15 Different Types of Websites [Information on Each Option]


The first essential aspect of website building is deciding the type of website you wish to create. There are over 15 types of websites. Choosing the right one can have a positive impact on your target audience. This article addresses the different kinds of websites you can create and their uses.

Types of Websites

There are many kinds of websites on the internet. Below we’ve listed 15 of the most common ones and their uses.


eCommerce websites are internet platforms where people sell products. A typical eCommerce website includes a page where all the products are displayed and a checkout page. Therefore, the user experience of the website plays an essential role in an eCommerce website.

While building an eCommerce website can be a complicated process, the website builder Shopify can ease the process. This builder creates eCommerce websites and provides several web design templates. It’s also one of the most popular eCommerce hosting options. The interconnected homepage, products page, and checkout page also play an essential role in building a website.

Apple’s commercial website is one of the most popular eCommerce websites. All the products on the website are neatly displayed, with a menu where people can browse for specific products. It’s also mobile-friendly and does not confuse customers with too many products at the same time.


There are many types of business websites. Ideally, such a website should represent the business brand and business image of a company. Websites are the best way to connect with potential customers, employees, and partners. For example, Mill City provides financial services, and its website conveys it well. You can easily browse through the services or sign-up for their community.

Many companies that offer website builders literally for free can help you get started with building your business website, providing various website formats. Squarespace is one of the most popular website builders, especially for small business owners.


Entertainment websites aim at entertaining people through movies, TV shows, games, and videos. Responsiveness and content play an essential role on such websites. Cirque du Soleil is one such site with attractive main navigation and a variety of shows.

Although entertainment websites are a bit complicated to build and not easy to manage, they can be done with the right website builder. Appypie is known to provide various entertainment website styles.


Nonprofit websites are similar to business websites, often displaying the cause that they are working on. These websites also include pictures of past events, forms for donations or volunteering, and contact information. Adopt a Love Story is one example of a nonprofit website working towards raising awareness and encouraging adoption. It has a separate web page for families who have adopted to connect with people, a donation page, and clearly defined its unique value proposition.

Duda is among the best website builders for a nonprofit website. It’s affordable, has clear options, and good customer care. It also provides website design inspiration.


Personal websites have become extremely popular among the different types of websites. Such a website focuses on the person, listing their accomplishments and contact information, and is often used as a portfolio. Many also build a website to display their resume in a digital format to get in touch with potential clients, business opportunities, and customers.

An excellent example of such a website includes Natsai Audrey Chieza’s website. It has a perfect format, displays her achievements, and offers contact information. Moreover, the website is simple and does not bombard the visitor with too much information.

Hostinger is a great website builder for such website types, which offers clean website designs perfect for a personal website.

Web Portal

Web portals collect information on a particular topic and present it to the user on a single platform. These websites offer different web pages for each information and are a great way to research a particular topic, place, city, etc.

One excellent example of a web portal is the website West Bend city, which provides all the information a person needs about a town, and government departments to business opportunities. The website is mobile-friendly and has various images of the city.

WP Engine is a good website builder filled with unique ideas to create a web portal website.


Portfolio websites are created as a portfolio for a person or company. While personal and portfolio websites look similar, both are indeed different websites. Artists mainly use portfolio websites to present their work and attract clients or customers. Companies also use it to attract potential employees, clients, and other businesses. You can either create your own website or use other such websites as Behance to build your portfolio on it. Behance is filled with attractive portfolios.

If you wish to create your own portfolio website, Colorlib is a good website builder to consider. It allows you to customize your website.


Many make a living blogging. You can either create your own blogging website or feature your articles on another website. Among the many categories of websites, a blogging website is easy to build and maintain. Many established companies also write blogs to attract more traffic to their website, thereby increasing customers.

An excellent example of such blogs includes the website of Gary Vaynerchuk, which is filled with interesting blogs that attract readers. The website is also mobile-friendly, making it easier for people to read on their phones.

WordPress is easily the best website builder and hosting provider for a blogging website. It’s simple to use, affordable and has a custom theme tutorial to help you so that you can make your blog look just the way you imagined it.


