20+ Gifts for Men Who Have Everything


Finding the perfect gift for a man who has everything can be daunting. But worry not because we’re here to help you out!

Here, you will find an extensive list of gift ideas, so rest assured that you’ll find something according to his taste. So whether he’s celebrating his birthday or you want to gift him something out of love, one of these gifts for men who have everything will certainly catch your eye!

20+ Gifts for Men Who Have Everything

Take a look at our list of top gift choices for your man:

1.High-Definition Projector

If the man you’re looking to buy a gift for is a big fan of watching movies, then buying them a projector could be a good idea. With this Lenovo Projector, he can enjoy watching his favorite movies or TV series in high resolution from the comfort of his own home.

High-definition projector from HardDisk Direct
Source: HardDisk Direct

The Lenovo ThinkVision C400 DLP Projector makes one of the best gifts for men who have everything because this HD projector projects high-quality videos onto any surface. Moreover, the built-in speakers provide a full cinematic experience without the need for additional equipment.

You can purchase the Lenovo ThinkVision C400 DLP Projector for $265 from HardDisk Direct’s website.

2. Gaming Mouse Pad

Owning a high-quality gaming mouse pad is a must-have for the man who loves to play PC games in his free time. If that’s the case, why not consider getting him this Lenovo Y Series Gaming Mousepad?

Lenovo Mousepad HardDisk Direct
Source: HardDisk Direct

The Legion Gaming Cloth Mouse Pad is made from a high-density microfiber surface, providing fast, accurate gliding. Plus, the non-slip rubberized surface ensures hours of comfortable gaming. Retailing at $135 on HardDisk Direct, this gaming pad is sure to make your man’s gaming setup look even more impressive.

3. Magnetic Wireless Charger

Speaking of tech lovers, today’s market is full of tech gifts for men who have everything. But for a guy obsessed with technology, you often need to do quite extensive research in order to find something they don’t have. That is when charger innovations come into play — the wireless chargers that can charge three devices at once!

Magnetic Wireless Charger from Satechi
Source: Satechi

This Magnetic Pad Trio Wireless Charger from Satechi makes wireless charging simple with a convenient spot for all of your devices. Retailing for $119.99, this charging pad quickly charges a Qi-enabled smartphone, Apple Watch, and AirPods Pro without any difficulties whatsoever.

4. Adjustable Metal Desk

This is one of the top gift ideas for men who work from home. This sleek and stylish desk is made of high-quality metal. Also, it features an adjustable height so he can always be comfortable while working.

Adjustable Metal Desk
Source: Secretlab

The main purpose of the Secretlab MAGNUS Pro is to reduce the number of cords and wires around your workstation so that you have more space to be productive. Plus, the clean lines and minimalist design can complement any home office.

You can purchase this highly-functional gift for $799 from the Secretlab website.

5. Designer SmartWatch

Here’s an item to consider if you’re looking for luxury gifts for men who have everything. TAG Heuer’s sophisticated smartwatch makes an ideal gift for a stylish and practical man.

Tag Heuer Calibre E4 Smartwatch
Source: Tag Heuer

Retailing at $1,800 on TAG Heuer’s website, the TAG Heuer connected Calibre E4 smartwatch is made from high-end materials that provide both functionality and comfort. The sapphire glass box is integrated into a steel case to create a more seamless look and includes an integrated silver timer. All in all, this watch will be a great addition to any type of outfit he wears.

DID YOU KNOW: Luxurious items and tech gadgets are universally liked by most men. However, even when you’re looking for a luxury gift for your man, make sure that your choice is still based on what he wants and is interested in.

6. Stylish Stainless Steel Watch

If you’re looking for more classic yet unique gift ideas for men, consider getting your loved one a fine-looking watch. On Watch Gang, there’s a vast choice of high-quality watches, one of which is Armand Nicolet’s diver watch.

