What Is Past Life Regression & How to Do It


Do you believe that our souls are immortal—that we’ve lived before and will continue to do so after this life? If so, then you may be interested in past life regression. But what is past life regression? This article addresses everything you need to know about past life regression and resolves any doubts you might have regarding this practice.

What Is Past Life Regression?

Past life regression is a practice that enables us to access memories of our past lives. Its gentle hypnotherapy takes the individual back through time to their previous lives or incarnations. This is realized when the practitioner accesses such memories that are usually hidden deep in the subconscious mind.

Regression is typically done through hypnosis, although some claim to perform it without such help. Reincarnation—the belief that we are reborn into another body after death—is closely connected with past life regression. You may learn more about past-life regression and how to channel your recollections from previous lives by reading certain spiritual books.

Why Use Past Life Regression Hypnosis?

In many cases, people choose this practice to help rid karmic relationships or find solutions to past or present circumstances or issues. They also use regression to heal traumas, understand themselves better, or lead happier lives.

The Purpose of Past Life Regression

Our busy lives may mask how our past affects our present lives. Our past-life memories can be buried deep in our subconscious, which could be responsible for the wounds we presently suffer.

The past life regression meaning entails healing the wounds of our past lives to understand ourselves better. The traumas we experienced in our past lives are often the root of our current problems. And by resolving these issues, we can live happier, more fulfilling lives.

DID YOU KNOW? There’s a widely held spiritual belief that we live several lifetimes for spiritual growth and soul development.

How to Do Past Life Regression

If you’re interested in exploring your past life and past-life memories, you can practice past life regression via:

  • A Trained Hypnotherapist

You can work with a qualified therapist or hypnotist. Past life regression can be a powerful and transformative experience, but it’s crucial to do it in a safe and supportive environment.

But does the past life regression definition include the ability to remember details of a therapy session? You will remember each detail of your interaction with a trained hypnotherapist because this hypnotic method aims to find unresolved emotions that have been affecting your present life. Its purpose is for you to rise up and create a happier life without anything subconsciously suppressing you.

Hypnosis for past life regression via a trained hypnotherapist will put you into a deeply relaxed state. You’ll be asked specific questions by the therapist, who will be your guide through this peaceful journey, accompanied by gentle hypnosis music.

  • Meditation 

If you’re skeptical about going to a trained hypnotherapist, you can try meditation. With gentle hypnosis music, find a quiet, undisturbed space. To experience self-past life regression, sit in your quiet environment, close your eyes, and relax. Think of going back in time to a past life. Begin asking yourself questions and remember as many details as possible, such as a name, facial appearance, apparel, and what life was like.

  • Personal Training

A past life regression experience can involve personal training that helps put you in a trance state, where you can locate the memories and bring them to the surface. This process may be challenging, but it’s worth the effort if you do it correctly. To get started, you could consult an online psychic reader, who would tell you more about the possible past lives you have lived. And from that point on, you can continue with the process.

Is Past Life Regression Real?

Whether you think you’ve had a past life or not, past life regression can be a powerful tool for self-discovery and healing. There’s no scientific evidence to support the effectiveness of past life regression, but many believe in this practice because of their life-changing experiences. If you’re interested in exploring your past life, we advise working with a qualified therapist or hypnotist.

DID YOU KNOW? It would be best to consult a therapist if you need to talk about the details and meaning of past life regression—even if you have doubts about its validity. You could even make use of the best online therapy sites.

Key Takeaways

Many believe that they can get rid of bad karma through past life regression and lead happier lives.
Many hypnotherapists define past life regression as a practice that attempts to revive memories from past lives.
You can experience past life regression via a trained hypnotherapist, meditation, or personal training.
The validity of past life regression is still debatable.


Past life regression is a practice that has been around for years. While there’s no scientific evidence to support its veracity, many who believe in such regression have had unique experiences through it. Our guide aims to help you better understand past life regression and how you can practice it.


What is past life regression therapy?

Past life regression therapy includes working with a professional to help guide you into a state of relaxation to access your past life memories.

What if past life is not good past life regression?

If the past life you go to is not a good one, there’s no need to worry. Instead, make the most of it and don’t repeat the same mistakes in your present life.

Is past life regression true?

While there’s no scientific evidence to support its viability, many believe in past life regression because of their dynamic experiences. If you strongly believe that past life regression is actual, then you’ll achieve past life regression.

What is past life regression meditation?

What is past life regression? This type of meditation is no different from the typical kind of meditation. The only difference is that you’re conveyed to a different past life through past life regression.


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