Best Crystals for Manifesting [Understand Their Meaning]


Manifesting is the practice of thinking inspirational thoughts with the purpose of making them real. Crystals and manifestation go hand-in-hand. People all over the world have been using crystals for thousands of years to manifest whatever they desire. Manifesting has proven to be a powerful method to make your dreams a reality. But if you suffer from an emotional or energy blockage, manifesting can be challenging. Crystals are simply tools used to remove this blockage so that you can freely manifest it.

This guide provides information about the best crystals for manifesting. There are different crystals for manifesting various desires. Each crystal has a unique frequency, harnessed for thousands of years for the sole purpose of manifesting.

Proper healing crystals can balance your chakras—the ‘wheel’ of seven energy points of your head and body, including the crown, third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral, and root. Crystals disperse negativity and amplify your intentions, providing the best environment for you to manifest.

You can choose a crystal that best suits your desires and helps you to manifest your dreams and goals.
Perhaps you have a lot of questions about crystals, such as:

  • Why do people believe in crystals?
  • How do they work?
  • How can you use them for manifesting?
  • Are there different types of crystals?
  • How beneficial is it to use crystals for manifesting?

What Are Crystals?

A crystal is a solid material where atoms or molecules are arranged in a highly ordered or repeated pattern. Crystals are often formed when liquids (or gas) cool and start to harden. Sometimes heat and pressure are added to a substance to form a crystal—a diamond, for example, is a carbon crystal formed under heat and pressure.

People often consider crystals and stones to be of the same material and so attempt to use a gemstone for manifesting, which never works. What, then, is the difference between crystals and gemstones?

Most gems are minerals but some (amber, pearl) are organic. Even though a gem can be crystalline, it’s not a crystal. Gems are organically formed through minerals or organic matter. Crystals are defined as a solid, containing atoms, molecules, and ions in a definitive order. Some common examples of gemstones include sapphires, emeralds, diamonds, and rubies. Typical examples of crystals include amethysts, rose quartzes, tiger eyes, and citrines.

Why Do People Believe in Crystals?

Many people believe that crystals—when used correctly—are conduits for the earth’s healing energies. Each crystal is known to have a different effect on the body and mind.

The first historical reference of the use of crystals originated from the Ancient Sumerians in the 4th millennium BC, who used crystals in magical formulas. Many ancient civilizations utilized healing crystals and stones, such as the Chinese (5,000 years ago).

Many people desire to know how to use healing crystals. A crystal’s energy derives from vibrations, which are known to occur from the distinctive way the crystal’s atoms and molecules interact. These vibrations are said to affect our bodies, creating energy.

Our bodies are electromagnetic organisms, with physical, mental, and spiritual energy. The use of crystals is a distinctive way to help influence and direct our energies toward the correct manifestation.

Crystals are known to be used for healing and protection, but they can also help remove emotional and mental blockages in order to speed up the manifestation process.

Crystals and Their Meanings

What are crystals used for? Crystals are mainly used for healing and manifesting, which can include the removal of mental blockages. Many choose a crystal that aligns with the energy of what they desire.

Note a list of 10 different crystals and their meanings that may align with your desires:

Clear Quartz – for amplifying intentions

Attributes: translucent nature (although some parts are denser and appear white).

This crystal embodies a clear, white spiritual light, radiating all the color vibrations in the light spectrum.

A quartz crystal is one of the best-known crystals for manifesting dreams.

Clear quartz is also used for:

  • Amplification of intentions and energy vibrations;
  • Gaining clarity of desires;
  • Removing mental blockages.

Also, it wouldn’t hurt to learn how to write affirmations before using it, though.

Lapis Lazuli—for intelligence and truth

Attributes: deep blue (also used to extract ultramarine pigment or dye).

Lapis Lazuli—a rich royal blue rock with golden fumes, formed by many minerals—is one of the most highly regarded crystals, due to its collectible color and precious ultramarine dye.

Lapis is one of the best crystal stones to:

  • Stimulate good judgment and wisdom;
  • Enhance cognitive ability;
  • Stimulate a desire for knowledge, truth, honesty, and understanding.

This crystal is the best for executives, journalists, psychologists, archaeologists, historians, lawyers, inventors, and writers.

Amethyst—for spiritual protection and clarity of mind

Attributes: a color mix of quartz, violet, and lavender. One unique feature of this crystal is that it protects from drunkenness.