Armand Nicolet Watch
Source: Watch Gang

This timepiece is perfect for the man who loves a classic ergonomic watch. Moreover, Watch Gang reviews often mention that its improved design makes it even more comfortable for everyday wear. You can find the Armand Nicolet watch at Watch Gang for $1,366.26.

7. Negativity-Banishing Bracelets

Stressful times call for spiritual measures and purchasing a piece of jewelry that can help you repel negativity sounds like one of the unique gifts for men who have everything. So why don’t you give your loved one a spiritual gift?

Negativity Bracelet Conscious Items
Source: Conscious Items

This bracelet pair combines the grounding and centering of Shungite with the mild and peaceful Howlite, which is one of the most effective crystals for relaxation and anxiety relief. You can purchase this beautiful gift from the Conscious Items website for only $39.95 and gift this powerful duo to your man to provide him with protection from negative energy, stress, and anxiety.

8. Spiritual Protection Tourmaline Bracelet

Another jewelry option for men that also has spiritual effects is a tourmaline bracelet. This is one of the cool gifts for men who have everything because not only does this bracelet protect against negative energies, but it is also supposed to attract wealth and increase one’s motivation.

Spiritual Protection Tourmaline Bracelet
Source: Conscious Items

The protective qualities of the black tourmaline, combined with the wealth-attracting gold obsidian, make it a successful combination. Plus, the bracelet makes a very stylish accessory that can be worn on any occasion.

You can purchase The Spiritual Protection Bracelet for $29.95 on Conscious Items.

9. Crystal Lamp

Who says men aren’t interested in owning a cool home decor piece? And if you’re looking for unusual gifts for men who have everything, look no further than this Selenite Crystal Lamp.

Selenite Crystal Lamp
Source: Conscious Items

This unique gift is perfect for the man who loves to relax in his own space. The cleansing properties of Selenite help purify the part of one’s body that doesn’t contribute to their well-being. Selenite also affects your emotions and gives you the ability to control your feelings.

The Selenite Cleansing Lamp is available in two sizes on the Conscious Items website, ranging from $39.95–$49.95.

10. Body Care Set

When you’re running out of ideas for birthday gifts for men who have everything, remember that you can never go wrong with getting him a body care set, especially with a carefully chosen one, like the Discovery Set from Bravo Sierra.

Body Care Set from Bravo Sierra
Source: Bravo Sierra

This highly-rated care set that can be purchased for $25 from Bravo Sierra consists of three essential products:

  • A soap-free Hair & Body Solid Cleanser,
  • An aluminum-free and baking soda-free Deodorant, and
  • A Deodorant Body Spray.

Apart from the original scent, there are three other scent options you can choose from — Citrus & Cedarwood, Sandalwood & Fig, and Tonka Bean & Lemon. The Discovery Set is on the list of great gifts for men who have everything since all its products are free from parabens, sulfates, phthalates, pegs, and phenoxyethanol and are vegan and cruelty-free.

11. Trendy Sunglasses

Sunglasses are more than just a UV protection solution — they are also seen as an important fashion statement. These trendy sunglasses from Huckberry are perfect for the man who loves to stay up-to-date with the latest fashion trends.

Wood Huckberry Sunglasses
Source: Huckberry

The sunglasses from Walden are made of natural materials and are meant to be highly adaptable, discreetly enhancing your appearance and experience whenever you go outside. They are modeled after 1950s rectangular frames, feature non-polarized lenses, and have 100% UVA/UVB protection.

You can buy the Woods sunglasses for $99 on Huckberry’s website.

12. Card-and-Money Clip Wallet

Wallets belong to the list of perfect retirement gift ideas for men for several reasons. This sleek and stylish wallet holds everything he needs while on the go, including cards, cash, and even a passport. Its slim design makes it easy to slip into any pocket, so he can always have it with him when he needs it.

Ludlow Moneyclip Wallet

The Ludlow money clip wallet is constructed of hard-wearing grained leather and cushioned in lovely calf leather. This fashionable design has a slim profile and allows for six cards to be stored, so it can easily fit into a jacket pocket or briefcase. It retails at $355.

