Karmic Relationships and How to Recognize One


Have you ever felt a magnetic connection with someone almost instantly, yet your relationship seems to be filled with lots of ups and downs? Chances are that you might be in one of many karmic relationships. From a spiritual point of view, these relationships are meant to teach people lessons about love and healing; They are not limited to romantic partners and may also include friends and family.

Keep reading this article to get a better understanding of bad karma relationships, how they work, and how to heal after experiencing one. We will also discuss other similar relations, such as twin flames and soulmates.

Why Do We Call Them Karmic Relationships?

The word ‘Karma’ relates to cause and effect: It is based on the theory that every situation we face in our lives is a result of past actions. If a person does positive deeds, their life outcomes will also be positive. Similarly, if a person engages in negative deeds, they would have to face any negative outcomes of their actions.

It is believed that a karmic partner may have known someone in their past life and that people engage in these relationships to learn lessons that they did not receive in a previous lifetime. The only reason for such relationships, according to some, is to teach certain lessons to those who need them. Most of the time, these relationships do not last long and are over as soon as the person gains the intended knowledge; These relationships are full of passion and pain, usually, because you may have known your partner from another life.

DID YOU KNOW? The idea of karmic relationships originates from Hinduism and Buddhism. Both of these religions believe in the afterlife and soulmate relationships.

What Is a Karmic Relationship?

A definition of karmic relationships, according to Erin Magner, is “…typically one that really challenges us, but it’s an opportunity to step into the most powerful version of ourselves.”

These relationships are filled with a rollercoaster of emotions and typically bring out past traumas to help us heal. It may seem difficult, but healing is possible! They are also essential to break the cycles of unhealthy relationships and help us grow as individuals.

Here are karmic relationships signs to help you identify one:

Instant connection

You and your karmic love partner will develop an instant connection upon meeting, as both of your souls have known each other from previous lives. The relationship seems destined, and many may consider them to be one of their soulmates.

Breakups and patch-ups

These relationships often involve lots of breaking apart, only to later get back together. They have many rough patches, and you may find difficulty in letting go of karmic relationships. This toxicity not only affects a person’s mental and emotional well-being, but some also develop karmic patterns of hurting their significant other.


Karmic love partners often become dependent on each other. Your other person will become your main source of happiness, but may also be the source of any misery. People become dependent on their partners emotionally, physically, and spiritually, which can impact other relationships like friends and family.

Bring out the worst version of yourself

These relationships can affect your personality in a negative way. You may become jealous, obsessed, and constantly anxious. If you are always feeling as though you’re on the edge of losing a karmic partner, they can inadvertently bring out the worst version of yourself.

Miscommunication and unresolved issues

If you’re in a karmic relationship, there can be a lot of miscommunication which often leads to arguments. They generally do not produce healthy communication skills, which can turn into several unresolved issues. Blaming, shouting, and verbal abuse are more common.

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How to End a Karmic Relationship if It Turns Toxic

More often than not, these relationships take a turn for the worse; It is in their nature to do so. As mentioned before, a karmic relationship’s only purpose is to teach people a valuable lesson, and nothing more. Ending karmic relationships can be extremely difficult, especially when the person is caught in an endless cycle with the other individual. They often believe that their partner might improve in the future, although it seldom happens.

Here are a few tips which might help someone end their toxic relationship:

Recognize red flags

To end a problem relationship, it is first important to recognize one. Pay attention to any red flags, which are common in bad karma relationships. Some of them may include extreme possessiveness, controlling behavior, overall misery, and deteriorating mental health.

Look on the bright side

Removing bad karma is the main purpose of these relationships. If people look at these relationships as nothing more than a lesson, they can move on and find their true soulmates or twin flames if possible.

Give yourself time

Breaking up with a karmic counterpart can be hard. Allow yourself time to heal, as rushing into another relationship can actually have a negative impact on your life.

Find hobbies

When you’re in a relationship—especially a karmic one—it’s easy for you to neglect interests. Exploring various hobbies can help you move away from the relationship, keep you engaged, and help you learn something about yourself.

Talk to someone

Speaking to a trusted friend or family member can help break off such connections. Moreover, you should also seek professional help, if necessary, to help with healing from karmic relationships.

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How Do Karmic Relationships Serve You?

The most important thing about going through these relationships is that they teach us self-love. During these times, people often start neglecting themselves as they focus; going through these relationships can help in removing bad karma from one’s life, as well as help a person live a more fulfilled life.

Positive karmic relationships are a rare occurrence; This is because their only purpose is to teach us a lesson. It can be a lesson regarding self-worth, health, or mental peace, but it can also be about anything else. Although the lesson can advance the soul, the connections themselves are seldom positive.

DID YOU KNOW? Many relationships start out well and later turn out negative, which is why many fail to differentiate soulmates from karmic partners.

Karmic Partner, Soulmate, and Twin Flame

While people may be aware of karmic partners, soulmates and twin flames may not be as known. The key difference between a soulmate and a twin flame is that a person can meet more than one soulmate in their lifetime. They can be in the form of friendships, family relationships, and sometimes even business ventures. However, the concept of twin flames is only applicable to romantic relationships. While all these engage with the connection of souls, relationships with a karmic significant other have a negative connotation attached.

To recognize karmic partners, soulmates, and twin flames, it is important to focus on their energies. In karmic love relationships, negative energy is abundant. With soulmates, people experience calm and are at peace, but might lack passion or desire. Unlike the other two, in a twin flame relationship, both partners experience a deep connection with their significant other, experience passion, and also are at ease. Twin flame relationships take people ahead in their spiritual journey and are a once-in-a-lifetime experience! These partners are the other half of your soul, and together you can reach spiritual enlightenment.

While twin flames may seem like an admirable relationship, it is important to recognize the importance of each partner in one’s life. Some are there to teach a lesson and help us grow into better individuals, while others are important to understanding the true meanings of friendship and peace.

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Wrap Up

To conclude, karmic relationships are intense connections between two souls who knew each other in a previous life. As they hold importance, it is important to recognize these relationships early on, as they can often take a turn for the worse. Since they’re not meant to last, people should focus on any lessons learned, and apply these moments to their lives. The growth achieved through these relationships can help people attract soulmates or their twin flames.


Can a karmic partner also be a twin flame?

No. Both relationships may seem to be karmic at the beginning, but a major distinction is that a karmic significant other will usually impact your personality negatively. A twin flame, on the other hand, will enlighten and advance the soul positively. While a karmic relationship is present for a short period, a twin flame can be someone you spend your life with.

How can you tell the difference between karmic partners, twin flames, and soulmates?

The energies of all three relationships differ significantly. While karmic partners radiate negative energy and can bring out the worst, a soulmate will do the opposite. Soulmates and twin flames both have good communication and understanding skills, which often lack in a karmic person.

Can karmic relationships work?

Yes! Karmic relationships can work, but they seldom do. The majority of them turn into unhealthy relationships, as their only purpose is to remove any bad karma. The connection with karmic partners may seem intense, but it is important to understand that these relationships aren’t meant to last.



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