This stone is considered to be among the best spiritual crystals. It’s known to provide:

  • The best environment for spiritual enlightenment and self-development;
  • Inner strength, spiritual protection, and clarity of mind;
  • Support in expanding your consciousness and meditating ability;
  • Strength of your intuition.

Meditating with this crystal helps you to be more in tune with your feelings, which, consequently, helps you to know yourself deeper. The amethyst crystal, with its high vibrations, resonates with the crown chakra (or bridge to the cosmos) and the third eye (the mind’s inner eye). And it’s one of the best manifesting crystals for helping you to open yourself spiritually while keeping centered. If you want to manifest wisdom, this stone will help you declutter your mind from all negativity and create protective energy around you.

Rose Quartz—for unconditional love

Attributes: variation of clear quartz, with a pale pink to red-rose hue.

What is rose quartz good for? Rose quartz is considered to be the crystal for unconditional love. This crystal not only helps in manifesting new love but also enhances self-love and existing relationships. It’s also considered to be one of the most significant crystals for heart chakra practices.

Rose quartz has a soothing aura and is powerful when manifesting anything related to the heart, especially when manifesting unconditional love. It also helps in:

  • Fostering empathy, forgiveness, and reconciliation;
  • Lowering stress levels;
  • Removing anger, jealousy, and resentment;
  • Eliminating illness associated with negative emotions.

Black Tourmaline—for protection

Attributes: (schorl tourmaline) found on all continents.

Black tourmaline is one of the most powerful and protective energy stones, exceptionally good at keeping negative vibrations away from your aura and body space. These crystals are always recognized as protective.

This crystal is associated with the base chakra (the first of the seven major chakras of the body) and is the best for grounding excess energy. It’s also known as the ‘purifying stone’, which not only deflects but also transforms or removes negative energy. It’s one of the high more manifest stones, often used to clean auras and assist in achieving a higher level of awareness.

Schorl tourmaline helps protect you from black magic and evil spirits and can even return negative spells.

Selenite—for energy cleaning

Attributes: white translucent crystal, sometimes kept at home or carried to the office.

Selenite, one of the energy crystals, is a protective stone that shields a person from outside influences. It’s pure white light encapsulated in physical form. This crystal comes with high vibrations and immense energy, which aids in restoring the auric field of your spiritual body.

If you use this crystal to meditate, it will help you to:

  • reach your crown chakra and then raise your awareness levels and intuition;
  • clarify your ideas, thoughts, and visions (on both conscious and subconscious levels);
  • remove any kind of energy blockages from the physical and etheric body;
  • ground and align your chakras, aiding sleep.

Coupled with black tourmaline, this crystal is the ultimate protection you can have. You can get the best out of this crystal by carrying it with you everywhere you go. But you must be careful because selenite dissolves in water.

Citrine—for prosperity and abundance

Attributes: variant of clear quartz, ranging from greenish-yellow to light-orange in color.

Citrine crystal (‘money stone’) is known to be one of the most powerful healing crystals for manifesting money and prosperity. This makes it a dynamic stone that brings abundant energy to all areas of your life. If you’re thinking about getting crystals for money, citrine is one of the best crystals that attract money.

Citrine is known to:

  • help you manifest money and success in business;
  • be an amplifying stone, boosting the benefits of other stones;
  • bring energy to the lower chakras, especially the solar plexus;
  • help cleanse your spirit;
  • remove negativity and rejuvenate positivity.

Jade—for luck and harmony

Attributes: one of the toughest crystals of all.

Jade is also one of the most powerful healing crystals available, which aids in a deep self-reflection. It has been used throughout China’s history to manifest luck and harmony. It was (and still is) celebrated as a symbol of good luck.

Jade helps you:

  • achieve emotional balance and mental clarity;
  • delve deeper into your consciousness and discover who you truly are;
  • transform deep-rooted limiting beliefs;
  • unblock negative resistance;
  • manifest powerful energy to achieve greater goals;
  • protect your finances, while producing energy vibrations to attract more wealth;
  • manifest your dreams to reality and attract long-term, focused energy towards attracting money, making it one of the best crystals for luck.

Pyrite—for truth and abundance

Attributes: (‘fool’s gold’) adorns a metallic luster, with a pale brass-yellow hue, giving an illusion of gold.

This crystal aids in attracting a life of abundance. It reflects negative energy to those who send it, making it the stone of truth and protection. Ancient civilizations used to wear it as a protective stone and for pyrite healing properties.

