7 Symptoms of Negative Energy at Home


Do you feel like something is just not right at home? Do you get the feeling there’s negative energy lurking around every corner?
If so, you’re not alone—many people experience this type of energy in their homes, and what’s worrying is that such energies can be very harmful to your mental and physical health.

In this article, we’ll discuss the symptoms of negative energy at home and what you can do to get rid of it.

What Causes Negative Energy in a House?

Detecting negative energies is one of the most useful skills you can learn that will help you understand and avoid troubles.

Here are some things that might be the reason you sense negativity in your home:

Not Enough Light

One of the most common causes of negative energy is a lack of light. If your home is dark and dreary, it can be very hard to shake off the feeling that something is just not right. Try adding some extra light fixtures or opening up the curtains to let in more natural light.

Messy/Unclear Space

Another common cause of negative energy in your home is a messy or unclear space. If your home is cluttered and chaotic, it can be very difficult to relax and feel at peace. Messy or dirty places will have you constantly focusing on how you need to clean them, which can often cause stress. You may also want to consider Feng Shui principles when organizing your home.

Unpleasant Odor

Clutter and an unkept space can lead to a musty or stale smell, inviting negative energy into your home. A home with positive energy has a natural, fresh smell. No one wants to be surrounded by stagnant energy and reside in a place with an unwelcoming smell, so take unpleasant smells as clear indicators you should cleanse your space as soon as possible.

Old Furniture

If your home is filled with old, outdated furniture, it may be time for a change. Old furniture, especially antique and second-hand objects can often hold on to negative energy from the past. Foreign objects can throw off the energy in your home and cause a disbalance.
Before bringing such objects into your space, consider some cleansing rituals to clear them of any negative energy.

Broken Items/Furniture

Damaged furniture or anything that’s not working properly could be changing the energy in your home and causing negativity. Maybe you’re holding on to something you can’t find the time to fix, and it might be time to get rid of that old microwave you keep in the kitchen and other broken items or furniture causing bad vibes in your environment.

7 Symptoms of Negative Energy at Home

Now that we’ve discussed some of the causes of negative energy, let’s talk about the symptoms. If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, it may be a sign there’s negative energy in your living space.

1. Feeling of Anger

Do you find yourself feeling angry, sad, and restless for no apparent reason? If so, this may be a sign of negative energy in your house, which can often make you feel down without knowing why. If you’re feeling these emotions regularly, it’s important to take action and get rid of the negative energy after identifying its cause.

Anger, frustration, and annoyance can often be the cause of miscommunication, so try and take notice if you’ve been arguing with your loved ones more often than usual.

2. Feeling of Discomfort

Feeling uncomfortable in your home is very similar to feeling uncomfortable in your body. When you’re unable to unwind even after practicing your favorite relaxing activity, it’s very likely negativity is lurking around, probably due to dirt or clutter.

Try to remove negative energy from your home and clear away any mess in your environment, and designate a relaxing space where you can recharge.

3. Difficulty to Relax

Relaxing is essential to our overall well-being, and not being able to chill out in a space could point to negative energy. When negativity is high, work keeps piling up, and the messy or dirty places in your home are always at the back of your mind, making it very difficult to relax and unwind.

Removing negative energy from home can be difficult, but since the bedroom is the place most find best to relax in, try to keep it as clutter-free as possible.

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4. Poor Sleep Quality

Your sleep cycle can tell you a lot about the energy in your space. Sleep is a way for both your mind and body to relax, and your inability to sleep can result in sleep deprivation, which in turn could lead to both mental and physiological problems. Insomnia and nightmares are clear signs of negative energy in a house.

Just like your kitchen and office space must be organized in a certain way to facilitate workflow, your sleeping space should bring harmony. Noises like ticking clocks may interrupt your sleep, so try to reduce noise in your space and turn your bedroom into a place to relax that resonates positivity.

5. Feeling Unmotivated

If you find yourself feeling unmotivated for longer periods than usual, this might be an object of concern. A prolonged lack of motivation and unwillingness to do anything can even lead to issues like hating your job or trying to quit.

One way to fight off this negative energy is to clear away any mess and create a relaxing, motivating space.

