How Much Does Pet Cremation Cost in 2024?


Losing a pet is one of the most devastating experiences a pet parent can go through. On top of that, you must decide what to do with your pet’s remains. This article addresses the various options of laying your pet to rest, including pet cremation cost.

What Is Pet Cremation?

Cremation (or burial) includes the final step of disposing of the body of your pet once it has passed away. Many pet parents typically opt for a traditional pet burial because they may not realize that they can cremate their pet.

Cremation is the process in which your pet’s body is placed in a small, enclosed cremation chamber, with the temperature reaching above 2,000°F. Only inorganic materials remain within a few hours, including tiny pieces of bone, ashes, or microchips. Next, the cremation staff removes your pet’s remains and grinds the material into uniform grey ash.

Did You Know? There are specific signs to help determine if your cat or dog is going to pass away, which will help you to prepare for the sudden loss of a pet.

Pet Cremation Methods

The cost of pet cremation depends on the method you choose. Note the following three types of arrangements.


In a communal cremation, several animals are cremated at the same time. While it’s affordable, you may not be able to request your pet’s remains, as it’s impossible to distinguish your pet’s ashes from the other animals. The crematory staff removes these remains and typically scatters them in a local area or field dedicated for this purpose.

Many pet parents are reluctant to choose this method but could take solace in knowing that your pet is with other pets during this process.


The cost of pet cremation slightly increases for individual cremation. The animals are cremated simultaneously, but a partitioned chamber allows each pet’s ashes to be gathered after cremation. There is, however, a slight chance of mixing the pet cremains.


In a private cremation, your pet is cremated alone. Therefore, you can easily collect its ashes after the cremation, with minimal risk of mixing them with other animal remains. This is a suitable method if you wish to keep your pet’s remains as a memento.

Pet Cremation Cost

Consider the following factors that influence the cost of cremating your pet.


Communal cremation is the most affordable, costing between $30 and $70. Individual cremation ranges between $50 and $150, and private cremation is the most expensive at approximately $175 to $250.


Cremation costs also depend on the size of your pet. The cremation of larger breeds—like St. Bernards or Great Danes—cost more, as they naturally assume more space and time in the cremation chamber. The cost of private pet cremation for these can reach $250. On the other hand, smaller breeds—like Pugs or Chihuahuas—cost less since they take less space and time. Their private cremation starts at $175. You should also be aware that your pet’s weight, of course, changes the cost as well.


The region or location of the cremation center can also alter prices. For example, a private cremation for a small pet may start at $300 in New York, whereas the same may only cost $50 in a smaller town or city.

The crematory staff will consider these factors to give you an individual pet cremation cost. If you’re planning to keep an urn or memorabilia of your four-legged friend, expect to pay a bit more

Crematories may charge extra (between $50 and $75) to pick up your pet’s remains from the vet and return the ashes to you. You should discuss the cost in detail with the crematory staff to be prepared for the process.

Did You Know? The number of licensed crematories in the US has increased 8.9% in the last two years.

Pet Cremation Alternatives

The cost of pet cremation services or the process may cause some to look for other alternatives. And many aren’t sure about what to do next when your pet or dog dies. So consider a couple of other following options.


Burial is a popular choice among pet parents—suitable if you have a permanent home in a rural area. But if you rent or occasionally move, your pet’s remains, of course, cannot be carried with you—and urban regions typically prohibit such burials. In addition, a proper burial requires at least a three-foot hole away from gas or water lines.

Of course, you could bury your pet in a pet cemetery, which is less costly than the average cost of pet cremation—suitable if you plan to stay in the same town or city.


Taxidermy is the process of preserving the body of an animal by stuffing or mounting, typically reserved for hunted animals. It’s an excellent way to keep your pet close to you for many years to come. The cost, however, may be higher than burial or cremation.

Benefits of Pet Cremation

Note the following benefits of pet cremation.

  • Low Cost

When compared to other options, pet cremation is relatively low cost. Even the cost of private pet cremation is lower than other methods, such as taxidermy.

  • Memorial Options

Your pet’s ashes can be kept in an urn, or you could create a personalized keepsake box, which could help in grieving the loss of your pet. You can scatter your pet’s ashes at its favorite place or even mix them with soil and plant a tree as an end-of-life memorial.

  • Simple Process

Losing a pet is devastating, and painstaking burial planning can hinder your grieving process. But with cremation, all you need to do is deliver your pet’s body, and the cremation staff will, in turn, hand you the ashes.

  • Easier to Move

Despite a slightly high pet cremation services cost, this process makes moving easier. You can carry your pet’s ashes with you if you decide to change homes, which is nearly impossible with a burial.

  • Legality

Many states forbid a pet burial unless done at a burial site because improper burials can (among other reasons) affect water or gas lines. Pet cremation, however, is an easy, legal option. In addition, the legalities to bury your pet in the backyard, for example, may require much red tape. With incineration, you can easily keep your pet close to you.

Did You Know? Although a private pet cremation cost can be high, more than 90% of pets are cremated while less than 10% are buried.


Pet cremation is a popular choice among pet parents. You can opt for communal, individual, or private cremation. The price of cremation depends on the method chosen, the size of your pet, and its location. Cremation planning is a quick and straightforward process, making your grieving process less complicated.


How long does pet cremation take?

On average, pet cremation takes about two hours.

What to do with pet ashes after cremation?

You can keep your pet’s ashes in an urn as a memento or scatter them at your pet’s favorite place. Additionally, having an urn allows you to take your time in deciding where to rest your pet.

How much does pet cremation cost?

A pet cremation cost can range between $50 and $175, depending on the location, size of your pet, and the method chosen.


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