20+ Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas for 2024


Real estate leads are where all your potential profit is generated from; it pays to be able to collect as many of them as possible. In this article, we’ll show you a few methods through which real estate lead generation ideas can work for your real estate business.

We will touch on some important technical information and jargon related to finding people who want to buy, sell, or rent a property. And we’ll also present trusted methods of lead generation that can be used anytime, anywhere.

What Is a Lead in Real Estate?

A lead-in real estate refers to information about a client who is interested in buying, selling, or renting a property.

A hot lead is a qualified lead of someone who is extremely interested in doing business. A warm lead is one who has shown some interest but might need some convincing. A cold lead is a contact who hasn’t shown any interest or intent to do business with you.

Learn how to convert leads with real estate lead tips and with digital (and traditional) property-related marketing methods from tried and trusted free real estate lead generation ideas.

Types of Real Estate Leads

You can quickly generate a variety of leads through various avenues that attract different types of clients. Learning how to improve lead generation requires research of various marketing strategies.

Understanding ways to generate leads in real estate is crucial to your development as a realtor. You will need to consider:

  • Differences between a colleague and a friend’s referrals, as well as a client from organic digital marketing.
  • The balance between utilizing such marketing models as social media, pay-per-click (PPC), and sourcing trusted lists.
  • Where to find motivated seller leads for the ideal buyer.
  • How to pair private lenders with willing probate leads.
  • How to boost awareness and convert more direct mail leads to online (or offline) services.

You will find a clear list (below) of useful and reliable lead generation tips that will help guide you in your development as a realtor.

Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas

After finding out what are leads in real estate and their types, it’s time to take a look at these real estate lead generation ideas:

Email Marketing

Send emails to potential clients to update them about real estate events, news, and relevant listings. You can sync your email contacts to a real estate lead generator.

Facebook Messenger Ads

Facebook Messenger Ads is a great way to boost awareness of your various listings and help convert leads from potential clients.

Divorce Leads

Most people in the process of divorce are either contemplating buying a new house or looking for a new property to rent. You can get in touch with divorce lawyers as a great source of word-of-mouth referrals.

Live Video Streaming

Consider using Facebook to broadcast live at a property to give potential clients more open house details. This is one of the best real estate lead generation ideas available because it’s cost-free and authentic.

Create a Resource Section on Your Website

Setting up a resource section on your website is a great way to attract new leads. This method allows potential clients the ability to search for what they’re looking for—it’s like a self-service portal on your website. Just remember that you want this resource section to be as intuitive as possible.

Revisit Expired Listings

If you’re unable to sell any expired listings, be sure to check up on these from time to time. You never know when these (past) potential clients become (present) happy clients when they’re shown your new property listing. You can also trade such listings with fellow realtors, who are great sources of cheap lead generation.

Celebrate Happy Clients on Social Media

This idea is to focus on showing other potential clients that you’ve had success in closing deals with new clients, thereby showing that your business is quite successful. The use of Facebook, Linkedln, and Instagram can go a long way towards helping show potential clients and warm leads that doing business with you is a worthwhile endeavor. Once they notice all the happy faces you’ve worked with, they’ll be more likely to take you on as their real estate agent.

You might also consider throwing a small open-house networking event once a deal has been made. Once you decide to sponsor a housewarming party, be sure to be attentive to your client’s needs; you don’t have to go overboard—just host a small, short and sweet get-together.

Wear Branded Apparel in Public

This is a great way to boost awareness and allow you to become a real estate lead generator wherever you are. Just make sure that your company’s brand and business contact details are visible on your shirt, pants, or bag.

Network at Non-Real Estate Events

Use non-real estate events to help make connections with potential clients from various industries. After all, you never know when a lawyer might need a new office or a golfer might be interested in a new holiday home. Treat each venue as a networking event.

Attract Local Press Through an Interesting Story

Whether you’re supporting a local charity, hosting a fun networking event, or simply hosting a real estate giveaway competition with merchandise or free catering, seizing a little positive limelight can always help your business grow—just make sure it’s an upbeat, positive story.

Send Out Seasonal Greetings and Gifts

Whether you’re using traditional or digital marketing techniques, reaching out to potential clients and leads with greetings and small gifts is a great way to stimulate business and encourage a more responsive lead base. Handing out small gifts, a handwritten ‘thank you’ note, or offering an invitation to an online event is a cost-effective and useful strategy.

Dominate the Market by Guest Blogging

The internet is always an accessible platform for stimulating good lead generation activities. It’s also a great way to get your name out there and communicate your ideas with fellow professionals or potential clients.

The home buying process is often swarmed with many questions and decisions to contemplate. Providing readers with quality and trustworthy insights through frequent quest blogs (or personal blogs) can improve your web ranking and market reach.

Use Slydial

If you’re organizing a real estate networking event, be sure to be creative about how you reach your clientele, as this leads to the best real estate lead generation ideas.

By using such apps as Slydial, you can remotely connect with your potential clients and create an automated voice message that allows you to reach potential clients via phone.

Meet the Neighbors

Meeting your neighbors is always a good idea. This also allows you to generate more potential clients, by adding a personal touch. And you may find more leads through the neighbors themselves. It’s also a more friendly alternative to buying good leads from lead brokers when you’re operating in specific areas.

Use Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics—statistical techniques that use historical data to predict future events—can help you acquire many leads and determine where you’re most likely to find happy clients.

SmartZip is an automated, real estate lead generation service that uses predictive analytics to identify homeowners most likely to sell.

Master Cold Calling

Cold calling works best when it’s done personally. As a new agent, before you consider this tactic, it would be beneficial to polish your presentation skills by mastering, for example, For Sale by Owner (FSBO) scripts.

