How to Clean a Mattress [Like a Professional]


Investing in your mattress is pretty much investing in your health. It’s crucial for everyone to know how to clean a mattress because we all spend about one-third of our lives in bed.

Over time, our mattresses accumulate dust, dirt, dead skin, and more. All of this has to be cleaned to make sure that your mattress is safe to sleep on.

In this article, you can find the best solutions on how to clean your mattress thoroughly, as well as some tips for getting rid of stubborn stains.

How Often Should You Clean Your Mattress?

It’s advisable to give the mattresses a thorough cleaning at least once in six months. But in case you suffer from any allergies, you should clean it more often. Unfortunately, there aren’t any specific studies conducted on this topic, and the numbers provided by world experts aren’t consistent.

Here’s a useful tip for you: in order to prolong your mattress’s lifespan, flip and rotate it every three months to prevent indentations and sagging.

But besides the mattress cleaning, let’s not forget that the bedsheets and pillowcases need much more frequent cleaning. The best option is to replace them every week or two. Even though washing them in the laundry machine can do the work, allergens, germs, and dirt are much more effectively eliminated by washing them in hot or warm water, at a temperature of at least 60°C! Also, you can always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

How to Clean a Mattress?

Here are a few steps you need to follow in order to clean your mattress thoroughly:

  • Remove and Wash the Bedding

First things first, you need to completely strip the bed by removing the pillowcases, sheets, and blankets. Then put them in the washing machine; the best way is to wash them in hot water, so you can get rid of the dust mites. To help keep the mattress clean, it’s best to wash them each week.

  • Check if the Mattress Has Additional Damage

In order to choose the best way to clean a mattress, you first need to know how much dirt it has accumulated and what kind of stains are present. The technique for removing stains or spills will be different from the technique for cleaning your mattress routinely. So, you’ll need to check your mattress closely for smells, stains, discoloration, and other signs that indicate the need for further cleaning.

  • Gather Supplies

In order to deep clean your mattress, you’ll need the following supplies:

  1. Cold water
  2. Dish soap/enzyme cleaner
  3. Baking soda
  4. Towels for cleaning/sponge
  5. Laundry detergent (gentle, unscented, and bleach-free)

You need to be careful when cleaning a mattress with cleaning products and soaps. Don’t use anything that’s too harsh, because it might damage the delicate fabric of the mattress. Another thing you need to pay attention to is the type of detergent. Always choose a detergent with a mild scent, because it’s difficult to remove it from the mattress.

  • Vacuum Thoroughly

Clean the mattress’s surface using the upholstery attachment of the vacuum cleaner. To remove dust thoroughly, you need to vacuum the sides of the bed carefully, as well as scratch the fabric to remove debris from the seams.

  • Spot Clean if Needed

If you are wondering how to clean stains off a mattress or how to treat discoloration in particular areas, you can carefully clean these areas using the following methods: apply a cleaning product to a clean cloth, then with that cloth slowly treat the stained area. Take another clean cloth and soak it in cold water and gently blot the stained area with it. Repeat the process if necessary.

  • Apply Baking Soda

If you don’t want to use chemicals, baking soda is the perfect solution for you. After removing the stains and waiting until the mattress surface is completely dry, apply a small amount of baking soda over the entire mattress. That’s the best way to clean a mattress, it will help to neutralize the smell and absorb any leftover moisture. After a few hours, vacuum the baking soda using the upholstery attachment. Also, don’t forget to open the windows to boost airflow.

  • Rotate and Repeat

Once you’re done, flip the mattress and repeat the cleaning or just vacuum it thoroughly. Even though there won’t be any visible stains, there can be a lot of dust and moisture. But in case the mattress isn’t designed to be rotated, you can just clean its underside.

Next, we’ll talk more in detail about cleaning your mattress with baking soda.

Cleaning Your Mattress With Baking Soda

In case you have some serious dirt on your mattress like yellow stains from sweat, vomit, urine, or you just need to deodorize your mattress, here are some DIY mattress sanitizer recipes in which baking soda is the main component.

  • Get rid of the sweat and vomit stains

    • Warm water
    • 1 cup 3% hydrogen peroxide
    • 3 tablespoons baking soda
    • Dishwashing liquid

First, mist the stained area until it’s slightly damp with warm water from a spray bottle. Into another spray bottle, pour the mattress stain removal mix consisting of baking soda, dish soap, and hydrogen peroxide and mist the mattress cleaner over the stain. Take a soft scrub brush or an old toothbrush and slowly brush the stain until it disappears. Again mist the area with fresh water and blot dry.

