What Are Angel Numbers and What Do They Mean?


What are angel numbers? A mysterious way that the Universe communicates with you or just a mere coincidence?

Stay tuned and find out what angel numbers are, where they appear, and why. We will explain the meaning that each number is believed to have and show you how to determine what’s your angel number.

Many believe that these numbers appear for a reason and with a message. If so, then it’s a message you wouldn’t want to misinterpret.

So let’s break the angel code!

What Are Angel Numbers?

Some people believe that every number has its own vibrational energy and meaning, so angels often use them to send messages your way and provide you with guidance.

They come as repeating number sequences that you might end up seeing frequently enough to wonder if it’s really a coincidence. They can appear on license plates, phone numbers, billboards, clocks, receipts, and other random places. Usually, they come in sequences of three or more.

Many people believe that you will most likely start to notice a pattern in pivotal times of spiritual transformation, but the meanings behind these numbers might pertain to the material sphere as well.

What Do Angel Numbers Mean?

These numbers are believed to be an angel’s way of communicating with you and every number is considered to have a different message.

If a number appears with a meaningful frequency it only intensifies the message that you need to receive. The same applies if you keep seeing it in a sequence.

In the following lines, we will provide an explanation of the message that every number is considered to carry with it. However, there are certain common sequences of angel number combinations that are believed to have a different meaning and we’ll explain them later on.

  • Angel number 1

It’s believed to be a strong message from the Universe that it might be the right time to focus your thoughts and energy on manifesting your desires. If you’re trying to make a dream come true, seeing a lot of ones might be the sign that it’s about to happen. Read more about divine timing and how it works here.

It’s claimed that when receiving this message you want to have a positive mind and good energy. If you’re willing to try but a positive mindset doesn’t come naturally to you, here’s a short guide on writing affirmations.

  • Angel number 2

This number carries a lot of symbolism which stands for balance that is essential in different spheres of life. If you’re seeing a lot of 2’s, it might be a sign that your balance is off and needs to be restored. You might also feel pressured by others, but angels are telling you to believe in your own judgment.

It can also be taken as an angel’s way of giving you a reminder to be present and enjoy the moment

  • Angel number 3

In the tenets of numerology, three is considered to be a magical number. Representing the trinity found in a lot of religious beliefs, it’s considered to be very powerful.

If you see a lot of 3’s, it might be an angel pointing to embrace something that you may be hesitating about or to reveal something you’ve kept quiet about.

  • Angel number 4

If you see number four repeatedly it might be a sign for you to self-correct and shift your focus towards the things that really matter. Take care of yourself and the relationships with people important to you. Maybe it’s time to reevaluate your priorities and start readjusting your life.

  • Angel number 5

Five stands for change. It’s believed to indicate that something important is about to shift in your life. This shouldn’t be seen as a bad thing.

Maybe you’re thinking about a new job or moving to a different place. It may be that your twin flame is around the corner. These situations may trigger a lot of fives appearing as a sign of support. But the message doesn’t mean you should sit back and wait for things to happen. You have to take action, step out of your comfort zone, and into something new and amazing.

In case you’re seeing this number everywhere but aren’t sure what it means, getting a psychic reading could help you understand it better.

  • Angel number 6

Although this number is often associated with something entirely opposite to angels, it has a different meaning in angel numbers.

If you find yourself with a lot of 6’s down the road, you may want to take them as a sign to slow down. Examine your life, especially the parts of it that consume you and those that you’re not very pleased with. This number calls you to restore the balance and take responsibility for your life into your own hands.

  • Angel number 7

Unlike the previous number, a 7 is considered to be the sign to relax and let things take their course. Maybe take a vacation and spend some time on your own.

It also has a reputation as a very secret number, so spotting it everywhere can also symbolize that the Universe is happy with you and you’re connected with the spiritual forces just the right way.

  • Angel number 8

It’s believed that this number is associated with challenges and difficulties. But you shouldn’t worry because the Universe has you covered.

If you are seeing angel numbers, eight stands for reassurance that you can overcome the existing difficulties and come out of the troubling times as a winner.

  • Angel number 9

It stands for compassion. Maybe you’re being too hard on yourself or you don’t have enough empathy towards your loved ones? It’s always a good time to change that. A little kindness for yourself and others will get you a long way.

Nine can also indicate that you’re at the end of a cycle, according to angel numerology, and a new one is about to begin.

  • Angel number 0

Zero may come to you as of no value, but in the world of angel numbers, it is a very powerful number that symbolizes infinity.

Seeing a lot of zeros is believed to be the sign of great support from the Universe or a sign you have been waiting for to take action in the right direction. It is also associated with new beginnings.

Other Significant Combinations of Angel Numbers

When it comes to angel numbers and the meaning they are believed to carry, you might not just come across strings of the same digit. Other combinations are also considered to represent meaningful messages. We will explain in a simple way the most significant among them.

