Real Estate Buyer Leads [Tips & Solutions for 2024]


Whether you’re a novice realtor or a real estate professional, you always need to be on the same page with real estate market trends. If you’re searching for strategies that can help you generate more real estate buyer leads, this guide will help.

What Are Real Estate Leads?

Simply put, as a realtor, if you possess the names and contact information of those who are considering purchasing or renting property, then you have real estate leads. Sometimes, a simple email address—even without a name or phone number—can be a lead.

Inbound and Outbound Marketing Strategies

Both inbound and outbound marketing strategies are important for realtors, each of which serves distinct needs and generates specific results. The main purpose of marketing is to obtain real estate leads for realtors. But what are the differences between inbound and outbound marketing?

Inbound Marketing Strategies for Realtors

Inbound marketing is the best way to find buyers for real estate without constantly selling. It brings in higher sales and can improve your business’ reputation. Inbound marketing is about creating informative, educational (yet interesting) content, in line with the service you offer.

The use of social media, blogs, and websites are the most common forms of inbound marketing for realtors. Your audience can be anyone who visits your social channels or website. Many realtors successfully amass a huge following on such social channels as Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Inbound marketing may take a lot of time and energy because you need to create and share your content and earn the audience’s trust. Writing a single blog won’t generate leads, but writing one blog post per week for one year will ultimately pay off by garnering buyer leads for realtors, especially if it contains helpful advice.

Consider the various aspects of a blog post:

  • The cost is free.
  • It permanently remains on your website.
  • Your audience is your current database.
  • A reader can forward the post to many people.
  • You can easily see how many people have read each post.

Inbound marketing is quite affordable and easy to track and analyze. It generates high-quality leads and is simple to share. What’s more, you’re providing value for anyone who views your content.

NOTE: In 2017, 68% of inbound marketers concluded that their organization’s marketing strategy was effective.

Outbound Marketing Strategies for Realtors

Outbound marketing is another way of how to get buyer leads in real estate. It’s considered the traditional way of marketing, where a company sends its message out to an audience by paying for advertisements on the radio, TV, magazine, or newspaper, or direct mail is sent to prospective clients.

Outbound marketing can be quite expensive. Placing ads, buying real estate leads lists, sending emails, and other outbound strategies can be costly. And the return of investment (ROI) on these types of campaigns can be difficult to track.

Consider the various aspects of magazine advertisements:

  • They cost about $250.00 per ad/issue.
  • The audience is limited to subscribers or those who pick up a magazine somewhere.
  • A reader can give the ad to only another person who might be interested in a realtor.
  • It’s difficult to know how effective your advertisement is.
NOTE: In 2017, 52% of outbound marketers did not think their strategy was effective.

Key Takeaways

Both inbound and outbound marketing strategies are important to collect real estate leads for realtors.
Social media, blogs, or websites are the most common forms of inbound marketing for realtors. Many realtors successfully use such social channels as Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.
A blog post for inbound marketing is free of cost and permanently remains on a website.
With outbound marketing, a company sends its message out to an audience and pays for advertisements on the radio, TV, or magazines.
With outbound marketing, your audience is limited with magazine advertisements and can cost around $250.00 per ad/issue.

Obtaining Leads With Paid Ads

If you want to get leads with paid ads, consider utilizing some of the following things.

Social Media Ad Campaigns

It’s advisable to first have an idea of how many and what kind of leads you want to secure—try to come up with exact numbers. How many seller or buyer leads for real estate agents do you think are needed to reach financial targets?

How much you pay per lead relies on how good your ads are, how well you can target leads, and how many other people are targeting the same people.

The lowest amount per lead is about $4.00 and the highest is $100.00. And as you get better at Facebook advertising, for example, the price per lead decreases.

Facebook Advertising

Is an ideal way to generate buyer and seller leads because Facebook is targeting clients.

Google Ads

Is one of the most popular advertising platforms among real estate professionals. If you’re willing to spend money on Google Ads, your brand can secure be the No. 1 position within minutes. Note some benefits from using Google Ads:

  • It puts your company on the map.
  • It shows you where to find buyers for real estate.
  • It increases your company’s presence across the web.
  • It helps you follow leads around the web.
  • It provides customer insights.

Google Ads can capture real estate leads, but it can also be a waste of money if you’re not familiar with setting up the fully optimized Google Ads pay-per-click (PPC) ads for real estate leads.

A mistake that realtors or real estate agents could make is not creating an optimized conversion funnel before running an ads campaign.

For every ad campaign you run, you need to make some profit. If you spend $500.00 on Google Ads and don’t generate at least 20 leads, then you’re not using the advertising platform correctly. You’ll need to work on your advertising strategies.

To make sure that Google Ads is profitable for you, follow these strategies:

  • Get the keywords right.
  • Realize the full potential of the company with Ad Extensions.
  • Consider using your brand name in the headline.
  • Pay attention to your return on investment (ROI).
  • Cover the branded keywords.
  • Understand Google’s policy for housing ads.
IDX Website

If a real estate website isn’t generating leads, then it isn’t doing its job. But not all real estate websites are created equal. Real estate agents can find the best real estate lead generation websites for 2022 here.

