19+ Outstanding Gifts for Spiritual People


Finding a meaningful gift for a special person can be a daunting task, and buying gifts for spiritual people makes it doubly so.
For this reason, our article takes a look at a collection of spiritual treasures that make excellent gifts! We include a selection of books, journals, meditation tools, and other unique spiritual items to choose from. Read reviews and frequently asked questions for all the answers!

Gifts for Spiritual People

You can help your spiritual friend, family member, or partner achieve spiritual self-care by gifting them one or more of the following spiritual gewgaws:

 1. Amethyst Healing Water Bottle

Starting the list with my favorite item – the Conscious Items Amethyst Healing Water Bottle – the gift that every spiritual person will love! It has a simple design featuring an amethyst crystal inside that purifies the water and cleanses the body and spirit from the inside out.

Amethyst Healing Water Bottle
Source: Review42

The bottle is perfect to bring to yoga practices, when on the go, or at home/work. It will help the person flush the negativity and reflect more profoundly.

The Amethyst Healing Water Bottle specs are give below:

  • Size: 10.2 x 2.5 x 2.5 in (260 x 65 x 65 mm)
  • Volume: 16.9 fl oz (500 ml)
  • Weight: 16.6 – 17.3 oz (470 g – 490 g)

You can purchase this wonderful bottle from Conscious Items for $59.95.

2. The Buddha Tarot Deck

With a 79-card tarot deck in addition to a booklet exploring the link between Buddhism and Tarot, the Buddha Tarot delivers a double helping of enlightenment.

The Buddha Tarot Deck
Source: Amazon

This impressive tarot deck by the renowned author and artist Robert M. Place is perfect for divination, meditation, and unlocking intuition, intention and energy in a tumultuous environment.

Users of these tarot cards rave about the beautiful artwork and careful research into the parallel between Tarot and Buddhism. However, the card stock is deemed inferior and non-durable.

Nonetheless, if cool spiritual gifts appeal to you, it’s available for $160 at Amazon.

3. Buddhist Meditation Set

If you’re after mindful gifts for someone special in your life, this Buddhist Meditation Set is a great gift.

Buddhist Meditation Set
Source: Conscious Items

The kit comprises a resin Buddha sculpture, a wooden tray, white sand, a selection of incense sticks and pebbles, a candle holder, and a candle.

This mediation set can be used purely for decorative purposes or as a spiritual gewgaw for promoting inner harmony and feng shui in any area of the home.

Buyers’ reviews rate this item as a suitable meaningful gift, and a real calming set.

Order your Buddhist Meditation Set for only $44.95.

4. Crystals

Crystal collectors can never have enough chakra stones and crystals to practice chakra healing. These stones are used to conduct meditative practices and spiritual self-care, making them excellent spiritual gift ideas.

Money-magnet lamp
Source: Conscious Items

Crystals are purported to hold and manage energy and to have healing properties. As such, selecting a stone for your birth month or zodiac sign is meant to connect you to your unique spiritual signature and enable positive well-being.

Some crystals are used to abate anxiety and promote physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.

Healing crystals are widely available, in natural raw forms or in the form of bracelets or rainbow vertices with prices ranging depending on the size, clarity, rarity, and source of the crystal. Check out the Conscious Items website for the widest assortment of crystals possible.

 5. Star Registration

Sometimes people say they’ll give you the stars, meaning they’ll do anything for you. But with Star Registration, you can literally give your friend or loved one a star.

Star Registration
Source: Star Registration

All you need to do is choose a visible star or constellation, and you’ll get a personalized star certification! You’ll also get a star chart with the chosen star on it, which you can give to your spiritual friend, lover, brother, sister, or parent to show them how special they are to you.

6. The Angel Guide Oracle

The Angel Card Oracle is a 44-card deck and guidebook for divine guidance and positive reinforcement.

Daily Guidance from Your Angels
Source: Amazon

Angel cards bring spiritual seekers together with guardian angels to receive insightful, healing messages to strengthen communication and open themselves to love. The accompanying guidebook gives insights and valuable know-how on angel readings, card spreads, and supportive intuition.

