Bed Types [Ultimate Guide to Help You Sleep Comfortably]


What kind of bed should you get? There is no one-size-fits-all answer. The best way to figure out what bed is right for you is to understand the various beds available.

This article will cover the various types of beds, answer the frequently asked questions, and give you some tips on how to choose a bed that’s comfortable and fits in with the style of your room.

What Are the General Types of Beds?

There are three main ways to categorize beds: by size, design, or size and design. Once you know which bed you want, you can start thinking about the specifics, such as how much storage space you need or which mattress will be the most comfortable. Whatever your preferences, there’s sure to be a bed that’s perfect for you!

DID YOU KNOW: The Guinness Book of World Records shows that the biggest bed to ever be made was 53 ft. 11 in. wide by 86 ft. 11 in. long. It was made in May 2011 in the Netherlands.

Bed Categorizations

When looking for the best bed design, several factors such as your budget, lifestyle, and bedroom size need to be considered.

By Size

Name Size Best for
Twin 38″ X 75″ For kids and dorm rooms
Twin XL 38″ X 80″ For teenagers, young adults and small guest rooms
Full-size 54″ X 75″ Single sleepers
Queen 60″ X 80″ Adults or couples
King 76″ X 80″ Master bedrooms
California King 72″ X 84″ People who love lots of space or allow their pets to sleep beside them on the bed.

By Design

In general, there are many different kinds of beds designed to suit the needs of different people. Your choice will be influenced by the way you sleep, where you sleep, your sleeping partner, how much space you have at home, and the design of your bedroom.

Four-poster bed

A four-poster bed is a canopy bed, taking up almost as much space as the mattress. It consists of four large wooden posts which support the canopy. The canopy is usually hung with curtains on all sides of the bed to prevent drafts and may have valances around the top for decoration. The canopy is similar in design to a baldachin.

Low-poster bed

Low-poster beds are designed for people who want to feel like they’re sleeping in a king-size bed, even if they don’t have the space for one. They typically have a headboard that’s only a few inches taller than the mattress, making them perfect for small bedrooms.

Pencil-poster bed

A pencil-poster bed is one of the many bed options with a metal frame and four posts. The posts are usually cylindrical but may be flat if they fit under something else. It needs no mattress support because the bars are the only thing that rests on the floor. This bed can have drawers built into it to store clothing or linens.

Half-poster bed

A half-poster bed has a headboard and footboard three-quarters the height of a standard full poster bed. This style of bed was popular in the 18th century.

Round bed

The round bed is a bed shaped as a circle. It can be made of wood or metal and comes in various sizes. It is classified as one of the aesthetic beds often chosen for their stylish appeal. Round beds are often used in bedrooms but can also be used in other rooms like the living room or home office.


A divan is typically composed of upholstered cushions or pillows arranged upon a metal frame. A divan can be used as a sofa during the day and for extra space when not used as a bed. A divan with an adjustable base can be turned into an impromptu sofa bed for guests at night.

The most significant distinction between a divan and all other styles of beds is that most are built with storage capacity to function both as furniture and as sleeping quarters. Storage beds are equipped with drawers beneath the mattress area that can be used to store clothing, bedding, or other household items.

Traditional canopy bed

A traditional canopy bed is designed with four posts that go straight up from the bed frame and then connect at the top with either a flat or arched piece of wood that forms a “roof” over your mattress. Curtains can be hung from the arched slats at the top center of this bed’s headboard to create a sense of privacy and enhance your bedroom decor. These curtains may also be tied back. The classic look achieved by this design also enhances the style of the apartments where the bed itself is a centerpiece of the decor.

Contemporary canopy bed

The contemporary canopy bed is stylish, elegant, and perfect for any bedroom. It typically features a tall headboard and a metal frame with intricate designs. A sheer canopy can be draped over the bed to add a touch of luxury.

Half tester bed

A half tester bed is a type of bed that has a headboard and footboard but no side rails. The mattress rests on a wooden frame attached to the headboard and footboard. These bed frame types were popular in the 18th and 19th centuries and are still popular today because of their elegance.

Panel beds

Panel beds are built with a panel that separates the two sides of the bed. These usually have drawers, storage compartments, or additional under-bed space below. Panel beds are a good choice for smaller bedrooms since they provide storage without taking up much floor space.

