• Records Database: 67 billion public records
  • Speed of Results: Immediately
  • Package Variety: Limited
  • Ease of Use: Interface is easy to use and has many automated features
  • Customer Service: 24/7 support
  • Value for Money: Good

2022 PeopleWhiz Reviews [Features, Reports, Accuracy]

  • Records Database: 67 billion public records
  • Speed of Results: Immediately
  • Package Variety: Limited
  • Ease of Use: Interface is easy to use and has many automated features
  • Customer Service: 24/7 support
  • Value for Money: Good

Best For

Free First Search


  • Free search option
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Refunds available
  • Easy-to-use interface


  • No app for mobile phones or other devices
  • Non-transparent PeopleWhiz rates available online
  • Not registered as a Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA)

PeopleWhiz is a background screening company that hosts over 67 billion searchable public records. The service provides a user-friendly experience that comes at an affordable price. By utilizing all public records, users can get highly detailed background reports that contain sensitive information, and with 24/7 customer service, PeopleWhiz ensures that users have no problem finding the truth they’re searching for.

That all being said, is PeopleWhiz one of the best background check sites in the industry?

Most PeopleWhiz reviews online only cover the basics, but we’d like to dive a bit deeper to find out whether it provides trustworthy, truthful, and high-quality reports. We’ll go through the following:

  • Company overview
  • Key features
  • Plans and pricing
  • Pros and cons
  • Alternatives
  • Reviews of PeopleWhiz and ratings
  • FAQ

Company Overview

Established in 2017, PeopleWhiz.com hosts a large database filled with mugshots, real criminal records, and millions of other public records pulled from legitimate third-party sources. Based in Huntington Beach, California, PeopleWhiz.com has 24/7 online operators that provide good quality customer service.

Some of the third party databases used are:

  • Federal records
  • State records
  • County records
  • Social media

This includes DUIs, social media profiles, judgments, bankruptcies, misdemeanors, gun permits, arrest warrants, email addresses, felonies, address histories, assets, sexual offenses, and many other compiling records.

Years in Business 5
BBB Rating A+
Starting Fee $19.99
Subscription Model Monthly or Premium
Renewal Policy Automatic unless canceled on time
Customer Support 24/7

Who Is the Service Best For?

PeopleWhiz background check services are perfect for those who want to:

  • Find long lost loves or family members
  • Perform background checks on potential roommates
  • Date online
  • Obtain public court records to find out any criminal history
  • Do a background check on someone buying or selling items and services online
  • Search yourself
  • Obtain someone’s current address
  • Find biological parents
  • Identify who owns a phone number

Since the site has access to over 67 billion public records, it can easily be used as a background check site for singles dating. Making sure that the person you met online is legit is as easy as running their name through PeopleWhiz’ online background checker.

PeopleWhiz isn’t a consumer reporting agency as defined by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Therefore, their services shouldn’t be used to make decisions in tenant screening, employment, or consumer credit.

What is PeopleWhiz not supposed to be used for? Here is a list of things you shouldn’t be using the service for, either because it’s illegal or it doesn’t comply with the FCRA.

  • Qualify an individual for a credit line, mortgage loan, or insurance
  • Screen and verify nannies or household workers
  • Background checks for potential employees
  • Service to screen potential tenants
  • Screening customers who are part of business transactions
  • Stalking someone else

PeopleWhiz Key Features

Let’s take a closer look at the features PeopleWhiz offers.

  • Easy-to-use interface: The company’s website is very easy to use. There aren’t any intricate or complex plans, and it has a one-size-fits-all approach.
  • Two search options: The site offers a simple search and an advanced search. Depending on the information you have, you can easily use the site as a people finder by only entering their full name and state.
  • Free search: an initial search is absolutely free. An additional PeopleWhiz cost is applied for those who want to search people in bulk or would like a more thorough and in-depth search conducted by PeopleWhiz themselves.
  • Large database: One of the best features of PeopleWhiz.com is that they have a colossal database; Over 67 billion public records are stored.

Plans and Pricing

PeopleWhiz isn’t transparent about their cost—Unfortunately, you won’t find a detailed list of their plans and pricing. Users should contact customer service before deciding whether to purchase a plan, but in this PeopleWhiz review, we did some digging to find some pricing on your behalf.

The free search on their site includes a simple or advanced search.

Simple Search

All you have to provide for this search is the person’s name, surname, city, and state.

Advanced Search 

To use the advanced feature, you have to provide the person’s name, middle initial, surname, city, state, and age.

