Astrology 101: How to Read Your Star Chart [Planets, Houses]


Do you know how the stars lined up to welcome you into this world?

In our introduction to astrology 101, we’ll explain the influence that planets and stars are said to have on your life, as well as the basic principles of astrology, and what they stand for.

You will get to know zodiac signs, planets, houses, and so much more…They may have determined a thing or two in your life, such are your personality or the choices you’ve made. After this article, you will be able to read your star chart and use the information in your favor.

Ready to reach for the stars?

Astrology 101: How Does Astrology Work?

Astrology studies the position of different celestial bodies, their movement, and the influence it has on the lives of people and world events in general.

Since the dawn of time, people have gazed upon the stars looking for answers and guidance. Throughout the centuries complex methods have been developed so that today we are able to get to know ourselves and the world around us in a fun and intriguing way – through the stars.

Since the first ancient star map, astrology has been working on the complex mathematical calculations used to determine the position of the planets and stars at the moment of your birth to create your specific birth chart.

Did you know: According to the National Science Foundation research around 40% of Americans find astrology very scientific and believe in its statements and predictions. 55% think that astrology is not scientific.

What Is Star Chart Reading and What Are the Types

Reading a birth chart helps you interpret the position and interactions between the planets at the moment of your birth and how they influence your life. To draw a person’s natal chart, you need information about the time, date, and location of their birth.

There are five types of star charts used in astrological readings that are considered to be very powerful:

  • Birth (Natal) Chart

Reading your natal chart may give insight into what you do, how you do it, and what drives you. It may also reveal your tendencies, desires, and even make predictions of what awaits you.

The natal chart represents the essential astronomy map of the planets and their position at the moment of your birth. It’s also used in other types of readings to make them more complete and accurate.

  • Synastry

This reading combines two people’s natal charts to see how compatible they are. It’s mostly used in relationships and friendship astrology, to find the strengths and weaknesses of the specific combination of personalities and provide guidance. When in serious relationships, people often turn to astrology and look for the best marriage aspects in synastry.

It can be used not only in romantic aspects but also for further understanding friendships or even a business relationship.

  • Current transition

It’s focused on describing and understanding things that are currently happening in one’s life by reading astrological charts. It may be day-to-day if the reading is focused on the Moon’s transit, or it can concern a period of a few years if it’s looking at Neptune’s or Pluto’s transit on a natal chart.

  • Solar and Lunar Return

A solar return reading is usually done around a person’s birthday because it’s supposed to show what will happen in the following year from the birthday. When combined with the transition chart it’s used for telling whether love, a baby, or maybe a new job await you in that period.

A lunar return is used when a person has a dominant moon in the natal chart.

Did you know: Getting to know the basics of astrology, for example, by reading our astrology 101 guide, may be a wise thing to do as many famous people throughout history, like Napoleon, based their decisions on the predictions set in the stars. They refused to make important moves before a consultation with their astrologist. And the trend is alive up to this day.

Besides astrology, many famous and successful people use other prediction methods to make sure they use all of the Universe’s potential when crafting their moves. Just to see what’s the fuss all about, you can check some of the best online tarot readings or even dare to try the best psychic readings.

How to Read a Star Chart?

Understanding and interpreting the connection between the planets, stars, and personality is not an easy task. But it is a lot of fun and a great opportunity to learn more about your inner self.

There are claims that your birth chart can even determine your identity and physical appearance. It can also show you certain aspects that will inspire you to reach your full potential so keep reading and find out the basics of zodiac signs, houses, and planets in astrology.

Explanations provided below are meant for star charts beginners. After reading them, you will be able to understand the influence that planets and their position on your birth date have on your life, relationships, feelings, etc. You might spot a few strengths and weaknesses that you should pay attention to, as well.

Did you know: According to the analyses of the Forbes list of billionaires, there are more Arieses than any other zodiac sign among them.

Understanding the Basics

The zodiac signs

Even if you’re not familiar with other terms in astrology, you’ve probably heard of zodiac signs. They are believed to be the key factor that determines a person’s character.

  • How to find your zodiac sign

Zodiac signs charts are divided into 12 sections with different date ranges. Every section stands for one zodiac sign representing different personality traits. Your zodiac sign is the one in the section your birth date falls into.

  • What is the meaning of your zodiac sign?

Every zodiac sign has a set of characteristics that are considered dominant in a person born in that sign. Your zodiac sign is also known as your Sun sign and can have a great influence on your personality and identity. Use some of the best astrology apps to find out the key takeaways for your zodiac sign.

The planets

Planets are an important factor in understanding your birth chart. Planet movements can activate specific energies that may impact the events in your daily life.

They are divided into two types – personal and outer planets, which point to different aspects of your personality.

Personal planets:
  • The Sun – Shows your basic identity and purpose, ego, sense of self, and general preferences;
  • The Moon – Represents your inner world and the way you experience and react to events in life;
  • Mercury – Stands for communication and the ability to perceive objects and other people, and to relate to them;
  • Venus – Symbolizes money, love, and beauty as well as the aspects of life you enjoy and are comfortable with;
  • Mars – In an astrological star chart this planet stands for determination, action, and aggression.
Outer planets:
  • Jupiter – Stands for personal growth, abundance, philosophy, and how you integrate into society;
  • Saturn – Represents your inner rules and regulations that you establish over time, as well as your responsibilities;
  • Uranus – Determines your ability to learn and grow, stands for technology, innovation, and rebellion;
  • Neptune – Is associated with your spiritual side, magic, imagination, and ideals;
  • Pluto – Stands for power, ability to transform on a deep level, destruction, and regeneration.