With a bit of practice, you’d be amazed at how well FSBO scripts work. Recognize, however, that you’re taking people’s precious time; so, be sure to maintain a friendly demeanor, and you’ll generate quality leads or at least boost awareness of your business.

Become a Coffee House Consultant

The idea of working from an office has changed. For instance, Justin Poitier, of Carrington Real Estate Services, simply used a sign and his laptop in a coffee house to advertise Free Real Estate Advice.

Good examples of realtor lead generation ideas are everywhere these days. But understand that if you’re going to use Mr. Poitier’s example, you’ll need permission from a coffee house to allow you to use any signage or do business from their establishment. Using such services to help convert leads is also a great idea.

Rank Your Articles on Google for Organic Leads

The best way to ensure your articles, blog posts, or web page rank well online is to ensure useful SEO, which is one of the best real estate lead generation tools available today. This means, for example, updating the settings of Google’s preferred SERP (Search Engine Results Page), to guarantee all of your digital tools follow Google’s algorithms’ search parameters.

A paid ad on social media will also go a long way towards boosting organic lead generation and gain more high-value real estate leads.

Become a Real Estate Expert in Facebook Groups

Using group interaction platforms, such as that on Facebook, can promote your brand and business. Such platforms are good for learning how to get real estate leads for free.

It’s also a great way to meet new potential clients and fellow professionals while sharing useful tips.

Host a First-Time Buyer’s Workshop

Whether you’re in a home selling process or home buying process, a guided seminar can help you make proper decisions, to ensure a smooth sale at the best possible price.

Deciding whether to use live video streaming or a face-to-face meeting can help secure high-value leads. It can also be more personable and intuitive than solely using online real estate lead services. (Be sure to reward your referral sources with a handwritten note, a ‘thank you’ card, or a small gift to show appreciation.)

Help Clients Work Through Non-Real Estate Financial Needs

When it comes to sourcing loans or mortgages for clients, make sure that you’re legally allowed to do so and that you know what you’re doing. Once you pair mortgages or loans with property listings, you’ll find that creative lead generation ideas tend to follow, as you typically have a few additional thoughts or contacts to add to your service list.

Start a Podcast

A podcast can be a great way to boost awareness, spread real estate contact ideas, help promote fellow real estate brokers, and share news and events from your region or the industry. You can reach many potential clients this way.

Use Craigslist to Advertise

Craigslist is another great way to get the word out about certain types of listings—though different listings will work better on different platforms. High-value listings tend to work better on such platforms as Facebook, Instagram, and personal websites.

Craigslist is a great place to market expired listings, cheaper properties, and non-real estate events to garner more high-value leads that suit the target demographic.

Submit a Press Release

Using your website, social media account, or traditional marketing techniques, you can reach your potential clients by crafting a good press release.

This is also considered to be one of the good real estate ad ideas you can use when launching your business.

What New Agents Need to Know About Lead Generation

If you’re looking to find new home buyer leads, seller leads, or simply want to learn the full scope of lead generation, the greatest real estate lead generation companies provide a bit of useful information:

  • Lead generation is a complicated process.
  • It’s time-consuming.
  • There are potential clients and leads everywhere.
  • You need to network, network, network.
  • Spend time focusing on verified real estate leads.

You can consider reviewing a first home buyer’s guide, moving checklists, or area guides.
There’s a lot of information you can offer to potential clients to entice them in becoming high-value leads.

Benefits of Using Creative Lead Generation Ideas

Not every lead generation method requires high costs or a lot of effort. Being creative as to your approach will often help secure more leads. There are beneficial reasons for using creative approaches:

  • They are often inexpensive or free, such as going to open-house networking events or using real estate newsletter examples.
  • Creativity helps the professional be more interpersonal, which often leads to better partnerships and agreements, and even long-lasting friendships.
  • Creative methods help boost awareness of your brand value and generate real estate leads with no upfront costs.


There are always alternative ideas if you’re struggling to generate leads by yourself. You can consider, for example, real estate billboard ideas. And the best lead generation companies exist to help grow your lead base.

Social media services and platforms allow for a myriad of marketing techniques to attract potential clients.


Whether you’re looking for real estate seller lead generation or simply trying to market your expired listings, don’t forget the power of the internet as a new agent. Utilizing a variety of different traditional (offline) and digital (online) marketing techniques is the tried and trusted way to ensure growth in your real estate business and get the most out of your real estate lead generation ideas.

Treat each lead—and lead generation service—as a tool to get the job done. Each lead and service needs to be handled differently, e.g., home buyer leads for realtors from social media should be managed differently from word-of-mouth referrals.


How do I find home buyer leads?

Consider the question: how do real estate agents generate leads? They look online, contact other realtors, search for those who are in the process of divorce, or for those who have an interest in real estate events or desire to view houses in a given area.

Social media, lead generation services, and even prospective cold-calling clients can often be a good way to find suitable leads.

How do I get real estate leads for free?

How to generate leads in real estate as a new agent and get them for free? Social media and the internet are likely the best way you’ll improve lead generation. Make sure your social media pages and website have easy access to your visuals and details of your listings.

How can I get cheap lead generation for real estate?

Finding inexpensive lead generation is best done by offering something upfront. You could consider posting Free Plus Shipping offers on your website or host Open House Networking events.

What is the best way to generate real estate leads?

Networking events are probably some of the most useful real estate lead generation ideas, as well as good digital marketing and mouth-to-mouth referrals. Maintaining your social media campaigns and digital marketing strategies will help pick up many leads.


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