Both Free Searches Give Instant Results

Although it’s great to have a free option available, these results usually end up less fruitful than the paid versions; It’s also the reason for the majority of PeopleWhiz complaints. When you only have a phone number, address, or name, it can be difficult to access credible and correct information. To get more accurate and detailed results, users should consider a paid service.

Paid Service

To narrow down your search, PeopleWhiz provides an option to become a monthly member for $27.99. This gives you the choice to perform multiple checks on people using email addresses, phone numbers, home addresses, and aliases. The monthly fee is renewed automatically unless canceled. 

For more in-depth background reports, we discovered that PeopleWhiz.com asks a fee of $19.99 per search. 

Refunds are issued to any customers who aren’t happy with the outcome of their service, as PeopleWhiz.com can’t guarantee the correctness of information provided—this is because information is garnered from public databases, not a database checked by PeopleWhiz themselves.

The company occasionally has special offers and discounts available. When applicable, they might include a $1 first month fee or discounts on in-depth searches.

Customer Service

Reviews for PeopleWhiz are singing the company’s customer service praises. This is because they are available 24/7. Customers can contact their well-trained agents on the toll-free number 833-276-9449 from Monday to Sunday, 24 hours of the day. There are no wait times and no automated robot answering machines.

Alternatively, the team can be contacted through email at support@peoplewhiz.com from Monday to Friday. Emails are answered within 24 hours.

Pros and Cons

To be completely thorough, we should look at where PeopleWhiz falls short and where it excels.



24/7 customer service Non-transparent PeopleWhiz rates available online
Free search option No app for mobile phones or other devices
Easy-to-use interface Not registered as a Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA)
  • Refunds available

PeopleWhiz Reviews and Ratings

PeopleWhiz has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) since 18 February 2019. It has an A+ rating on the platform, and has received 219 complaints during the last 3 years, 124 of which have been closed within the last 12 months. Most negative feedback is about information being outdated, or partly untrue. Some complaints also mention users having trouble canceling their subscription, however, as the BBB site shows all recent complaints have been responded to.

Looking at other reviews on PeopleWhiz, there are a lot of positive experiences which give PeopleWhiz a 3.8-star rating on Sitejabber. Overall, reviews are mixed; there are plenty of satisfied users that mention fast service and accurate facts while some are disappointed to find that the information in their reports was a bit misleading.

In general, it is clear that PeopleWhiz is best to use as a people search site to verify someone’s identity, rather than screening someone for employment or tenancy.


Since there are many background check companies available online, PeopleWhiz has quite a few strong competitors. Unlike other PeopleWhiz reviews, we’d like to compare this service with a few alternatives, such as Backgroundchecks.com and HireRight.

PeopleWhiz vs Backgroundchecks.com

The main difference between these two background checking companies is that Backgroundchecks.com is FCRA compliant. This means that the service can legally be used to screen tenants and borrowers for loans or credit lines.

Even though Backgroundchecks.com is one of the best background report services for employers, PeopleWhiz is much more affordable. The website also focuses more on people, therefore gathering information from social media platforms and from other news and media databases.

Read our full Backgroundchecks.com review here.

PeopleWhiz vs HireRight

Compared to PeopleWhiz, HireRight is aimed specifically at companies who want to screen potential employees. HireRight is an off branch of BackGroundChecks.com and has three packages available.

PeopleWhiz offers an initial free background check on their site, as well as a much easier to use interface for users.


In our PeopleWhiz review, we have come to the conclusion that the site is best used as a people search site, not a FCRA compliant tenant or employment screening service. Finding a lost friend or family member can be easy using the free, easy-to-use interface, and with billions of public records databases, the service can do an all-in-one social media search to find information on someone.

With excellent customer service and a 100% refund guarantee, PeopleWhiz is definitely worth a try.


Is PeopleWhiz Free?

An initial search on the site is free. For more in-depth searches and reports, there are monthly fees.

Is PeopleWhiz Legit?

Yes. PeopleWhiz is very transparent about the fact that they aren’t listed as a CRA, and are legit and credible in providing publically available data to their users on one compact platform.

Is PeopleWhiz Safe?

Yes, the service is safe; It uses a strict privacy policy for site users.

How Accurate Is PeopleWhiz?

After looking at many different PeopleWhiz reviews, it is evident that the service can provide some outdated information. This is mostly due to public records that are screened by a third party, however, and users have the opportunity to dispute any inaccurate information.