The houses

To learn how to read a star chart, houses are one of the basic terms you need to master. Every house answers for a different aspect of your life. Depending on which sign rules a specific house, the aspects of astrology charts will be different.

The placement of the planets in your houses can reveal where you store your energy, as well as what are your weaknesses and strengths.

The first six houses influence everyday things:

  • First house

Represents you, your identity, attitude, character, other inherent characteristics, and even your physical appearance. The sign found in this house is considered to have a big influence on your overall personality.

  • Second house

The planet and the sign that rules your second house in your astral birth chart can be used to interpret your aspects of emotional well-being and financial security. This house represents money, personal assets, and self-worth, and your feelings regarding them.

  • Third house

The aspects of transport – short-distance travels and communications are placed in your third house. Here you can find the ways how others choose to communicate with you, but also your learning style, ways of speech and self-expression, and overall mental attitude.

  • Fourth house

This house dominates the aspects of family, home, and property. In the zodiac house chart, it’s also associated with your background, childhood, and your inner emotions that come from these areas of life.

  • Fifth house

This house is associated with children and the way you relate to them. It’s also important when it comes to fun and romantic relationships because it’s said to influence your approach to pleasure.

  • Sixth house

It’s considered to determine your health and overall well-being.

The second six houses:

  • Seventh house

Is associated with long-term, serious relationships and marriage. By interpreting this house in your planetary birth chart, many claim that you can determine what it is you’re looking for or need in a long-term partner.

  • Eighth house

This house stands for the aspects of regeneration, death, injuries, decay, and rebirth. Also, it’s associated with sex.

  • Ninth house

This house is all about the journey. Long-distance travel, as well as emotional transformations, can be found here.

  • Tenth house

Your aspirations, ambitions, and social status can be found in this house. It represents your career and it might show what your chances for success are in that area.

  • Eleventh house

Also known as the house of hopes. It’s said that it could predict whether your dreams are going to come true and when. In the basics of astrology, the general advice is to wait until a significant planet transits your eleventh house before taking big risks.

  • Twelfth house

It stands for secrets, hidden parts of your past, or even emotions you keep to yourself.

The ascendant

Your ascendant, also known as your rising sign, is one of the most important elements of your natal chart. It is the sign that was ascending on the eastern horizon at the exact moment of your birth.

The rising sign is the ruler of your first house and influences the unique architecture of your birth chart. It’s believed to affect your appearance and the general way that the world sees you.

To determine the ascendant sign in your astrology signs chart you need to know the time you were born. Then find the planet that rules that sign to find out important aspects of your personality.

Key Takeaways

The ascendant The zodiac sign The planets The houses
Question: How What Where
To determine your ascendent you must know your time and place of birth and which sign was on the eastern horizon at that moment. Aquarius












The Sun

The Moon








First house

Second house

Third house

Fourth house

Fifth house

Sixth house

Seventh house

Eighth house

Ninth house

Tenth house

Eleventh house

Twelfth house

How Do Zodiac Signs, Planets, and Houses Influence Each Other and You?

In astrology for beginners, the best way to understand your birth chart and the relations between signs, houses, and planets is to observe the following:

  • The planet stands for “What?” – What type of energy will be present;
  • The zodiac sign is “How?” – In what way the energy will be expressed;
  • The houses represent “Where?” – They show in what areas of life the energy will be manifested.

Based on your birth date, time, and place of birth, you have a unique astrological identity determined by the position of the planets and the houses on your natal chart.

Let’s say your astrology wheel chart shows you were born with Uranus in Aries in your fourth house.

This planet stands for the ability to learn and grow. Aries is a sign characterized by strong feelings, ambition, and passion. The fourth house represents family and property. This might mean that you commit yourself in your relationships, and that you grow and learn through the family. Also, it can point out that when it comes to your family, you may tend to be more introspective and emotionally involved.

Did you know: Every house is ruled by a specific sign occupying it. So far in this sum of astrology basics for beginners, you learned that there are 10 planets and 12 houses on natal charts. Due to this, it’s normal that everyone will have some empty houses.


Please note that we have provided explanations and interpretations which are for entertainment purposes only and do not represent educational material that can be used to completely master the reading of birth charts. We are not liable for any chart interpretation. All of the above-mentioned meanings may vary due to different combinations of relevant factors and shouldn’t be used to make life-changing decisions.


Understanding astrology archetypes and the meaning of the elements of your birth chart may be a fun and exciting way to get to know yourself from a different angle. It may even cast new light on certain events in your life.

Use what you’ve learned and had fun interpreting the influence of your zodiac sign, ascendant, houses, and planets on your personality.`


How to read an astrology chart?

To be able to read astrology charts, you must be familiar with the basic terms used in astrology. You should also be clear on where to start. Furthermore, you must master all the symbols on the chart so you can interpret the relationships of the planets and their positions.

How to read a birth chart?

To accurately read a birth chart you should previously learn some of the astrology 101 facts. The most important is knowing the key specifics of the zodiac signs, the planets, houses, and the influence that the ascendent has on the chart.

How to read a natal chart?

Natal charts show the stars and planets in the sky at the moment of your birth. Reading them requires knowing what every element stands for and how it affects a person’s life. The interpretation should reflect how the elements influence each other as well.


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