50 Business Ideas for Women to Start Today!


As women-owned businesses are becoming more prominent, this may be the ideal time to take your first step into the business world. Whether you’re interested in starting a side hustle for extra money to supplement your income or you want to become an entrepreneur, you’re likely looking for good business ideas for women.

This article can help you find an idea that will work for you and help you start a business.

50 Business Ideas for Women

Although some business ideas require you to have certain skills and qualifications, you can start some businesses even without having any special credentials. The following list just scratches the surface of potential career ideas for women.

1. Blogger

Blogging is considered one of the best small business ideas for women because it lets you work from home, writing about what you care about. If you work as a blogger, you can make money from people reading your blog and being exposed to ads. Not only that, but you can generate money through affiliate sales, where customers buy products through your blog.

2. Content Writer

If you enjoy writing but don’t fancy running an online blog, you can work as a freelancer and take up content writing and use your writing skills to create articles and blog posts, but for other people. This is a great online business for ladies at home, as you don’t even have to leave the house to find your ideal customer.

3. Copywriter

Copywriting is similar to content writing, but with a marketing spin on things. In this position, you’d be looking to sell a product or service for a third-party company that hired you. Although you’d still need to have a keen writing talent, you should also be persuasive as well as competent.

4. Ghostwriter

For the more creative writers among you, ghostwriting is one of the lesser-known small business ideas for girls and women that lets you put forward your artistic side. You can write either fiction or non-fiction, as long as your name isn’t on the front cover.

5. Self-Publisher

You could also be on the other side of the coin by writing an ebook or hiring a ghostwriter to do it for you. Either way, you can then profit by selling the ebook online using a self-publishing service.

6. Proofreader

A proofreader makes sure that written content doesn’t have any errors. You can take courses in this skill, but you don’t need any formal training beyond a keen eye and a good understanding of spelling and grammar. There’s always a demand for good proofreaders.

7. Soap Maker

Organic products are some of the most up-and-coming business ideas for women in 2022, and the coming years are likely to see even more interest in organic goods. With the right permits, licenses, and training, you can take advantage of the market and take up organic soap making.

8. Graphic Designer

Freelance graphic design services are incredibly popular on job sites, and graphic design career is getting more and more popular. If you’re the artistic type, this is the perfect outlet for your skills.

9. Craft Seller

If you’re crafty, there’s a market out there for your goods. Recently, people have mostly been buying simple products like face masks, but there’s always a market for scarves and homemade jewelry. This is a simple business for ladies, as you can sell your products from online stores like Etsy.

10. Clothing Designer

On a similar note, clothing design is always a good business idea for skilled designers. You can sell your designs directly to manufacturers, or use them to make clothing for clients for a regular income.

11. Clothing Alterations

One way to use your sewing expertise could be to alter and repair clothing for customers. This is one of the simplest side business ideas for ladies.

12. Photographer

Are you handy with a camera and already like photography as a hobby? If so, freelance photography is potentially the job for you. You can take stock pictures or use your services for events and weddings to immortalize your client’s memories.

13. Social Media Manager

More and more companies are taking up social media marketing. Consulting as a social media manager, you can work from home or an office to make sure that these companies put their best foot forward.

14. Social Media Influencer

However, you may prefer to focus on your social media. As affiliate marketing and sponsorships can make a nice amount of money, this is one of the more popular women entrepreneurs ideas for good reason.

15. YouTuber

A YouTuber is a specific social media influencer. Although you’d need more technical skills to edit and plan your videos, with a good camera, microphone, and idea, you could be successful enough to make this your full-time job. If you’re still unsure, perhaps finding out the amount that YouTube pays for 1 million views will spike your interest.

16. Video Editor

If you have video editing skills but don’t want to make videos, a good remote business may be to edit other people’s videos. Whether it’s for Youtubers or corporations, there’s always a market for editing work.

17. Amazon/eBay Seller

If you have an eye for good deals, buying inexpensive goods at garage sales or on sale and selling them on could be a great remote business for ladies sitting at home. You could also restore things, then sell them for a higher price.

18. Hobby Teacher

Whether you like painting, music, or some other hobby or skill, you can make some money by teaching it to other people. This is one of those ideas that need a little bit of time to set up, but word of mouth can get the ball rolling.

19. Fitness Trainer

Many people want some motivation to help them get fit and healthy, and you can provide it, using your fitness knowledge to make some money on the side.

20. Food Truck Seller

A food truck is one of the best entrepreneur ideas for women who like to cook to set up a new business. Once you have the licenses and the equipment, nothing can stop you. If you have an idea that people love, a crowdfunding site can help you get started.

21. Caterer

If you prefer to stick to your kitchen when it comes to cooking, a catering business might be more your speed. Plenty of female business owners cater for events and parties—you just need to invest in the equipment and ingredients.

22. Baker

Baking from home is another option if you’d prefer to avoid face-to-face contact with your customers—you can send your baked goods to whoever orders them and manage everything online.

23. Landlady

One of the more interesting career ideas for women is to work as a landlady by buying a property, then renting it to other people. Although it can be a lot of work, it’s worth it for the passive income.

24. Real Estate Flipper

Many female entrepreneurs also go into real estate flipping—buying cheap property, doing some renovation work on it and flipping it for a profit.

25. Real Estate Agent

You can also sell properties for clients, rather than buying them and working on them. The property market is always moving, so there’s always a need for real estate agent services.

26. English Teacher

As the world is becoming more interconnected, more people try to learn English. With some qualifications, you can take advantage of one of the more up-and-coming business ideas for women at home and make teaching English your full-time job.

27. Tutor

If you have some teaching qualifications, you can also teach all kinds of subjects to help students with their education.

