Can You Record a FaceTime Call? [2024 Ultimate Guide]


The FaceTime app has been a huge success for Apple. People love to catch up or attend work meetings on the go, but when doing so, it’s easy to get lost in the conversation and forget the details for later.

Here’s where the option to record your FaceTime calls might come in handy.

So, can you record a FaceTime call and get back to it whenever you like? Yes, you can—and this article will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to record your FaceTime calls on different iOS versions.

Can You Record a FaceTime Call?

Are there any legal constraints linked to recording FaceTime calls? Do users know when their call is being recorded? Read on to find out.

  • All FaceTime users can record ongoing calls. However, the app only allows users to record the video of the call, but not the audio, as part of Apple’s attempt to prevent unauthorized recordings, unlike other video chat apps.
  • Any user can start recording during a Facetime call without the rest of the participants knowing. However, although the app doesn’t notify Apple users when the call is being recorded it’s highly recommended to always ask permission to record from all participants before clicking the record button.
  • US laws on recording conversations, whether in audio or video form, and whether recording virtually or in person, vary from one state to another. The state laws of California, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Washington mandate a two-party consent, whereas the remaining thirty-nine states and the District of Columbia deem recording FaceTime calls on your iPhone illegal without a one-party consent.
  • Keep in mind that the one or two-party consent refers only to recording in public places. Recording someone in a private setting is grounds for legal action. 
DID YOU KNOW: FaceTime caps group calls at 32 people, which makes this app a great choice for larger team meetings. 

How to Record a FaceTime Call

Oddly enough, even after a decade of popularity, this app still lacks the ability to screen record Facetime with audio. Unlike many other popular competitor apps on the market, FaceTime only provides iPhone and iPad users with the possibility to screen record video with no accompanying sound. Still, there are various ways to record your calls and get both image and sound.

How to Record FaceTime Calls on Mac

Screen recording FaceTime calls on Mac is easy and doesn’t pose the need to download a third-party recorder because users can record and save their calls on Mac with the built-in QuickTime player that captures both audio and video.

Let’s see how it works:

  • Open the Applications Folder

Start by opening your applications folder and then the QuickTime player, click on ‘File,’ and choose the ’New Screen Recording‘ option from the menu bar to access either a screen recording window or on-screen controls.

  • Adjust On-Screen Controls 

The on-screen controls bar offers three options on how to record a FaceTime call: capturing the entire screen, capturing only a selected part of the screen, and a screenshot option.

  • The Screen Recording Window

This window features a central red button next to which there is an arrow you need to click to gain access to the recording settings. The microphone option enables you to set the audio preferences and record your own voice as well as other audio while screen recording. For better audio quality, lower the volume or use headphones during the FaceTime call.

  • Start Recording

To set the recording process into motion, open the FaceTime app and click on the central red button. If you wish to record the entire screen, click anywhere on your Mac’s desktop, but if you want to record only the FaceTime call segment, drag to that particular area and click on ‘Start recording.’

  • Finished

Once you’ve ended your FaceTime call, click on the gray ‘Stop’ button in the menu bar, and the QuickTime player will automatically save the recording in a folder on your Mac.

DID YOU KNOW: iOs devices made for the Chinese market do not support FaceTime audio, they only include the video feature.

 How to Record FaceTime Calls on iPhone or iPad

Using the iOS screen recording integrated tool on your iPhone or iPad, you can record only the video portion of your FaceTime calls. Recording the audio on iPhone is disabled only on the FaceTime app, and users can record Skype meetings without facing such issues.

However, there are ways to record both audio and video on your iOS device.

Screen Record a FaceTime Call on iOS 11/12/13

Users of iOS 11 and later versions can use the Screen Recording feature to record their FaceTime calls. Here’s how to do it:

  • Control Center

Once you start your FaceTime call, go to the Control Settings and tap on the Screen Recording icon.