Educational websites are typically created for such educational institutions as schools, colleges, or private course providers. An ideal educational sample website is simple, formal, and welcoming. It should provide all the necessary details about the course or institution and should have contact information.

Coursera is one of the most popular educational websites. Despite having many courses, people can easily browse through and select a particular category. In addition, the course content, pricing, testing procedures, and information about the teachers or instructors are clearly displayed.

Morweb is an excellent educational website builder with a good CMS platform. It includes attractive web pages and also takes into consideration the security of the websites.


The informational website definition is similar to that of a web portal website. But the key difference is that an informational website provides information about a particular topic, place, or even club.

Hopmonk Tavern is an excellent example of an informational website, providing all the necessary information about a cafe where people can check out the menu, bands, make reservations, and book private events.

Squarespace is a good website builder for an informational website, providing various templates. It also offers VPS hosting to protect and store the data of your website.

Social Media

The social media websites category is amongst the most popular websites. It used to be used only to connect with people or friends, but now it’s widely used for social media marketing.

Facebook is an excellent example of this category, where you create an account and connect with others. But it has also evolved into marketing products and services. Many also use it to find their target audience.

Although there are only a few popular social media websites, you can create your own with Appypie. This website builder offers various types of web pages, color palettes, and easy-to-follow steps to build your own website.


Remember the time when businesses would send out brochures to inform clients about their business? A brochure website serves a similar purpose on a digital platform. But it’s more cost-effective, allows you to add various posts and developments in the business, and helps you connect instantly with people.

Saturn Interiors is an excellent example of a brochure website. This website is easy to navigate, displays the types of interiors they design and has easy-to-access contact information.

If you wish to build your own brochure website, Brightdesign is a good website builder. It provides various websites styles and offers excellent customer service. Their plans are also quite affordable.


Similar to brochures, businesses used to print out information about an event and circulate it. But now, many create a specific event website to inform, attract, and explain the event in detail. Typically, event websites also have a web page to book tickets and another page to disclose terms and conditions.

An example of such a website includes Splash—a simple site that provides different web pages for information, booking, and concerts.

EventCreate website builder can be used if you wish to create your own event website. It offers separate pages for booking information and has various themes to choose from.

Online Forums

Online forums are primarily discussion websites where people post, comment, and share their opinions about a particular topic. These web types have grown very popular, as they allow people to openly discuss and share things while remaining anonymous.

The most popular online forum includes Reddit. You can create your account and instantly dive into discussions or post something of your own. It also allows you to join forums or groups with people of similar interests.

Forum websites are complicated and a bit difficult to build. Appypie is a good website builder if you want to create your own website. It offers several templates to choose from and is affordable.


A membership website primarily includes content for its members. These websites can be for exclusive clubs, nonprofits, and even educational websites.

Frizzle is a membership website that allows its members to gain access to different course content. It follows a color palette of black and blue. You can quickly sign in to become a member.

MemberClicks is a good website builder for a membership website, which offers different pricing options and has attractive templates. Their websites are also mobile-friendly and fast.

What Type of Website Should I Make?

The website you choose should be able to convey your goals or your business’s goals to visitors. You should also consider the purpose of making the website. For example, if you wish to attract customers through your blogs, then a blog website is ideal.

If you wish to create an online presence for your business, then a business website is probably better. And if your main goal is to earn money, several types of websites that make money are available, such as an eCommerce website, blog website, event website, and membership website.

Ultimately, the kind of website depends on your goals and purpose for making it.


A website is a collection of interrelated web pages. While there are many kinds, a few of the most common ones include eCommerce, business, entertainment, nonprofit, and blog sites. Many also create a personal, portfolio, or brochure website. In addition, website builders can help you build your website.


What is the most popular type of website?

A few of the most popular websites include eCommerce, blogging, personal, and portfolio websites. Additionally, social media websites are also quite popular.

What is the easiest website to make?

Although you can build any website with the right website builder, typically, blog, personal, and portfolio websites are the easiest to make.

How many types of websites are there?

There are more than 15 types of websites, ranging from personal to business websites, all of which serve different purposes.

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