  • Get rid of the urine stains

    • ¾ cup hydrogen peroxide
    • 2 tablespoons baking soda
    • 2 drops lavender essential oil
    • 2 drops lemon essential oil

If you’re wondering how to deep clean a mattress from urine stains, this mixture is sure to help. Mix the baking soda and hydrogen peroxide in a glass spray bottle, then add the essential oils and shake the bottle gently to combine the ingredients. Spray the area with the stains and leave it to work for an hour. Soak up any excess liquid with a clean towel. Use a vacuum over the area to pick up any leftover residue.

  • Deodorize your mattress

    • 1 cup baking soda
    • 10 drops lavender essential oil

Put the baking soda in a Mason jar, then add the 10 drops of lavender essential oil. Shake well to mix. Make holes in the top of the Mason jar so you can sprinkle the mixture on the mattress and rub gently with a scrub brush.

This way the baking soda will penetrate the top layer of the mattress and bind the body oils and moisture that have soaked into the fabric. Leave it for 10 minutes or so and then vacuum the mattress. Cleaning a mattress this way will help you to extinguish the odors and pull the moisture out of the fabric.

DID YOU KNOW: In one year, around 10 million dust mites and bugs can make your bed mattress their home. 

Key Takeaways

It’s advisable to give the mattresses a thorough (professional) cleaning at least once in six months. But in case you suffer from allergies, cleaning more frequently may be required.
Besides the cleaning of the mattress, don’t forget the bedsheets and pillowcases. The best option is to replace them every week or two.
If you’re still wondering how to clean your mattress at home, remember that vacuuming thoroughly and applying baking soda is the most reliable way to thoroughly clean your mattress by yourself.
If you aren’t certain that you can clean your mattress properly by yourself, you can always hire professionals. The average cost of hiring a professional service to clean your mattress is around $100.

Getting Rid of Stubborn Stains 

Even the most stubborn stains, such as dried blood, can be cleaned from a mattress. It’s not that hard to get rid of these kinds of stains. You just need the right cleaning solution and a little perseverance to get rid of these stains for good!

The best way to clean mattress stains is by following these steps:

  • In ¼ cup of hydrogen peroxide, mix 1 tbsp of salt and 1 tbsp of liquid dish soap. You should get a paste-like solution, so add more or less hydrogen peroxide to get the right density.
  • Apply the paste to the stain with your finger and leave for 15 minutes.
  • Use a spoon to gather the mattress stain removal paste. Scrape gently if needed.
  • In case the blood stain hasn’t come off totally, let the fabric dry completely. After it’s completely dry, get a white cloth and dip it in hydrogen peroxide and dab the stain repeatedly until it is completely removed. Make sure to replace or rotate the cloth as and when needed.
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It’s Time to Protect Your Mattress

Now that we’ve discussed what is the best way to clean a mattress, it’s time to learn how to protect your mattress properly to prevent stains.

Generally, you can protect it by using a waterproof mattress protector or a quality mattress pad. This way you’ll prevent the buildup of dust and allergens.

Frequently washing your sheets will also help. And last but not least, avoid drinking and eating in your bed. That way you’ll reduce the risk of accidental spills and stains.


No matter whether your mattress is new, made from memory foam or latex, or whether it is one of the top organic mattresses, you need to learn how to clean your mattress at home. Cleaning it at least twice a year and removing all the bacteria that might build up in it is crucial for your health.

Besides cleaning the mattress, don’t forget to frequently wash your linens and open windows to let fresh air into your bedroom.


How often should you clean your mattress?

It’s a good idea to clean the mattress twice a year, but if you suffer from allergies, you can do it more often.

How do you clean a mattress without ruining it?

If you aren’t sure how to clean a mattress without ruining it, remember that one of the most important things is to be careful with the detergents. Always choose gentle, unscented, and bleach-free products.

What causes yellow stains on the mattress?

The yellow stains on your mattress can be caused by many different reasons. Sweat, vomit, urine, and mattress aging are some of them. In case you notice that your child or pet has vomited or urinated on the mattress, cleaning it up quickly will prevent further problems.

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