9 Signs Your Relationship Is Over [Common Relationship Issues]


Relationships are not static; it’s best to see them as growing and learning experiences.

Of course, while some of our troubles are growing pains, on other occasions, we’re simply made to part ways with our other half. 

So what are some signs your relationship is over? Trust me, you are not the only one asking this question. Stick with us and get the right answers. 

How to Know When a Relationship Is Over

Although you may feel like you and your partner make a great pair, there are times when that connection can seem like it’s fading. 

Below we listed many reasons why this happens, as well as how to recognize signals when the relationship is close to breaking up.

You Don’t Want to Spend Time With Them Anymore

If you have no interest in spending time with your partner, that could be one of several red flags that indicate something is wrong. Additionally, if your partner doesn’t seem to enjoy your company, that adds to signs you should break up.

The pleasure of sharing your time, regardless of the activity, is an underlying principle in a relationship. When this is not present, there might be a bigger issue. 

Wanting to spend more time with your family and friends is normal, but decreasing desire in spending time with your lover is considered a path to a way out.

DID YOU KNOW? There are two divorce seasons” each year. Research shows that divorce indexes peak at the start of the year and during the fall; these are times when there’s anticipation or the opportunity for new beginnings. 

You’re Bored

Boredom is undeniably one of the signs a breakup is coming.  After some time, the initial excitement starts to wear off, although this is a common characteristic in almost every relationship. 

If you don’t see eye-to-eye with your loved one, or you’re anxious about your partner’s return home just to have the same old conversation, you should talk about whether you should spend any more time together, as well as if your relationship is growing or stagnating

You may find yourself saying “I’m not happy in my relationship” or “It has become an unbearable routine” which can indicate it is time for you two to part ways. 

DID YOU KNOW? In Japan, certain divorce laws are different for women than for men. For example, men may remarry immediately after a divorce, but women must wait six months if they wish to remarry. This is why most couples who divorce in Japan never even have to go to court.

You’re Fantasizing About Someone Else

It’s natural for human beings to have fantasies about others. If you ask us, having a crush is one of the best feelings of the human experience. 

Does fantasizing make you a cheater? Of course not. 

If it crosses deeper feelings for somebody else instead of your partner, however, that’s one of the biggest signs you should break up. 

If you find yourself daydreaming more often, there’s usually a reason you’re doing so. It could be because of some personal struggle, or perhaps you’re trying to fulfill a need that your current relationship isn’t satisfying, such as having no sexual desire.

Crushes make humans feel appealing and alive. People often get them even if they are very dedicated to their partners and the relationship is no longer in the honeymoon phase. 

DID YOU KNOW? After age 32, the chances of getting a divorce increase by 5% each year. Those who marry are more likely to divorce than those who tie the knot in their late 20s.

You’re Fighting Too Much (or Too Little)

Having no arguments may seem like a positive thing, but it can actually imply that you no longer care enough to stand your ground. When this happens, fighting is actually diminished and both of you no longer try to work it out. 

Recognizing that internally you want out of the relationship, your indifference reads as being agreeable. Those are some warning signs that the relationship is almost over. 

Most couples need to discuss or negotiate issues at some point: not particularly a fight with each other, but at least a conversation. Being agreeable is great, but when one or both comes off as uninterested, the struggle to stay in the relationship increases.

The same happens when you’re fighting almost every day. That is considered a toxic dynamic to live in and is another one of the signs your relationship is falling apart. 

DID YOU KNOW? Following a breakup, women experience more emotional distress but are more likely to fully recover in a shorter time span. Meanwhile, men never fully recover—there is more of a struggle to move on. 

Your Relationship Is Toxic

Speaking of toxicity in relationships, we want to intertwine this section with karmic relationships. A karmic relationship is one charged with burning and obsessive passion, but it’s extremely difficult to maintain. These can come in handy if you know when to end a relationship.

A toxic relationship is deeply connected with karmic ones and is marked by a pattern of breakups and makeups with constant ups and downs. It grabs both lovers tightly, and despite the emotional scarring, they’re constantly preparing to cope with one another. They look like they’ll never be able to let go of each other, even though everybody around them sees their incompatibility

Those connections aren’t meant to last, but they do offer a chance to be the best version of yourself. You can discover if you have a bond like this with someone by checking out the best psychic readings on the web. Karmic and toxic relationships are full of unreliable emotions and deeper feelings, and they tend to open up past wounds or trauma. That being said, you should definitely try reading to see when is it time to leave a relationship. 

DID YOU KNOW? When in a relationship, the heart rates of a man and woman are in sync. When you are involved in a romantic couple, your heart will beat just as fast as your partner’s.

Key Takeaways

So far, we covered a few examples of how to know it’s time to break up, and here are some of our key findings:

Not wanting to spend time with your partner can be an indication that you should think about ending things.
Everyday routine boredom is another pointer towards possibly ending a relationship, even though you are emotionally invested.
Fantasies should have limitations. If it takes too much time in your life, the compatibility with your partner may come into question. 
Constantly fighting, or never fighting at all, are serious signs he/she doesn’t love you anymore.
Toxic relationships are closely related to karmic ones and are full of all-consuming desire, although are very hard to obtain. 

There’s No Trust

If there’s distrust on both sides, they can be labeled a deteriorating relationship; eventually, there is a total collapse of foundation, causing contempt, jealousy, rage, possessiveness, and other negative feelings. 

Some jealousy is normal, but a lack of trust affecting your mental state and the relationship is an issue.

Trust is a central pillar in any relationship; lack of that is one of the biggest signs a relationship is over. The signals your connection is through are simple–you start questioning yourself or other person’s purposes, abilities and motives constantly. 

