27 Side Dishes You Can Serve with Your Pizza


Pizza is everyone’s favourite, but sometimes pizza is not enough. If you’re wondering what to serve with pizza, our guide lists all the best side dishes you can serve with pizza. With plenty of options to choose from, you’ll undoubtedly find something to your liking.

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Why Serve a Side Dish with Pizza?

Pizza is a complete meal on its own. So why would you need to serve a side dish alongside it? There are several reasons why you should. A pizza night is always a good idea, but it also means that you probably need to feed at least a few people, and, in most cases, pizza alone won’t be enough. So pizza side dishes will make everyone happy and well-fed at the end of the night, thanks to the complementary sides.

Pizza may not be the healthiest meal in the world, so having salad or vegetables as side dishes would be a healthier choice. And a side dish is always an enjoyable addition to the table.

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What to Serve with Pizza: 27 of the Best Side Dishes

Soups, salads, vegetables, meat, and even bread are foods that pair with pizza well. Consider the following list of the best side dishes for you to try out.


Even though it may seem strange, soup is a light meal that pairs well with any food, including pizza. The choices are endless with soup—from a refreshing tomato flavour to a creamy mushroom soup (a great dip substitute) to cold soup. Regardless of the flavours you choose, soup is a perfect choice for an appetiser.


When wondering what to have with pizza, don’t forget about ratatouille. This hearty vegetable stew is chock-full of aubergine, courgette, squash, and bell peppers. And with a dollop of mascarpone cheese, this flavour explosion goes exceptionally well with any pizza—just be careful not to overeat.


Coleslaw is an excellent option if you want something refreshing with your pizza. The crunchy carrots and cabbage create the perfect contrast between the pizza and the coleslaw. And it’s quite healthy if you forgo the mayo dressing. (If you make your own coleslaw, chill it before serving.)

Caesar Salad

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The classic Caesar salad is one of the most commonly prepared sides for pizza. Food pairing pizza with this side dish is an excellent preference because the croutons add the much-desired crunch to the cheesy softness of the pizza. And since it’s a salad, you can rest easy knowing you ate healthily.

Tomato & Mozzarella Salad

The tomato is a pizza’s best friend. While tomato sauce is the classic pizza base, tomatoes are a great idea for a pizza topping and a killer side dish. Slice some tomatoes, put them on a plate, top it off with thin mozzarella slices and olive oil and enjoy a plate full of freshness in no time.

Leafy Green Salad

Are you looking for healthy sides for pizza? Chop up some lettuce, slice some cucumbers and add a little spinach, and you’ve got yourself a tasty, classic leafy green salad—the perfect healthy pizza companion.


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The delicious healthy avocado has won its badge of popularity in recent years, as it pairs well with most anything—pizza included. You can prepare guacamole, put in it a salad, or enjoy avocado slices with your pizza—a truly versatile food.


Another healthy side dish with pizza is boiled or roasted asparagus, an ideal snack as one of the pizza accompaniments. Plus, the contrasting texture of the vegetable is a welcome surprise to any pizza night party.

Roasted Vegetables

Roasted vegetables are the perfect hearty and healthy addition to a pizza dinner. Roasted vegetables as a pizza side dish have other benefits, too. You can roast your favourite vegetable or mix and match different veggies for more flavour. But the best part about this dish is that it’s quick and easy to prepare.

Courgette Chips

If you’re unsure about what to eat with pizza, courgette chips are one of our go-to suggestions. These delicious chips are easy to make and healthier alternatives to the well-beloved French fry. This dish is a twist on the classic French fry, but instead of potatoes, use courgettes and bake them instead of frying.

Aubergine Parm Bites

Aubergine can be a great snack, especially when you cut it into bite sizes, coat it with parmesan, and pop it in the oven. This is definitely on the list of good sides for a pizza party—just don’t forget a dip with this dish.

Jalapeno Poppers

If you wish to add some spice to your pizza night, jalapeno poppers are the way to go. Jalapeno peppers are spicy, but when you fill them with cheese and bake them, you get a cheesy, crunchy adventure that makes your pizza journey unforgettable.

Onion Rings

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A favourite at every party, onion rings are a fun addition to your pizza night. These crunchy, salty rings are one of those side dishes for pizza you can snack on while waiting for your pizza. You can make them at home or prepare the store-bought ones—you can’t go wrong either way.

