How to Get Rich From Nothing [2024’s Ultimate Guide]


Becoming rich may seem like an impossible goal, but by following the proper steps and using the right tips, it is doable. There is, however, no one-size-fits-all answer, but there are some basic principles you can follow to increase your chances of becoming wealthy. This article presents tips on how to get rich from nothing and, hopefully, motivation to change your life for the better.

How to Get Rich From Nothing

There is no concrete, universal answer to the question of how to get rich, as the path to riches varies from person to person. But the following general tips can help you reach this goal.

1. Develop a Proper Mindset 

Our minds are influential, especially when it comes to developing a mindset toward solutions on how to become a millionaire with no money. Many are held back by negative thoughts and self-doubt, possibly leading to poor financial decisions. If you wish to be successful, replace these thoughts with a positive attitude and determination.

Carol Dweck (an American psychologist) researched how mindsets affect success. She found that those with a ‘growth mindset’—who believe that they can improve skills and abilities through hard work and practice—are more successful than those with a ‘fixed mindset’—those who believe that their talents and skills are fixed. The question of how to get rich with no money then depends on your mindset. You must believe that you can succeed to be successful.

2. Set a Financial Goal

Once you’ve developed a rich mindset, it’s time to set financial goals. Many wealthy, successful people maintain good habits of writing down what they want to achieve daily, weekly, and monthly, even several years ahead.

Consider the following points when setting your financial goals.

  • Ask the Right Questions

The key to setting your financial goals and discovering how to become rich with no money is to ask the right questions. What do you want to achieve? How much money do you need to be happy and comfortable?

  • Set Realistic Goals

It’s also essential to be realistic when setting goals. For example, if you currently earn $2,000 a month, don’t aim to become a millionaire within six months. But if you gradually increase your income and build your savings, you can reach your goal.

  • Short-Term Goals and Long-Term Goals

Another critical step to meeting your financial goals is to set short-term and long-term goals. By breaking down the long-term ones into smaller steps, you’ll have a more straightforward path to follow, and your final objective of how to make a million from nothing will become more attainable.

DID YOU KNOW? It’s a good idea to set SMART financial goals, i.e., Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-bound. Following this standard serves as a roadmap—clear and easy to follow.

Key Takeaways

Becoming a millionaire is possible if you know which steps to follow.
Developing a proper mindset is the first, most crucial step in how to become a millionaire with no money.
To get rich quicker, set financial goals.
You’ll achieve your objectives if you make SMART goals.

3. Stick to a Financial Plan

How can I get rich with no money? Once you’ve set your financial goals, it’s essential to develop a plan of action to help achieve them. This plan should include setting a budget, managing your money, creating multiple income sources, and investing in stocks or mutual funds. It’s also crucial to stay disciplined and stick to your plan, pay off debt, and avoid unnecessary spending.

Consider the following simple steps of a financial plan.

  • Budget

Getting on a budget is crucial if you want to know how to become wealthy. Budgeting holds you accountable for each cent you spend. You’ll be surprised to know that most millionaires stick to a budget because to become (and stay) rich, you must spend less money than you bring in.

If you wish to know how to get rich quick, you must avoid the temptations of exceeding your budget limit and choose the most appropriate budget for you.

  • Manage Money Responsibly

Even though you may not come from a rich family, becoming wealthy is possible but comes with the task of managing your money responsibly. This means tracking your expenses, making wise investments, and knowing how much debt you take on. If you want to succeed in this goal, you can’t spend all of your money on luxuries—you need to save and invest for the future.

One of the easiest ways to get rich is by using budget percentages, dividing your income into categories, and assigning a part of your income to each one. For example, if you’re using the 50/30/20 budget method, your budget would look like this:

  • 50% of your income for needs
  • 30% for desires
  • 20% for financial goals (investing, saving)
DID YOU KNOW? Apart from the 50/30/20 budget method, other approaches might work better for you, such as 70/20/10, 60/30/10, 30/30/30/10 arrangements or Dave Ramsey budget percentages.
  • Create Multiple Sources of Income

How to become rich from a poor background can also include creating various sources of income. An average millionaire has up to seven income streams. You could also create multiple streams of income by becoming an entrepreneur and starting your own business, working a second job, or investing in cheap stocks.

By diversifying your income, you can grow wealth quicker, making it easier to achieve financial security and independence.

  • Invest

If you want to make money doing nothing then you should at least invest. Not only should you save money, but you should invest some, too. Diversifying your investment is also essential. Invest your money in assets, such as real estate, which will appreciate over time. Investing in TAAS stocks can also prove to be a smart move.

The main goal—apart from becoming rich—is to build a robust asset portfolio that enables you to live off passive income once you retire.

DID YOU KNOW? Investing money is riskier than saving, but it helps you grow more prosperous over the long term. The easiest way to invest is to contribute to your 401(k) at work or open an Individual Retirement Account (IRA), which would help you save your money tax-free.

4. Maintain Your Financial Plan After Your Goal

Once you become rich, it’s essential to continue following the steps that brought you there, helping you maintain your wealth and keeping it from dwindling over time. Following the ways to get rich doesn’t stop after you reach your initial goal—you’ll likely be tempted to spend your money faster than you’ve earned it. You should stick to your financial plan even after you reach your goal.


While becoming rich from nothing is not easy, it is feasible. By following some of our helpful tips to become rich with no money—having the right mindset, setting forth financial goals and an action plan—you can achieve your desired financial freedom and stability. Follow these steps and start on your path to riches.


What is the fastest way to become a millionaire?

You cannot become a millionaire overnight, but there are several steps you can take to accelerate the process. Start saving early, avoid unnecessary spending, create multiple incomes, and invest in stocks are steps towards how to make a million from nothing.

How can I be rich even if I am poor?

Becoming rich is a challenging process, but it’s not impossible. It starts with having the right mindset, setting appropriate goals, and developing a plan of action.

Can you become rich with a low paying job?

How to get rich from nothing would naturally include those with low-paying jobs. Although it would take a significant amount of time, following the critical steps outlined above is crucial. And being patient and persistent is even more essential when your ultimate goal is to become wealthy.

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