad truth is you won’t earn much money from them. About 25% of internet users utilize ad blocks, meaning they don’t see your advertisements.

Affiliate marketing

Startling statistics reveal that affiliate marketing will be a thriving industry in 2021. Affiliate marketing is an excellent source of passive income when you’re still learning how to make money with your blog, promote another company’s product, and receive a sales commission. Consequently, a company gains revenue through the product you promote.

For instance, if you decide that writing about skincare is the subject you want to blog about for a living, you should promote the best skincare products based on your expertise. Each blogger is given a unique URL to the company’s website, which the blogger sees when someone makes a purchase. But to succeed in affiliate marketing, the products you recommend should interest the readers. And leave a referral only on products worth buying.


To earn money through your blogs, you need to think of a strategy. Partnerships are an ideal way of obtaining paid blogging. Once you’ve gained a sizable audience, specific brands in the field of your blog can contact you to form a partnership. Depending on the contract, you can be paid monthly or per post.

Brand sponsorships

To make money with your blog, consider brand sponsorships. Many brands are searching for bloggers with a solid connection to their audience. The more influence you have, the more brands will contact you to promote their products. When working with a brand sponsorship, you only promote one or a few products. You’re not obliged to continue working with them. Our advice is to start promoting a product you’ve already tried and tested and convince the reader that the product is worth buying. When you gain experience, you can choose to promote any product in your area of expertise.

Selling your own products/services

To make a living blogging, selling your products brings benefits that you can’t get from the other methods. Not only do you have complete control of the direction of the process, but you also offer something you are an expert in. Your product can be physical or digital. Many choose to go with a digital product since creating a physical one requires more time and money.

When in doubt about how to make a living blogging, always consider what you have to offer. People need help. And since you have expertise in your writing field, you can become the authority to turn to while selling your services.

NOTE: There is no intermediary between the blogger and the customer when selling your product or services. Instead, as a creator and seller of the product, the blogger directly communicates with the buyer.

Grow Your Traffic

There are some options you can consider to grow your traffic:

Active on social media

Blogging for a living can be fun. But growing your traffic can be challenging. Social media is the home to 3.4 billion users worldwide—so it’s only natural to promote your blog on available platforms. (Instagram is our preferred choice.) Be present on the same platform as your readers. Make yourself visible by leaving comments on posts, answering questions (Q&As), or post sneak peeks from your blog.

Encourage social sharing

How to start a paying blog is a common question if you wish to pursue a career in the blogging world. Building a community that will support you and acknowledges your hard work is a must. To further grow your traffic, you need to ask your community to share your blog on social mediabe explicit with your requests for them to post your content on various social outlets.

Guest posts

If writing gives you great pleasure, then there are blogs to write for to increase the traffic on your blog. Guest writing is an excellent avenue for novice bloggers. You can contact a reputable blog and pitch your idea of what post you would publish on their site. If they approve, you can start guest blogging on their behalf. In turn, they can publish your blog for free with the author’s byline.

Apply SEO

When writing for a living, you want more people to visit your blog site, which equals more money. Therefore, it’s necessary to learn how to use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to improve the quantity and quality of your website traffic. With the help of affordable SEO services, you can grow traffic and obtain a better ranking in Google search results. With easy-to-use SEO tools, your strategy will only get better. These tools allow you to see what keywords people search for, so you can write content that answers their needs, which, in turn, keeps them coming back to your site.

Write valuable content

For those who wish to blog for a living, provide your audience with engaging content. If your content is relevant, people will constantly open your blog, longing for a new post. Whether they were looking for the perfect place to visit in autumn or the perfect recipe for the crunchiest homemade protein bar, once you’ve responded to their needs, they’ll continue coming back. Of course, you also need to post content without grammatical errors, which can be done with the help of grammar checkers.

Be Realistic

Some may think that writing a blog includes simply sitting in a cafe while you get paid to blog about your life. But to get paid blogging is not easy. It will take a significant amount of time and a lot of hard work. So be prepared to devote your time and energy to research, writing, editing, and rewriting. It could take months to finally get your blog up and running. But trust the process. It’s worth the wait.

NOTE: The blog that has the number one position on Google search has 33% of all search traffic.

Key Takeaways

When starting a blog, first decide on a domain name.
When pondering on how to make a living as a blogger, consider the easiest monetization method.
You must make yourself visible on social media to grow your traffic.
The use of SEO is a must if you want to grow traffic on your blog.
A successful blog that produces monthly income requires a lot of hard work.


This article has addressed how to make a living blogging—from starting a blog to growing traffic to maintaining a good reputation with a successful blog, making the blog in your niche the most interesting.


How much do bloggers make per post?

Bloggers can make from $175.00 to $5,000 per post. Of course, there’s a significant variation in prices because pricing depends on various factors. The audience, however, plays the most crucial role. The more people who read your blog, the more money you can make.

How do bloggers get paid?

When bloggers consider how to make a living blogging, they need to understand that bloggers get paid through various monetization methods, including ads (paid per click or impression), affiliate marketing, partnerships, brand sponsorship, or selling your products or services.

Can you make a living blogging?

Yes. You can make a decent amount of money on some of the more popular platforms of social media that promote your blog.


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