Hanging bed 

A hanging bed, as the name suggests, hangs from the ceiling by ropes or chain. It is ideal for treehouses and other outdoor structures.

Enignum bed

The enignum bed is mostly found in hotels. It is a queen-sized bed that has a headboard and footboard. The enignum bed also features a platform frame and is upholstered in fabric.

Magnetic floating bed

The magnetic floating bed, sometimes referred to as a hover bed, uses magnets to keep the mattress and user afloat. This is one of the bed options that is beneficial for people with back problems, as it takes the pressure off the spine.

Sonic bed

The sonic bed, or vibration bed, uses vibrations to improve blood circulation and relax the body. These beds are often used in hospitals and clinics to help patients recover from injuries or surgery.

Rocking bed

A rocking bed rocks back and forth as its name suggests. These types of bed are used in nurseries to help soothe babies to sleep. Adults can also use them to relax.

Wave bed

This bed tilts and moves on a specific track, allowing the person to adjust it into a sitting position or raise their feet. Wave beds can be used to help people with respiratory issues, such as those suffering from cystic fibrosis. The wave motion helps move the patient around the bed without outside assistance, but someone still needs to adjust conditions or provide manual ventilation.


Upholstered beds are soft, comfortable, and come in various styles. Many upholstered beds have similar features to traditional bedsteads, but some feature less complicated designs that do not require box springs. It is common for the headboard and footboard to be upholstered as well.

Lighted bed

A lighted bed is a bed that has lights built into the headboard or footboard. These kinds of bed are often used in hotel rooms to create a more romantic atmosphere.


Cot beds are enclosed at least on three sides and generally feature a steel frame and mesh guards or bannisters. They’re usually lower than standard beds to help prevent falls when toddlers or preschoolers climb out of them. Unfortunately, while these beds might be cozier for infants, they don’t always offer the best safety features compared to other options.

Open-frame bed

There are different types of bed frames and the open-frame ​design typically has the mattress sitting directly on a metal frame. In addition, most open-frame designs use one or more head and footboards to provide support and extra storage space.

By Style

Traditional beds

Traditional beds are among the most common bed styles. They have a rectangular frame, a headboard, and a footboard. The mattress rests on top of the box spring, which is a metal frame with springs.


Rustic beds have a classic look that is popular as ever. Rustic beds have thicker posts, more curves, and an overall weightier appearance compared to modern beds. A bed design like this can be used in all settings, from ultra-modern homes to traditional-style bedrooms.

The most basic design for a rustic bed is four poster legs that curve into thick canopy tops or headboards. Wooden slats run across the width of this type of bed to provide a flat surface for a mattress.


Country beds are incredibly comfortable and provide superior back support. The major disadvantage is that they are too big for small rooms especially if you have multiple storage boxes underneath for extra blankets, sweaters, and shoes.


Modern bed designs are typically made from metal or wood and often have a minimalistic style. They can have different bed frames and may not have a headboard or footboard.


Industrial-style beds are popular in warehouses and other industrial settings. They are often cumbersome and built of metal or wood. This bed is simple, with a metal frame and a wooden top.


Retro Victorian beds are popular because they combine the feel of elegance with old-style tradition. The wooden headboard is elaborately painted and carved, often decorated with crown moldings or other decorative elements (such as flowers) that complement the bedroom decor. The color schemes can be bold, creating a striking contrast with white sheets and pillowcases; these kinds of bed options often come upholstered in patterned material or vivid colors like red or blue.

Mission style

Mission-style beds are famous for their simple yet elegant designs. They often sport straight lines and geometric shapes in their design and are typically made from wood or metal.

Platform style

Platform-style beds are perfect for those who want a minimalistic look. These beds typically have a low profile and no headboard or footboard. They’re also an excellent choice for those who want to maximize the amount of storage space in their bedroom, as they don’t have any posts or rails that could get in the way.


These different bed styles were initially designed as a lower-cost option for creating a modern-looking bed from wooden planks. However, cottage beds have grown in popularity and are now a popular choice with budget-conscious consumers who want a unique look for their interior.


Mid-century modern beds are sleek and stylish, featuring simple designs and clean lines. If you’re looking for a contemporary bed with a classic look, this is the style for you.


