• STARTING FEE: 5-Day Trial For $1
  • RENEWAL POLICY: Automatic
  • CUSTOMER SUPPORT: 24/7 Phone support, Online Form, Mail
  • SUBSCRIPTION MODEL: Monthly/Pay-Per-Report

CheckPeople Reviews: Reports, Prices & More

  • STARTING FEE: 5-Day Trial For $1
  • RENEWAL POLICY: Automatic
  • CUSTOMER SUPPORT: 24/7 Phone support, Online Form, Mail
  • SUBSCRIPTION MODEL: Monthly/Pay-Per-Report

Best For

Those With New Neighbors


  • Free first search
  • Reverse phone lookup
  • Instant deep-web search
  • 5-day trial available for $1
  • The site is very user-friendly
  • Comprehensive deep-web search


  • Difficult cancellation process
  • The pricing structure is not clearly explained on the website

Do you want to find your old school pal? Are you worried that your neighbor might have a criminal record?

Well, then look no further. CheckPeople uses public records to supply you with the information you need and more. The service, founded in 2013, has helped millions of consumers to make informed decisions about the people they meet in their lives.

In this review, you will find types of available background checks, an overview of Check People reviews, plans and pricing, pros and cons, and much more.

Types of Background Checks Offered by CheckPeople

To start off, let’s look at an overview of the types of background checks that CheckPeople offers and how they can be useful to you.

  • People Search

Using CheckPeople’s people search tool to find someone is easy. All you need to do is provide their basic information, such as their first and last name.

  • Reverse Phone Lookup

There are a lot of positive CheckPeople reverse phone lookup reviews so you can also use the reverse phone lookup option to perform a search using a phone number.

You can optimize the search results and find the right person more quickly if you know some of their friends or family members’ names or where they live.

  • Type of Information Available

With these details you can access the following information and more as long as it is available in the public records:

  • If you want to find a way to reach out to someone, their contact information and location history might come in handy. You can find both of these on CheckPeople by using the Identity and address verification check feature.
  • The CheckPeople site can also be of use when someone is harassing you by constantly calling your phone. Their Phone Lookup allows you to find anyone by just using their cell phone number.
  • The search can also show you their marital status and relatives.
    CheckPeople’s background reports include a deep-web search. This can reveal related links like blog posts, websites, and even hidden social media profiles.
  • The background check service can potentially find more worrisome details such as criminal records, court records, warrants, and sex offender details relating to the specific person.
  • All kinds of financial records including business affiliations, professional information, intellectual property assets, and property ownership.
  • The Arrest Records feature gives users access to the full name and offense date and shows the type of violation a person was arrested for.
  • And in case you want to know what your pals have been up to, you can learn more about their education, job, and even military history.

How Can You Use This Information?

You can use the information in the background reports for a variety of personal and informative purposes. Here are some examples:

  • Scope out new roommates
  • Research an online date
  • Verify an online seller
  • Find family and friends

Keep in mind that because CheckPeople isn’t a consumer reporting agency, you can’t use their reports for any purpose governed by the FCRA law, such as tenant screening. Luckily, some other services can be used for that purpose.

If you’re unsure what this involves, don’t worry. The website clearly outlines the dos and don’ts.

What Is CheckPeople Background Service Best For?

Check People reviews show that it is best for deep-web searches. It can help you run a thorough check on someone, even if you only know their full name and location.

Plans & Pricing

Compared to other companies offering online background checks, CheckPeople has a bigger scope of pricing options. There are several tiered membership plans, each suitable for a different budget. No wonder many CheckPeople fees reviews praise their low costs.

And while the prices might differ, the quality of their service doesn’t.

Plan Background Reports Reverse Phone Lookup Pricing Model
5-day trial Unlimited Unlimited $1 fee for the trial after which a monthly fee of $44.85 will apply
One-month plan Unlimited Unlimited $27.65 per month on an automatically recurring subscription
Two-month plan Unlimited Unlimited $22.97 per month for two months on an automatically recurring subscription
Power plan Limited features Limited features $17.16 per month
on an automatically recurring subscription
Limited individual report Limited to one person with limited features Limited to one person with limited features $4.95 once-off

The background check process takes just a few minutes regardless of the plan you’ve chosen.

You can also get PDF reports for an additional fee of $7 per report.

Your first search is free. However, it’s important to remember that if you opt for the 5-day trial, and you don’t cancel before the trial ends, you will automatically be charged $44.85 per month.

How to Perform a Background Check With CheckPeople?

One thing that is apparent in many CheckPeople.com reviews is how easy it is to use. You don’t need to be proficient in technology to perform a background investigation through their site.

