What Is the Law of Abundance [And How to Use It]


As one of the universal laws, this law states that there’s an unlimited Source of everything we might want or need available to all of us, all the time. The key to using these limitless resources is in focusing attention on the Divine Energy and making the right steps towards availing yourself of its possibilities.

The origin of this and similar beliefs go way back in time, and we can even connect some Christian and Buddhist teachings with this general idea. Throughout history, the concept of positive thinking and the ideas associated with the universal law of abundance evolved and developed in different ways.

However, the concept of abundance and universal laws flowered with the New Thought movement in the 19th century in the US. The main modern association with this philosophy is the book “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne, followed by the movie. These two made the concept of universal laws and their power familiar to many people, claiming that anyone can benefit from them.

And while some people swear by it claiming that it’s based on scientific principles and that it changed their lives, others claim there is no such thing as an unlimited Source that can help bring all the good stuff your way.

Law of Attraction vs Law of Abundance

Universal law refers to a certain force that affects all of our lives, regardless of whether we are aware of it or not.

The law of attraction represents the idea of attracting certain vibrations and energy into your life based on the vibrations and energy that you give out. You may have heard statements that positive thoughts attract positive happenings and vice versa. That is the essence of the law of attraction.

On the other hand, the law of abundance states that there is an unlimited Source of everything we need available to all of us, at all times.

Although these two laws are not the same thing, they are closely connected.

How to Manifest Abundance in Your Life via the Law of Attraction?

According to numerous believers in this philosophy and the overwhelming power of the universe, you can attract money, love, happiness, success, and anything you set your mind on through positive thinking.

The key, as they claim, is in your vibration. You have to make sure you’re vibrating at the right frequency. Here are some basic actions that many belief will guide you to reshaping your thoughts and attracting abundance:

  • Examine your mindset

The only thing preventing you from enjoying the exuberance of life is your own negative beliefs and doubts, according to the people who believe and benefit from the law of prosperity and abundance. Explore your limitations and discover everything that might prevent you from believing that you deserve and can have what you desire. You might want to put all of your prejudices and excuses on paper and work on revoking them one by one. Raise your expectations and abandon all patterns of negative thinking.

  • Make a decision and be as specific as you can

For you to obtain what you want from the unlimited Source, you must define it in the most precise way possible. Don’t just say you want more money, joy or that you want your life to be rich in love. The advice on how to use the law of attraction is to focus attention on imagining what exactly you want and how it should look when it becomes a part of your life. For example, be specific with the amount of money you want to make or about the characteristics of your ideal partner.

  • Action exercises

Believing and wanting is not enough. You have to start working on it as well, which, you have to admit, makes perfect sense. Think about all your previous experiences in a certain sphere – it can be money, love, a good job… whatever is your current goal. The law of attraction and abundance implies that you should consider these experiences as lessons meant to teach you something and prepare you for what’s to come. Then think about what was your biggest lesson, and focus on identifying any belief that is holding you back.

Meditation and visualization are among the most powerful techniques used to generate adequate vibrations and attract the achievement of the goals you’ve set for yourself.

  • Practice gratitude

The first thing that will help you raise your vibration to a higher level is appreciating the things you have. This will help you to start vibrating with a frequency that is one with the Divine Energy and that will allow you to use the great power of the universal laws.

How to Write an Abundance Check

Have you heard about abundance checks? Well, if not, you’re about to.

This is a fun and interesting idea used as a method to claim what you deserve or need from the Universe by writing it out on a check. The check should have your name on it and should specify whatever it is you want to come your way. In most cases it’s money, but there are no limitations.

Although many people claim to be able to manifest whatever they write on this type of check, the only way to see whether it works for you is to try it.

We will guide you step by step on the correct way to do a law of abundance check and also what to do after you’ve written yours. If nothing else, it does sound like a lot of fun, and it might help with the visualization process we mentioned before.

So, how to get started and write a proper abundance check, and what exactly to put on it?

Take the check, you can print it out or even draw it on a piece of paper. Put your name on it, and fill in the amount of money you want to receive.

You can also put a specific date on your law of abundance check if you want the money to come your way by a certain time. You can even write what you want it for on the check. For example, you can state “for a dream vacation”, “for a home remodeling”, etc.

Abundance checks don’t have to be about money, they can be about general prosperity, healthy relationships, a better paying job… You name it. Sign the check as you like. Many use: The Universal Bank or The Universe.

Believe it. This is the core advice on the law of abundance checks. You have to be absolutely positive that whatever it is you wrote on that check is coming your way. No questions about it. A good strategy would be to act like you’ve made an online purchase and you are expecting the package.

Finally, set it aside and forget about it. At least stop worrying about the way it’s going to be manifested. You did your job and now it’s up to the Universe to find a way to make it happen.