6. Lack of Inspiration/Passion

Negative energy in your home can make it almost impossible for you to focus on a given task, and you may find yourself reluctant to even start. Spaces like your home office and kitchen are where you should feel inspiration and passion, but something you can’t put your finger on causes you to feel distracted and unmotivated instead.

Clutter in your workspace can be what’s behind your lack of inspiration and passion, so tidying up your space after finishing your day’s work can be of help.

7. You Often Feel Anxious or Even Experience Panic Attacks

If lately you’ve been filled with dread just at the thought of coming home or entering a room, chances are your house is filled with negativity. When dealing with negative energy in your home, it’s always a good idea to take some precautions when introducing items into your place, as anxiety and panic attacks can often be triggered by broken or second-hand objects.

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How to Get Rid of Negative Energy at Home?

Now that you’re aware of the presence of negative influences in your house, you need to know how to eliminate them and establish balance and harmony. Here are some ways to purify your home environment and make your home space more pleasant and relaxing.

1. Declutter Your Space

The first step in removing negative energy from your home is to declutter your space. If there are areas in your home crammed full of stuff, it’s time to make your space clutter-free. Donate things that you no longer use, keep your clothes neatly folded, and try using boxes to organize things. Not only will this make your space look nicer, but it will also help clear out any negative energy.

2. Use Feng Shui Methods

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of placement that can be used to improve the energy flow and ambiance in your home. You can spruce up a room by rearranging the furniture and using colors that best suit your mood. Banish negative energy in your home by learning about the effects of Feng Shui colors, or hire a professional who has already mastered the elements of the Feng Shui practice.

3. Throw Away Broken Things

It’s not uncommon to simply forget about the broken items we’ve stacked somewhere in a corner and hold onto things longer than we should. However, broken items can often hold onto negative energy, so it’s important to get rid of them as soon as possible. For example, broken mirrors are said to bring bad luck. No matter if a broken item is in your kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom, get rid of it timely to avoid the effects of negativity in your home.

4. Change Your Wall Colors

If you feel like your house is full of negative energy, consider changing your wall colors. Not only do colors affect your mood, but they also have a therapeutic effect and bring positive energy into your environment. Yellow is known to neutralize bad energy while introducing green into your living room can have a healing effect and reduce stress.

5. Use Aromatherapy Candles or Diffusers

No one wants to live in a space that smells of leftover food—tidy up your space, make sure it’s clutter-free, and light up some aromatherapy candles. Lavender-scented candles make a great choice, as the scent is known to have a calming effect. Another thing you can do is diffuse orange oil in water and mist your surroundings, as this scent may uplift your mood and help cleanse your space.

6. Use Plants

Another way to improve the energy in your home is to add some plants, which are known for their ability to purify the air and improve the energy in a space. If you’re not sure what type of plant to choose, try visually pleasing plants like a peace lily or bamboo plant.
Fragrant plants such as aloe vera and English ivy also make a good choice, as their fresh scent contributes to fighting off negative energies.

7. Connect With Your Environment – Feel Your Space

Last but not least, it’s important to connect with your environment and feel your space, taking the time to really focus on your surroundings and how they make you feel. When dealing with negative energy in your home, take a few deep breaths and imagine the energy being released from your body.

DID YOU KNOW? According to studies, burning sage can kill more than 90% of airborne bacteria, and it’s one of the most popular practices for energetically cleaning your home.

Key Takeaways

Messy and cluttered places are the most common causes of negative energy. 
You could be feeling unmotivated and anxious because of the negative auras in your home. 
Feng Shui practices can improve the energy flow in your home. 
Aromatherapy candles and plants can create a more pleasant ambient in your home. 

Wrap Up

We’re often unaware of the negativity in our environment and how we contribute to it. When there’s negative energy in a house, those living in that space are subject to fearfulness, lack of will and motivation, and find it extremely difficult to relax. Luckily, there are many things you can find in this article to address these issues and invite positivity back into your home.


What causes negative energy in a house?

Many things such as mess and untidiness, excess clutter, and not enough light in your space can be reasons for negative energy in your space. Bad smells, as well as broken and outdated furniture, can also be among the causes.

How to detect negative energy in a house?

When on the lookout for symptoms of negative energy at home, the first thing you should pay attention to are your feelings. Notice how you feel when entering a room or upon arriving home, make some of the above-mentioned changes, and see what happens.


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