28 Romantic Date Activities You Can Do in London


Dating can be complicated. Add in the concern of choosing a venue or activity, and it becomes even more complex. If you’re having trouble coming up with date ideas London couples would enjoy, our guide lists all the best spots and activities for a London date.

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Why Is a London Date a Good Idea?

Before searching for all the unique date spots in London, consider why a London date is a good idea. The capital is a great place to visit, with many attractions, activities, and countless bars and restaurants.

A day trip to the capital would be an exciting date for your special someone. London date ideas include venues ideally suited for romantic surprises. The endless possibilities include parks, museums, theatres, and cinemas.

DID YOU KNOW? London dates might be better than any other place in the UK, but they are also the most expensive. An average date costs £240, including a meal, sightseeing, and travel and accommodation expenses for those outside the city.

The 28 Ultimate Date Ideas London Affords

Our guide lists 28 of the best ideas for a London date—beginning with what you can do for free, followed by that which costs only a few pounds and ending with some more creative ideas.

Watch the Sunset

London has several excellent spots for watching the sunset, including the best two: Primrose Hill and Hampstead Heath. Pack a picnic, spread a blanket on the grass, and enjoy the romantic view.

Murder Mile

Whenever considering date ideas in London, the Murder Mile tour is a must. Although this date may seem dark, walking this mile is a lot of fun. You can learn about killers that once roamed the streets of London and see bits and pieces of the city’s history. Plus, you’ll have a lot to talk about—a great intro for those learning the art of talking to girls.

Borough Market

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If you and your date are foodies, visiting the Borough Market is just the right choice. You can enjoy the delicious smells of various food choices and sample the different delicacies.

The Whispering Gallery

One of the fun date ideas for London is found in St Paul’s Whispering Gallery of St Paul’s Cathedral, one of London’s most famous attractions. The 257 steps lead you to the Whispering Gallery, where you can whisper sweet nothings against the dome’s wall to your date on the other side. If you climb a little higher to the Golden Gallery, you can see many other attractions, including the Thames, the Tate Museum, and The Globe (the world-renowned Shakespearean theatre). To avoid the crowds, make sure to head over in the afternoon.

Visit a Farm

If you and your date are animal lovers, one of the lesser-known date activities in London is a day visit to one of the several city farms.

Cable Car Ride

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Taking a cable car ride together is a great way to begin your date. You can book tickets in advance at only £4 per person, travel across the Thames in a cable car, and enjoy the amazing views.

Kayak Down the Thames

The Thames is an excellent place for dates in London. You can sign up for guided kayaking tours that allow you to navigate the river’s waters. This is a perfect activity to bond over if you have an adventurous spirit.

Harry Potter Date

London is the perfect place to have a Harry Potter-themed date if you both are Harry Potter fans. So if you want to have one of the most fun dates on London turf, register for the Warner Bros. Studio Tour, which will take you to the props and sets from the films. Then, end the date with a butterbeer at the Harry Potter Photographic Exhibition.

Free Exhibition at the Tate

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The Tate Modern is one of the most well-known London museums and an excellent venue for a date. It boasts many free events, so you and your date can enjoy a free art exhibition. And if you want to have a coffee or drink afterwards, stop by the Terrace Bar on the first floor.

The British Library

One of the best date ideas in London is a visit to the British Library, the world’s largest library. It has an extensive collection of books, newspapers, maps, and music. It’s the perfect date for bookworms, history buffs, and music aficionados.

Film Screening

The cinema makes for a great date. But if you wish to experience an authentic London cinema night, you should go to a classic film screening at the Prince Charles Cinema. This independent cinema in London’s West End is renowned for screening old classic films, but you can also go to a musical singalong session or attend one of the movie marathons if you’re so bold.

Brewery Tour

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There are many independent breweries throughout London, and some of them offer free tours and samplings. Brewery tours can be fun when looking for things to do in London on a date. Plus, you can learn a lot about the UK’s favourite drink.

Stargazing at the Royal Observatory

There’s nothing more romantic than looking at the stars together. So if you want to have a special night, reserve a stargazing session at the Royal Observatory. These Sky Tonight sessions are hosted by an astronomer who will tell you all about the starry night.

Horse Riding in Hyde Park

One of the most exciting date night ideas for London is horse riding through Hyde Park. You can take an accompanied five-mile ride through the park to see the beauty of the surrounding nature. You’ll also have the chance to pass by Rotten Row, where the Household Cavalry horses exercise.

Roller Disco Night

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Dancing is a classic date activity, and going back to the days of disco can be a fun night. Taking your date to a roller disco, putting on skates, and twisting and twirling to the rhythm of disco music makes for a memorable date.