Oracle cards and tarot for beginners are a great way to spiritual awakening and enlightenment. Be sure to incorporate this item on your list of best gifts for spiritual people in your life!

Your Angel Guide Oracle is available on Amazon and selected retailers from $59.94 per item.

7. Essential Oil Diffuser

Using an essential oil diffuser makes incorporating aromatherapy into your meditation routine a breeze! Simply add water to the tank of the spiritual aid and add a few drops of 100% pure essential oils to the water.

Some diffusers allow users to select a particular color with dimmable touch controls and feature different presentation options unique to meaningful spiritual presents.

As a special gift, you can find a variety of diffusers at a range of prices from trusted brands.


Plant Therapy Portable Diffuser
Source: Plant Therapy
Paddywax Diffuser
Source: Paddywax
Vitruvi Diffuser
Source: Vitruvi

8. Awakening: Conversations With the Masters

This controversial volume by the former Jesuit priest Anthony de Mello is a must have in any collection featuring free-spirited religious teaching.

Awakening Conversations with the Masters
Source: eBay

Awakening comprises 365 daily meditations meant to explore ‘the wisdom that cannot be conveyed in human speech’. Structured as lessons from a religious master to his disciple, it provides a proverbial road-map to self-exploration, inner peace, and enlightenment.

Reviews for Awakening: Conversations With The Masters range from ‘Life-changing!’ to ‘Condescending psychobabble…’ To make up your own mind, grab a copy of this volume as a gift for a spiritual friend or bestie.

The volume is available at eBay for $13.95.

9. Making the Gods Work for You: The Astrological Language of the Psyche

Author Caroline Casey hits the spot with this 288-page tome about Visionary Activist Astrology.

Making the Gods Work for You
Source: Amazon

Read how to decipher your purpose in the world through intimacy and alliance with the gods and our own psyche. Explore human aspirations, relationships and spirituality by means of stories, fables, and astrologist counseling through celestial bodies.

Readers on Google Books rate Making The Gods Work for You: The Astrological Language of the Psyche 4/5. Notable reviews love the insight and wit inherent to its pages.

Making the Gods Work for You is one of the perfect spiritual gifts for friends, and it retails at Amazon from $55.98 in paperback, or $35.75 as a collectible hardcover. You can also access a free audiobook with your free Audible trial.

DID YOU KNOW: Astrology is a pseudoscience claiming humanity can determine the course of their lives by studying the position and movement of the stars and planets. Some top books on astrology discuss this phenomenon in depth.

 10. Love and Joy Inspiring Gift Throw Blanket

If practical things as gifts for a spiritual person are more to your liking, the Love and Joy Inspiring Gift Throw Blanket is just the thing.

Chanasya Throw Blanket
Source: eBay

This classic gift made from 100% polyester is supremely plush, warm, and cozy. Words written on the blanket include Harmony, Hope, and Peace.

You can find you Chanasya blanket on eBay at quite a low price of only $72.19, and it’s available in pink, blue, aubergine, or gray with white trim.


  • Dimensions: 65” x 50”
  • Machine-washable

Amazon clients who’ve bought this blanket love its quality, versatility, and luxurious feel of the throws, rating it as one of the awesome spiritual gifts for men or women.

 11. Leather Book of Shadows Journal

The Leather Book of Shadows Journal is a beautiful piece of art and a useful gift to give to a spiritual person, as it features a notebook decorated with chakra gemstones for a truly spiritual feel.

Leather Book of Shadows Journal
Source: Amazon

The journal measures 10 x 7 inches, and it’s sturdily bound and embossed with a strong latch and plain, unlined pages. What’s more, it comes with a small notebook keychain as an additional surprise gift.

The Book of Shadows Journal is great for day-to-day scribblings and musings or for recording meditation or insights. Get these spiritual gifts for her or purchase your own copy from Amazon for $18.49 to spoil yourself!

 12. Relaxation Tabletop Fountain

Nothing calms the soul more than the soothing sounds of water.