According to some people, timing is also important when it comes to the wealth and abundance law of attraction. You should do it on a New Moon, as it symbolizes the special energy of new beginnings. If you decide to “make your claim at the Universe Bank”, this additional step most likely can’t hurt. But just to make sure the odds are in your favor, check out some of the top online psychic readings.

Law of Attraction Tips for Attracting Abundance and Prosperity

The law of attraction is believed to be one of the powerful universal laws that are always present and work for all of us. All you have to do to enjoy it and experience the law of attraction manifestation, according to the adherents of this philosophy, is to focus all your energy on the desired results. You should feel rich, loved, successful, and all the things you want to become, for the Universe to send the same energy your way.

According to people who practice positive thinking and vibrating in tune with the Divine energy, there are a few tips that can help you attract abundance and prosperity in your life:

  • Never focus on the downside

Make sure that your energy is focused on the positive side of something you want, instead of on the negative aspect of you lacking it.

Maybe the best example of this is money. If you want more money and you focus all your energy on obtaining it, for the law of abundance and attraction to work, you must make sure not to project the lack of it. Instead, you should behave and feel like you already have a lot of money, and it would be great to have some more. The same goes for all the other things you may want or need.

  • Small steps can take you a long way

A general change in your behavior and in the way you think and see things can be overwhelming. So if you decide to take this road, keep it simple. Bear in mind that only a slight change every day could result in some serious progress over time.

  • Keep your focus high and precise

Instead of many little things, one of the best tips on how to apply the law of attraction is to focus on one major thing that can really have a great impact on your life.

  • Change your attitude and behave like you already have everything you want

According to the universal laws, the Divine energy is said to feel the shift in your attitude and start sending you the good things and energy you vibrate.

  • Practice a positive and problem-solving mindset

For every goal you want to reach, ask yourself what needs to change for you to truly feel like it’s possible. It’s always easier to find a solution when you’re not stuck in negative thinking and conscious or unconscious self-sabotage.

  • Use affirmations

Those who believe in the law of attraction abundance and prosperity claim that positive words become positive thoughts and positive feelings attract positive outcomes. By saying things out loud you’re helping yourself prepare for your new reality.

  • Practice visualization

It’s not only about the quantity, it’s also the quality of your visualization that is important. Try imagining and creating the feeling that the manifestation of your goals would bring you. Try to taste it, smell it, feel the joy and pride, and it should come your way.

Is There Scientific Proof That the Law of Abundance Works?

Although many claims that there is no evidence and that these principles can’t be qualified as science, there is also a different current claiming that it’s all based on scientific facts which are indisputable.

Most evidence relies on the personal success stories of the people that have tried and succeeded in attracting abundance into their lives. Maybe this is all the proof you need.

So, can the law of attraction help attract abundance?

A brain imaging study seems to have found a link between the universal law of attraction and the way the human brain works. Mirror neurons in our brains are responsible for the fact that certain parts of our brain react when we see a person experiencing emotions or performing actions, even if we are not involved in such activity.

According to the study, even some people who are blind showed the activation of the part of their brains that is responsible for fear when exposed to other people’s frightened expressions, even though they were unable to see them. Although this doesn’t prove the law of attraction itself, it does point out that there is a certain influence on our brain from the feelings and energy we surround ourselves with.

There are a lot of law of abundance success stories. But not all people have a positive experience with these principles. That doesn’t necessarily mean that they don’t work. One of the key arguments of the people who believe in them is that abundance can’t come to those who are skeptical, because they don’t resonate with the Universe in the appropriate way.

Either way, practicing positive thinking and trying to enjoy the good things in life while attracting prosperity has its upsides.

Benefits of Using the Law of Abundance

Regardless of whether you believe in the universal laws and their power, the basic principles of gratitude and positive thinking central to this philosophy may have a lot of benefits.

If you decide to follow some of the stated principles, you could turn your mindset around by practicing gratitude and acknowledging your own limiting beliefs. It will most likely result in a more positive approach to life that can make you experience it in a completely different way.

Wrap Up

Now that we’ve covered the most important facts and beliefs about the universal law of prosperity and abundance and its claims that seem almost magical but still somehow possible, you can decide whether you want to try out some or all of its principles.

Even though it is not generally accepted, some of the actions used in attracting abundance may be very useful in the everyday application as a way to lead a more fulfilled and positive life.

Maybe even writing an abundance check doesn’t seem like such a bad idea? After all, what is there to lose?


Can I use the law of abundance to attract love?

People who believe in this universal law claim that it can be used to attract anything you desire, love included. The main principles remain the same. Your energy must vibrate with what you want to attract. Be precise and visualize your dreams coming true.

What is the best time to practice the law of abundance?

According to the general belief associated with this law, the best time to focus on achieving your goals is the time of the New Moon. It is associated with new beginnings and fresh new energy.

Can I use the law of abundance for others?

There are certain claims that you can use the law of abundance to manifest desired things for someone else. It’s important that the other person wants the same thing and that their energy is on the same level.


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