Top 10 Pizza Chains in the UK [Good Quality and Value]


Pizza is always the go-to choice of food for parties, family gatherings, or just an ordinary night in. But you can’t always take the time to make homemade pizza. So we’ve listed the most popular pizza chains in the UK for the next time you go out to eat or for delivery or takeaway.

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Top 10 Best Pizza Chains UK

You don’t want to go wrong when you go out for pizza or order takeaway. So we’ve prepared a list of the 10 best pizza chains that offer excellent pizza.

Pizza Express

Inspired by the founder’s trip to Italy, Pizza Express is the UK’s oldest pizza chain, founded in 1965. Since its first restaurant on Wardour Street in London, this chain has specialised in making traditional, handmade Italian pizza.

Pizza Express is found in more than 470 locations in the UK, offering both in-house dining and takeaway. If you want to enjoy the best pizza in the UK, Pizza Express is a great choice. Its menu is extensive and diverse and can accommodate many dietary needs. Pizza Express boasts an all-vegan shop in London and even offers a low-calorie pizza. But the best thing about Pizza Express is that you can enjoy a fresh pizza at an affordable price.

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut is a US pizza chain that first came to the UK in 1973. Today, this chain has more than 700 locations across the UK, offering more options from Italian-American cuisine, including pasta, desserts, starters, and side dishes. Besides being one of the top pizza chains in the UK, the company is also the world’s largest cheese buyer.

Pizza Hut’s official website states that its menu varies according to the location. In general, they have a good pizza selection, including gluten-free and vegetarian options and many meat-and-cheese varieties. You also have the option to get your Pizza Hut order delivered to your home. The restaurant also offers a free salad with every pizza order and free delivery—so you can order a pizza at a reasonable price.


From our list of pizza chains in the UK, Domino’s Pizza is often cited as the most popular chain, dating from 1985. This brand—found in 1,100 locations in the UK—prides itself in its speedy delivery of freshly baked pizzas, making Domino’s stand out among the competition.

When it comes to pizza diversity, Domino’s ranks well; it has two vegetarian options besides the numerous meat topping combinations. But compared to other pizza chains, its prices are higher—the price you pay to have your pizza delivered in 20 minutes. The restaurant, however, often has promotional offers. So you can enjoy your favourite pizza at a discounted price.

Papa John’s Pizza

Being one of the top 10 pizza chains in the UK, Papa John’s has a lot to offer, including thick-crust pizza, doughy snacks, and desserts. Founded in the US in 1985, this chain opened up its first UK shop in 1999 and has since expanded to 400 locations.

With Papa John’s delivery and takeaway, you can choose any one of the top 10 pizza types in the UK at prices in the mid-to-high range. But what makes the restaurant stand out from other pizza chains in the UK is its Two For Tuesday offer—get two large pizzas for the price of one every Tuesday.

Bella Italia

Founded in 1978 in the UK, Bella Italia is renowned for its authentic Italian food. The restaurant’s Italian experience spans across 110 locations in the UK, offering many signature dishes prepared exclusively with fresh ingredients.

Bella Italia can accommodate many dietary restrictions, from gluten-free pizza and pasta to low-calorie meals and vegan options. Besides enjoying the best pizza for UK standards, you can also check out Bella Italia’s allergen menu, found in each restaurant and online. You can find something that fits your price range at Bella Italia or enjoy its Bottomless Pizza offer, which lets you eat as much pizza as you like for £12 per person, Monday to Thursday.

If you don’t feel like going out, Bella Italia also offers delivery and takeaway options for you to enjoy their delicious pizza at home.


The nkdpizza franchise is one of the youngest on our list. Founded in 2006 in New Orleans, nkdpizza set up shop in the UK in 2020 and is now located in five cities, with plans for further expansion. Thanks to its healthy yet delicious food, nkdpizza’s business has quickly become one of the top UK pizza chains.

The pizzas of nkdpizza are made from their signature 10-grain dough. Besides vegan options this delivery and takeaway chain offers, its pizza topping combinations are endless, ranging from familiar favourites to exotic ones.

The prices at nkdpizza are reasonable, and you can also take advantage of such offers as their ‘Couples NKD night in’ or ‘Big NKD family night in’, with which, if you can’t eat it all, you’d be happy to reheat leftover pizza.


Fireaway was established in 2016 and has been offering the best pizza in the UK ever since at over 80 locations. What makes Fireaway stand out from other pizza chains is the possibility to mix and match great topping ideas for your pizza. All the ingredients used at Fireaway are authentically Italian, and the pizzas are baked in a stone-fired oven in only three minutes.

The best aspect about this chain is that your pizza is hand-stretched, freshly baked, and delivered to your door in no time at an affordable price.


Zizzi is one of the most well-known and best pizza chains UK has to offer. Founded in 1999, the franchise has expanded to more than 130 locations across the UK and Ireland. Inspired by Italian cuisine, these restaurants boast hand-stretched pizza with a big, crispy base and various topping combinations.

Besides pizza, Zizzi also offers other traditional Italian dishes that you can order online, with free delivery. The prices are affordable; plus, you can use a discount code when ordering online. The whole experience is very convenient.

Donnelli’s Pizzeria

Donnelli’s Pizzeria was founded as a family-run business in Norwich in 2012. Since then, it has expanded to 24 locations across the country, offering Italian pizza made with traditional ingredients and methods. Being one of the newer pizza brands in the UK, it’s surprising to see the wide variety of pizzas available at Donnelli’s.

If you choose to dine in, the restaurants pride themselves on their family-friendly atmosphere, or you can order online. Either way, the prices are very reasonable.

Pizza Pilgrims

Pizza Pilgrims is a rising star in the pizza chain industry. Founded in 2012, these pizzerias are found at nine London locations. Even though it’s newer and not as widespread as some other pizza chains, Pizza Pilgrims is one of the most significant pizza chains in London, recognisable for their motto, ‘In crust we trust’.

What’s unique about these restaurants is their so-called ‘immersive pizza experience’, with each room’s decor inspired by a different region of Italy and its food. Although you could opt for takeaway, in this case, we recommend dining in.

Pizza Pilgrim prices are very reasonable—even on the low side, considering the quality of the pizza. And you can indulge in their Bottomless Pizza offered on Saturdays.

DID YOU KNOW? Italian restaurants and pizza restaurants are the most popular dining venues in the UK. The pizza delivery market is currently worth £2.1 billion, with Domino’s Pizza boasting the No.1 spot, which is understandable since the UK is home to Domino’s largest franchise.


Now that you’re familiar with the top 10 pizza franchises in the UK, you can decide which pizza venue suits you best and dine out or order your favourite pizza. You could also put them on your list and try them all out. You can’t go wrong with your choice.


Who makes the best pizza in the UK?

There are many excellent pizza venues in the UK. But if you want the very best pizza chain in the UK, Pizza Express and Pizza Hut are our top two choices.

What is the most popular pizza chain in the UK?

Domino’s is one of the best pizza chains UK residents love to frequent. The Domino’s Pizza Group in the UK sells one pizza every three seconds. No one can top that kind of popularity.


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