How to Use VPN on Netflix in 2024 [Simple Guide to Follow]


Find out all you need to know about how to use VPN on Netflix and enjoy a variety of different movies and shows that may not be available in your home country.

If you love a good plot, you’ll definitely enjoy a variety of movies and compelling TV shows available on Netflix. But how available are they exactly?

Netflix has different content available in different countries, which is why it blocks the usage of VPN. Knowing how to use VPN on Netflix can significantly expand your available content and let you enjoy your favorite shows while traveling.

We provided step-by-step instructions to help you enjoy a different perspective that’s not related to your location.

Why Doesn’t Netflix Have the Same Library in Every Country?

Every country that Netflix is available in, has its own set of movies and TV shows that the subscribers from that country can watch. Unless, of course, they change the Netflix location.

The reason for this inconsistency is that the distributors of movies and shows may have different contracts regarding streaming rights in different regions. If a streaming service owns the exclusive right to air a specific show or movie in a certain territory, that title probably won’t be available on Netflix. This also applies to any of the other streaming services within that territory, depending on the agreement.

In simple terms, Netflix doesn’t have the right to stream all shows in all countries.

Other than a selection of “Netflix originals” that are available to all Netflix subscribers because Netflix has international streaming rights to most of them, the differences between specific markets can be pretty substantial.
This makes some great content unavailable to Netflix subscribers depending on their home country unless they know how to change their Netflix location.

But let’s see what the differences are and who has the best Netflix library.

According to the data from January 2021, the largest Netflix library is in Ireland, numbering over 6,379 titles. Just to compare, certain countries have under 1,000 titles.

The number of titles available on Netflix in a certain country is not the only criteria to determine the quality of the offer. Some of the most popular and best-rated TV shows and movies are a huge plus and have a great influence on how desirable a specific Netflix library is.

Netflix checks your IP address and based on that it determines your location and gives you the appropriate catalog of titles.

The good news is that there is a way for you to change your Netflix region and watch movies and TV shows of your choice without leaving your house. That’s where some of the greatest VPNs may come in handy.

Did you know: With its vast network of paying subscribers worldwide, counting over 207 million in the first quarter of 2021, Netflix is one of the most successful streaming services in the world. The greatest portion of subscribers, over 74 million, is located in the US and Canada.

Why Does Netflix Block VPN?

Netflix blocks VPN to prevent you from accessing the content that’s not available in your home country because it doesn’t own the rights to stream specific content within that territory.

Netflix blocks you from accessing all of the titles based on your location, which it determines using your region-specific IP address.

But, if you use a VPN, it secures your connection using encryption and tunnels your internet traffic, so it’s more difficult to track your online activities back to you. It also provides you with a different IP address than the one that is specific to your location.

Because it’s harder to track your online activity and determine your physical whereabouts, using a VPN is also a great way to change the country on Netflix and access movies and TV shows that are unavailable to you due to regional restrictions.

Although using a VPN this way isn’t illegal, it is against Netflix’s Terms & Conditions.

Netflix is responsible for streaming certain content only within the territories that it has the right to do so. If this service suspects that you’re using a VPN to simulate a different Netflix location, you will receive a message saying that there was a streaming error.

Also, Netflix collects your behavior data to determine the best business moves in the future, and you using a VPN is not in their best interest.

Although there is a movement of unsatisfied subscribers who are lobbying against this practice, Netflix blocking VPN is still a common issue and gradually there are fewer and fewer VPN services able to overcome the blockage. So far, only the bigger players within the VPN service business can afford to play the cat and mouse game with Netflix.

The trick is that they continuously buy new IP addresses as soon as one of the previously used ones has been detected. Subscribers of Netflix that try to unblock its restricted content also have an important role in this. They help by notifying their VPN services as soon as their address has been blacklisted on Netflix.

Did you know: When blocking the usage of VPN, Netflix doesn’t differentiate between someone who is trying to access Netflix libraries in other countries or is using this option for safety reasons only. This is very inconvenient for a lot of users who are concerned about the vulnerability of their data. Find out more about a VPN’s usage and how secure a VPN is.