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13. Flannel Button-Down Shirt

There are no better Christmas gifts for men who have everything than getting them warm and soft winter clothing — flannel shirts being a great choice. And when it comes to choosing a high-quality clothing item, Todd Snyder should be among your top online store choices.

Todd Snyder Men Shirt
Source: Todd Snyder

He is a world-renowned designer, and his line of classic flannel button-down shirts is perhaps his best-selling one. This particular flannel shirt is brushed cotton, giving it a solid but soft feel. This is an ideal piece to wear on its own or layered under a sweater or sports coat, and it can be purchased for $148 on Todd Snyder’s website.

14. Personalized Styling Box

Looking for cheap clothing or accessory gifts for men who have everything? This is when personalized styling boxes like Drape Fit come in handy.

Drapefit Homepage
Source: Drapefit

For only $20, Drape Fit assembles a box of clothing and accessory items that will fit your man’s personal style. All you have to do is complete a quiz, provide information about his styling preferences, and wait for the stylist-picked to arrive at your door. What’s more, Drape Fit allows customers to send back the items they don’t like, so they can have full control of keeping only the items they’ll wear.

15. Simple and Stylish Duffle Bag

This stylish duffle bag from Bravo Sierra also made its spot on our list of top gifts for men who have everything. With plenty of room for all his essentials, he can pack everything he needs for a weekend getaway or his trip to the gym.

Duffel Bag from Bravo Sierra
Source: Bravo Sierra

This duffle bag’s design is simple yet very slick and stylish, making it an ideal travel accessory. The bag is made from a black, heavy nylon body and features a seatbelt strap and an adjustable shoulder. You can purchase this highly practical gift on Bravo Sierra’s website for $65.

DID YOU KNOW: Men are very fond of stylish but practical accessories they can actually use, so If you’re looking for more gift ideas for people who like to travel, there are plenty of other options to choose from, including backpacks, suitcases, toiletry bags, and more.

16. Stainless Steel Ice Shaker

Another one on our list of gift ideas for men who have everything is a stainless steel shaker. So whether he’s a sports person or just wants to take his beverage everywhere he goes, the Stainless Steel Ice Shaker would be perfect for him.

Stainless Stell Shaker from Bravo Sierra
Source: Bravo Sierra

This protein shaker is made of 100% sweat-free stainless steel and can hold any beverage cold for more than 30 hours. It has an easy-to-open top and a twist-off agitator that can be used to infuse your drink or protein powder. You can purchase this shaker from Bravo Sierra’s website for $40.

17. Mirror Essentials

For the man who regularly works out and wants to get the best out of his home gym, this one belongs to the list of nice gifts for men who have everything. The Mirror Essentials provides hundreds of at-home workouts that are pre-recorded or on-demand, as well as the option to stream live classes.

Mirror from Mirror Essentials
Source: Mirror Essentials

The Mirror is the perfect addition to any home gym. It’s nearly invisible and comes with a heart rate monitor, yoga mat, yoga block, high-fidelity speaker system, front-facing camera, and more. For $995, you will get him a highly-practical addition to his home gym setting that we’re sure he’ll appreciate.

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18. Organic Food Subscription

When it comes to presents for individuals interested in cooking, surprising them with a meal subscription will count as one of the unique gift ideas for men that’ll bring a smile to their faces. We suggest you consider an organic company, such as Green Chef, that promises to provide only healthy meal ingredients.

Green Chef Homepage
Source: Green Chef

Green Chef’s subscription boxes start at $80.94 per week for three meals for two people. You have the option to pick a menu depending on the individual’s diet preference. All the ingredients needed for the meals are pre-measured and perfectly portioned, and all the recipes provide detailed cooking instructions, so there’s no waste or guesswork involved.

19. Liquor Gift

There’s hardly any man that doesn’t want to try a liquor he hasn’t tried before, so one of the unique gifts for men who have everything is purchasing a bottle or two of Flaviar’s finest liquor selection.