The HoMedics Indoor Relaxation Tabletop Fountain features three tiers with unique lighting for a tranquil ambiance in your meditative space. A submersible pump circulates water while keeping the tiers free of algae.

HoMedics Tabletop Fountain
Source: HoMedics

To incorporate and tantalize all the senses, you can use this fountain in conjunction with a top-notch aromatherapy diffuser and a selection of essential oil brands.

These spiritual birthday gifts ideas include an EnviroScape Silver Springs fountain, a set of river rocks, three leaf tiers, cord, and adapter, in addition to a pump cover and base. A quick-start guide is included, so the receiver of this gift will get the grip on it in no time.

You can order this special gift from HoMedics for a cost of $29.99.

13. Tibetan Singing Bowl Set

The Tibetan Singing Bowl Set is every spiritualist’s dream, as it includes the following essential items:

  • 4″ handcrafted Tibetan singing bowl
  • Wooden suede mallet
  • Fabric case with hand-sewn zipper for storage
  • Cushion
  • 7 Chakra crystals + rose quartz pendulum with velvet bag for dowsing, divination, and reiki
  • Cage necklace
  • eBook with instructions
Tibetan Singing Bowl Set
Source: Amazon

At only $30.95, the Tibetan Singing Bowl Sets are good gifts for spiritual people, and particularly useful for aligning your chakras and cleansing your aura.

Crystal collectors use the bowl in conjunction with quartz (inspiration), amethyst (concentration), Lapis Lazuli (self-expression), green aventurine (love and compassion), citrine (strength and confidence), red jasper ( stability), and carnelian (creativity and passion) for overall health and wellness.

DID YOU KNOW: Using a Tibetan singing bowl enhances meditation, restores the healthy flow of energy, reduces stress, and promotes deep relaxation.

 14. Incense Holder

The SPACEKEEPER Incense Holder is a gem when it comes to birthday gifts for a spiritual person.

Incencse Holder
Source: Sears

Its unique design allows for the use of the backflow incense burner with incense sticks or cones to achieve an atmosphere conducive to sleeping, meditation, or relaxation.

The ceramic, conical incense holder is available in blue, brown, jet black, navy, or a striking red to compliment every studio. You can choose from 7 different aromas: jasmine, lavender, rose, green tea, apple, sandalwood, or osmanthus for personalized comfort.

The package includes a single backflow incense holder, 120 incense cones of different varieties, 30 incense sticks (varied), as well as a mat to place your burner on.

This item retails at Sears for $28.22.

 15. Healing Crystals Set

If you’re looking for gifts for very spiritual people, the Healing Crystals Set from The Mindful Collective is truly a celestial gift. It features a 17-piece collection for balancing your chakras and amplifying intention and energy.

The Mindful Collective Healing Starter Kit
Source: The Mindful Collective

Using the kit is meant to enhance abundance, peace, and love. Each stone is natural and hand-picked to ensure the finest clarity and quality.

The set includes the following:

  • 2″ black tourmaline
  • 2.5″ raw rose quartz
  • 2.5″ clear quartz cluster
  • 3″ amethyst cluster
  • 4.5″ selenium wand
  • 2.5″ clear quartz point
  • 7 tumbled chakra stones
  • 7″ white sage for smudging
  • Divination pendulum
  • Meditation candle
  • Journal
  • Wooden storage box

This is one of the most exceptional spiritual gifts for women on our list. In addition, a free e-guide is included in your purchase of $36.95.

 16. Candles with Healing Crystals

Candles with essential oils for aromatherapy can be very therapeutic for a stressed mind and body. Adding healing crystals to the mix ups the benefits tenfold.

Candles with healing crystals are available in a variety of fragrances, incorporating a range of stones and crystals. What’s more, different compositions can address different issues.

Here are a few examples:

  • Orchid Aura soy candles with sandalwood/clary sage/lavender/jasmine and rose quartz/amethyst/citrine are available from $24.97 per set from selected stores and make cool spiritual gifts for spiritual people
Orchid Aura Candles with Crystals
Source: Amazon
  • Citta luxury scented crystal candles with rose/orange cinnamon/fresh/lemon verbena fragrance choice retails at $41.99  at Walmart
Citta Candles with Crystals
Source: Walmart

NOTE: Although most crystals can withstand extreme heat, opal, jade, topaz, peridot, and pearl may crack or discolor if overexposed.

