How Much Does the US Vice President Make?


The vice president of the United States is one of the most powerful people in the world. As second in line for the presidency, they play a huge role in helping shape government policy. So, how much does the vice president make is a question that many are curious about. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the vice president’s average salary, as well as some of their other perks and benefits.

What Does the Vice President Do?

The vice president of the United States is first in line for the presidency if anything happens to the president. Being second-in-command, they also play a huge role in shaping government policy. The vice-presidential role includes meeting with foreign leaders, helping with legislation, and acting as a spokesperson for the administration.

Being an important part of the executive branch of the government, the vice president also acts as a liaison between the president and Congress and serves as the president of the Senate.

Did You Know: From 1788 to 1880, the presidential candidate who received the second most votes was declared as the VP merely as a consolation prize!

How Much Does the Vice President Make?

The vice president’s annual salary is $235,100. Just like any other employee, the vice president also gets paid monthly, with an average monthly salary of $19,591.The salary is determined by Congress and the president and has remained constant since 2014 when the lawmakers during the Obama Administration included provisions holding the pay rates at the 2013 level. Nevertheless, the government can increase the salary anytime.

Now that we’ve taken a look at the average salary, let’s take a look at the current vice president’s income in particular. As per reports, Kamala Harris salary is $2,35,100 per year. On top of this base salary, she’s also allowed to write off up to $100,000 for VP-related expenses and a taxable expense allowance of $10,000.

When it comes to her personal income, she’s one of the best-selling authors and has earned thousands of dollars in book advances, having published three books with a $320,125 profit. This also proves that writing can be a profitable hobby and even a career.

Did You Know: As a presidential candidate in 2019, Kamala Harris released 15 years’ worth of her tax returns, which made her one of the most transparent candidates!

Key Takeaways

The vice president of the United States is second-in-command, helps in policy formulation, meets foreign leaders, and is also the president of the Senate.
The average vice president salary is $235,100 annually, making it around $19, 591 per month.
The salary has remained the same since 2013, but the government can increase it anytime.
They also get up to $100,000 write-off for VP related expenses and a $10,000 taxable expense allowance.

Extra Perks of Being a Vice President

Apart from the high salary, there are several perks of being the vice president of the US! It’s important to take these non-monetary perks into consideration when calculating the vice president salary:


They are provided with an office in the West Wing of the White House, and regular access to the president. The vice president also has a staff of about 25 people helping them carry out their duties.


In regards to their residence, the vice president lives in the beautiful Number One Observatory Circle, a 9,150 square feet Victorian Mansion! Inaugurated in 1893, it has been home to a number of vice presidents over the years and is very close to the White House. Moreover, they can decorate the home as they choose!

Travel Amenities

Although their salary differs from the salary of the president, they are provided with almost the same travel amenities. Thus, the vice president salary in 2022 should also account for the travel expenses—they have access to Air Force Two, military jet planes, private jets, helicopters, and armored limo service.

Voting Rights

The vice president also has the right to vote in the Senate, but only in case of a tie, when they cast the deciding vote on legislation.

Amenities at the White House

If you know what do vice presidents do, you know it’s an important job position. Having such a major political office title, the vice presidents remain at the White House most of the time for work, but that doesn’t mean they cannot access all that the White House has to offer! They have their own chefs, and can access the basketball court, play golf, or watch a movie at the movie theater! They also have access to the White House doctors and get to host important dignitaries.

Secret Service Protection

During their term, the vice president gets secret service protection that extends to up to 6 months after leaving office, and can be extended even further if the authorities decide so.

Get To Appoint Team Members

Since we’ve already discussed what does the VP do, you must be aware that it’s a tough job that warrants the help of others. For this reason, the vice president gets to appoint the staff that helps them.

Did You Know: Up until 1977, the vice president was not provided with a government-supplied home—they lived in their own houses and bore the expenses personally!

How Much Does the Vice President Make After Office?

Vice presidents continue to make earnings even after the end of their political careers and hold the position of vice president. After leaving office, they’re eligible for retirement benefits, the amount of which is determined based on the length of service, just like other members of Congress. However, they don’t automatically receive a pension based on their position. The average pension amount is $75,528.


The vice president plays a huge role in the administration and policy formulation and acts as a liaison between the president and Congress. The vice president of the United States salary is $235,100 per year, with additional benefits like an office, residence, travel amenities, and a pension after leaving office as a member of Congress.


Is the vice president the president of the Senate?

Yes, the vice president serves as the president of the United States Senate and has the power of casting a deciding vote.

Do former vice presidents get secret service protection?

While discussing how much does the vice president make, we addressed the several additional perks they get, including secret service protection extending up to 6 months after leaving office.


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