Whiskey Set from Flaviar
Source: Flaviar

On Flaviar’s website, you can choose from a wide variety of high-quality liquors that no man could resist, with prices starting at $46.99 per bottle. However, Flaviar also offers an Annual Gift Membership, which will help him explore a world of unique and delicious spirits — from rare whiskey to small-batch gin. He’ll also receive a quarterly shipment of hand-selected bottles for as low as $159 per year.

20. Hand-Crafted Gift Set

When it comes to cool gifts for men who have everything, many companies claim to offer such products, but not all of them live up to your expectations. For all the whiskey lovers out there, this Skull Globe Decanter Set is a gift with which you can’t go wrong.

Handcrafted gift set from Bestpoke Post
Source: Bespoke Post

The whiskey set is a perfect addition to any home that sets a vibe on its own. With a hand-crafted pinewood stand and mouth-blown Borosilicate glass, the detailed decanter with 750ml capacity and matching glasses are designed to be displayed and noticed. You can get this Skull Globe gift set from Bespoke Post’s website for $90.

21. Lego Collectors’ Edition

Who says that LEGO toys are for children and children only? LEGO can be great gifts for men who have everything, too. The company has a variety of products designed for adults, among which are some collectors’ items as well. And for the big Harry Potter fans, LEGO offers their Hogwarts™ Icons — Collectors’ Edition.

Lego Collector's Edition
Source: LEGO

The LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Icons are perfect for any fan of the series, recreating some of the most memorable images from Hogwarts in a fun and celebratory display piece. Selling for $299.99 on LEGO’s website, this collector’s item is sure to please any Harry Potter fan, young or old.

22. Language Course

Another one on the list of good gifts for men who have everything is a language course subscription. The LiveXP language platform offers a variety of courses to choose from, and it would be a fantastic opportunity for them to learn the language they’ve always wanted to speak.

LiveXP Homepage
Source: Live XP

LiveXP is known for providing affordable courses, and the exact price depends on the duration and number of lessons you choose. Apart from the vast choice of languages, LiveXP allows you to choose a tutor of your liking and acquire new language skills through 1-on-1 learning. What’s more, the courses can be accessed even from a smartphone, allowing learning from anywhere, anytime.

23. Surprise Trip

Are there better gifts for young men who have everything than booking a trip to their dream destination? With eDreams, you can get your man a flight and hotel for his surprise trip, allowing him to completely enjoy it without having to worry about the planning or logistics.

eDreams Homepage
Source: eDreams

Surprise him with a plane ticket to his dream destination, whether it’s a weekend getaway or a longer vacation. With this thoughtful gift, he can finally cross that bucket-list item off his list. Then, all he has to do is pack his bags and enjoy the flight!

24. AI Transcription Tool

For any busy man who wants to increase his working productivity, Trint could be among the greatest gift ideas for men who have everything. It is a revolutionary transcription service that uses AI to transcribe audio and video files in minutes, so they can save valuable time and be more productive. With this tool, he can quickly transcribe interviews, lectures, or any other type of audio file with ease.

Trint AI Transcription
Source: Trint

Trint’s artificial intelligence transcription tool transforms files into editable documents. Starting from $48, Trint can transcribe material in over 30 languages and translate it into more than 50, which allows for customized content for a worldwide audience.


There’s no better way to show your appreciation for a man who has everything than with a unique gift that is sure to impress. We sincerely hope that our carefully-constructed list of top gifts for men who have everything has helped you find the ideal gift for your man!


What is the best gift to gift a man?

Perhaps the best gift you can gift a man is what you already know he likes. Try to remember if there’s anything he likes that he frequently talks about or perhaps something that you’re sure he’d like.

What gifts do guys like most?

There are a lot of different things that guys like, but there are some gifts that seem to be universal favorites. In general, some bestseller gifts for men who have everything are practical and electronic gifts, carefully chosen pieces of clothing, or perhaps a personalized item.

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