Escape Room

Escape rooms are ideal settings for fun dates in London. Not only do you spend quality time with your significant other, but you can also solve a mystery together and triumphantly break out of the room. So if you’re ready to put on your detective hat, reserve an hour at one of London’s numerous escape rooms. Pick a scenario and get your brain working to escape as fast as possible. (This is also one of the great ideas for at-home dates.)

Pottery Class

Pottery classes are quite popular in the UK. So if you want to try your hand at something new, this could be just the right activity—if you don’t mind getting your hands dirty. And even better, you get to keep your clay creations. This is one of those cute date ideas for a London experience.

Walk through the Kew Gardens

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The Kew Gardens are the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. These botanical gardens are home to some of the world’s rarest plants; you can see the native vegetation from the earth’s farthest corners. To top off the date, you can enjoy an afternoon tea at the on-site restaurant, The Botanical.

The Natural History Museum after Hours

When it comes to activity dates in London, the Natural History Museum is a great place to visit after hours. If you book a slot for an after-hours tour of the museum, you’ll be able to choose from plenty of activities, including exhibitions, talks, silent discos, and Dino Snores sleepovers. If you want to surprise her with a romantic gesture, this is the way to go.

Climbing Centre

Climbing is a great date venture for those who like to be physically active and have fun while burning calories. So if you wish to experience one of the more unusual date nights in London, go to a climbing centre. Whatever your climbing level is, you’ll undoubtedly find something that suits you. Plus, it’s always a good idea to test your limits.

Cooking Class

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Cooking with the person you love is a unique experience. But you may not be able to cook that well and want to perfect your cooking skills. So why not sign up for a cooking class? You’ll have a lot of fun while attending class and cook a fantastic meal. You’ll undoubtedly become a great girlfriend or boyfriend if you cook at home together after attending a lesson.

Treasure Hunt

One of the fun date activities in London includes a treasure hunt. Many organised treasure hunts will take you around the city, searching for hidden treasure. This is a great way to explore the streets of London, and you also stand to win.

The Tower of London

When in London, don’t miss out on seeing the Tower of London. This impressive building is the setting of many important historical events. Join a guided tour and learn about all the events that occurred there.

The Globe

The reconstructed Globe Theatre is among the most exciting date places in London. This Shakespearean theatre offers guided tours and live performances. If you like a good theatre show, The Globe is the perfect destination and inexpensive at only £5.

The Royal Ballet

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The prestigious, world-renowned Royal Ballet is located in London’s Covent Garden. So if you want to plan a special date, venturing to the ballet house is a safe bet. And don’t worry, it doesn’t need to be too expensive; you can find cheap tickets and enjoy the show.

Dinner at Sky Garden

The list of romantic date ideas in London would be incomplete without dinner at a romantic restaurant. Having dinner in the privacy of a garden overlooking the city can’t get any more romantic. And what is more romantic than the Sky Garden—London’s highest public restaurant/garden?

Hotel Stay

Whether you’re a Londoner or just visiting for a special date, a hotel stay is a great idea—but not for a first date. When you’ve been dating for a while, you can stay the night at a hotel after a fun day together—spending the next day together, too. And a weekend date facilitates more date activities.

The London Eye

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Most of the best date spots in London are listed here in our guide, but we wanted to save the best for last. The London Eye—possibly the city’s most well-known attraction—is the perfect venue for a date. Schedule a ride and enjoy the amazing views of the city while slowly revolving. There’s not a person who wouldn’t enjoy such a ride with their significant other.

DID YOU KNOW? Stats show that only 28.2% of Londoners prefer to meet someone through a dating app or social media. Regardless, dating apps are wildly popular across the UK, with Tinder holding the No.1 spot with nearly a million singles on the platform.

Final Words

Planning a date night in London may seem overwhelming, but equipped with great ideas, you can have a fun, romantic date. Hopefully, our guide has given you more than enough proposals to plan your next London date.


What can you do on a date in London?

There are many things to do on a London date. You can watch the sunset over the city, go on walks, visit museums and other attractions, or engage in horse riding, kayaking, climbing, or treasure hunting.

What is a perfect date night?

The perfect date night means different things to different people. For some, seeing a film at the cinema sounds like the perfect date, while others prefer something more engaging and adventurous.

Where should I take a girl on a date in London?

When you take a girl out in London, you can go for a walk or take her to an exhibition at a museum or the London Eye. If you’re looking for even more unique date ideas London offers, there are many romantic restaurants.


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