Landing Page

A landing page is a page on your website where you offer something from your business in exchange for a visitor’s contact information. The only purpose of a landing page is to convert traffic into leads. When people visit the company’s landing page, they should be persuaded to share their contact information to reach a valuable content search, such as home valuations, properties, or market trend reports.

Note some examples of real estate landing pages from professionals who convert prospects into leads:

Home Valuation Landing Page

Property owners can get a free estimate on their home’s value. To estimate the value of their home, they need to share the contact information to have a lead. Redfin, USA is an example of a home valuation landing page.

Property Search

On this page, prospective buyers can search for available properties on the market. The cost to access these tools is…contact information. Bestofthedistrict is a good example of such a page.

Real Estate Buyer Leads

These kinds of landing pages are ideal for helping those buyers who have yet to pick out a particular home. On this page, clients can identify you as someone who shares their values and can meet their goals as homebuyers.

Local Guide

Being a real estate agent who is familiar with the neighborhood has a lot of perks and can offer a lot more than those agents who aren’t familiar with the area. You can visit Localgirlguide for local guidance.

NOTE: 61 percent of marketers say generating leads and traffic is their top challenge.

Obtaining Leads Without Paid Ads

In case you want to find a way to obtain leads without paid ads, here are the things you should do:

Social Media Platforms

If you’re wondering how to find real estate buyers without paid ads, social media is always a good option for reaching people. Twitter and Facebook provide lead generation ads where agents can collect email addresses. You need to make sure to send your visitors to specific landing pages that can collect email sign-up info.

Creating gated content on LinkedIn is a great way to generate more leads to subscribe to your email list. By offering appealing content valuable to visitors, you’ll be sure to obtain their email addresses.

Online Reviews

You should be able to generate more leads if you have clients leaving good reviews. Clients with high Net Promoter Scores (NPSs) are most likely to give good reviews. 92.4% of the clients are more likely to buy a product or service if they have been able to read a trusted review about it.

Existing Clients to Generate Referrals

Constantly build trust with your existing clients for the hope of them introducing you to other vendors, offices, or other companies.

When clients are satisfied with your work, they typically refer your business to colleagues and friends. These referrals often result in sales leads. According to research, more qualified leads come from recommendations.

Convert Cold Calls Into Warm Calls

The real estate business is all about trust. Calling someone out of the blue from a real estate leads list and negotiating a serious business deal is not the best option. Instead, warm up your account by first sending relevant emails or target them on social media.

Do your research before calling them for the first time. When prospects are familiar with your company, your chances to connect with them and have a successful conversation significantly increase.

Obtaining Leads With an Email Drip Campaign

These emails are sent at regular intervals. But they can also be sent when leads take specific actions, such as clicking a link or replying. Over time, these emails build trust and increase sales.

If you choose to generate leads with an email drip campaign, here are a few tips that will help you create a successful email marketing campaign, which will help you generate real estate buyer leads:

Include Engaging Videos

Some people prefer watching a video over reading text. Provide more video options to increase engagement.

Use Their Name

Use this as an attribute. Subject lines with first names get higher open rates.

Send Targeted Emails

Highly segmented emails get about two times more opens and clicks than unsegmented ones.

Include Incentives (for Engagement)

For instance, at the bottom of your email, provide a $5.00 gift card. It will motivate readers to open all your emails.

Set Clear Objectives

Each email you send should have an aim and a specifically required result, such as getting subscribers to download a resource, follow you on social media, click a link, or reply.

Obtaining Leads With Open House Events

When it comes to an Open House event, many agents are not satisfied with the results of generating leads. Other agents who stick to the best Open House ideas boost their customer relationship management (CRM) system with ideal leads for nurturing campaigns.

If you’re wondering how to find buyers for homes, there are many great ideas for open house events that can help. Note the top four:

Facebook Live Stream

A good time to stream a video walk-through of your listing is when there’s a house full of people.

An Instagram Story to Promote an Open House Walk-Throughs

Use Instagram Stories to promote your Open House and Facebook Live Stream.

Three Features to Make Your Listing Stand Out

Do your properties have more square footage, larger gardens, larger bedrooms compared to your competition? This will show off your market knowledge and help sell your listing.

Invite Neighbors for a Sneak Peek

If you’re concerned about how to find home buyers in your area, invite neighbors to your Open House. Perhaps some of them will be moving soon or will have relatives or friends who want to move into the same area. When it comes to referrals, a face-to-face meeting is worth more than 100 emails.

NOTE: 89 percent of Texas homebuyers who visit Open Houses consider them to be useful.


There are many ways of getting leads in real estate, with or without paid ads. Take the time and energy to choose the one that suits you and your personality. And keep in mind that everyone has different needs, and every client appreciates clear communication.


What are the three most important things in the real estate business?

The three most important aspects of the real estate business include 1) clear communication with your clients; 2) market properties well; 3) and always generate new leads.

Is buying real estate leads worth it?

Lead selling services need little marketing effort from the business itself. They are fast and direct—you pay a fee and then have hot leads. Purchasing real estate buyer leads can be expensive and provide doubtful returns on your investment. But the worst problem with this is the lack of exclusivity.

Do real estate brokerages give you leads?

Most real estate brokerages do not typically provide their agents with leads. Sometimes they provide you with leads but will take a huge percentage from those—about 30% off the top, then a 50/50 split.


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