Fact Checking

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Welcome to the age of misinformation and fake news. You’ve probably been staggering in the dark, beating your brains out about who to trust and follow down the rabbit hole. Fortunately, you’ve stumbled upon our website.

We are renegades dedicated to promoting the truth. Nothing escapes our keen eye, ready and equipped to verify published information and critically assess and investigate claims. We believe that now is the time when the world desperately needs more expertise and intellectual humbleness. We closely collaborate with professionals who are experts in their field: scientists, academics, doctors, investigative journalists, and testers. We create accurate, open-minded content, to inspire you to rationally examine the world around you.

The first step towards battling prejudices and mitigating our implicit biases is to immerse ourselves in meticulously interpreted data. Our verifiers thoroughly explain all technical terms, check statistics, and provide clear-cut insight built on responsible data analysis.

Corrections Policy

We firmly stand by our fact-based, transparent, and corroborated content. Nonetheless, we are all humans, subject to making mistakes. If we make an error, call us on it, and we will humbly correct it. Feel free to send us feedback and give us advice related to primary sources or our content. We’re always happy to take a gulp of good ole-fashioned truth.

Meet Our Fact-Checkers

The ones that make sure everything in our articles is true:

Nevena Radulovic

Nevena has an M.A. in English Language and Literature and loves combining her research skills and love for languages into polishing texts and checking their content. She also enjoys reading, keeping up with contemporary culture, and translating multiple languages.

Liana Khapava

Before Review42, Liana has been working as a translator and editor in a financial consulting firm for over 10 years. With an eye for detail, she enjoys checking facts, corporate terms, and anything else that needs editing. She’s passionately interested in culture and art, writes stories, and loves reading.