Company Launch Press Release [The Guide for Startups]


One of the first tasks that most startups struggle with is creating awareness of their brand with a targeted audience. While persistent companies eventually get their name and products known over time, getting a jumpstart will propel growth at a faster pace.

One way to do this is by executing a company launch press release. This article will give you a working overview of what happens in a press release, what makes them an effective media strategy, launch an effective campaign, and other information that should give you a working idea for getting your brand out into the market. We’ll also give you tips on how to write an effective press release.

What Makes a Company Launch Press Release Special?

A press release is information that the press or media influencers can use to broadcast your company. It’s commonly used by marketers and PR practitioners whenever they want to advertise certain information about their organization to draw the immediate attention of a large audience. A press release is done through the press—so companies must release information that the press and any other media coverage outlet would find valuable.

There are various types of press releases that are different in some ways, yet the same. Nearly anything related to an organization can have a press release. Here are five of the most common examples.

Company Launch

New companies need press releases in order to gain public awareness faster, which is especially helpful for reaching the target market even at the earlier stages of the business. Press releases should help new companies gain interest, give information, and initially establish their presence with the public.

Product Launch

Some companies typically have a press release each time they have a new product to launch on the market. These products may be a new concept that needs some promotions to quickly get it acquainted with the market or a new version of a crowd favorite that must be hyped. A brand launch press release is usually used to get people excited about a product.

Website Launch

Nowadays, websites serve as the primary point of contact between a business and its clients. This applies especially to companies relying on e-commerce to drive sales. So, for example, writing a press release for a new website should drive a lot of traffic even at the early stages of the launch.

New Partnerships

Businesses also use press releases when they want to announce new partnerships, letting the public know the state of ownership or any management concerns necessary to stakeholders. Sometimes this is also a tactic used by publicly traded corporations when they form a merger that can potentially increase the value of stock units. A startup press release might also be used when the new business forms a partnership with an existing, more reputable company, developing its credibility through association.


Press releases for events are also used by companies when they want to attract guests. These could be galas or a stockholder’s meeting that needs to be publicized or a product demonstration open to a large crowd.

Is a Press Release for New Businesses Important?

Now, let’s go over the reasons why you should send a press release.

Build Brand Awareness

Building brand awareness is one of the key reasons why new companies want to produce a press release. New companies, however, often struggle with getting their name out in a saturated world of information, which is why a new brand press release is essential. By issuing press releases, journalists can broadcast to a broader range of audiences and entice public interest about new companies.

Gain Traffic

Without media clamor, it’s nearly impossible to draw traffic to websites in a short amount of time. A well-written press release that effectively uses SEO techniques can improve rankings on Google, which is imperative for those selling merchandise online, as higher traffic means higher probabilities of generating sales.

Company Legitimacy

A company’s reputation is an invaluable asset. Unfortunately, it’s not often that new companies can automatically gain public trust, given the number of scams in the marketplace. A press release, however, helps new companies increase legitimacy since journalists don’t wish to taint their reputations by unintentionally promoting a fraudulent business.

Drive-Up Value

A relatively new and obscure publicly traded company can use press releases to showcase its business. Successful press releases not only attract customers but also entice new investors. Moreover, when done correctly, a press release for startups creates a positive impression about the company’s potential—positive enough to drive up the prices of its stocks.

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Key Takeaways

Press releases are an ideal way to broadcast information about your company.
Journalists are the first you want to take an interest in your story.
Headlines should serve as signposts to guide the reader to what the story is about.
Specific facts make the story better.

When to Write a Press Release

Timing is essential. Here are some of the best timings to write a press release.

Launching Your Business

  • A press release for a new business provides new companies a grand entrance in the public eye, which is best done before the formal launch or within the soft launch period.
  • While there is no exact number of days required to make a press release effective, the idea is to release one within a time that would be enough to build hype, but not too long before the business’s opening to avoid the natural dying down of interest.
  • Some businesses issue a press release six months before they launch and follow it up with a series of mini releases as they move along. Some companies, however, issue a press release during their soft launch to make products available as information gets available.

Launching Your New Product

  • A company aims to market its products and get them sold. Press releases can be done in anticipation of a product, generating a good buzz before the product launch, especially if the product is a unique concept. Once the product has been launched, there should already be enough awareness in the target market.
  • Producing a brand launch press release after a new product launch is also effective in driving sales, giving the audience immediate access to the sales channel to make purchases immediately.
  • Companies can also hire great press release distribution services before they launch a new product into the market.

IPO Season

Press releases can affect the stock value of a publicly-traded company. If a press release can excite investors, there could be enough demand to drive up prices and increase the company’s overall value.

Crisis Management

A press release is also a powerful communication strategy. A press release also allows a company to make an official announcement to explain any issues (good or bad) and mitigate any detrimental effects to the company’s image.

NOTE: Many companies hire expensive PR managers to write press releases.

An Effective Press Release

When writing a new company press release, or any other type of press release, it should first attract the attention of journalists. After that, your story competes for attention. The features of your company must be attractive enough for journalists to want to publish.

An effective press release begins with a catchy topic, highlighted by a good headline. So how do you write a press release headline? The headline should be clear and informative, prompting the overall idea of what your news will be about—press release headlines should be able to encompass the gist of the entire story in a few words. Avoid the clickbait approach and keep your headline relatively short. Journalists are not reading your press release for leisure.

The first paragraph of your press release follows your headline, where readers decide if they will continue reading. Unfortunately, many readers like to skim, so the first paragraph must tell the reader that the entire story is worth finishing.

Depending on the occasion, your new business press release should give details as to who and what the story is about, where and when events are scheduled, and why the public would want to know about the story.

Startup Press Release Example

Here is one example of a press release for startups:


Title: Solidia Technologies Announces Possibility of Turning Concrete into a Carbon Sink for the Planet.


The press release for Solidia Technologies—published in 2020 by Businesswire—is an excellent example of an effective press release. The headline perfectly captures the rest of the article and entices the audience to read more. The body of the article also contains several quotes from prominent figures, which improves the integrity of the facts while addressing the hows for the further education of the readers.

NOTE: Apple is one of the most popular companies known for using press releases.


A press release for new businesses is a crucial tool for young companies. When executed correctly, they can increase brand following and drive value at a faster pace. Companies must write press releases that will get the interests of journalists, who publish to the various media coverage outlets.

For a press release to be successful, it must have a headline that entails the gist of the story and a body rich with information that will entice the audience to keep reading. Quotes from prominent figures and citations of sources are also great ways to increase the credibility of information.


What is a business press release?

A business press release is a statement by a company given to journalists for business purposes. This is typically a marketing strategy to draw attention to a product, event, or company.

Are press releases credible?

Press release sources come from companies that eventually release their stories to the press. The best press release distribution services always verify information and research stories given to them. A press release from a reputable company and a respected media channel should be regarded as credible.

Is it recommended for a startup company to conduct press releases?

With the benefits of a company launch press release, new companies will jump-start their goals. Press releases should be used whenever there is exciting news about the company, which helps their brand circulate in the public’s eye.


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