Key Takeaways

Due to various streaming rights, Netflix offers different titles available within different territories.
Netflix uses your IP address to determine your location and what catalog to present you with.
To go past this blockage, you may use Netflix via a VPN server that will make you look like you’re in a different country and have access to titles available within that territory.
Netflix blocks the usage of VPNs to avoid streaming content that it doesn’t have permission for in a specific country.
There are fewer VPNs that can get past the Netflix blockage every day.

How to Use VPN on Netflix

Although the mechanism Netflix uses for VPN blockage is among the best ones, it’s not perfect and is possible to get around.

If you’re not comfortable with not having access to the content you’re paying for when traveling, or you simply want to make sure that your data is kept as safe as possible, here is a step-by-step instruction on how to use Netflix with VPN.

Bear in mind that the number of VPNs that can avoid Netflix blockage to choose from is fewer by the day, so give extra attention to the very first step.

Find the Appropriate VPN and Sign Up for the Service

Follow some basic guidelines when it comes to choosing the appropriate VPN service and try to look for the ones that have a free trial period. That way you can make sure that the VPN you choose can successfully unlock Netflix content available outside of your home country. Once you choose a service and decide on the subscription type, the next step should be pretty simple.

Download and Install the App

Download the app from the app store you normally use on your device and follow the simple installation steps. You can use the VPN to stream content on your phone, computer, or any other device of your choice that you can watch Netflix on.

Connect to a Server in the Country Whose Library You Want to Access

When starting the VPN, make sure to have a clear idea of what Netflix library has the title or titles you want to watch. Then choose a non-US VPN server, or to be more specific – a server located in the country whose library you want to access.

Go to Netflix and Look at the Updated Catalog

Go to Netflix as you normally would. If everything went smoothly, you should find a different selection of titles depending on the country your VPN server is located in.

Now all you have to do is enjoy. But just in case something goes wrong, here are some basic instructions on how to get around the Netflix VPN block.

If the infamous streaming error notification pops up on your screen, just follow the simple steps that should eliminate the problem.

The first step would be to clear your browser cookies and cache memory. You can also try accessing your Netflix account in incognito mode or changing the VPN server you are connected to. If none of that works, contact your VPN service customer support for further instructions.

Did you know: Finding how to unblock Netflix requires that you choose the right VPN service. Not all VPN services have the means to avoid their ban and provide a good and consistent streaming experience. If you don’t want to stare at the buffering wheel instead of enjoying your favorite show, check out some of the best VPNs for streaming.


Regardless of whether you want to watch your favorite show while traveling or you’re interested in exploring the hidden treasures of the various regional Netflix libraries, now you know how to change your location on Netflix.

Netflix is fully devoted to blocking VPN usage. However, if you are caught using a VPN, your account won’t be blocked and you will be able to continue using Netflix without a VPN. At least until you decide to try another VPN service.


Does VPN work on Netflix?

Netflix blocks VPN due to their policy of staying within the boundaries of their right to stream certain content within a specific territory. However, some VPN servers found a successful way to go around the Netflix VPN block. But they are fewer by the day.

Does Avast VPN work with Netflix?

At the moment of writing this article, Avast VPN seems to be blacklisted by Netflix and all attempts of using it for streaming ended up in streaming error notifications. Maybe this is a temporary setback, but always try to choose a VPN service that has a free trial just to make sure you’ll be able to get around the geo-blocks.

Is it illegal to use a VPN for Netflix?

It’s against Netflix’s Terms & Conditions, however, it’s not illegal. You can use a VPN for tunneling your internet traffic and protecting your privacy. The only exception is if you’re in a country where the usage of VPN is considered illegal.

Will Netflix ban you for using VPN?

Probably not. If you know how to use VPN on Netflix and get detected using it, the service will end the streaming and report an error. But once you turn the VPN off and access your account, you will be able to watch the titles available in your location.


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