Pisces Compatibility With Other Signs: A Guide


Are you looking for love? Do you want to know which signs are the best match for your Pisces personality?

In this article, we’ll explore Pisces compatibility with various signs. We will discuss the core traits of a Pisces, and then look at how each sign matches up with them.

If you are curious about your love life, or just want to learn more about astrology, keep reading!

What Are Pisces’ Core Traits?

Pisces is a water sign, which means that they are creative, emotional, and sensitive. They are often dreamers and can be quite intuitive. Pisces is also a sympathetic and compassionate person, who enjoy helping others. They have a strong sense of intuition and often know what other people are feeling without needing to say anything. Pisces is a mutable sign, which means they are adaptable and flexible.

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Pisces Compatibility With Various Signs

Let’s now discuss each of the 12 astrological signs and their compatibility with Pisces.

Pisces and Aries

Let’s start with Aries, the first sign of the zodiac. It is one of the fire signs and people born under this sign are often independent, passionate, and enthusiastic.

Friendship Compatibility

Friendship astrology helps determine which signs go together. Aries and Pisces make great friends because they have complementary personality traits. Aries is outgoing and confident, while Pisces is more introspective and compassionate.

Love Compatibility

Pisces love compatibility with Aries is a strong one. They are both attracted to each other’s passion and intensity. However, they can also have conflicts because of their different personalities. Aries is more headstrong and direct, while Pisces is more sensitive and emotional.

Sexual Compatibility

Aries and Pisces are sexually compatible. They both enjoy exploring new things and are willing to experiment. Aries is also attracted to Pisces’ creative side, while Pisces is drawn to Aries’ passion.

Pisces Man With Aries Woman

Let’s now take a look at Pisces and Aries compatibility when there is a Pisces man and an Aries woman. The Pisces man is often attracted to the Aries woman because she is independent and confident. The Aries woman can help the Pisces man learn how to take risks and not be afraid of change.

Pisces Woman With Aries Man

The Pisces woman is a natural caretaker, and she will instinctively take on the role of nurturer in the relationship. The Aries man is an independent thinker, and he will appreciate her willingness to let him have his space.

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Pisces and Taurus

Now let’s take a look at Pisces’ sign compatibility with Taurus. Taurus is a grounded earth sign and is associated with hard work, dedication, and stability.

Friendship Compatibility

Pisces and Taurus are natural friends, as they share a common love of beauty, art, and music. They share an appreciation for the finer things in life. Both the signs will love exploring new activities and interests together.

Love Compatibility

Pisces and Taurus have a deep emotional connection. Both signs feel passionate love for each other and even if there is a bump in their relationship, both the signs will work to sort it out.

Sexual Compatibility

Both Pisces and Taurus are attracted to each other’s sensual nature making Pisces’ sexual compatibility with Taurus a satisfactory one. Both signs will trust each other which will lead to open conversations about their needs and desires in bed.

Pisces Man With Taurus Woman

Pisces man can be vulnerable and emotional with a Taurus woman and provide stability to their relationship at the same time. The Taurus woman will be tender, feminine, and gentle making the relationship stronger.

Pisces Woman With Taurus Man

Pisces women are extremely loyal, which makes them a perfect match for Taurus men who tend to get a little possessive. A Taurus man will provide the much-needed stability and patience in their relationship.

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Pisces and Gemini

The Gemini zodiac sign is the least compatible with Pisces. It is one of the air signs and Geminis are known to be very intellectual and communicative.

Friendship Compatibility

Pisces and Gemini are very compatible as friends. They have a lot in common, and they both enjoy spending time together. Gemini must be careful not to hurt Pisces’ feelings but even if there is an argument, it is easily forgotten and forgiven by both.

Love Compatibility

As we’ve already mentioned, Pisces and Gemini are incompatible. This is mainly because Gemini is too harsh emotionally for Pisces, and Pisces can be too sentimental for Gemini, making Pisces relationship compatibility with Gemini a difficult one.

