How Much Does a Press Release Cost [All Factors Explained]


Do press releases cost money is a question asked by those who wish to enter the PR industry. Press releases do have costs, depending on the service you require. This article addresses the costs of press releases and the factors that determine the price.

How Much Does a Press Release Cost?

We have listed six factors that determine press release prices based on the PR industry’s needs:

Quality of Writing

PR agencies typically offer the same services and products but differ in providing intriguing content that captures their target audience’s attention. The key to a successful press release includes clean, quality writing with a 300 to the 400-word limit. As a result, the cost of a press release dramatically varies depending on the quality of its writing.


The concept of monitoring seems simple, yet it’s essential. Knowing how to use monitoring tools is an exceptional asset. For example, press release companies use monitoring to stay up-to-date with any newsworthy event. Without such monitoring tools, you can easily miss out on important events, such as new ventures, hires, promotions.

Media Kit 

A media kit (or press kit) is a document that contains information about your business or event, put together to attract journalists’ attention. By providing journalists details of your business (company boilerplate, leadership bios, etc.), you increase the likelihood of decent coverage.

SEO Optimization

SEO optimization allows you to enhance visibility in search engine rankings. If you want your content to be on the first page when opening Google, it’s essential to use search engine optimization. Packaged prices, however, vary depending on your needs for keyword research and implementation of those keywords.


The purpose of a robust distribution is to send your word through a press release to reach a greater audience in media publications. If you don’t properly distribute the press release, your writing will be in vain—people won’t know about your business. Therefore, it’s essential to distribute your story to various outlets (traditionally or digitally). Of course, you could issue the press release yourself, but press distribution services do the job professionally and with the highest standards. Naturally, the cost of using such services will significantly vary.

Payment Type 

There are a couple of methods to consider with press release pricing.

  • Hourly or Flat rate: If you opt for an hourly rate, it will be cheaper, but don’t expect PR professionals to do the job as they won’t have much time to do the necessary research, resulting in bad writing. Instead, negotiate with a writer for a flat rate because this will give them more time for research, leading to a better quality of writing.
  • A la carte and Retainer: A la carte includes paying a writer for a single piece of PR writing, while a retainer allows you to pay for several press releases over some time. The best option is to pay a flat rate for a retainer service.
NOTE: The most popular myth is that you must be a writer with expertise in writing press releases or a PR professional for the press release to be a success.

Key Takeaways

Strive for quality rather than quantity when writing a catchy press release.
Distribution is the key to reaching your targeted audience.
Pay a professional to write the press release at an hourly, flat, la carte, or retainer rate.

Top Five Cheapest Press Release Services

Now, take a look at the five affordable press release services that might be of help to you:


This press release service deals with social media outlets and other internet platforms. They are the most authentic service in the field; hence, eReleases has been considered the best press release distribution service.

What makes eReleases extraordinary is that it offers press release writing services, which can be of great help if you have yet to write your press release. The editors write the articles, then target the desired journalists by industry. Furthermore, it grants distribution packages for small businesses starting from $299.00 without monthly subscriptions. They offer major media outlets and custom national distribution systems designed to reach 1.7 million journalists and social media influencers.

eReleases remains the number one press release service based on the good review satisfied customers leave on their site. Through our eReleases review, one can see the countless pros and cons. People are quite satisfied with receiving detailed reports with proof of distribution. But what clients disfavor the most is that their services are overpriced.

NOTE: As technology advances, more people become obsessed with their screens—so it’s natural to find news online rather than staring at the TV. This is why many press release distribution services have turned to social media outlets. 

Ein Presswire

EIN Presswire offers technologically advanced distribution systems that help clients reach their targeted audience. Moreover, it quickly became a service on which professional communicators started to rely on. As a result, Einpresswire has a comprehensive distribution service for millions of people, including journalists, businesses, and industry professionals. Additionally, it’s distributed by multiple television, newspaper, radio outlets, and social media outlets, including Facebook and Instagram.

The press release price for this service ranges from $50.00 to $999.00—the difference being in the number of press releases it offers, as well as its distribution channels. The cheapest one offers only one press release and press release channel, while the most expensive one ($999.00) offers 50 press releases, plus 10 releases free (included in the price) and five distribution channels. Unfortunately, Ein Presswire does not provide an annual subscription—it’s a pay-as-you-go service, meaning that you have to use the credits for 12 months.

With such services, a good review is what makes the brand attract even more customers. According to the Ein Presswire reviews (including ours), people are very satisfied with the service they provide. Furthermore, the service offers easy press release uploading, but it’s limited to only five distribution channels.

24/7 Press Release

When considering a cheap press release distribution service,  24/7 Press Release usually comes to mind. They’ve been in the business for over 15 years, so it’s apparent that this service has adapted to the constant changes constantly in the PR world.

Nowadays, with the help of the Internet, your story can reach millions, including journalists and bloggers. This press release service is best for small businesses and start-ups.

How much does a press release cost with  24/7 Press Release? They are the only distribution service that gives a non-distribution package for $19.00 per release, which entails your story posted on their websites. But for $139.00 per release (the best offer), you get the whole package, including your story, distributed to traditional and digital media outlets.

Unlike other distribution sites, 24/7 Press Release offers a limited free trial with no membership costs. The only aspect of their service that needs improving is the allowance of you picking the time of day to post.


NewswireJet is another cheap press release distribution service that’s an ideal fit for small businesses that want to be on the news. They are one of the few press release services that haven’t forgotten about radio, print, and television outlets but, at the same time, stay current with the latest social media outlets. Furthermore, they offer a reach of 100,000 journalists.

The NewswireJet’s press release cost starts from $59.00 and—depending on the number of media placements (up to 250 or over 350 media sites)—the price can go up to $149.00. In addition, this service will get you the appropriate exposure for reasonable prices—the only downside is not being designed for large corporations.


PRWeb offers the best PR distribution services for small businesses whose goal is not to appear in a big-name publication but rather for those whose aim is to increase online visibility. This company aims to connect customers with the end-consumer via various multimedia news releases. It’s distributed across social media outlets.

This distribution service has a broad reach of people, including journalists. The company offers four pricing tiers, ranging from $99.00 up to $389.00. At such high rates, you should expect a call-out quote for a more significant visual impact.

The best feature that PRWeb provides is the ability to check how many times someone clicked on your press release. But a significant downside of the service is that it doesn’t offer multimedia input for the basic (cheapest) plan.


In the past, the text format of press releases was only one page, with a location and date at the top. Nowadays, it’s not that simple to write a successful press release, and various factors determine its cost. So how much does a press release cost? This article has listed the top five distribution services that provide affordable pricing per release.


Is a press release free?

There are free press release distribution sites available on the internet but only offer minimal exposure. Therefore, choosing to go with paid press release services is always a better option.

How much does it cost to put out a press release?

The cost depends on which press release service and package you choose. It also depends on whether you choose to distribute the press release locally or regionally. The starting price is $19.00 (non-distribution) but can go up to $999.00.

How much does it cost to send a press release on PR newswire?

How much does a press release cost on a PR newswire? They range from $350.00 to $8,700, depending on the offer you choose. These prices include a 400-word limit, and for the following 100 words, you pay an additional fee of $140.00 to $2,200.



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