This crystal helps you:

  • strengthen your confidence and;
  • understand the abundance of life and endless opportunities;
  • have a clear mind;
  • improve your inner dynamic energy;
  • give you the wisdom to work through any work-related challenges;
  • breakthrough self-limiting behavior.

Commonly known as the abundance stone, pyrite also guides you to attract wealth and prosperity by encouraging introspection. It’s advisable to keep pyrite on your desk or worn on your right hand, to help you focus.

Amazonite—for hope

Attributes: (amazonstone) bears a vitreous luster, with green, blue, purple, and grey hues.

Amazonite is known as the ‘hope stone’ and ‘stone of courage and truth’, as it gives you hope in the success of manifesting your desires and wishes.

This stone can help you:

  • speak with confidence;
  • temper aggression;
  • tame the irrational;
  • with harmony and balance;
  • discover truth and integrity in yourself;
  • improve communication.

It is said that amazonite was worn by legendary women warriors. This stone is one of the best crystals for manifesting wishes, truth, and hope.

Best Seven Crystals for the Most Common Desires

Now, let’s take a look at the different crystals and what they are meant for:

Crystals for Manifesting New Beginnings

If you’re on a path of self-discovery, crystals can help you rebalance your energy and heal, embrace, and awaken your chakras. Some of the best crystals for manifesting new beginnings include:

  • Amazonite is one of the best crystal stones in bringing success, hope, communication, courage, and independence to your life. It also is known to promote creativity.
  • Agate is known to give you a boost in the face of challenges. It also helps you avoid negative energy, which lets you focus on your goals.
  • Citrine is one of the best stones for manifestation, prosperity, and abundance.
  • Lodolite is said to be a transformative stone, retaining quiet and soothing energy.
  • Black Kyanite is a powerful chakra healing crystal, which protects and grounds you.

Best Crystals for Manifesting a Job

Do you have the personal power to change or direct your life, especially when it comes to your career? Consider the best crystals for manifesting a job:

  • Green Aventurine is a green-colored stone, known to bring luck and a good future. It’s also known to give you the ability to make drastic changes in your life.
  • Aquamarine helps you sound confident in expressing yourself—a good trait to have since communication plays a significant role in getting a job.
  • Lace Agate is known to help you manifest networking skills and reveal your hidden talents and core strengths to the appropriate people.
  • Banded Carnelian helps you to keep moving, even after rejection. It helps you obtain courage, confidence, and concentration.

Best Crystals for Manifesting Love

Manifesting love is much more than finding the right partner and falling head-over-heels in love. It’s about cultivating a deep connection with yourself and being open to everything the universe offers. It’s also about loving yourself. Note the best crystals for manifesting love:

  • Rose Quartz is rich in feminine energy and compassion. It helps to build trust, tolerance, and compassion, as well as to manifest love, self-confidence, and a carefree vibe.
  • Moonstone has a feminine and sensual energy that brings balance and divine adaption. This crystal is considered ideal for guiding you through the early stages of a relationship.
  • Garnet is known to be a pure passionate healer and of courage and positive thinking. It also aids in sexuality and grants you the confidence you need in relationships.
  • Aventurine represents the heart chakra; it brings deep grounding energy to your love life. This green-colored stone is also known as the ultimate stone for good luck and used for long-term relationships.
  • Ruby Crystal is best suited for you if you’ve lost someone in a relationship or let go of your identity for someone you love. It’s the best for developing sensuality and confidence.

Best Crystals for Manifesting Happiness

Many ancient civilizations have been known to use different crystals for manifesting health and happiness. Note some of the best crystals for manifesting happiness:

  • Ametrine is the combination of peace and joy, which is usually manifested by amethyst and citrine. It promotes clarity and optimism and helps reveal the cause(s) of unhappiness.
  • Celestite is known to give peace and happiness when looking up at the sky or cosmos. It brings tranquillity and harmony and encourages restful sleep.

Best Crystals for Manifesting Money

Certain crystals can help you in manifesting money and abundance. Consider these best crystals for manifesting money:

  • Pyrite is known as ‘fool’s gold’ because of its gold pigment. It’s used for luck and abundance. It’s said to be the most powerful stone to attract money and grounding energy.
  • Malachite is an emerald-hued stone, known for manifesting strength, courage, and luck. It also helps in manifesting money.
  • Clear Quartz is a well-known monetary crystal that can help manifest almost anything you want. It helps you declutter your mind and focus on what you genuinely want.