Sexual Compatibility

Both signs are into sex and are able to enjoy each other’s company. However, Pisces likes to draw emotional pleasure from the intimacy whereas Gemini is usually focused just on the physical aspect.

Pisces Man With Gemini Woman

This couple can be compatible as both the signs are flexible and intelligent. Being a water sign, however, Pisces relies more on intuition whereas a Gemini woman has a certain level of changeability which can affect compatibility.

Pisces Woman With Gemini Man

A Pisces woman has greater compatibility with signs that create an emotional connection, whereas a Gemini man’s need for intellectual conversations is stronger. Both are extremely headstrong signs and respect each other’s freedom. The submissive nature of a Pisces woman can make the relationship work, although this does not mean she will not expect him to respect her boundaries.

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Pisces and Cancer

Both Pisces and Cancer are water signs. Cancers are extremely fond of the people they love including their friends, partners, and family.

Friendship Compatibility

Pisces and Cancer compatibility in friendship is a good one. They have a lot in common, and they both enjoy spending time together. Pisces is loyal and dependable, while Cancer is sensitive and emotional. This friendship is built on trust and mutual respect.

Love Compatibility

Both the signs are extremely compatible with each other. Being water signs, they will both be extremely loyal to each other and will not shy away from important conversations. Although there can be intense emotional dramas, it is safe to say that Pisces matches best with Cancer as these signs are soulmates!

Sexual Compatibility

Just as they are compatible in love, they are also very compatible in bed. It is important for both the signs to feel an emotional connection with their partner, and this security will help them achieve a satisfactory sex life.

Pisces Man With Cancer Woman

A Pisces man is gentle, caring, and romantic, making him a perfect partner for Cancer who loves being pampered. Although they may face some issues emotionally, if they can work out these differences, Cancer will become most compatible with Pisces.

Pisces Woman With Cancer Man

Both Pisces and Cancer like emotional stability, so their relationship will be drama-free and built on trust. A Pisces woman will feel safe with a Cancer partner, and Cancer will make sure to never lose her trust.

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Pisces and Leo

Leo is one of the fire signs and as you might already know, fire and water don’t get along very well. Leos are known for their leadership, energy, and money!

Friendship Compatibility

Leos and Pisces are completely different from each other, but they can form a decent friendship where each sign can teach the other something. Pisces and Leo compatibility in friendship is the one where Leo often takes the lead and Pisces finds a confidant.

Love Compatibility

There are several challenges that the two signs can face if they’re together. Leos can be too forceful and motivated while Pisces love to take their time. They both have love to offer, but their methods are different.

Sexual Compatibility

The signs struggle to develop a mutually satisfactory intimacy. Their way of loving is different, Leos are straightforward and can rush into things that can make Pisces feel insecure. Due to their differences, Leo is not Pisces’ soulmate sign.

Pisces Man With Leo Woman

Leo women can come off as too headstrong and aggressive for a Pisces man who likes constant reassurance and a gentle relationship. Dating a Pisces can be difficult for a Leo woman as he can appear to be less passionate.

Pisces Woman With Leo Man

A Leo man can provide stability and security to a Pisces woman. However, Pisces women love their privacy and Leo can come off as too involved and even possessive with a Pisces woman.

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Pisces and Virgo

Virgo is one of the earth signs and is known for humbleness, kindness, and helping others. They are also the most practical and analytical signs in the zodiac.

Friendship Compatibility

Pisces friendship compatibility with Virgo is great. One is compassionate and caring, while the other is practical and down-to-earth making their Virgo-Pisces friendship last a long time.

Love Compatibility

Pisces and Virgo share many core traits, such as their love of home and family, a strong sense of duty, and a deep desire for peace and harmony. However, the dominating nature of Virgo can create some problems in the relationship.

Sexual Compatibility

Virgo is amongst the few signs compatible with Pisces in bed. Their intimacy will be gentle and full of emotions rather than being wild. Virgos do have some trust issues which may lead to some problems, but nothing that good communication cannot resolve.