DID YOU KNOW? Spiritual awakening gifts include aromatherapy lamps which have been proven to promote a range of health benefits, including improved respiration, enhanced sleep, as well as boosting mood.

 17. Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp

This decorative lamp is a unique gift for a truly free-spirited person and a great addition to any room. The lamp comprises a wooden base with pink salt natural form crystal that may vary from the image because it is not shaped but comes in its natural form. It gives a dimmable ambience to the room thanks to the replaceable bulb caged for prolonged use.

Himalayan Salt Lamp
Source: Urban Outfitters

Customers who bought one of these cool gifts for spiritual people swear by its ability to purify the air in a room and love the aesthetically pleasing hue of luminescence it produces.

You can buy your Himalayan Pink Salt lamp as a surprise from Urban Outfitters for $35 per lamp.

 18. Incense Burner

The AppyHut Cone Incense burners are valuable additions to any meditation room, spa, or yoga studio. It’s beautifully crafted from brass and iron, with antique brass bells and gold trim.

AppyHut Incense Burner
Source: Amazon

These burners are lovely zen gifts for him and her alike, as they’re very versatile—they can be used as table top cone burners, table top tea light candle holders, charcoal incense burners or resin incense burners. You can also opt for the wall bracket and chain included, or place it on a flat surface to heighten the senses and improve meditation and focus.

Visit Amazon.com to get this incense burner available from $49.99, with 20 incense cones are included with every purchase.

 19. Sage Smudge Sticks

Blue River Sage makes the final item on our list of gifts for people who believe in spiritual things. White sage smudge sticks are believed to have spiritual properties, and they’re used for clearing out spiritual impurities, pathogens, and more practically, insects.

White Sage
Source: Amazon

This product is sustainably resourced and checked for quality and purity. For $19.97 on Amazon, you can get 12 x 4″ sage stick bundles bound with cotton and carefully boxed, accompanied by detailed instructions and blessings.

Spiritual people who bought this item rate it highly, although some claim the sage bundles include an excess of stems, which aren’t aromatically pleasing.

Still, this product qualifies as one of the best gifts for spiritual healers.

DID YOU KNOW: White sage has been burned as part of Native American tribal rituals for centuries, as it’s believed to cleanse and purify, promote health, and even treat digestive disorders. However, of late, the lines between cultural authenticity and the use of smudging as a tool for meditation have become somewhat blurred.

Key Takeaways

Spiritual people appreciate gifts that reflect their beliefs and personalized style.
Spiritual books that guide and teach make excellent, meaningful gifts.
Gifts for crystal collectors include stones for good energy, manifesting, or divination.
Practical things and gifts such as candles or the best set of oracle cards are all great gift ideas.


Our article doesn’t even touch the tip of meaningful spiritual presents one can buy. However, whether you opt for books, crystals, classic gifts, or items that promise inner peace, it’s essentially the thought that counts. So, surprise the spiritual person you love with a little gift from the heart!


What to get someone who likes crystals?

There are many gifts containing a crystal element—you can choose from a range of crystal straws, wands, chakra stones, crystal aromatherapy candles, or jewelry for an unforgettable treat. If this isn’t to your liking, opt for books, lamps, journals, or a crystal-encrusted candle holder or incense burner to show your love.

What do you get a zen person?

Personal gifts for zen and enlightenment can give hope, insight, and a sense of well-being. You can choose from a selection of meditation tools such as Tibetan singing bowls, a mini zen garden, Buddha boards, and relaxing fountains for peace and tranquility in the home.

What should I get my spiritual girlfriend?

Buying appropriate gifts for spiritual people shows you accept and respect their beliefs. If you need such a gift for a girlfriend, opt for one of the following: scented or crystal-complemented aromatherapy candles, chakra healing stones or crystals, feng shui ornaments, or literature dealing with spiritual self-care.


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