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  • TRACK ORDER: Yes (Via Email, Website)
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE: Email, Phone

2022 Wantable Reviews: Pricing, Ratings, & Alternatives

  • STYLING FEE: $20
  • SHIPPING: Free
  • TRACK ORDER: Yes (Via Email, Website)
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE: Email, Phone

Best For

Those Who Need a Personal Styling Service


  • Offers plus sizes
  • Takes your budget into account
  • You have 5 days to try out the clothes
  • You get 20% off if you buy 5 or more items


  • No bargains allowed
  • Have to pay for styling
  • Can take time for the stylists to learn about your style and preferences

Wantable offers a personal styling service that uses a combination of technology and expert stylists to pick out clothes based on your style, size, and budget. They offer three plans (“Edits”): Women’s Style, Women’s Active, and Men’s Active. You merely choose a plan, take a quiz, receive your box of new clothing, and try it out in five days. You only pay for what you want to keep and can return/exchange the other items for free!

If you want to change your style or love shopping from home, Wantable is perfect for you. We’ve compared Wantable reviews and researched the benefits it offers to give you more detail about their services.

How Does Wantable Cost?

The Wantable pricing is not that different from other shopping costs, and the prices depend on what you choose to buy.

Let’s see what exactly that means.

How much is a typical Wantable box worth? Wantable pricing reviews show that Wantable’s costs are similar to traditional shopping costs. It also depends on what you choose to buy. Individual style products fall into the $50-$100 price range while Men’s Active and Women’s Active products are around $40-$70. Wantable only sends you the products in the price range you choose while taking the quiz, according to Wantable style Edit reviews.

But, How Much Is the Wantable Styling Fee You’ll Need to Pay?

You also have to pay a styling fee of $20 for every Edit that applies to the items you buy from the Edit, as well. The cost comes down to the same cost that you would have to spend on gas to go out to shop.

The $20 styling fees on every Edit are non-transferable and non-refundable. Wantable customer reviews show that if you decide not to buy something, you will not be charged for returning the items as long as the clothes are undamaged and unworn with the price tag still attached.

Wantable cost reviews show that they offer price matching in an effort to ensure that you get the best prices. If you are able to find an identical item from another retailer later, they will match the price and refund any additional money you spent. Wantable also adjusts the price for all other customers who will get that product.

Saving Opportunities

Wantable discounts reviews show that if you end up buying 5 or more items from the Edit, you receive a 20% discount! According to Wantable plans reviews, they also offer discounts on some individual items that you can choose in Stream. Wantable service reviews suggest that you can pick out which items you want to receive in your Edit.

Shipping & Packaging

It takes around 7-12 business days for the stylist experts to curate your Edit (the package of clothing) and pack it for you. It is delivered to your doorstep through the local post office within 10-17 days of making your order. Wantable box reviews show that your order comes in a very cute box that contains the 7 items for you to try.

How Wantable Works

Wantable subscriptions reviews show that the signup process is quite simple. You only have to make an account online to become a part of Wantable. The styling boxes are set according to your personal style, budget, and size. You fill out a quiz where you mark what items you like and don’t like. This creates a style profile that a personal stylist uses to put together 7 items that would be perfect for you. You can also create a wish list of items that you would like to wear that the stylist can incorporate into your monthly box.

Wantable clothing reviews show that you can return or exchange the items as many times as you want and only pay for the ones you decide to keep. You have 5 days to try out the clothing and see which ones suit your style. You can choose from women’s style, women’s active, and men’s active options. Wantable outfits reviews highlight that you can also request particular items through the Stream option on the website if you want to.

Managing Your Subscription

You can return any products that you don’t want free of charge. How to cancel Wantable? You can cancel your subscription anytime you want without any hassle, penalty, or fees. You can cancel through your online account or by calling Wantable at 855-‐312-‐3232.

Customer Service

Support is available through phone and email. They also have an FAQ section that can guide you through most questions that you may have. However, this means that they don’t have any customer support options at all. A lot of honest Wantable reviews show that customers feel that their customer support team is not up to the mark. While most are generally satisfied with the products, they do feel that the customer service can be improved, according to Wantable reviews on BBB.

Pros Cons
Offers plus sizes Have to pay for styling
Takes your budget into account No bargains allowed
You have 5 days to try out the clothes Can take time for the stylists to learn about your style and preferences
You get 20% off if you buy 5 or more items

Wantable Reviews and Testimonials

Here are some popular websites containing Wantable reviews and ratings:

  • 2.9 stars out of 5 on Highya (29 reviews)
  • 3.1 out of 5 stars on Wantable Facebook (340 votes)
  • 3.1 out of 5 stars on Influenster (14 reviews)

Wantable reviews from 2022 are quite mixed, with some customers loving the products while others stay unimpressed. A lot of people seemed to have a problem with their customer service representatives, calling them ‘snarky,’ ‘rude,’ or ‘defensive.’ Wantable bad reviews show that some people feel they charge too much, and you can get lower prices at discount stores. However, Wantable maintains its price matching policy, ensuring that its products are affordable.

That said, there are many people who genuinely love Wantable. Wantable reviews by plus-size people show that they are able to get clothes that fit well and that they would not have been able to get elsewhere. A lot of people also end up loving the clothing the personal stylists send since it matches their aesthetic to a tee.

How Does It Compare? – Wantable Alternatives

Wantable vs Trunk Club. Here you should note that the former is better for women. Trunk Club offers clothing for men like dress shirts and polo shirts; their target market is not women. They also have a $25 stylist fee, which is higher than Wantable’s.

Wantable vs Stitch Fix. Both services are really similar. They both have the same subscription fees and mostly operate in the same way. Nevertheless, there are some key differences that may decide you in favor of Wantable. Stitch Fix only gives you 5 days to try your clothes and only sends out 5 items. Wantable offers you 7 items to choose from and 5 days to try them on.

Is Wantable Worth It? – The Verdict

Wantable Active reviews of 2022, as well as those regarding other services, highlight that a lot of customers are really happy with it. The biggest advantage that this company has is that it focuses on the customer. You can get the cheapest products without having to worry about the hassle of going to the mall. You also have the luxury to try out your clothes at home and ask your friends and family what they think for a whole week. This is much better than ending up with clothes that you regret buying.


Is Wantable better than Stitch Fix?

The highest price option for Wantable is $150+, while Stitch Fix allows you to request items that are over $200. These two services allow you to choose your own style and you can even set your own price for different categories.

Is Wantable legit?

According to our research, virtually every Wantable style edit review states that this company is legit and functions perfectly.

What is the best clothing subscription box?

You can find a lot of clothing subscription box services, but if you ask Review42, we recommend “Le Tote” which is a clothing rental subscription service for women. The other clothing rental service that we recommend is Gwynnie Bee.

How much is Wantable per month?

$20 a month including free shipping and return, makes Wantable a great option for doing shopping online.


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