About Us

Hello, Internet Traveller!

Welcome to Review 42. It may not be where you intended to go, but it seems you’ve ended up where you need to be!

We are a team of tech (and otherwise) enthusiasts, determined to find the Answers to the Ultimate Questions of Life, the Universe, and Everything. Out of these three, we mostly specialize in Everything.

In any case, if “42” isn’t a good enough answer for you, step right up!

Why We Do What We Do

Some years ago, a couple of Internet travellers met. They had a drink, a talk, and were in awe of the span of each other’s interests. However, while one of them preferred eating the Dish of the Day which was wholeheartedly selling itself, the other found it wasn’t worth more than 3/5 stars, and decided to pass. The more they talked, the more they figured they loved arguments on why this spaceship is better than the other, and how Armageddon could be improved next time.

All joking aside, every single person writing on Review42 is passionate about a plethora of things. From carefully choosing the mattress you’ll sleep on to advising you which credit card to use to pay for it, our goal is to help you navigate the Life, Universe, and Everything in the best way possible. We hope to make Review42 your go-to for anything from finance to software and hardware, and all the way to sleep-related technology (though we can’t promise towels).

Beti Prosheva Gavrilovska

Site Manager

Beti used to be an English teacher, but then she decided traveling, catering, SEO, and carefully crafting dead-precise reviews is much more interesting. Actually, she figured a bunch of things were more interesting, so she became an unstoppable, analytical force of knowledge and a Ruler of Grammar.

Sandra Ivanovska

UK Branch Site Manager

It all started with a deep love for language, followed up with a degree in English and a developed interest in the power words hold. Sandra harnesses the power of words to elevate her SEO research and management of our UK branch. Often nitpicky and sometimes meme-heavy, she is a chaotic but essential addition to our team.

Ofelia Fiume

Assistant Site Manager

When she couldn’t decide between being a nurse, a psychotherapist, and a financial genius, Ofelya decided to do all three. Her interests run far and wide, and she loves researching about everything you get to read on our website. Credit cards or top-notch software, she’s here to tell it all like it is.

Jelena Kabić

Site Manager

Jelena likes to think of Beti, Sandra, Ofelia, and Kristina as her kids. Starting her writing career at a ripe age of six, moving through tutoring, psychology, social media marketing and all the way to SEO, she unexpectedly found out finance isn’t that scary, software is fun, and knowing about all kinds of stuff can be useful for one’s general well-being.

Kristina Aralampiova

Assistant Site Manager

As challenging as she looks, Kristina loves to question things. Her analytical skills give us a fresh look at markets, products and services and her experience as a real estate agent keeps our related topics up to par.