  • Repeating numbers 1212 or seeing number sequences 1234 – Both of these combinations are good news. They are telling you that you’re on the right path, and you should continue pursuing your dreams. Learning about the power of manifesting can help you, and so can specific crystals.
  • Combinations of 2 and 6 – Another reason for you to feel good – abundance is on the way! To make the most of it, make sure you read up on the law of abundance and how it works.
  • 399, 339, or any other mix of 3 and 9 – Combinations of these angel number sequences are a powerful message for you to let go. Stop being held back by your fears and don’t hang on to something that has clearly lost its purpose.
  • When 4 and 6 are paired together – They may indicate that you’re clinging on to material possessions and the physical world more than you should. Maybe it’s time to set your priorities straight.
  • A 588 angel number – A transformation is on its way. But you shouldn’t worry, because you will get guidance and have all the support in the process.
  • 633 and 6363 – Whatever it is that you’re going after, angelic messages are letting you know through numbers that it’s the right thing for you and you deserve it. Go for it!
  • 7’s and 2’s – They may stand for an angel pointing that really good news is on the way. A new job, a new baby, or even winning the lottery.
  • 83, 8833, and other combinations of 8’s and 3’s – Maybe they are the sign you were looking for to slow down and take better care of yourself. They may appear along the journey towards change.
  • Pairings of 9’s and 1’s – Seeing these angel number signs may indicate that the long-awaited opportunity is on its way, so try to focus your thoughts and energy towards spotting it.
  • 0’s can combine with 4’s – This combination is believed to carry a powerful message that you are loved, appreciated, and much needed, both by the people and the Universe.
  • Seeing 11:11 – If angel numbers are appearing in repeating number sequences, it gives their meaning a powerful boost. This combination is considered to be a sign of a strong spiritual presence and that good things are about to happen, so take action and fulfill your dreams.

Do Angel Numbers Mean the Same for Everyone?

What do angel numbers mean, can differ depending on the phase of life that a person seeing them is in. Also, it’s associated with the feeling that a person experiences when spotting different number sequences.

If you happen to notice numbers that are believed to be messages from the Universe, the general advice would be to follow your intuition.

What Are My Angel Numbers?

You can find out your angel number in a simple way, using an angel number calculator available for free on some websites, like Higgypop or Astrofame. All you need to do is enter your birth date and let the calculator do the magic. Or math.

In addition to that, there is a method of visually determining your angel number by watching a video and seeing which of the numbers stands out to you for some reason.

Some people claim that your angel number might help you determine your higher purpose in life, so it can’t hurt knowing your angel numbers’ meanings. This can help you interpret the messages sent your way by the Universe or dig deeper and come to certain conclusions about the path you should take.

It’s also considered that the date of your birth can appear in sequences and carry a message from your guardians. Many believe that your birth date was the day picked by your soul as the time it wanted to come into this world. Therefore, it’s special and has a powerful meaning regarding your deeper purpose on Earth. Seeing your birthday angel number may indicate that you need to follow your intuition or be a sign that you are deeply appreciated and loved.

Can You Ask For an Angel Number Sign From Your Angel?

It’s believed that if you are at a crossroads in your life, you might dig deep into yourself and ask for a sign and guidance from your angel.

However, if the sign doesn’t appear, it doesn’t mean you were not heard.

Sometimes the lack of a sign is a sign itself. Maybe it’s not the right time for what you asked or there is something better in store for you.


So, what are angel numbers most useful for? Knowing how to interpret them is believed to have a great impact on your life choices by making it easier for you to decide on the right thing to do at a certain moment.

Or it might just come as a reassurance that you are seen and heard by your angels and that everything will eventually work out.

Even if you don’t believe in angelic messages, familiarizing yourself with this subject might be fun and encourage you to get in touch with yourself at a completely new level.


Are angel numbers real?

They might be. For some people repeating numbers, they come across often have a certain meaning, while others don’t even notice them or think of them as just a mere coincidence. One might choose to believe in them or not, based on their own or someone else’s experience.

How to find your angel number?

You can use some of the free online calculators to find out what your angel number is. It might be fun to read about the meaning of the number associated with your personality. You can do this on websites like Higgypop or Astrofame.

What are angel numbers 11:11?

It’s considered a clear sign of angels trying to communicate with you. This combination is believed to be a powerful message telling you to pay attention to your thoughts because they are about to manifest. Think about what you want and keep your mind and your energy positive.

What are the angel numbers telling you to do?

The meaning behind angel numbers is believed to be associated with the current situation that the person seeing them is in. According to believers, although numbers have some general meaning, it’s important to follow your intuition when it comes to taking action.

What do the different angel numbers mean?

In the tenets of numerology, every number has its one vibrational energy and represents a unique message that goes beyond its numeric value. So, if you are wondering, what are angel numbers going to mean for you personally, it’s a good idea to consider them in alliance with the situation that you are currently in.


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