What to Do if You Hear Clairaudience Ringing in Your Ears?


Do you ever catch yourself hearing voices and sounds when nobody is around and you just can’t tell where they’re coming from? Hearing voices is not always a sign of mental illness. It might just mean that you are clairaudient.

If you’re wondering whether you’re one of the people with this psychic sense, want to understand clairaudience, and how to make the most of it, you’re in the right place.

In this article, I will explain what clairaudience is, how to develop it, what to do if you experience clairaudience ringing in your ears, and more.

Understanding Clairaudience

Clairaudience is believed to be the ability to hear sounds beyond the normal hearing range, in a psychic sense. It literally means clear hearing.

Clairaudient people, or those who are believed to have the gift of clear hearing, are said to receive auditory messages from the spirit world. These mediumship messages might include certain words, phrases, names, and unintelligible sounds or music.

Clairaudience abilities aren’t the only type of psychic abilities. There are also:

  • Telepathy
    A general term that refers to the psychic ability to read someone else’s mind. It’s defined as the transfer of thought between two people without the use of the usual sensory communication channels.
  • Clairsentience
    The ability to feel emotions or sensations for guidance.
  • Claircognizance
    Described as a gut feeling that guides you.
  • Clairvoyance
    The ability to receive messages from spirits in the form of visions and symbols.

DID YOU KNOW: Unlike telepaths, the “clairs” obtain intuitive information from members of their spiritual team.

Examples of Clairaudience

People who are thought to have these abilities might not know that they possess this gift. They usually hear these voices when they’re at a crossroads, at a time of crisis, or in an emergency.

Here are some examples of clairaudience:

Hearing footsteps

If you hear a sound, like footsteps, but nobody is around, it’s likely that it is a message. Some clairaudient people with the psychic hearing claim that they sometimes receive warnings from the spirit world.


The voice(s) can sound as if it’s coming from inside your head, or as if something is being said by someone next to you. They can also appear in the form of your own voice, the voice of a loved one who has passed away, or a voice you don’t know.

There are also clairaudient dreams, where a person hears voices, believed to belong to a spirit, during their sleep.

Others sounds

There are many clairaudients who don’t know that they have intuitive gifts. Hearing voices is just one of the clairaudience signs. Some clairaudients hear high-pitched tones, deep hums, or nature sounds like the wind or the crackling of a fire.

If your clairaudient abilities are starting to open up, you may occasionally hear popping noises and ringing in your ears.

DID YOU KNOW: There is a clear distinction between clairaudience and psychosis. Clairaudient messages are positive or helpful and can be controlled. Those suffering from a mental illness usually report a negative experience when hearing voices.

Why Does This Phenomenon Occur?

It is unclear why some people are clairaudient and others are not, though there are some signs that can indicate a greater tendency toward clairaudience.

Clairaudience symptoms include an extra sensitivity to loud noises, proneness to daydream or talk to yourself, and a preference and need for a quiet environment.

One study published in the journal Mental Health, Religion and Culture found that clairaudients have a proclivity for absorption and both spiritual and non-spiritual auditory hallucination. The study showed that the higher the clairaudience experience was in frequency, the larger the proneness to absorption was.

Remember that spiritualism is not an exact science. Having any of these characteristics is not a guarantee that you are clairaudient.

DID YOU KNOW: Nearly 80% of the participants in the study reported experiencing clairaudience both in spiritualist settings and elsewhere.

How to Develop Clairaudience?

Some people are born with clairaudience. The voices and noises just appear one day and they may acknowledge the little voice inside their head or dismiss it. The clairaudient ability can appear out of nowhere at any time in your life but can also be an acquired skill.

There’s one simple exercise that may help you improve your clairaudience and it’s practicing your listening skills.

Find the right place

If you want to try to develop clairaudience, find a comfortable space to sit for a few minutes a day, close your eyes, and listen to the sounds around you. Start off by focusing on the sounds outside your apartment. Are you hearing a truck driving down the road or maybe children playing in the park?

Focus on your immediate surroundings

Then, move on to the sounds inside the room and your homes, like creaking floors or a pet running across the floor. Make sure you’re really focusing on the sound and not letting your mind wander.