  • Audio

Once the recording starts, long-press the Screen Recording icon to access the microphone icon. Wait for the three-second countdown to finish, then tap on the icon to set the audio recording in motion and resume your FaceTime call.

  • Finished

After ending your call, go to the Control Center again to stop the recording process, and your iPhone or iPad will automatically store the recording in your camera roll.

Screen Record a FaceTime Call on Earlier iOS Versions

To record a call on iOS 10 and earlier versions, you need to connect your Apple device to your Mac or PC. Mac users can record FaceTime calls by using the Quick Time player mentioned above, while PC users can record with other video recording software of their choice.

DID YOU KNOW: iPhone and iPad users can have fun while on call by using the ‘Effects’ button to create a personalized Memoji or add a fun sticker.

Key Takeaways

Whether you’re using the app one-on-one or you’re in a group call, you can easily document the call.
Even after a decade, the app still doesn’t allow users to record FaceTime calls with audio.
Users can record and save their calls on Mac with the built-in QuickTime player.
Using the iOS screen recording integrated tool, you can record only the video portion of your FaceTime calls on your iPhone or iPad.
Recording someone in a private setting is grounds for legal action.

How to Record FaceTime Calls With Audio

Audio recording FaceTime on iPhone is disabled by default due to privacy measures implemented by Apple in its approach to video chatting apps. Many are not familiar with this feature and are surprised to learn that if you record a FaceTime call, the screen recording will have no sound. Luckily, there are plenty of screen recording apps and video recording software. By doing a simple Google search on how to screen record FaceTime with audio, you’ll find many options to choose from, some of the most popular being DU Recorder, Record it! and ecamm.

DID YOU KNOW: The new iOS 14 Picture-in-Picture modes allow iPhone users to have their FaceTime window open while using other apps.

Who Can Record a FaceTime Call?

Can FaceTime calls be recorded by anyone? The answer is yes, there are no recording restrictions. It doesn’t matter if you’re using the app one-on-one or for a group call, you can easily document the call.

Some people feel a bit uneasy about this, especially when using the FaceTime app to communicate with someone they don’t know very well.

Aware of the common threats, individuals who’ve been using the FaceTime app for years have developed an etiquette or habit of reassuring the other person that they’re not recording their FaceTime call. Although taking a stranger’s word for it might not come easy, it’s a good way to go when communicating with a superior or a customer service employee, or conducting some other type of business communication, which is an area where our list of premium quality appointments scheduling software may be of use as well.

DID YOU KNOW: Using FaceTime’s latest SharePlay feature, you can share your screen with other users and listen to music together or see a movie. 


Apple’s free FaceTime app helps people that are miles away from one another connect and spend memorable moments together, and being able to document these moments means a ton.

Mastering how to screen record FaceTime calls with audio on iPhones and iPods might be a bit more complicated than the straightforward use of the QuickTime player for Mac, but having both your call’s video and audio is definitely worth the extra effort.


Can you record a FaceTime call on iPhone?

Yes, it’s possible for iPhone users to record their call using Apple’s native screen record feature that captures only the video image without the call’s audio. To get both the visuals and audio, iPhone users must separately activate microphone recording.

Can you record a FaceTime call while using AirPods?

Yes, you can record a FaceTime call even if you are using AirPods as they don’t interfere with the functionality of iPhones. A fun fact for AirPods is that you can connect them to any laptop or device even if it is not an Apple product.

Why can’t I screen record FaceTime with audio?

When using FaceTime, the audio is automatically disabled on the internal recording feature of iPhones and iPads as part of Apple’s attempt to comply with some privacy laws. However, when recording meetings on Zoom or other forms of communication, both audio and video are available.

Can you record FaceTime without the other person knowing?

Sadly, you can record your FaceTime call without telling the other person. The bigger question is— can you record a FaceTime call without facing legal charges?

In some countries, it’s legal to record a call without receiving consent, but in others, the law demands two-sided consent.

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