20 Romantic Gestures to Make Her Feel Appreciated


Whether grand or small, romantic gestures make a woman feel loved and appreciated. This article presents important ways to help you keep the romance alive in your relationship and let your flame, girlfriend, or wife know how much she means to you in romantic gestures for her.

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The Importance of Romantic Gestures

Why are romantic gestures so important? Consider some of the following reasons to surprise your girl with such expressions.

  • Thinking of her: Romantic gestures, even small ones, require you to plan ahead. When she sees what you’ve done for her, she’ll realise that you had put thought and effort into your plans with solely her in mind.
  • Keeps romance alive: Little nice surprises for your girlfriend can keep the romance alive or reignite it if it has started to fade. Romance is a big part of relationships—so it’s vital to keep it afloat.
  • Expressions of love: You wouldn’t plan a romantic gesture for someone you don’t care about, and your girl knows this. Your romantic gesture tells her that you love her.
  • Helps dissipate problems: If your significant other is having a rough time, small romantic gestures can help her forget about her problems, at least for a while.
DID YOU KNOW? The Taj Mahal is one of the most beautiful buildings globally. But did you know that it was built as a romantic gesture? The emperor Shah Jahan built it to express his love for his late wife, Mumtaz Mahal.

Romantic Gestures: Grand or Small?

Should you make big romantic gestures for her or smaller ones that can be just as romantic? First, be mindful of her personal preferences. She may be happy with small, everyday gestures or appreciate a grand gesture from time to time. Grand gestures, however, typically cost money, and you can’t always splurge on romance. In such cases, small gestures are the way to go.

Big and small romantic gestures are meaningful in their own way, and there is an occasion for each. Little romantic gestures for her with no money are a welcome addition to everyday life, while grand gestures could be saved for a special day.

Regardless of the gesture you choose, make sure it’s tailored to her liking. She’s sure to appreciate whatever it is you decide to do.

DID YOU KNOW? Once you get a girlfriend—or love interest—remember to be a gentleman, take her out on romantic dates, and compliment her often. If you stick to this advice, it’s more than likely she’ll want to develop a relationship with you.

Key Takeaways

Romantic gestures are crucial for keeping the romance alive and expressing love through actions.
Small and grand romantic gestures are equally important; there’s an occasion for each.
A romantic gesture doesn’t always mean buying something; you can compliment your partner or even do chores for her. 
Long-distance relationships need romantic gestures, too. Love letters and virtual dates are excellent examples.

20 Romantic Gestures for Her

We have listed below 20 romantic gestures for your consideration, beginning with the smallest and progressing to the grandest displays of affection.

Compliment Her

You may forget to compliment your girl from time to time. Come up with honest, fun compliments in the course of a conversation. And don’t give compliments only on her appearance. Compliment her personality, for example, or how hard she’s working at her job. This will surely make her day.

List What You Love About Her

If you want to know how to be more romantic and you’re bad at coming up with compliments on the spot, you can make a list of the things you love about your girlfriend. Think of as many things as possible, write them down, and give her the list. She’ll be happy to keep it to make her smile from time to time.

Hide Love Notes

Write cute, lovey notes on small pieces of paper and hide them where she’ll find them during the day. They don’t need to say anything special. It’s sure to keep her in a good mood when she reads it.

Do Her Chores

When wondering how to be more romantic, doing her chores is an excellent way to go. When you see that she’s overwhelmed and could use a rest, do her tasks without asking, showing your affection and making her happy. This may sound too casual, but it’s very romantic.

Take Her to Your Favourite Place

If your girlfriend has been with you for some time, she’ll want to know everything about you. If you want to be super romantic, you should take her to your favourite place. This will make her feel like she’s getting to know every part of you and prove that you’re a thoughtful boyfriend.

Let Her Choose What to Watch

Romantic ideas for her can be found everywhere. For example, you can let her pick the next film or TV programme you’ll watch together. Watch with her whatever she selects.

Bring Her Breakfast in Bed

Bringing her breakfast as soon as she wakes up will make her feel like the centre of attention. And it’s a great way to start the day. You don’t need to make anything impressive—a bagel, cup of coffee, and juice are enough.

Cook a Romantic Dinner

One of the most romantic gestures includes cooking a homemade meal. And you don’t need to be a chef to do it—simply find a manageable recipe. You can light some candles, open a bottle of wine, and you’ve got yourself a romantic dinner. She’ll appreciate the effort you put into preparing it.

Make Her Favourite Drink

One delightful gesture is to make your girl her favourite drink— a simple way to show her that you care about her and want to make her feel good. This is an excellent gesture when you know she’s had a hard day. Both of you can enjoy your drinks together.

Have a Picnic

If you find yourself looking for romantic gestures to win her back, it means you need to make an extra effort to be romantic. In such cases, we recommend a picnic. Pack food and drinks and a comfy blanket and head away from the hustle and bustle and distractions. The casual setting of the picnic can give you a chance to talk intimately.