28. B&B Owner

As the hospitality industry is constantly growing, there’s always room for a small bed and breakfast proprietor, which is an especially good business idea if you own a property in a tourist-friendly area.

29. App Developer

As the world becomes more digitized, you could create an app development startup as a sole proprietor. Many companies want to incorporate apps and systems into their brands, making them the ideal customer for your services.

30. Web Designer

You could also act as a freelancer in the web design industry. This is a great business for ladies sitting at home, as you can work in a remote capacity for an online business or other organizations.

31. Event Planner

Whether it’s a wedding, an anniversary party, or some other event, someone needs to organize everything. This female-dominated industry requires a knack for organization and planning.

32. Home Organizer

Leading busy lives, many people find themselves needing help organizing the home, so this side hustle is a great way to make some extra money.

33. Virtual Assistant

On a similar note, you could act as a virtual assistant for someone’s career or everyday life. Make sure to keep track of their tasks and appointments, providing much-needed business support.

34. Bookkeeper

As bookkeepers record financial transactions and keep track of purchases, this is one of the perfect business ideas for women at home who have an eye for numbers.

35. Transcriber

Transcribers listen to audio recordings of reports, meetings, and documents and type them out so that they can be read back. It’s a simple business idea, but someone has to do it.

36. Childcare

As mentioned, people are busy and families especially so. Many parents are desperate for childcare services, so this is an easy way for you to make some money from home.

37. Travel Agent

No matter whether you start a business as a travel agent or join an agency, either way, you’ll help people find their ideal vacation and work from home, so this increasingly popular profession is another one of the great business ideas for women in 2022.

38. Cleaner

It’s not a glamorous job, but there’s always a market for domestic and office cleaners. Without needing any qualifications, you can make a nice bit of extra money in your spare time by tidying someone’s home.

39. Laundry

On a similar note, you’d be surprised how many people need laundry services. If you have a washing machine and dryer and don’t mind ironing, you could make some cash doing people’s laundry.

40. Pet Sitter

When people go on vacation, they often don’t know what to do with their furry friends. By setting up a pet sitting business, you can start earning a regular income by taking care of people’s pets.

41. Dog Walker

This is one of the ideal small business ideas for girls who are starting their entrepreneurial journeys, as many people are willing to spend a few dollars for someone to exercise their dogs.

42. Mobile Pet Groomer

If you put the funding in for the right dog grooming tools and a van, you could pamper pooches for a living. However, you may need some experience beforehand, as it isn’t as easy as you may think.

43. Gardener

Just as people want their houses to look beautiful, they also want their exteriors to be attractive. If you have a green thumb or even just a lawnmower, you could try providing gardening services.

44. Massage Therapist

If you have the qualifications, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t start a freelance masseuse business.

45. Customer Service Agent

Most companies require someone to speak to their customers, which makes this a simple business for ladies to take up, and you can work from anywhere as well.

46. Data Entry

Data entry is also simple, but you rarely have to speak to customers. This work doesn’t require a lot of experience, so it’s easy to get into.

47. Florist

If you like arranging flowers, you can sell your designs, and even set up an online business and work from home.

48. Wall Painter

Interior wall painting is hard work, but it doesn’t require a lot of skill and can be fulfilling.

49. Makeup Artist

If you’re skilled at makeup, why not help other people look beautiful? You can provide services for weddings and other events to plenty of customers.

50. Hairstylist

Weddings and other events also require hairstylists, making them great side business ideas for ladies.

Key Takeaways

There are plenty of business ideas perfect for women.
Some ideas require qualifications, while others don’t.
Many of these ideas allow you to work from home.
Choosing the right business idea requires thought and planning.
Did You Know? Women account for 41% of the global workforce and own 31% of the small businesses or franchises in the US.

How to Choose the Right Business Idea

Now, this list only touches on some of the most popular answers to what is the best business for a woman to start, but it can be hard to pin down the right idea for you. The good news is that there are some pointers to help you out.

First, you need to pick something that you’re passionate about. If you love writing, for example, you’re more likely to enjoy a business designed around this passion.

Second, it needs to be something that you’re skilled at. As a business owner, you’re presenting yourself as a professional, so you should be competent and qualified enough for the job.

Finally, you should pick something that you have the resources for. If your business needs equipment, tools, and permits, you should be prepared for this.

Did You Know? There are 9 female entrepreneurs for every 10 male entrepreneurs in the US.

Must-Knows Before Starting a Business

Once you know which one of these entrepreneur ideas for women you want to realize, you need to understand how best to run your business and sell your product or services.

First, you need to understand who your ideal customer is, so you can tailor your business idea to their needs.

You also need a funding plan for your business. If you don’t have the cash, you could use a business loan or a startup business credit card. Make sure that you consider the scaling of your business in your budget even when it comes to online business for ladies at home, so you’re able to control its growth.

You also need to know what tools and software you need to get started, certainly before your first project. Some good business tax software is always useful.

Did You Know? You can use a startup business credit card with no credit to build up your score.


Starting a business isn’t easy, but there’s no reason to put it off. With a huge choice of women entrepreneurs ideas at your disposal, as long as you plan ahead and you’re confident that in your passion and skills, you’re halfway there. From there, make sure that you have the funding and tools that you need, and that you know who you’re catering to.


What are the most successful small businesses?

If you’re talking about profits, food trucks are one of the most up-and-coming businesses, especially in urban areas, but as long as you focus on a good niche and you have a good product, you can be very successful in other businesses as well. Fitness training and childcare are also always popular.

What business is good for beginners?

Blogging is one of the simplest business ideas for women that requires no qualifications. You don’t even need any money to set it up—just start a blog and get typing about a topic that interests you.

What is the best business for women to start?

The best business for you depends on your passions and skills. Blogging and freelancing cater to most skills, so you’re sure to find something that works for you.


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