Listen to yourself

Turn to your mind and your body. Try scaling yourself from head to toe for any sounds like buzzes, stretches, words, cracks, yawns, and anything else that can be observed via hearing.
Finally, turn your attention to your etheric body or the space around your physical body and look for any noises and sounds.

Consider doing this exercise several times a week. It can help you develop a keen sense of hearing and improve your intuition. Remember that developing clairaudience takes time.

Key Takeaways

Clairaudience is a (psychic) ability to hear sounds beyond the normal hearing range.
People who are sensitive to loud noises, like to daydream or prefer quiet places are believed to be more likely to develop clairaudience.
Some people are born with the gift of clairaudience.
If your ears are ringing because of clairaudience, try to push beyond the buzzing sound to figure out whether there’s a message you need to hear.
Developing clairaudience is not impossible but it takes time and effort.

Clairaudience and Ringing in the Ears

Ringing in the ears is probably one of the first signs of clairaudience.

Many believe that spirits emit frequencies when they try to communicate with you, which translate into high-pitched ringing sounds in your ears. Thus, if you’re experiencing ringing in your ears, it might be a spiritual message.

Bear in mind that there are some medical conditions, such as tinnitus, that can cause ringing in the ears. If it is a spiritual message, the clairaudience ringing in the ears would only last for a couple of seconds.

What to Do if You Hear Clairaudience Ringing in Your Ears

Here’s what you should do:

Quiet Your Mind

Quieting down your mind will help you focus on the sound only. When you make it less noisy inside your head, you will be able to better understand the message that the spirits are trying to get across to you.

To do this, close your eyes and take several deep breaths to relax your mind and body. Try to push away your internal voice (it’s always trying to fill in the silence) so you can truly listen to the sounds that surround you. If you want to practice clairaudience, you will have to improve your listening skills.

Listen to the Different Kinds of Sounds

We listen to sounds all the time when we go about our daily business. Unfortunately, these constant sounds can be a huge distraction to our day-to-day activities, which is why our brain is trained to only alert us of the sounds that matter.

Similarly, if you’re experiencing ringing in your ears because of clairaudience it’s likely that you’ll only focus on that sound. Well, you don’t have to.

Once you quiet your racing thoughts, listen to the different kinds of sounds. For example, if you hear birds singing, trying differentiating between the sounds the birds are making, which are high and low-pitch, and whether it’s the same bird that’s making them.

You can try this method with several other external sources, such as listening to children playing or a nearby festival, before turning your attention to your apartment, yourself, and finally the space around you.

This will help you become a better listener and deepen your understanding of clairaudience. Eventually, you will also learn how to differentiate between a message from the Higher Spirits and a random sound from the physical world.

Pay Attention

The ringing might only be the initial sound that you hear when a spirit is said to be reaching out to you. But, if you only focus on the ringing in your ears, you may miss out on the message hidden behind the noise.

When your ears start ringing, try pushing beyond the noise and start paying attention to other sounds. As previously mentioned, psychics believe that the ringing indicates that a spirit is in your vicinity and might try to send you a message through other means, such as a conversation or a song.

No Judgment

Try not to focus too hard on drawing a conclusion when listening. You do not have to figure out why or how these sounds are happening. You are just an observer. The meaning of the message, psychics say, will come to you when needed.

DID YOU KNOW: Some physics believe that the ringing is an indication of a spirit being near you. This is why it’s important not to focus solely on the ringing sound itself when it happens.

How to Improve Clairaudience?

Just like with any other skill, practice makes perfect.

Here are some tips on how to improve your clairaudience:


Practicing sensitizing your physical hearing is said to be the easiest way to improve clairaudience skills. You can do this by listening to sounds in your own surroundings or to music. The best exercises are considered to involve either classical music or new age music, where you can listen to the sounds of the instruments and then try to isolate each sound and determine which instrument it comes from.

It might prove challenging at first but once you master this technique, it will be easier for you to differentiate between sounds and recognize if they’re coming from another place.

Ask questions

Another way to develop clairaudient abilities is to ask questions or guidance from the Higher Spirits. Then wait to see if they will send an answer. Pick a question that’s important to your life path and ask the Higher Spirits to guide you.

After that, be on the lookout for random sounds, songs you hear on the radio, and even conversations. These are all channels through which the spirits might send you a message.