Best Crystals for Manifesting Dreams

Once in a while, all of us need a little physical, mental, or spiritual nudge to pursue our dreams. Note the best crystals for manifesting dreams:

  • Amethyst is known to have the highest vibrations of all other crystals. This violet-colored stone is known to strengthen intuition and give you a clear mind.
  • Titanium Rainbow Quartz is also known as flame aura quartz, rainbow aura quartz, and titanium aura. It’s one of the best crystals for manifesting internal goals.
  • Carnelian is quite popular among career-driven people who are determined to succeed.

Best Crystals for Manifesting Abundance

Prosperity and abundance are something that almost everyone desires. You can easily manifest prosperity in your daily life by using these crystals for manifesting abundance:

  • Tiger’s Eye is popular for boosting confidence and building courage. It’s also a well-known stone to manifest abundance and prosperity.
  • Jade is recognized as an anti-aging crystal. It’s also known for opening your heart towards unconditional love and promoting growth in all areas of your life, including abundance and wealth.
  • Aventurine is known for its high vibrations and energy for wealth. It’s also established as the crystal of abundance. You can use it to manifest abundance in health, wealth, friendship, or even love.

How Do Crystals Work?

Crystals are one of the ways to manifest your deepest desires. Energies need structure, just like everything else in the world. With their crystalline matrix, crystals help absorb, hold, and radiate this energy when needed, especially during manifestations.

Each crystal bears its own unique power and energy. The world is made of energy and matter, and everything resonates at varying frequencies. Crystals help you manifest by emitting vibrations that bridge the gaps between these frequencies, which brings your consciousness in harmony with whatever you seek.

Many want to know what to do with crystals and, more precisely, how to use crystals. There are certain steps when using crystals to manifest something.

First: ‘cleanse’ your crystal, in order to settle its vibrations and energy.

Note some of the ways to cleanse your crystal:

  • Use such different sounds as chanting or singing bowls (a type of bell that vibrates and produces a deep tone).
  • Pass the crystal through incense—sage smoke is usually preferred.
  • Expose your crystal to sunlight or moonlight, depending on the crystal.
  • Bury your crystal in a bowl of brown rice.
  • Immerse your crystal in a bowl of saltwater.

(Keep in mind that different crystals have different cleansing methods.)

Second: ‘ground’ yourself in order to connect with your higher self.
After grounding, ask the crystal for permission to use its vibrations and energy flow, i.e., connect your intuition with the crystal and seek an answer.

With your mind relaxed, stabilize the rhythm of your breathing and connect with the vibrations. Grounding yourself should take about 20 minutes.

Where Can You Find Crystals for Manifesting?

There are many stores that carry crystals, but the easiest way to find them is online—the cost of a crystal could range from $6.50 to thousands of dollars. Online, you can easily find the best crystals for manifesting anything.

Most minerals occur naturally in nature, just like crystals. As crystals grow, differences in chemical composition and temperature result in multiple variations. But it’s quite rare to find real crystals in your backyard, especially like those you see in shops or museums. If real crystals are found in nature, they’re more likely to be discovered in a hot spring location.

Benefits of Using Crystals for Manifesting?

Crystals are believed to be the tools that help us clear our minds, help discover our innermost desires, and amplify what we want to manifest. We may think that crystals impart something magical or give us something that we merely want to manifest—but in reality, crystals simply help us to clearly see what we truly desire and then act as amplification tools while manifesting what we want.


Manifestation is a spiritual process that is impacted by both our emotions and mind. The best way to manifest is to first possess a positive shift in mindset and focus on what you desire. These crystals, used for manifesting, should be aligned to your goal(s). They help in heightening your capabilities, clearing your mind, and assist you in manifesting.

You can also check out some excellent online psychic readings or more about how to read tarot cards if you’re interested in more ways to improve yourself and your environment.


How do I meditate using crystals?

One of the simplest ways to meditate using a crystal is to hold it in your hands, clear your mind, and ultimately feel its energy. You can also place it on one of your seven chakras (crown, third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral, or root), creating an energy field.

What crystal do I need to get a good job?

Green aventurine is considered one of the best crystals for manifesting a good job.

What crystals are good for protection?

Black tourmaline, obsidian, amethyst, and labradorite are considered some of the best crystals for protection.


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