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2020 Content Marketing Statistics: What Type Of Content Works For You?


If you’ve ever done content marketing, you know it can be as testing as climbing a mountain peak.

Every step of the way is a challenge.

Today we are here to discuss content marketing statistics and why they are so important in 2020. Let’s update ourselves together on the content marketing facts of 2020.

Before we start with our stats, have a look around first: 

  • Content marketing is 3 times more efficient in terms of leads than outbound marketing. 
  • 60% of B2C marketers use content marketing strategies. 
  • 56% of businesses worldwide intend to spend more on content creation.
  • 73% of businesses have a designated employee to monitor content creation.
  • 72% of companies say content marketing increases leads.
  • More than 80% of marketers plan to spend more on content marketing. 

The more content you put out there – the better for you! 

Like so:

Still not convinced? 

Let’s see:

Fascinating Content Marketing Facts

Competition is merciless. Putting out content and converting it to a steady monthly income depends on your content marketing strategy. And on your commitment to producing as much quality content as possible.

The good thing is – you can use that to your advantage!

Here we go: 

1. 90% of all marketers use content marketing to generate inbound leads. 

(Source: Gist)

The message is loud and clear, guys. Content marketing can be great for almost every business under the sun. Don’t miss out on the great opportunities it offers. 

2. 61% of customers have made a purchase after they read a recommendation on a blog. 

(Source: Content Marketing Institute

Content marketing and blogging are closely linked together. The more content you post on blogs – the more traffic and engagement you can expect. Use every blog post as part of your strategy – it will pay off!

Now, according to B2B content marketing statistics

3. 71% of B2B buyers read blog posts.

(Source: Hubspot

Yes, B2B content marketing statistics 2019 are clear that more frequent blog posts boost engagement. By posting more often, you build up trust and credibility. 

During their buyer’s journey, users might use your exact posts to get information and recommendations. In other words, the more posts – the better your chances of making a sale!

4. 60% of marketers post at least once a day. 

(Source: Neil Patel)

According to the state of the content marketing industry, facts point that the best way to promote your products or services is using content marketing. The frequency of your posts can turn out to be crucial for your business. 

5. 73% of marketers point out that brand awareness is a goal when creating content.

(Source: Contently)

  • 72% of marketers believe that branded content is more effective than traditional advertising.  
  • 91% of users are likely to choose popular-brand products. 

The effectiveness of branding is indisputable. Creating an optimal content marketing strategy is essential. 

6. Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing. 

(Source: WordStream) 

  • Speaking of costs: 28% of marketers reduce their traditional marketing budget in favor of digital marketing. 
  • 61% of marketers plan to invest more in content marketing (FYI, digital marketing comes second with 57%). 
  • Conversion rates are 6 times higher when a company uses content marketing. 

That’s right, content is the King of marketing nowadays. Marketers wish to invest in quality content. 

7. 64% of B2B marketers increase their video marketing.

(Source: Impact)

We can always use better productivity – there’s always another boundary to push. Video marketing can help with that!

Enjoying content marketing stats? Stay tuned, there’s more: 

Importance of Content Marketing

What do you need content marketing for?

It can be to promote a product or a service. You may be a business owner, an entrepreneur, or a freelance blogger. 

Either way, content marketing is the way to go. Let’s dive into more stats. 

8. 82% of B2C marketers consider content marketing a key strategy.

(Source: Optinmonster)

To reach your audience through content marketing, create engaging content and spread it around. For product-related businesses, the most important thing is to use content marketing to demonstrate how awesome your product is. 

As you can see: there are many marketers out there who share that opinion. 

9. Marketers who set a high priority on daily blog posts are 13 times more likely to experience positive ROI. 

(Source: Hubspot)

  • In 2019, around 85% of US companies with more than 100 employees will invest in content marketing.
  •  34% of bloggers say they use ways to analyze the performance of their blog. 

This goes to show that content marketing is a good fit for almost everyone. It is among the most profitable approaches to marketing in 2019! 

Interacting with your clients is essential, so don’t miss the opportunities that content marketing has to offer.

Content marketing is about long-term ROI.
It’s not an easy job to assess the exact content marketing ROI. But the organic traffic that content marketing will guarantee you will pay off.

Content Marketing Growth and Usage Trends

Blogging is huge in 2019. How huge exactly? Well:

10. Blog posts with images enjoy a 94% higher view-through rate. 

(Source: Siege Media)

Blogging is not a hobby anymore. Nowadays people monetize their posts and make a living out of it. Blog posts are getting longer, filled with more images and interactive content. Today you can find a blog post for just about anything. 

One more thing before we go on: 

Content marketing is essential for SEO. Together they form a synergy that has changed the digital marketing world. The main ingredients you need to make things work for you are keywords, quality content, web design, user experience, and traffic

Now, we can move on: 

Types of Content: What Can We Choose From?