Pisces Man With Virgo Woman

Although the personalities of each sign are completely different, there is a natural harmony between these two signs. Pisces men are known for their dreamy, romantic nature, while Virgo women are often practical and down-to-earth, complementing each other.

Pisces Woman With Virgo Man

Pisces women are compassionate and caring, while Virgo men are often loyal and reliable. This combination can create a relationship that is both supportive and long-lasting.

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Pisces and Libra

Pisces and Libra compatibility is not a strong one. Libra is an air sign and they are known to be extroverted and friendly people. They are concerned with attaining balance and harmony in their lives.

Friendship Compatibility

Pisces and Libra are both signs that enjoy harmony and balance in their lives. They are both creative, spiritual, and romantic people who love spending time together. This can be a very compatible friendship.

Love Compatibility

Although these two are the most romantic signs in the zodiac, they may not have a good relationship together. These signs will find it hard to trust each other and will avoid conflicts, making them both feel unloved and insecure. Libra is not amongst the signs that are compatible with Pisces.

Sexual Compatibility

Although the two signs are compatible in bed, Pisces may want to take things slow. This may not work for Libra who expresses love differently.

Pisces Man With Libra Woman

Both partners have a lot of the same qualities and can have a very balanced and harmonious relationship if they manage to establish mutual trust. Both are creative, romantic, and spiritual people who love spending time together.

Pisces Woman With Libra Man

Their personality traits will fit like pieces in a puzzle. A Libra man will provide the romance that the Pisces woman needs in a relationship. However, they may both get too emotional during arguments.

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Key Takeaways

Pisces compatibility with other signs depends on a variety of factors. Some signs may have good compatibility in friendship, while others in relationships.
Aries, Taurus, Virgo, and Cancer are very compatible with Pisces and can form good possible pairings.
Gemini, Leo, and Libra are not compatible with Pisces. They may have too many arguments and not enjoy intimacy.
Even if the signs are not compatible, they can make their relationship work by communicating and compromising.

Pisces and Scorpio

Scorpio is an emotional water sign and Scorpios are known to be very loyal, passionate, and fearless.

Friendship Compatibility

Pisces’ best compatibility is with Scorpio. They are both sensitive, emotional, and intuitive individuals. They also have a strong intuition and can read each other easily.

Love Compatibility

Pisces and Scorpio make a very intense and passionate couple forming a great love match. They are both water signs, so they share a lot of the same emotional needs. However, they can also get caught up in their own emotions and can have some stormy arguments.

Sexual Compatibility

Pisces’ sexual compatibility with Scorpio is an intimate and passionate one. The Pisces sign’s energy will fit right in with Scorpio’s intensity.

Pisces Man With Scorpio Woman

The Pisces man and Scorpio woman make a great couple. He is drawn to her intensity and passion, while she loves his sensitivity and emotional nature.

Pisces Woman With a Scorpio Man

Pisces women are attracted to the strong, silent type and Scorpio men definitely seem to fit that bill. She’s also attracted to his power and determination. The two signs are compatible in terms of their core traits.

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Pisces and Sagittarius

Sagittarius is a fire sign and is one of the least compatible with Pisces.

Friendship Compatibility

Even though their love compatibility may not match, these signs can make great friends. They both have a lot of energy and enthusiasm for life.

Love Compatibility

Sagittarius is often too straightforward which can be difficult for Pisces’s emotional nature. While Sagittarius may find it difficult to commit, Pisces will find it difficult to make things work without commitment. The signs will rarely trust each other.

Sexual Compatibility

Pisces compatibility with Sagittarius in bed is also not great. While both can have fun, they will struggle to openly communicate which may lead to misunderstandings and overthinking.

Pisces Man With Sagittarius Woman

While a Pisces man is emotional, a Sagittarius woman is practical. This creates a rift between the two and can turn the relationship into a toxic one very quickly.