Here are the steps to using CheckPeople’s people search tool:

  1. Type the relevant name or number into the search bar. The search bar is clearly visible on each page of the website.
  2. Add any extra information that you have on hand to help optimize the search.
  3. Select the right person from the list.
  4. Wait while the results are being processed.
  5. Sign in to access the background reports.

Unfortunately, CheckPeople doesn’t have a mobile app, which limits its accessibility. However, the website is very responsive. You can also easily use it on your phone or tablet.

Pros Cons
5-day trial available for $1 The pricing structure is not clearly explained on the website
The site is very user-friendly Difficult cancellation process
Comprehensive deep-web search

Check People Online Reputation Reviews

Of 1,122 reviews on Trustpilot, 47% are one-star while 23% are five-star which gives the company an overall 3.3-star rating. The positive Check People reviews have much to say about their excellent customer service. People also comment on the usefulness of the provided data and the accessibility of the website.

Whereas the negative reviews of Check People on Trustpilot, mostly complain that the information regarding the pricing structure is misleading or about getting banned from the site after doing excessive research.

As the Better Business Bureau website shows during the last years a total of 1,036 complaints have been filed regarding CheckPeople practices, while during the last 12 months, 434 of these have been closed. The majority of complaints are ranked as delivery issues and from what we’ve gathered they mainly revolve around individuals requesting removal of their personal information.

Check People Alternatives

Besides investigating other CheckPeople reviews, you should also take a look at its competitors in the area of background checks before you make the final choice.


One of its top competitors is TruthFinder. The main benefit of this site is its app that is available on both iOS and Android. However, its biggest downside is that it doesn’t have any trial options, whereas CheckPeople does.

Read our full Truthfinder review here.


BeenVerified is another alternative online background check service. Similarly, to CheckPeople, it has a trial option, and its costs are pretty low. But its searches are less comprehensive. For example, unlike CheckPeople, it cannot give information about sex offenders in your neighborhood.

Read our full BeenVerified review here.


The third alternative for this CheckPeople review is Spokeo. Same as CheckPeople, Spokeo comes with a trial option which according to online reviews is pretty basic. Its advantage over CheckPeople is that it gives more search options to its customers.

Read our full Spokeo review here

As you can see, you must first decide what your priorities are and which features you can or can’t do without.

Wrap Up

All in all, CheckPeople comes out tops for the sheer amount of services they provide. The company is particularly popular for its deep-web searches that can even give details on hidden social media pages and old blog posts.

It becomes clear from Check People reviews that the website is simple, clear, and easy to use while providing incredibly useful and accurate information.

Disclaimer: CheckPeople is not a consumer reporting agency under the Fair Credit Reporting Act guidelines. You may not use the service or the information it provides to make decisions about consumer credit, employment, insurance, tenant screening, or any other purpose that would require FCRA compliance.


Are Check People background checks legal?

This is a crucial question to ask and the answer is yes. CheckPeople only gathers public record information therefore it is 100% legal as long as you don’t use it for purposes that are governed by the FCRA.

Is Check People free?

Unlike many of its competitors, the first people search on CheckPeople is free. But if you want to perform any further online background checks, you will need to sign up for a 5-day trial for $1 or one of their paid membership plans.

Is there a fee for using Check People?

Yes, the fees vary depending on your plan. You can buy a 5-day trial for a $1 background check while the monthly subscription fee after that is $44.85. The rest of their membership plans cost between $17 and $27.65. Luckily, you can get your first background screening for free.

Is Check People legit?

We have conducted thorough research before writing this check people review, so we can be sure that this platform is legitimate.

Is Check People anonymous?

Yes, CheckPeople is a secure site, and they won’t notify the person you have been searching for.

How can I reach customer service?

You have several ways of reaching out to their customer service. CheckPeople’s customer support is available 24/7 via phone. However, if that doesn’t work for you, you can fill in an online form on their website or even contact them by mail.

Is Check People safe?

As this and other PeopleCheck pro reviews claim, we can state that this platform is safe to use. Meaning, no one will get notified if you are doing a background check on them, as it is completely safe and anonymous.

Are CheckPeople reports accurate?

Check People reviews are incredibly positive about the accuracy of the information that they provide. However, keep in mind that they rely on public records. Therefore, you can’t expect the information to always be right, as these records can be inaccurate or outdated.

Can I use the background check for hiring employees or screening tenants?

No, CheckPeople is not a consumer reporting agency. Therefore, you are prohibited from using their background check service for any purpose governed by FCRA law, for example, screening tenants and employees.