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How can you get press coverage? How can you ensure that you’ll get the best return on marketing investment (ROMI) with impressive news reaching across the globe? The answer: press releases. This article focuses on a press release sample for product launch, what to pay attention to when writing a release, and its look.

Product Launch Press Release

The primary purpose of all press releases is to promote something specific and significant. For example, a product launch announcement, event hosting, rebranding, new hires, and a partnership announcement are some of the most common press releases provided by the best press release companies, which provide different services but with the same purpose: promotion.

A product launch press release announces the dispatch of a new product on the market. Additionally, a press release boosts excitement about the product. A company, however, cannot send out a product announcement press release the day after the product has been launched; instead, there should be a significant amount of time beforehand the launch of a project to increase anticipation.

When creating a product launch press release announcement, a company needs to cover all the basics of what customers want to know. For instance:

  • How is the product different from others that are already on the market?
  • What is the purpose of the product?
  • Where can the customers find the product?

Product launch PR is an excellent way for companies to promote their newest product, but they need to follow the above-listed basic rules.

NOTE: The best day to send a press release is on Thursday when the average open rate jumps to over 26%.

How Should a Press Release Look?

Each type of press release—including a press release for a product launch—must be written appropriately to be effective. And each marketer needs to know how to write a press release for a new product, including key elements. Note the seven primary features of a press release:


An eye-catching headline is a must for each type of press release. The reader should be enticed to read more by the headline.


A press release should have a dateline in the first line of the first paragraph. Journalists receive many emails daily, so they need to know that they’re receiving the most updated information.


If the headline grabs the journalists’ attention, the introduction should win them over (or lose them). So, the intro of a press release for a new product needs to point to the main topic, containing at least five key points: Who? What? Why? When? How? Where?


The press release body should contain two or three paragraphs that explain each detail the marketer wants to convey. And quotes and statistics will help in reaching higher value.


A boilerplate (or ‘about us’ statement) is a short paragraph at the end of the marketer’s release about the company, such as when it was founded, its impact on the market, and its vision. The boilerplate adds credibility to the press release to be more likely to be chosen by the media.

Call to Action (CAT)

A call to action is the final part of the press release, where the reader is instructed what to do. In a good press release example for a new product, the marketer wants readers and journalists to engage with the company by acting on the information in the press release.

Media Contact Details

An effective product press release example must contain information about the person distributing the press release—such as name, contact number, email address—so the journalist can get in touch.

NOTE: 73% of journalists search online to find press releases.

Key Takeaways

The primary purpose of all press releases is to promote something specific and significant.
A company cannot send out a product announcement press release the day after the product has been launched, but it must be done in anticipation of the product.
An eye-catching headline is a must for all press releases.
Quotes and statistics in the press release format will help in reaching higher value.

Writing a New Product Press Release

The success of a product press release getting published in the news can often influence the success of a product or sale. Therefore, when writing a press release for a new product, you need a standard press release format.

You will need to personally pitch relevant bloggers and journalists interested in your product or industry to establish a human connection. Consider these four points when writing a press release sample for a new product:

Interested Media Influencers and Journalists

Pitching to relevant bloggers and journalists is an effective practice in getting a press release for a new product picked up by the media. You can easily find relevant media contacts by using a media contacts database.

You can research where a journalist is located or what industries or topics they’re interested in, which is much better than the ‘spray & pray’ method—hoping someone will be interested in your product. Media lists have an extensive list of topics that journalists are focused on—so it’s advisable to do some in-depth research.

For instance, if your new product is natural beauty cosmetics, find a journalist or blogger interested in natural cosmetics, not cosmetics in general. This will increase the chances of your press release getting picked up and published.

Attention-Grabbing Headline

The headline of a new product press release—and the subject of your media pitch email—is essential in getting your press release read or email opened.

It’s essential to spend more time creating an attention-grabbing headline containing your product’s Unique Selling Proposition (USP). Include attractive features and benefits that will intrigue people to read what your product has to offer. Include numbers in the headline or email subject, which are proven to increase open rates.

If you are lacking ideas for creating a headline, you can search and find inspiration here.

Benefits and Unique Features of Products

In your press release for product launch, the focus should be given to the benefits and uniqueness of the product. For example, suppose you’re targeting a specific audience in the B2B sector. In that case, it’s better to focus on the technical features in the new product launch press release and list the objectively superior qualities of the product.

You need to bring attention to the product by demonstrating how it can benefit and improve your clients’ lives. Write about how using the product can be more accessible, enjoyable, and more straightforward than what the competitors have to offer.

High-Quality Videos and Photos

If you want your product to get noticed, you must support your product press release with photos, videos, and logos. But avoid attachments in your emails—other options to display the visuals in your press release include:

  • A graphic press release using a Content Management System (CMS), such as WordPress.
  • Videos, photos, and other rich media (such as Twitter conversations or Facebook posts) are added directly to your press release.
  • A sharable link to send your press release to journalists. You’ll then be able to track click and open rates and who is reading your emails.
NOTE: Hundreds of press releases are issued in the US and thousands around the world daily.

Press Release Sample for Product Launch

Two examples of a product launch press release should help you create and have a successful press release:

  1. Stitched Products Introduces Its Line-up of Lint Removing, Antimicrobial iPhone Cases
    This product press release example, Stitched Products, is a leader in mobile cases innovation. This press release entails a summary of the line-up of iPhone cases that can remove dandruff, pet hair, and unwanted lint with just one swipe.
  2. A Glimpse into the Future By Way of a T-Shirt
    Through this press release, Nike launched the NikeLab NIKE AAE 1.0 T-shirt, which uses computer design to combine a series of body maps and motion to form a knit pattern, basically shifting the conventional process used to make a typical T-shirt. All athletes need this apparel.
NOTE: 100% of journalists stipulate their number one method of finding stories is through press releases.


hen writing a format for a new product launch press release—or any other kind of press release—all you need to do is follow the rules given in this article, so your press release can be effective.


What is product launch press release?

It’s a document released by a company when introducing or launching a new product. This initial promotion is crucial for the product launch to be successful. This is why this should be enticing to the media and the public.

How do you write a 2021 press release?

To write a 2021 press release, you should follow these seven steps:

  1. Find ways to be newsworthy;
  2. Write the press release headline;
  3. Craft your lead;
  4. Write the body paragraphs;
  5. Include supporting quotes;
  6. Write the boilerplate text;
  7. Add media contact details.
How do you write a press release for a product?

To write a press release sample for product launch, start with a captivating headline, bring the news value in the first paragraph, include one or two quotes, support the subject with detailed background info, and place your boilerplate at the end of the release.


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