Is Investing a Good Idea [All You Need to Know in 2024]


There are two popular ways of making money: earn an income or invest. Earning an income entails working for someone or yourself. But what does investing encompass? Investing is a great idea if you plan to earn more money than you already have. If you hold your money in a bank account, there is little way of earning money. But through investing you can almost instantly boost your savings. So is investing a good idea?

What Is Investing?

Investing is a potentially great way to increase your savings. It’s the act of allocating money or resources to generate a profit or even income.

Types of Investments

There are many types of investment. We’ve noted three main types:

Growth Investment

This investment aims at increasing the investor’s capital. Those who use this type of investment usually invest in small business ventures that provide high earnings.

For example, if an investor has the choice of investing in three different types of tech companies and discovers that the first company had shown great earning growth over the past four years (as opposed to the other two), there will be potential in growing wealth in the first company—the investor may predict better investing strategies.


Having shares in a certain firm means that you have a degree of equity of ownership in the company. You’re then entitled to a certain amount of money from the profits of the company, which are distributed to you, as a shareholder, in dividends.

Property Investments

A smart way to invest your money is through property investments. This investment involves the purchase of real estate property to produce an income from that property, via rental or resale.

NOTE: You should never invest in something you do not understand. Do your research before taking a step in investing.

Before Investing

We’ve listed  a few tips to help you make an informed decision before investing:

Become Financially Stable

Look into your finances and make a plan before you decide to invest your money. Check and see if you have double the amount you plan to invest, i.e., enough disposable income. Investment goals should always be considered. Are you investing for the long term, or are you investing for a short-term goal?

Evaluate Risks

Before you invest, keep in mind that investments are risky. You need to be aware that you could lose some money during the process. But with taking on risk, there’s always the potential for greater investment return.


Seriously consider how you can make money through various investments. Before investing, you should always do your homework. The more you know about investments, the better your decisions. And asking for advice on where to invest your money is always a good idea.

Seek Professional Support

Investment professionals provide financial services and advice on how to help you with risk management strategies.

NOTE: Warren Buffet believes that you should not solely depend on one source of income; you should invest to create a second source of income.

Key Takeaways

Investing is a great idea if you wish to double the amount of money you already have.
The main types of investment are growth investments, shares, and properties.
You need to be financially stable before investing.
Investment planning equals investing strategies.

When Is a Good Time to Invest

Many industries have suffered major setbacks, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Many investment experts have appealed to investors to keep calm and invest. The stock market at the moment is indeed unpredictable. But it’s about time, not timing.

If you constantly think about timing the market, you’ll drive yourself crazy. Instead, think about if your investment goals are beneficial now. If you plan to invest now, while the pandemic continues, your mindset should be investing for the long term.

Effective vaccines are slowly but surely being globally distributed, which means business should be going back to normal, as well as having new opportunities to invest.

NOTE: Never copy how other people invest. Investing is a personal taskfinancial goals vary from person to person.


Where and How Should You Invest?

What is the best way to invest your money? Various investment options are available. We’ve noted eight popular methods:

Invest in Stocks

If you own stocks in various companies, you can build your savings and shelter your money from taxes.

Invest in Real Estate

Real estate is forever growing. There’s always someone in need of a home. Through real estate, you’ll have a slow but steady income.

Invest in Mutual Funds

Purchasing mutual funds is one of the ways to invest your money because they provide a quick way to diversify holdings. Once you purchase mutual funds, you claim ownership to other funds. There are various types of mutual funds to choose from. If you choose, for example, to invest in your retirement in 15 years, you should adopt a more aggressive mutual fund.

Invest in Bonds

Bonds are the safest way to invest your money. People usually buy bonds because they provide predictable income, and they usually pay interest twice a year. And bonds preserve capital while investing.

Invest in Cryptocurrency

Investing in cryptocurrencies has become quite popular. Many believe that cryptocurrencies could revolutionize billionaire industries and that if you want to invest in your future, cryptocurrencies provide a safe source of value. Is investing in cryptocurrencies a good idea? Many do not think it’s a good idea because they consider such intangible money fraudulent. However, if you decide to invest in cryptocurrency after all, take a look at these Bitcoin trading platforms.

Invest Small Amounts 

Can you invest with only $500.00? Yes. But if you’re uncertain as to how, when, and where to invest, consider using the digital platform of the best robo-advisor, which is inexpensive and works with low account balances. It’s an affordable alternative to picking stocks or mutual funds.


Do you wish to start investing but don’t know where to invest your money? Exchange traded funds (ETFs) allow you to track indexes, commodities, and stocks. These can be purchased or sold like regular stocks. They can be a great investment opportunity because all you need to do is cover the cost of one share. Determine how much an ETF is worth and calculate its associated fees and commissions that come with it.

Fund Companies With Low Minimums

Companies that provide mutual funds with low initial investment are quite popular. They typically have a diverse selection of low-cost and no-load funds, offering mutual funds without commissions, sales, or other hidden costs.

These companies allow the investor to invest a small amount of money for a good return. Charles Schwab, for example, allows an investment of as little as $100.00. If you want to open a retirement account with no minimum balance, choose one of the best IRA accounts available—they make investing easy, inexpensive, and profitable.

Best Investments During Coronavirus

The Covid-19 pandemic created drastic changes in the investment world. Is investing a good idea at this time? The coronavirus has caused many companies to close, due to insufficient funds. Some firms, however, have flourished.

One such industry that has thrived during the pandemic is the pharmaceutical business. Purchasing pharmaceutical stocks is a smart way to invest your money because they have rapidly increased in the last two years. The pharmaceutical industry has produced large amounts of medications, vitamins, and other health-related aids.

Investing in tech stocks is also quite popular nowadays. You should consider investing in tech stocks, as working from home has become the new office reality since the spread of COVID-19. Governmental lockdowns have generated a great dependence on tech-related products and services.


Investing is another way to garner more money than you already have. The wealthy are no longer the only ones who invest. There are many different ways on how to invest your money. Though successful investing requires courage, you can take the step of simply investing a small amount of money and then continually build upon your investment knowledge.


Why is investing in gold a good idea?

Many individuals invest in precious metals. Investing in gold, for example, is a safe bet because if the rate of inflammation accelerates, the rate of gold rapidly increases. You have options to buy (physical) gold or invest in gold ETFs. Gold, however, still holds its value in the investment world.

Why is investing in real estate a good idea?

Real estate stocks had been underperforming because of governmental lockdown measures, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But as business slowly returns to normal, investing in real estate is a good move. You can make good money, for example, by renting out your home for the weekend. There are also real estate stocks to invest your money in without having to own, operate, or deal with property financing.

Is investing in bitcoin a good idea?

Is investing a good idea when it comes to bitcoin? Yes. Those who invest in bitcoins believe that cryptocurrency will replace cash in the future. Bitcoin was the first decentralized cryptocurrency (in 2009) to be traded and is still being traded online.


I learned a lot about finance after working for a digital marketing company specializing in investing and trading stocks, forex, etc. After that, I got exposed to other verticals such as wealth management and personal finance, which further improved my understanding of the financial world.

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