Doubt, if unsettled, turns into serious presumptions over time. Suspicions are beliefs with no evidence. These suspicions cause unease and feelings of anxiousness which can often manifest physically (such as a faster heart rate, nervousness, anger, or feelings of disgust).

This point is one of the warning signs the relationship is over because it is hard to come back from.

DID YOU KNOW? 26-second hugs from your partner can lower stress and trigger a significant oxytocin release. “Most married couples hug for three seconds or less, so I advise them to hug two to three times a day, to stop what they’re doing and hold a long, calm embrace,” says Dr. Wendy Walsh, Psychology Professor.

You Don’t Want the Same Things

You and your partner should desire common things for the future; without similarities, there are signs a relationship is not working.

If you are not compatible, you’ll notice cracks on a smaller scale, like trivial things you can’t agree upon. Do you want to go to a different place? Do you like completely different food? All of this appears innocent and harmless.

As time goes by, though, you realize that you’re not sharing some seriously vital core values in a long-term relationship. Here are some of the most important things that point to signs your long-term relationship is over.

  1. Where you want to live. The decision of where to settle is more about showing support to one another, rather than picking a place for your reasons. If you insist on living in different places, it is a big stumbling block.
  2. Whether you should have children. Indecision is more complicated than ever with this question. Knowing that you and your partner are not on the same page on this matter is a worst-case scenario.
  3. How to manage your money. Financial aspects play a significant role in serious relationships and marriage. Everyday life with a spouse who has distinctly different views regarding finances can be stressful. “Is my relationship over because of money?” is one question you may be asking yourself.

There’s No Intimacy

Sex and intimacy are not only about physical activity but communication as well. 

Lack of intimacy can be seen as another one of those “Is my relationship over?” signs. Most partners don’t want to intentionally hurt their significant other; most of the time, they are even oblivious to the lack of intimacy.

Wanting different types of sex is not always a dealbreaker; not being able to talk about it and reach a compromise is. Having no passion, no sexual desire, or mismatched sex drives, may lead you to live an unfulfilling life. An intimacy-deficient relationship, whether emotional or physical, doesn’t have a promising success rate.

Communication is at the core of sexual closeness. In the early phases of a relationship, lustful desire can carry one through, but over time, sexual needs do change. If the couple has healthy intimacy, although the level of excitement may decline, the emotional connection becomes stronger and more fulfilling. 

How do you know a relationship is over when intimacy is not present? Some clues are that your spouse avoids talking openly, you avoid each other, and they feel embarrassed about sharing concerns and expressing their needs.

DID YOU KNOW? Researchers found that frequent kissing is of bigger importance to relationship satisfaction than frequent sex?

You Don’t Miss Them When They’re Gone

Whenever you’re not together, you simply don’t think about your partner. You can go away for the weekend, for example, and not miss their presence. 

Being apart does not have to feel like separation. If you feel greater detachment than most, however, this lack of emotion can indicate when to end a relationship.

Having “you” time is good and necessary in relationships; there is a distinction between healthy and unhealthy types of alone time. If there is no form of affection for that person, and it suits you to be parted, then you might want to think about moving on with your life. 

Do All of These Mean the Relationship Is 100% Over?

We’ve gone through signs of how to know when to end a relationship. All of these don’t mean you should immediately end your relationship; Some of them (check our list below) are even fixable. In most cases, couples therapy can help work out an issue, so why not give it a shot? Sometimes overcoming difficulties can make a relationship better than it was before.

Affairs and Infidelity

These can take a big toll on a connection, but there are ways to repair your marriage if you want to make it work. In order to shine a light on the cause of behavior, the cheater has to be 100% honest. Trust and healing may be repaired afterward.

If there is an inner voice screaming, “My relationship is falling apart”, there is infidelity counseling which can help you to reach the level of communication you need to heal. 

Intimacy Problems

They may feel like the chemistry between you is weaker, or even broken. The close bond we feel towards others is partially due to intimacy, so it’s a pretty major component in a romantic relationship. 

The desire is to be close to your significant other, but if you feel more cut off than close, it can produce a real lack of intimacy. Seeking couples therapy can aid you and your partner in rediscovering a deeper connection.

Overpower Past Trauma

Consequential life events are not restricted to being good or bad; they can occasionally be traumatic.

Those moments when you told yourself I’m not happy in my relationship, or you experienced emotional wounding maybe were resulting in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

If one or both of you suffer from PTSD, you may be struggling with inner tranquility. Unaware of this, your partner may not know how to deal with situations, making them unconsciously steer away from you.

Everyday outbursts and arguments can be scary for you, as well as your relationship. Couples therapy focused on PTSD can help ease stressors of conflict between you and your partner.


Signs your relationship is over can vary from trivial misunderstandings to significant deal breakers. You can always disconnect from the partnership if you don’t see any solution, but whatever happens between you and your significant other, remember that you can always seek help from couples therapy specialists. You shouldn’t be hopeless, after all, as not every problem is too big to be solved.


How to accept your relationship is ending?

Give yourself some time to feel your emotions, because grieving and healing go hand in hand; the two of them are complex processes. When bad thoughts start to pour in, always talk them out with a friend or family member.

How to know when to end a relationship?

Indications include feeling nervous and frustrated whenever your partner is around, not looking into your partner’s eyes, and wishing to be with someone else, as well as having no trust or respect. These are all surefire signs your relationship is over.

When to call it quits in a marriage?

You should consider ending it if your health is being compromised, you aren’t sleeping well, you’re up for losing your job, or you’re using your friends or family to fuel resentment, anxiousness, impatience, or frustration.


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