Marinated Olives

Olives are a tasty snack, and marinating and serving them with pizza is a way to level up your game. Find a recipe you like and marinate the olives to your taste. And if you add capers and lemon zest, we guarantee that no one will be able to resist them.

Spinach Dip

What goes with pizza better than a cheesy dip? You can prepare a spinach & cheese dip in no time. Dip your pizza slice in or spread the dip on your pizza—both are good ways to satisfy that cheese craving.

Couscous Salad

When you fancy a Mediterranean-style pizza and want a side dish with matching flavours, we recommend couscous salad. Couscous is served cold and can be combined with such fresh vegetables as cucumbers, tomatoes, red onions, and coriander. This salad can also be served as a light meal alone, but it goes great with pizza.

Potato Salad

When conflicted about what to serve with pizza at a UK pizza party, potato salad is a safe bet. It’s tasty, filling, and simple to make. So if you’re having a large party, potato salad will ensure that everyone’s well-fed at the end of the night. And if you can’t manage to make many pizzas from scratch for your party, you can turn to one of the best frozen pizza brands available on the UK market and pop these pre-made pizzas in the oven.

Tater Tots

As one of the best sides with pizza, tater tots are a favourite among children and adults. Tater tots are already half-cooked, so you just need to put them in an oven or air fryer for a short time, and you’ll have a hot, delicious side dish.

Bruschetta Bar

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Building on an Italian theme, a bruschetta bar is a perfect companion for pizza. All you need is a board to serve several types of Italian cheese, cold cuts, and crackers. Top it off with some dried fruit, and you have a fancy bruschetta bar.

Fig and Prosciutto Board

If you’re looking for simple sides to go with pizza, a fig and prosciutto board is the simplest side dish you can prepare. Put some prosciutto on a board, slice some figs and add them to the board. You have a side dish ready to be served in just a few minutes.

Chicken Wings

Do you want something crispy to add to your pizza experience? Chicken wings are just what you’re looking for. Fried or baked, you’ll undoubtedly get that crisp effect. And don’t forget a sauce or dip for these chicken wing sides to have with pizza—and great for dipping pizza crust. (For an even better experience, make sure your pizza has the best type of crust.)


For meat lovers, we recommend bite-sized meatballs as a side dish on pizza night, unleashing savoury flavour in each bite. You can eat them on the side or put them on top of your pizza for an enhanced pizza experience.

Fruitti di Mare

What goes well with pizza? Many additions make for an excellent food pairing with pizza, and seafood is one. Fruitti di Mare (fruit of the sea) will satisfy your craving for something fresh and juicy. You can combine different types of seafood or serve your all-time favourite. Squeeze some lemon juice over your seafood, sprinkle with chopped parsley, and enjoy fine Italian cuisine.

Pasta Salad

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If there’s anything more Italian than pizza, it’s pasta. If you wish to go full-Italian at your pizza party, serve pasta salad. Combine it with fresh veggies and dressing, and you have a deliciously refreshing side dish suitable for any gathering.


Are you feeling uneasy about what to serve with pizza at a party? Breadsticks will always be a party hit. But why have bread with pizza? These two pair surprisingly well. Your guests won’t be able to stop snacking on your delicious breadsticks.

Garlic Bread

Garlic bread can also be served with pizza. The cheesy filling and aromatic scent make it a culinary experience. And combined with pizza, you’re in for a double treat. This is one of the pizza side dishes you can prepare at home or order from one of the great pizza chains in the UK that offer garlic bread. The two make a killer combo.

Mozzarella Sticks

Saving the best for last, mozzarella sticks are the perfect choice for any occasion. They go well with almost everything, but they’re especially good with pizza. They’re soft, cheesy, and delicious, and if you dip them in a marinara sauce, you can experience the matching flavours of pizza and mozzarella merging in your mouth.

DID YOU KNOW? Pizza is good for your health. Lycopene is an antioxidant found in tomato sauce that prevents cancer and heart disease. A single pizza serving provides more than half of the lycopene in a person’s diet. (Something to remember the next time you feel guilty for indulging in a slice.)


What to serve with pizza is a question for every host of pizza night. Our guide has provided you with 27 of the best side dishes to choose from for your next pizza party, or pick a favourite to have at home.


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