Work on your fifth chakra

Clairvoyance and clairaudience, as well as the other “clair” abilities, are believed to be connected to the chakras.

Intuitives believe that the fifth chakra is closely related to the clairaudient skill because it’s thought to be the very center of communication and truth. Developing and making sure the fifth chakra is balanced can help you come to terms with your true nature and beliefs and, in turn, contribute to the improvement of your clairaudient abilities.

You can try learning how to write affirmations and practice simple exercises aimed at balancing the fifth chakra such as neck stretches and certain yoga poses. Throat chakra stones are also thought to help. Some of them include blue tourmaline, aquamarine, turquoise, and lapis lazuli and come in natural shapes or in the form of bracelets for all-time protection.

Above all else, it’s important to speak the truth and keep a positive attitude because this greatly impacts the fifth chakra.


You can practice meditation to improve your abilities. Meditation helps to find peace within yourself and declutter your mind. Without internal peace, you will not be able to ignore distractions and focus on developing your clairaudient abilities.

You can try different types of meditation to figure out which style fits you the best. If you’re unsure where to start, do a quick online search for ways to meditate at home or opt for a meditation session with a professional.

Visit a psychic/intuitive

Some people who have spoken to psychics indicate experiencing clairaudience signs shortly after the session, like hearing voices or someone calling their name. Psychics say that working with them can help some individuals tap into their intuition and open them up to the spirit world.

While there, you can also ask for advice on improving your abilities or practice with your psychic. You can look up some amazing online psychic readings as well if you don’t have a psychic near you.

DID YOU KNOW: More advanced individuals who practice clairaudience for some time can isolate one instrument when listening to a song and follow it for its entirety.

How to Use Clairaudience?

The main benefit of having clairaudience skills is being able to connect to the spirit world and have access to the spirits’ knowledge and wisdom.

You can use your clairaudience abilities:

To help others

Psychics who are clairaudient use their skills to guide others by listening to mediumship messages from the spirit world related to their client’s question. This also allows them to center the discussion around topics that are important to the client. Some psychics with clairaudient abilities also claim they can connect you to a loved one that has passed away.

If you’re not a psychic but you are clairaudient, the spirits might sometimes send you mediumship messages about people that matter to you. You can then help them avoid certain situations or set them on the right path.

To help yourself (asking a question and getting an answer)

Clairaudients can reach out to the Higher Spirits for inner guidance and use their psychic abilities for decision making. If you are at a crossroads or in a difficult situation, you can use this psychic sense to get help from the spirit world. Your spirit team can also offer some intuitive information in case you want to know when something will occur in the future. You can try discussing the options out loud and see which one “rings true.”

To recognize the truth

Another, less known benefit to being clairaudient is the ability to tell when someone is lying. The reason behind this is believed to be a link between clairaudience and the fifth chakra, which is closely related to the truth.

To save yourself from a dangerous situation

Some clairaudients have claimed to have escaped dreadful events, such as a fire or a natural catastrophe, after being warned via a clairaudient message.

DID YOU KNOW: Tarot readers who are clairaudient have spoken of situations where they read something out loud and could sense the truth in the message they were reading from their cards. This is how they define clairaudience.

Wrap Up

Clairaudience is the ability to receive mediumship messages through your external and internal hearing. It’s a skill that can be developed, although some people are more prone to it than others.

Ringing in the ears is one of the most obvious signs of having this gift. If you experience clairaudience ringing in your ears, you should quiet your thoughts and internal voice and listen to the sounds around you to figure out if there’s a message the Higher Spirits are trying to send to you.


Is clairaudience an intuitive gift?

Yes, psychics believe that it’s an intuitive gift. Some people are born with the gift of clairaudience, but almost anyone can develop it if they work on their listening skills.

How to improve my clairaudience?

You should work on your listening skills. There are many exercises to practice, but they all involve quieting your mind, listening, and isolating various sounds. You can also try meditation, working on your fifth chakra, or visiting a psychic.

How can I learn clairaudience?

You can try learning clairaudience skills by working on your intuition and listening skills. It’s also important to differentiate between clairaudience and random noises. Clairaudience ringing in the ears is one of the most obvious signs of spirits trying to reach out to you.


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