How to Write New Website Press Releases [The Ultimate Guide]


Creating and launching a website can be a lengthy and trying process. Simply building your website is not enough to guarantee its success. New website press releases play a crucial role in the promotion of your website and, often, its subsequent success. It’s very important to write and publish a press release before presenting your website to the public.

Announcing the Launch of a New Website

Even the best sites can go unnoticed if not properly promoted; you need to stay ahead of the game and conduct a pre-launch announcement. Press releases for a new website launch should be published before the website is operational and ready for visitors. Setting a release date or a countdown timer will generate more interest in your website than if you promote it after it has gone public. Subsequently, share your announcement on different platforms and through various media so the news of the launch can reach your targeted audience. Announcing your site is just as important as designing it. If you’re completely new to the game, and you’re interested in creating a website, you can consider advice from some of the best website builders.

How to Announce a Website Launch

How to announce a new website is a common consideration among website creators. A simple announcement won’t do. You need to employ more than one strategy to ensure that your upcoming site is properly promoted and that it will get the recognition it warrants upon release.

Guest Post on an Authority Site

Before venturing to publish content on your website, publish your content on another high-quality site. This is also beneficial for the sites where you’re publishing, as they receive new content to present to their readers. And you attract the attention of an already existing readership. Another benefit of publishing on authority sites is the acquisition of existing backlinks. (Backlinks—links from one website to a page on another website—usually have high organic search engine rankings, especially from Google.)

Post on a Blog

If you don’t have an existing blog, you can create one to publish blog press releases about your site and tell the public what your new website can do for them.

Email Subscribers

Sending emails from your existing account with an attractive subject line and engaging content can attract subscribers to your website.

Share on Social Media

Posting on social media is a simple, yet effective strategy. Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter can help you attract more social media followers, as well as more potential visitors to your website.

Publish Content

Even if your website is not yet operational, you can publish a few pieces of high-quality content to show the public what they can expect from your site.


The immense popularity of podcasts has made them a great place to promote new products, businesses, and other ventures. Through a podcast, you can invite your audience to read your new website announcement press release.

Collaborate With Influencers

Collaborating with influencers is a good idea because they usually have a large body of followers. You may, however, need to pay an influencer to promote your website, which could be viewed as a sound investment. The wide outreach of influencers can do a lot to advance your site.

NOTE: On average, people spend 20h/week on social media sites—the same amount of time you’d spend on a part-time job. Social media marketing is thriving; don’t miss out on promoting your website on social media.

How to Write a New Website Launch Press Release

After you’ve created an attractive, operational website, you’ll need to create and pitch an announcement that will help promote your site. Lacking confidence about the process of writing and publishing press releases is quite normal, but if you follow these tips (below) you can launch a new website press release that will help your site find its proper place on the internet.

Catchy Headline

Your headline is the first thing that catches the eye of the reader and often the single deciding factor for whether they’ll keep reading. The headline, alone, can attract visitors to your website. If you’re unsure as to how to go about writing a memorable headline, you can search for advice on how to write a press release headline here.

Key Information of a New Website

Outline the key points about your new website and give them proper significance in the press release. Readers, then, will understand the real purpose of the site and have no misconceptions.

Include Benefits

New website press releases should list all the benefits of your new site so readers can understand exactly what they can gain by visiting your site.


Keywords and hyperlinks can make a press release SEO-friendly and appear higher in Google search results. You must, however, be careful not to overdo it with the inclusion of links, as this can classify your release as spam.

Differentiate From Competition

State in the press release how your website is different from similar sites, without demeaning them. The public must understand these differences.

Contact Details

When launching a press release, it’s important to include your contact information to show that you’re available for any queries. Even if a journalist wants to cover your story and needs to reach out to you, if they can’t easily find your contact info, they’ll give up.

Statistics and Infographics

People are intrigued by numbers. Inserting relevant statistics about your site and its features can be an attention-grabbing detail. It’s also a good idea to include a simple, well-constructed infographic that will visually represent your stats.

NOTE: WordPress is the most popular website builder in the world. If you’re looking to build a website, check out the top-rated WordPress hosting solutions here.

The Perfect Time for Writing an Announcement for a Website Launch

Your promotion strategy for announcing a new website can begin as soon as one month before the official launch. Posting on social media two or three times per week for a complete month before the launch is a good idea. Emails and newsletters should go out to potential site visitors at least a week before the big day. The press release should be published at least a few days before the hard launch—the day you want people to start visiting your website. You should have a soft launch a day or two before your actual launch to assess any problems the site may have. You don’t want your new site overflowing with traffic on the first day it’s up and running.

You can also publish another website launch announcement example, a day or two after your site is operational and ready to receive more traffic.

NOTE: To date, mobile users have surpassed desktop users. Before launching your website, make sure it’s mobile compatible and that it can be accessed by phones and tablets.

Website Launch Press Release

You may have managed to produce the perfect look for your new site, but you’re not sure how your press release should look. We’ve selected a website launch press release sample for you:

We chose McGawn Designs’ (a web, marketing, and SEO agency) new website press release example because it contains all the most significant components of a website press release:

  • The headline is short and simple and doesn’t say more than it needs to.

Mc Gawn Designs

  • All necessary information is included in less than 200 words. It’s a quick read that doesn’t provide any unnecessary information.
  • Contact information is included in the form of an email address.
  • Hyperlinks to the website are included in three places within the announcement (not too many and not too few). The inclusion of hyperlinks also makes the press release SEO-friendly.
  • The benefits of the new website are clearly stated—outlining that the new site will be easier to navigate, faster, and more user-friendly.
  • An important stat is subtly embedded in the text, e.g., As the design and innovation leader in Scotland…. This is included to show readers that McGawn is the No.1 design company in Scotland; it differentiates it from its competitors.

There are many examples of press releases for new websites you can find online, as well as some templates to help you create successful, attention-grabbing releases. After you’ve written your release, it’s time to distribute it. If you don’t know the proper channels for this, you can consider using one of the top-rated press release distribution services here.

NOTE: Tuesday is the best day to launch a website—people don’t have the Monday blues and are not exhausted from the previous workweek. They can comfortably and attentively browse your site.

Number of Words in a Press Release for a New Website Launch

A press release announcing a new website shouldn’t be more than one page long or at most 500 words (a rule applied to all types of releases), including only need-to-know info of your website. These types of releases sometimes get picked up for the news—so it’s a good idea to read it out loud and see how much time it takes for a news anchor to read it.

Importance of Writing a New Website Launch Press Release

Press releases can heavily influence the success of your website. A well-crafted press release will capture the attention of journalists and be featured in the news. Even though it’s an older marketing method, it’s still widely used because of its effectiveness. You can send it directly to journalists, upload it on various platforms, or post the press release on a website—anything to bring it closer to the general public.


When is the perfect time to write an announcement for a new website?

The launch of a new website announcement should come a day or two after the website launch to have sufficient time to fix any bugs before your site hosts a large number of visitors.

Should pictures or videos be included in a press release?

Pictures or videos can be included as links. But when promoting a website, it’s better to insert them directly into the text. A screenshot of your website’s interface or a short teaser video of the site’s cool features is enough to attract attention.

How simple is it to write a new website launch press release?

New website press releases aren’t too difficult to write if you follow the proper advice for writing a successful press release. The press release should be short, simple, and convey only the most significant information.

How long should a new website announcement press release be?

A website announcement shouldn’t be longer than 500 words so readers won’t lose interest in the announcement and the products being promoted.


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