Bring Her Flowers

Most women love flowers and consider it one of the best romantic gestures. Bringing your girl flowers for no specific reason is an excellent gesture. And you don’t even need money—pick them yourself and gift them to her.

Get Concert Tickets

When you’re looking for romantic surprises for her, one of the best is to purchase concert tickets to see her favourite artist or band. Track her band’s shows and buy tickets for both of you.

Buy Her a Surprise Gift

One of the most romantic gestures is getting your girlfriend a present she has wanted for some time. Gifts don’t need to be expensive, and you don’t have to wait for a special occasion to give her a small gift. It can be a small trinket that makes you think of her. Even if she can get it herself, it’s more romantic if you get it for her.

Frame a Photo of You Both

You two probably take pictures all the time and post them on social media. But an old-fashioned framed photo of the two of you as a couple is a charming romantic gesture.

Organise a Date Night

Romantic surprises for her include date nights. Small formal gestures make for a great romantic experience—pick her up, open the door for her, pull out her chair for her, etc. Although you probably can’t go out for dates every night, don’t forget to do it from time to time—and suitably.

Take a Class Together

Learning a new skill together can bring you closer and add diversity to your relationship. Surprise your girl with a fun class you can attend together—yoga, cooking, painting, etc.

Send Her a Care Package

One of the best romantic gestures for a wife or girlfriend is to send her a care package, including her favourite things: cosmetics, sweets, a few packs of tea. You can have it delivered to her at home or work. Such a gesture will surely make her smile.

Plan a Road Trip

Road trips are always fun and a great idea for a romantic gesture. Plan a romantic road trip for just the two of you and turn it into a weekend getaway. Spending time together—just the two of you—is an excellent way to spark romance.

Throw a Surprise Party

If you’re looking for romantic gestures for her birthday, a surprise party is always a good option. You can tell her that you don’t have anything special planned and then throw a big party with her friends and family. She’ll not only be surprised but will also appreciate the effort you’ve put into organising the party.

Organise a Flash Mob

Flash mobs are—flashy. A flash mob is a group of people who suddenly perform in a public place, then quickly disappear. Even though a flash mob can be perceived as a cheesy gesture, it can’t be denied that it’s romantic. But since this is one of those big romantic gestures for her, be careful when and where you do it. And do it only if you’re sure your girl will like it.

DID YOU KNOW? Writing an old-fashioned love letter is a sweet romantic gesture, and it’s also a great way to tell someone you love them. So if you were wondering how to confess your love for the first time, writing it in a letter is an excellent idea.

Romantic Gestures for Long-Distance Partners

Long-distance relationships are challenging. They require more patience and effort than relationships where distance is no issue. But you can make your long-distance relationship work.

It’s more difficult to be romantic when away from your partner but not impossible. Note the following impressive romantic gestures for her, long distance.

Send a Good Morning Text

Good morning texts are a great way to start the day. Although it’s a small gesture, it’ll remind her that you’re thinking of her every day.

Set Up a Virtual Date

Just because you’re away from each other doesn’t mean you should stop dating. Set up a virtual date and have dinner together or watch the same film via your cameras and simultaneously see your partner’s face.

Send a Letter/Postcard

One of the many nice surprises for a girlfriend is to get a letter in the mail from you. You can send her a short, sweet love letter or a postcard from your place or somewhere you’ve recently visited.

Text Photos of Your Day

Texting photos of what you do during the day will let your girl know that you think of her every day and want her to be involved in your life. There’s nothing more romantic.

Send a Gift

Gift-giving shouldn’t stop just because you’re far apart from one another. And it shouldn’t stop just because you may have argued with each other. One of the best romantic gestures to win her back is to send her a gift. It doesn’t need to be expensive to show that you took the time to pick it out and had it delivered to her.

Surprise Her With a Visit

The grandest, most romantic gesture you can do for your long-distance girlfriend is to pay her a surprise visit. She longs to see you and waits for your next reunion. Make it happen sooner rather than later.

DID YOU KNOW? Polyamory refers to those in multiple, non-monogamous romantic relationships simultaneously. You can love two at the same time and be happy, as long as they’re okay with such an open relationship.


Grand and small romantic gestures are equally vital in keeping the romance alive in a relationship. If you want a happy, healthy relationship, make sure you plan a romantic gesture for your lady from time to time. Whichever expression of love you decide to share, it’s sure to put a smile on her face.


What is a grand gesture of love?

Grand gestures of love include, for example, planning trips for the two of you, buying her a piece of jewellery, sending a carefully thought-out care package, or even surprising her with a flash mob.

What are examples of grand gestures?

Some examples of grand gestures are throwing a surprise party, taking your partner to see her favourite band, or paying a surprise visit to your long-distance girlfriend.

What are the best romantic gestures?

Some of the best romantic gestures for her include compliments, bringing her flowers, showing interest in her hobbies, or letting her decide which film to watch together for the night.


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