Realtor Bios: Tips and Examples [An Ultimate Guide for 2024]


According to a study by the NAR (National Association of Realtors), more than 50% of property buyers find their homes on the internet. Before approaching a realtor to view homes, they’ll have a look through many different realtor bios.

As a realtor, your bio is the first impression a potential client will get. That’s why you should take some time in creating a high-quality bio that features your expertise and all other relevant information. In this guide, we’ll give you all the tips and tricks on how to create an outstanding bio.

What Information Should Your Realtor Bio Include?

The right information on your bio can attract the right clients. Add the following information to your realtor’s bio to find more clients and generate more commercial real estate leads:

Real Estate Experience

The first thing you have to add to your real estate agent bio is your experience within the industry. Potential customers want to know whether you have credibility and industry knowledge. State how many years you’ve been in real estate, in what locations, and what real estate agencies you’ve been employed by.

Personal Information and Creating a Brand

Add a little bit about yourself, without oversharing. Agents can add their personal history as well as social media links. This is the golden opportunity to promote yourself as a brand. An in-depth real estate market analysis shows that 62% of realtors spend at least an hour a day on marketing themselves. It’s a good chance to make a personal connection with a potential customer by saying what you specialize in.

Share information on your hobbies and passions. What you personally love and appreciate in a property and how you want your customer to feel about their new home. Don’t forget to add contact information too.

Connection to the Area

Here you can mention whether you are a local to the area and why you love to sell homes in the town you are working in. Mention your commitment to the community and how you’ve served the neighborhood. Especially for new real estate agent bios, it’s important to show your knowledge of the local market, even if you don’t have many years of experience in the industry.

If you are new to real estate, you can use your knowledge of the area as a selling point to build a rapport.


What are your professional qualifications? List any further certifications or extra education that can add to your credibility. Homebuyers feel more at ease with a realtor that has the relevant education and training. If your certifications are limited, it’s a smart idea to enroll in some part-time courses and get extra training.

A Unique Service You Can Offer

Since there are so many realtors in every state, you have to come up with something to set your biography apart from other realtor bios. What is it that makes your real estate services unique? Can you offer better rates? Or offer luxury real estate?

Remember to be honest in your bio, don’t make any promises that you won’t be able to keep. Rather highlight your strong points like your ability to guide asset repositioning, find excellent investment opportunities, or give an accurate CRM for real estate.

Share Links

Be transparent about who you are by sharing the address of the real estate agency you work for, as well as your social media links. Make sure that your social media profiles are a good reflection of who you are as a realtor and professional.

Add links to websites or articles that showcase any of your sales or real estate experience.

Add Awards

In all the best realtors bios examples, successful realtors list their awards and achievements. This doesn’t only have to refer to trophies won in major realtor competitions. It can also include other achievements within the industry like interviews on television programs or radio shows.

Experience in Sales

It’s important to showcase past successful sales. Whether it is brokering commercial offices for big corporations or finding suitable homes for families, a prospective client wants to know that you’ll be able to find a property that meets their needs. Also, mention your ability to host an open house.

Add Reasons Why You Love Being a Realtor

Homebuyers are looking for realtors who have a passion for finding properties. A passion for your job is much more desirable from a client’s perspective than your hunger to make a commission. Add one or two main reasons why you love being in the industry.

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Tips on How to Write a Real Estate Bio

How do you put all of this information in a short concise real estate agent biography? Here are a few tips:

Keep It Short

Don’t overcomplicate your bio. Keep it short, concise, and to the point. Avoid writing long paragraphs that use a lot of unnecessary words and phrases. You want to list all your best skills and attributes without writing your life’s story.

Be Honest

Making a bunch of promises that you won’t be able to keep isn’t ethical. It might be a great real estate lead generation plan, but once the client discovers you aren’t able to deliver on your promises, you’ll lose that lead anyway. Be sincere and honest when listing your education, experience, qualifications, and unique real estate services.

Professional Profile Photo

The best real estate agent bios come with a professional and high-quality photo. If you don’t have a professional headshot, get one from a good photographer.


You have to make sure that your bio has an appealing and professional aesthetic. Use bullet points, a clear layout with readable font, and whenever possible, even video or animation. The best real estate lead generation companies use all kinds of visual tactics to attract prospective clients.

Avoid Sounding Pushy

Homebuyers don’t feel comfortable with realtors who act like car salespeople. If you try and sell yourself by making sales pitch statements, you’ll seem desperate and lose a lead.

Follow our tips on how to write a real estate bio and check out the examples below to know exactly how to market yourself without sounding too pushy.

Include Keywords

Chances are, most potential customers browsing through real estate agent bios are looking for someone with specific skills. When writing a realtor bio you should use keywords that potential customers can see while scanning through the text. Noticing certain keywords within your text will motivate a potential customer to take a closer look at your bio.

Write in Third Person

Successful realtor bios are written in third person. Do not use pronouns like ‘I’, ‘me’, or ‘my’.

