What to Do on a First Date in London [17 Romantic Ideas]


Are you looking for the perfect first-date spots in London and the best possible experience? We’ve compiled a list of first date ideas London couples would enjoy. You’re bound to find something you both like.

Why a First Date in London?

The UK’s capital city is the perfect place for a first date. London has something for everyone, whether it’s a cosy, romantic date or a night full of fun. And whether it’s a blind date or you’re going out with someone you met online, the city lights and cheerful crowds will diminish that first encounter awkwardness of your date.

Additionally, you can take your date to more than one spot; packing several activities on first dates in London is common. And if the expense is a concern, there are plenty of ideas for a London date that cost very little money.

These are just some reasons London should be your go-to choice for a first date. A London first date is something everyone should experience at least once in a lifetime.

DID YOU KNOW? Most British couples met through work (18%) or mutual friends (18%). Less common ways of meeting a significant other include being out on the town (11%) or through a dating platform (7%).

17 First Date Ideas London Offers

Choosing a first date spot and activity can be challenging. So we’ve listed the following 17 best ideas for your first date in London.

Park Picnic Date

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London boasts many excellent parks. So you can invite your date to take a walk through the park and find a picnic spot. Make sure that you pack all the picnic necessities, including a blanket.

The London Zoo

Most people love animals, and your date is probably no exception. A visit to the zoo is a good idea for a first date. You can walk together and admire the animals from all over the world, which opens up a lot of conversation, especially with the cute ones.

Museum or a Secret Gallery

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One of the best first date ideas for London includes visiting the many museums and galleries. You can go to a museum or, for more privacy, seek out one of London’s (less congested) secret galleries and see something new.

Afternoon Tea

If you want more of a classy date, you can have afternoon tea at one of London’s traditional hotels. Getting to know each other while sipping tea and snacking on little fancy sandwiches would make a great first-date story.

Watch a Movie

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When in doubt, go back to basics. Watching a film is a classic first-date idea. And most cinemas across London offer drinks and snacks. A bonus is that you’ll have the movie to talk about afterwards. This is also one of the most popular ideas for at-home dates—but save that for a later stage in the relationship.

Taste the Food of Love

Chocolate is the food of love. So if you wish to have a truly romantic first date, seek out a chocolaterie and sample their different kinds of chocolate. And if your date welcomes the first kiss, sharing that chocolate taste makes it even more decadent. We recommend a chocolate tasting for on first dates in London.

Comedy Night

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Laughing at a stand-up comedy show on your first date is a great way to ease tension and bond with your date. Afterwards, you can order drinks, ponder over the jokes, and perhaps offer some of your own.

Music Gig

If you want a more unconventional date, take your companion to a music gig. London abounds with live music shows to suit your taste. Just make sure you know what type of music your date likes.

Spirits and Wine Tasting

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The most popular first date ideas in the UK include going out for a drink—or few. You can sign up for wine, gin, and rum tastings in London. Pick your poison and sample a few different variations of your favourite drink. Just be careful not to get drunk.

Doodling at Doodle Bar

Going out for a drink is a popular choice among UK couples. But if you want your first date to be more than just grabbing a drink, head over to the Doodle Bar, where you’ll have one of the best first dates in London. You can write messages or doodle on the walls of this warehouse bar or try your hand at ping-pong.

Speakeasy Bars

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Perhaps you think that going out for a drink is the best idea for a first date. You may, however, want to avoid the hustle and bustle of high-street London bars and get to know the other person in a more laid-back atmosphere. Seek out one of London’s (more private) speakeasy-style bars. So you can strike the right balance with a public yet private date.

Boat Ride through London

One of the best first dates in London is on the Thames. You can hop into one of the organised boat rides and chat away while seeing the most significant London landmarks. You can also opt for a Silent Boat Party—a great choice for guys just learning to talk to girls.

Intimate Supper

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You most certainly want to leave a good first impression on your first date, and an intimate supper will do the trick. Make a reservation at a quiet restaurant and share a meal with a bottle of wine. Rooftop restaurants are excellent choices for intimate dining because you can also enjoy a broad view of the city. Plus, a dinner date is considered one of the great romantic gestures to surprise a woman.

Street Market Food Date

One of the best first date ideas on London streets is visiting one of the many street markets and indulging in the delicious food. You can choose from the different cuisines and enjoy your favourite food or be adventurous and try something new.


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Even though it may sound old-fashioned, bowling is a first-date classic. It’s a perfect opportunity for flirty competition. And although it’s a bit cheesy, it’s a great icebreaker, which is why it’s still among the favourite first date ideas in the UK. If you’re looking for ways to get a girlfriend, take her to a bowling alley for your first date.

Organise a Themed Date

If you wish to make your first date a special occasion, you need to put some thought and effort into it. And what screams creativity and ambition better than a themed date tailored to your date’s preferences? For example, you can have an Italian-themed date if your companion’s dream destination is Italy. Just make sure you learn what your partner likes before you start planning, which is a topic to ask when sliding into DMs.

Explore New Places

Our last (but not least) idea for a first date in London is to explore the city. Meet up and head somewhere you’ve never been. You can visit a new neighbourhood, meander through an unknown market, or go thrift shopping.

DID YOU KNOW? Brits like to drink. And going out for a drink is a popular first-date activity for 37% of British couples.

Final Words

London offers endless possibilities for first dates, but finding the perfect idea for a long-awaited date can be challenging. Fortunately, our guide has made the process easier for you. Choose from our list of 17 date ideas and have a fun and successful first date.


Where should I go on a first date in London?

The most attractive first date ideas London couples can enjoy include the city’s parks, museums and galleries, cinemas, street markets, and bars and restaurants.

How do I plan a date in London?

Before planning anything, familiarise yourself with your date’s likes and dislikes. You can’t plan on attending a jazz concert, for example, without knowing whether your partner likes jazz. Make plans only after you’ve learned something about the person you’re going out with.


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