What is there to choose from? If you need to create more content, there is your list of options:  

  • Articles – product announcements, online newspapers or magazines 
  • YouTube posts – video marketing rocks 
  • Podcasts – audio content
  • Case studies – those can take different forms
  • Email marketing – still one of the best marketing tools around and the one with the highest ROI
  • Infographics – easy to understand and a great way to share information visually, infographics are a cool content marketing format 
  • Webinars – such an awesome tool, aren’t they!
  • Social media – so many opportunities out there
  • Newsletters and promotions – always a great way to support your product

As you may know: 

11. 65% of humans remember better through visual media.

(Source: FastCompany

The point being: the more visual data and interactive content you include in your content marketing, the more memorable it will be. 

Now, let’s have a look at what visual content stats have to say: 

12. 87% of users wish to see more videos from brands. 

(Source: SiegeMedia)

As we saw, video content stats show video is the future of marketing. Success comes with planning

Chances are, there are at least one or two points that you haven’t considered so far. Take action and make the best out of that information. It will pay off sooner than you think. 

13. 84% of bloggers find that infographics are effective.

(Source: Optinmonster)

81% of marketers say video content is the most difficult kind of content to create.

Content marketing strategy is putting out content and having a strategy to promote it. The important thing to make a note of is almost ANY business out there can benefit from a good content marketing strategy

Your efforts will be rewarded!

Content Marketing Vs. Other Marketing Methods

Content marketing is the King of marketing nowadays. It offers something to every kind of audience, and it is highly personalized, compared to most other approaches. Audiences can choose which blogs or YouTube channels to follow. 

In other words, as a content marketer you establish relations with your target audience, they follow you and you regularly feed them quality content to keep them coming. 

14. 88% of marketers in the US and Canada use content marketing as a part of their strategy. 

(Source: Wordstream

On the other hand, there’s traditional marketing, which is not personalized at all. Everyone sees the same billboards and pay-per-click ads and hears the same commercials on TV and radio.

Those types of commercials don’t call for an immediate response. In content marketing, however, marketers have the advantage of reaching their particular audience on a deeper level. 

Content marketing allows the audience to respond to what you are offering them. You create great content, you become a leader – and you attract your audience. That’s how you become a respected part of your industry. 

Those are just some of the reasons why content marketing effectiveness is such a big deal in 2019. It gets you more leads and traffic than any other type of marketing, and it builds the trust and loyalty of your audience. Both B2B and B2C marketers love content marketing nowadays even for that reason alone.

Content Marketing Channels

Hm… let’s see: Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr, Pinterest, and so many others. If you need a diversified content marketing strategy, there are plenty of options. 

Here comes another list that will shed some light on the matter:  


15. 70% of marketers use paid advertising on social media.

(Source: Impact

  • YouTube is the world’s second most visited website. Facebook follows closely at number 3. (I am sure we all know which number 1 is. Yup, it’s Google!)
  • 81% of marketers say they believe in quality written content as the best content marketing strategy. 
  • 40% of brands already use Instagram. 

Yup! The lure of social media marketing is irresistible:

16. 61% of B2B marketers have increased the frequency of posting on social media. 

(Source: Impact

In a nutshell, the most important content for marketers is video and blog posts. Publishing on only one platform isn’t enough if you want to cast a wide net for your audience. 

Content Marketing Metrics

There is no single metric with which to measure content. The efficiency of your content marketing strategy, on the other hand, can be divided into a couple of categories. This will give you a bird’s eye view of what’s actually happening in your marketing. 

Today, we’ll focus on the top 4 types of content marketing metrics. Let’s ask ourselves some fundamental questions: 

  • Consumption metrics – “How many people read my article?” or “How many people saw my video?”
  • Sharing metrics – “Do consumers share my content with others?” 
  • Sales metrics – “Do consumers become customers?”
  • Lead generation metrics – “Do consumers turn into leads?”

Just answering those simple questions will tell you how you’re doing in great detail!

Before we move on, there is an important question content marketers often ask themselves: 

How many posts should I make per day?

Answer: As often as you are able to produce quality content! Quality is always key! 

Content Marketing Costs

Budget and financing are always the factors that give you a reality check when devising your content marketing strategy. 

Content marketing is surprisingly cost-effective if you look at its long-term ROI. It is potentially the best way to make sure the audience knows about you and your product. 

17. Content marketing is estimated to become a $300 billion industry in 2019.

(Source: Marketing Insider Group

Organizations tend to spend more and more on content marketing. The most successful companies spend 40% of their budget on content marketing.  

To Sum Up 

People strive to be influential – in their business, online, among friends and family.   

The important thing is:

Find out what works and invest your time and energy to do it well! 

Content marketing is an amazing way to reach your audience and have them listen with awe to what you have to say. Clients actually expect you to give them that experience!

Don’t count on luck! Count on content marketing statistics!


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