Pisces Woman With Sagittarius Man

Just as above, both partners will find it difficult to communicate. A Pisces woman will want commitment, while a Sagittarius partner will want to take things slow.

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Pisces and Capricorn

The earth element zodiac signs’ compatibility with Pisces is a great one! Capricorns are known to be enthusiastic, ambitious, and hardworking.

Friendship Compatibility

Pisces and Capricorn are compatible as friends. They both have a lot of patience and endurance, which is helpful in building a good foundation.

Love Compatibility

Capricorn, a cardinal earth sign, is perfect for Pisces’ emotional nature. Although their core values are different, they can form a strong bond that can last for years. Capricorn provides the stability, while Pisces helps Capricorn open up to their feelings.

Sexual Compatibility

Despite being polar opposites, they attract each other! They are very intimate in bed and awaken the best qualities in each other.

Pisces Man With Capricorn Woman

Earth signs are compatible with Pisces. Although they are different from each other, their relationship can benefit from the best of two worlds! However, Pisces men may feel that their partner is taking life too seriously.

Pisces Woman With Capricorn Man

This is a perfect combination. A Pisces woman loves a man who is stable, hardworking, and ambitious. A Capricorn man loves a woman who is gentle and in touch with her emotions.

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DID YOU KNOW: Most of the time we focus just on our zodiac sign, but our rising sign also affects the compatibility as well as other aspects of our life.

Pisces and Aquarius

Aquariuses are known for being clever, self-reliant, and optimistic. They are leaders and very practical.

Friendship Compatibility

Pisces and Aquarius compatibility in friendship is a great one! That said, conflict can occur in their friendship if Aquarius is too practical with Pisces and Pisces is too naive around Aquarius.

Love Compatibility

Both signs are compassionate and share the same core values. However, their way of viewing life is different. This can create conflict and trust issues.

Sexual Compatibility

They can have great chemistry in bed if both partners are clear about their expectations. Aquarius tends to focus on the physical aspect while Pisces needs to form an emotional connection first.

Pisces Man With Aquarius Woman

An Aquarius woman may find her Pisces partner to be too dreamy and indecisive. Similarly, a Pisces man may find her too cold and distant. They can maintain a relationship only with the help of good communication.

Pisces Woman With Aquarius Man

There is a lot of love in this relationship. However, Aquarius’s lack of commitment can make Pisces insecure and create issues between the two.

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Pisces and Pisces

Finally, let’s look at Pisces and Pisces compatibility. Both are water signs and are emotional, nurturing, and passionate.

Friendship Compatibility

Two Pisces make great friends because they both understand each other on a deep level. They can support each other through thick and thin, and can always rely on each other for a listening ear.

Love Compatibility

These signs can work very well together. They have the same values, trust each other, and understand each other’s emotions. That said, Pisces is very emotional which can lead to heated arguments.

Sexual Compatibility

When it comes to sex, Pisces’ best compatibility is with other Pisces. They both enjoy exploring their sexual boundaries and are always up for trying new things.

Pisces With Pisces Partner

They make a great team, as they are both compassionate and caring. They work well together and can always rely on each other for support. They can empathize with each other’s feelings and create a strong bond.

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Wrap Up

When it comes to compatibility, Pisces is one of the most favorable signs in the zodiac. They can get along with nearly every sign in the zodiac and have a deep understanding and connection with those they choose to associate themselves with. Pisces matches best with Cancer, Scorpio, and Capricorn, while Gemini and Leo are the least compatible.


How to tell when a Pisces woman is done with you?

If a Pisces woman is done with you, she will likely break off all communication and withdraw from your life entirely.

Why is Taurus so attracted to Pisces?

Taurus appreciates how gentle Pisces is and most of their core values are the same.

Who is Pisces sexually compatible with?

Pisces compatibility with various signs in bed are Scorpio, Pisces, and Cancer! They understand each other and share a good intimacy.


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