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Key Takeaways

Add important personal and professional background information
Keep it short and concise
Be honest while highlighting your unique services and skills
Add a professional high-quality photo
Consider adding extra visual content like animations and videos
Create a brand without sounding like it’s a sales pitch

Examples of the Perfect Bio

Whether you are a new real estate agent or an experienced realtor, there are different tried and tested examples available. If you’re looking for a realtor biographies sample, here are a few examples of excellent real estate agent biographies that you can refer to.

Real Estate Agent Bio Example That Focuses on Client’s Needs

The following example of a real estate agent biography template is perfect for creating rapport with clients, especially first-time buyers.

“As a lifelong resident of New York, Anna has a unique understanding of The Big Apple. She bought her first home at the age of 19 which helped ignite her passion for real estate. Anna specializes in helping first-time buyers find a suitable home. Ensuring that her clients experience a smooth first purchase without any unwelcome surprises.

Anna is part of the 1% of realtors who have earned the CNE (Certified Negotiation Expert) designation. Anna’s commitment to her clients compelled her to continue improving her skills as a realtor. Anna has an uncanny ability to empathize with each and every one of her clients’ unique situations. Therefore, her clients’ needs take first place.

Combined with many years of experience, knowledge of the area, and superior negotiating training, Anna is the perfect choice for representing you in your first real estate transaction.”

New Real Estate Agent Bios Example

The following bio is perfect for a beginner in the industry. It focuses on the realtor’s passion, newly obtained license, and knowledge of the area.

“John Monroe is a Chicago local. After graduating from Niles West High, he attended the University of Chicago where he completed a Bachelor’s in Marketing Management. Shortly after graduating, John joined Real Housing Agents in a new realtor’s training program. What he started studying out of sheer curiosity turned into a full-fledged passion for helping buyers find homes in Chicago, which they can resell for profit after making a few renovations.

The young real estate enthusiast has obtained his realtor license and is currently busy with his Residential Specialist certification. In his spare time, he enjoys exploring California and golfing.”

Respected and Highly Skilled Realtor

The following real estate agent bio showcases the realtor’s expertise, experience, and impact on the industry as a whole.

“Texas-based Real Estate Broker, Dionelle (Don) Davis, is the Group Leader of Don Davis Luxe Realty Group. He is also a substitute Real Estate Instructor at Champions Real Estate School. Don has more than 10 years of experience as a full-time real estate professional in a wide range of multifaceted real estate transactions.

Don’s experience has helped hundreds of families realize their homeownership goals. These include corporate relocations from companies such as BASF, St. Lukes Hospital, Texas Children, and more. The gross sales volume for the group has exceeded over $10 million in a financial year.

Don Davis holds an OICP Real Estate Investment Certification Designation from CNN Money’s Greg Rand and is a Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist. He is also a member of the National Association of Real Estate Brokers – Houston Chapter, the HAR Fort Bend Political Affairs Advisory Group, and the ILHM-Institute of Luxury Home Marketing Group.”

Short Experienced Realtor Biographies Sample

Short bios are a great way to keep the reader’s attention. Try to keep a short bio under 120 words for optimal engagement. The following two bios are concise but impressive. They sum up the realtor’s passion, experience, and expertise within a few short sentences.

Matt Laricy, a third-generation realtor, is the Managing Broker for Americorp Real Estate, a company his father started. Matt also heads his own team. His hard work, charisma, and passion for his business have established Matt’s reputation as a qualified realtor. Matt specializes in all facets of the real estate business. Whether it be navigating the way for first-timers, trying to score that perfect distressed property, or providing help in the luxury market, he knows and has experienced it all.”

Another great example of a short real estate agent biography template is:

“Landon Clements is a global real estate advisor representing clients throughout California. Her love of buying and selling real estate makes her a trusted resource to represent buyers and sellers. Joining Engel & Völkers, Landon connects her local and global networks while utilizing smart and effective marketing strategies and state-of-the-art data tools to best deliver an exclusive white-glove level of service to her clients. Landon worked extensively with SBE and Philippe Starck developing hotels, restaurants, and nightclubs all over Los Angeles and the US.”


Since more than 50% of home buyers find their realtors online, it’s important that you spend some time creating a high-quality bio. Adding relevant information, while focusing on the layout, and the tone of your bio will help turn leads into clients. Additionally, you can outsource the writing part to a professional who knows exactly how to write a real estate bio.

In a competitive industry, you have to brand yourself correctly to ensure you get multiple real estate buyer leads from your profile.


How do I write a bio about myself as a real estate agent?

Write in the third person, keep it concise, and add relevant information. Include your experience as a realtor as well as your educational background. Look at realtors bios examples and adjust to fit your own profile.

How do I brand myself as a realtor?

Use a well-designed brand logo on all of your marketing materials, including your biography. Focus on the unique skill or service you can provide your clients. Work on customer service to build strong credibility and rapport. Find real estate leads from Craigslist and other sources and start building your client base from there.

How do you write a short professional bio?

Try to keep your bio under 120 words and add only the most important or impressive information. Successful realtor bios highlight their main projects, years of experience, agencies they work for, and knowledge of the area they work in.


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