• STARTING FEE: $19.95/month
  • TRACK ORDER OPTION: Yes (Via Email)
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE: Live Chat or Email
  • FREE TRIAL: First Box Free

2022’s KiwiCo Reviews [Services, Pricing, Shipping, Discounts]

  • SHIPPING: Free
  • STARTING FEE: $19.95/month
  • TRACK ORDER OPTION: Yes (Via Email)
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE: Live Chat or Email
  • FREE TRIAL: First Box Free

Best For

Children Who Love Science


  • The perfect learning experience
  • Kids can get to work on a large array of projects
  • Every crate comes with the essentials for a kid’s science project


  • Can be messy
  • Automatic renewal may be a turn-off for some

If you are looking for a monthly subscription box that’s geared towards kids, then you have come to the right place.

KiwiCo reviews suggest that this is the quintessential subscription box for children, especially for those who love science. For those of you who do not know, KiwiCo is a monthly subscription box that caters to children that love to create their own unique science and art projects. If your kid is interested in STEM-based projects, then KiwiCo could be a dream come true.

Still not sure? This KiwiCo review will help you figure out if this is the perfect gift for your kid.

How KiwiCo Works

KiwiCo is a subscription-based service that allows your kids to get a box (crate) every month, filled with items and tools to create a STEM-based, arts, or geography and culture project in the comfort of their home.

Once you sign up for the service, you will be charged for the box or crate that you receive in the mail every month. KiwiCo reviews from 2022 praise this as one of the best options available for STEM-based science projects for kids of all ages.

Shipping and Packaging

KiwiCo’s monthly subscription crates are shipped to numerous countries. Shipping is free within the US, otherwise, the price depends on your location.

KiwiCo’s tinker crates come in customized packaging and are shipped within 1 to 2 business days of placing the order and we all know how important that is. International subscribers can expect to receive their package within 7 to 14 days.

How Much KiwiCo Costs

Verified KiwiCo BBB reviews confirm that the subscription boxes are affordable.

  • A monthly or a three-month subscription will cost you $19.95/month
  • If you opt for a 6-month subscription, the KiwiCo box pricing will come in at $18.50/month
  • 12-month subscription –16.95/month

Saving Opportunities

Members who opt for a 3, 6, or 12-month subscription will get to receive a discount on the crate price. The amount of savings will mainly depend on the type of crate and where it is being shipped.

Through their affiliate program, you can also receive some cool perks while you promote the KiwiCo subscription crates.

The subscription plans can also be much more affordable if you get a zero annual fee credit card or a no-interest credit card.

How to Manage Your Kiwico Subscription

KiwiCo reviews and our research confirm that you can pause your subscription, or skip a month by simply going to your My Account page and clicking on subscriptions. Choose Edit and then ‘Pause Subscription’. You will then not be charged while your subscription is on hold.

You can change your subscription type by going on My Account and choosing the KiwiCo box you want. You will then be charged for the price of the subscription box you receive.

Members can cancel their monthly or auto-renewing subscriptions at any time. But this should be after the initial prepaid period of 1 month or 3 months, etc. All cancellations should be made by 11:59 PM PT on the day before your renewal date if you do not want to be billed for the month.

Customer Service

The brand’s customer service enjoys mostly positive KiwiCo box reviews and for a good reason. Members can reach KiwiCo support staff via live chat or email. If you send them an email customercare@kiwico.com, you can expect a reply within 2 days.

Pros Cons
A monthly subscription means your kids always have something to do Can be messy
Every crate comes with the essentials for a kid’s science project Automatic renewal may be a turn-off for some
Kids can get to work on a large array of projects
The perfect learning experience

KiwiCo Reviews and Testimonials

Kiwi crate reviews are consistently positive, with many parents noting their children show interest in the various items in each customized crate. From what we can see when we browse through reviews of KiwiCo projects, children show a lot of interest in the STEM-related items in particular, with Kiwi art kits reviews harder to come by. Members meanwhile praise the great customer support and aftersales services support. KiwiCo subscription reviews further show that parents also appreciate that they can change their subscriptions to keep things interesting for their children.

How Does It Compare? — KiwiCo Alternatives

The following are some alternatives to KiwiCo that you can choose for your kids.


A KiwiCo vs LittlePassports comparison shows that the former is more geared towards science-oriented kids with their STEM-focused projects in every subscription box. This means that KiwiCo is the go-to choice for children interested in hands-on projects. Little Passports’ subscription boxes meanwhile have more to do with workbook-related activities.

Tinker Crate

If you want to keep your kids busy for hours, then the Tinker Crate is a great option. It has been designed for kids aged 9-16, so it’s a smart choice if your offspring falls in that age group. Just like KiwiCo, Tinker Crate also brings lots of hands-on fun for your kids in the comfort of their home. In a KiwiCo vs Tinker Crate price comparison, however, the former wins by being more affordable.

Is KiwiCo Worth It? — The Verdict

Our honest KiwiCo review has concluded that the main reason to sign up for the service is the new and exciting science projects that your kids can create safety in their homes. It’s great for getting your kids interested in science or complementing their STEM education with some hands-on excitement as they tinker around with the items that are included in each of the subscription boxes.

The multiple positive KiwiCo reviews further confirm that the company offers many amazing items in each monthly subscription box that bring something new to the table for your children to create and enjoy, and most important of all — learn.