French beds are typically characterized by their small sizes. They often have headboards attached to the wall. Many French beds are made of metal or wrought iron and can be pretty ornate.


Woven beds have a wooden frame with woven slats of wood or cane. This bed type is considered the most traditional and often the most expensive. However, it is sturdy and can last for many years with proper care. Woven beds can come in many different styles, with or without a footboard.


A distressed bed is a term used to describe furniture that has been refurbished to appear vintage or perhaps a piece that has been recovered from an old shop or warehouse. There are many methods of distressing furniture, but the overall effect makes it look like a cherished antique rather than a brand new piece. Distressed bedroom furniture can come in many styles, from country cottage to modern chic. The most important thing is that it looks well-worn and loved.

Scandinavian style

Different types of beds serve different purposes. Scandinavian-style beds are designed to be simple and practical, focusing on clean lines and functionality. In addition, they often have built-in storage space, which is ideal for small spaces.

Japanese style

Japanese-style beds are typically low and often feature a futon mattress. This style is ideal for people who prefer minimalistic aesthetics or who want to make the most of limited floor space.

British style

British-style beds are typically more ornate than their Scandinavian and Japanese counterparts, with intricate carvings and elegant details. They often have a more traditional feel and are perfect for those who want a classic look in their bedroom.


A daybed is a bed that can be used as a couch during the day and turned into a bed at night. They usually have a pop-up trundle bed underneath them that can be pulled out when needed. They can be converted to look like different beds.


A futon is a Japanese-style bed typically made from cotton or foam that can be folded up for storage. Futons are popular in Japan because they help save up space and can be used as seating furniture when not used as a bed.

Air bed

An air bed is a bed in which the mattress is filled with air. The air cylinders holding the air are typically made from vinyl but may also be made from rubber or silicone. An inflatable air bed usually has an inner lining to prevent leaks and electrical wires for the pump that allows to raise and deflate the mattress as needed. It’s a great option for people who have tried different beds without finding one with sufficient support and comfort.

Water bed

A water bed is a mattress filled with water. The water allows for free movement of the body, which some proponents say provides evenly distributed support and reduces pressure points.

Bookcase bed

A bookcase bed is any bookworm’s dream! It’s basically a bed that has shelves built into the headboard and footboard. This type of bed is perfect for people who like to read before bed or have a lot of storage needs.

Murphy bed

A Murphy bed is a bed type that can be folded up into a wall or cabinet. William Lawrence Murphy first invented this type of bed in the early 1900s. Today, these beds can be motorized or manually operated by a person.

Convertible bed

A convertible bed is a type of bed with a frame that can be converted into different bed shapes, such as a couch. This bed is ideal for small spaces, as it can serve multiple purposes. Their sizes may be similar to the common types of bed sizes.

Ottoman bed

This is a low, upholstered piece with a hinged lid that opens to reveal storage space inside. It often has casters so it can be easily moved.

Hammock bed

Hammock beds are unique among the various bed styles. They are perfect for people who like to feel like they’re sleeping in the great outdoors. The netting suspending the hammock from the ceiling creates a feeling of being surrounded by nature, and many people find this very relaxing.

Bunk bed 

A bunk bed consists of two or more beds stacked one on top of the other. Bunk beds are traditionally used in dormitories, children’s bedrooms, military barracks, and ships to maximize floor space.

DID YOU KNOW: The concept of folding beds isn’t a modern phenomenon. Adjustable beds had been used in Ancient Greece before.


Your bedroom is where you rest after a long busy day. For ultimate relaxation, it is essential that you go for the kind of bed that will satisfy your needs. Go through all types of beds listed above and find out what will work best for you.


Which type of bed is best?

There are different styles of beds for you to choose from. Depending on your unique personal needs and what you can afford, the type of bed to use will vary. If you love technology, smart beds are a great fit for you, and if you prefer usability, go for the best sofa beds on the market.

What are the types of beds in hotels?

Most hotels have either standard rooms or suites. In standard rooms, you will usually find a single king-size bed or two queen-size beds.

What is the most popular type of bed?

Generally, traditional beds are a very common type. However, the popularity of the various types of beds depends on various demographic and cultural factors.

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