Do You Tip Dog Groomers and Why You Should


Although most dog owners can take care of their dog at home when it comes to bathing, washing, combing, trimming, etc., some dog breeds require more delicate grooming, like detangling or shampooing long hair, having a special cut, or nail clipping.

In such cases, professional dog groomers can provide great service and make your dog happy, as they know exactly what your dog needs. But, do you tip dog groomers for taking care of your furry friend?

Do You Tip Dog Groomers?

As a responsible dog owner, you need to take your dog to a groomer, not just to keep it clean, but for an overall health assessment as well. Grooming your pet at home is fine, but sometimes you just need to take your dog to a professional groomer for some hard-to-reach spots and more delicate grooming aspects.

No matter what your dog’s breed is, or whether it’s long or short-haired, professional dog groomers will know for sure what exactly your beloved puppy needs. Whether it’s detangling hair, hair-cutting, trimming nails, or bathing and brushing, the groomer will take care of your pet and give them a new, refreshed look. But, are you supposed to tip a dog groomer?

Tipping dog groomers are not obligatory or even necessarily expected, but it is for sure appreciated. If you’re not already doing so, you should think about making a habit out of tipping your dog’s groomer!

Let’s discuss some of the reasons why you should consider tipping dog groomers!

DID YOU KNOW: Pet grooming industry statistics show that dog owners spend around $73 a year on grooming. 

Why You Should Tip Your Dog Groomer

The first thing that comes to my mind is that if you tip your hairdresser when you have the chance, especially when you’re satisfied with your hair, and the waiter who serves you at a restaurant, why not tip the groomer?

Here are several reasons why you should start practicing that:

Dog Groomers Are Performing (Extra) Services for You

As I said, you probably tip most people who provide you with some sort of services, such as taxi drivers, delivery drivers, waiters, etc. So, why are you still wondering “should I tip the dog groomer”?

Dog groomers are also performing a service for you and your pet, and at times it can be unpleasant. Depending on the dog’s temper, they can be angry and resort to biting or being too sensitive, so the groomer will have to put in an extra effort. With that in mind, you should tip dog groomers for the service that you aren’t able to complete by yourself.

Dog Groomers Are Professionals and Should be Treated as Such

As true professionals, dog groomers have been properly educated in treating pets. Many of them have years of experience, and probably will know more about your dog than you do. Some groomers even own the business and are goal-oriented.

Thus, by tipping the dog groomer who is professionally doing their job, you will express your appreciation towards the work that they have done.

They Are Dealing With Picky Customers on a Daily Basis

Although you may admire dog groomers, thinking that they spend amazing working hours surrounded by sweet puppies, don’t forget that not all puppies act sweet with strangers, and neither do all dog owners. Working in a service industry can be very stressful and exhausting, as there are customers who can be quite petty and picky.

However, even when dealing with difficult situations, professional pet groomers won’t let that affect you or your dog. So, you can give them positive feedback to let them know that you appreciate their hard work by tipping the dog groomer. At the end of the day, it’s nice to know that you made someone’s day better.

You Love the Result of Their Work

When the dog groomer returns your puppy with a fresh cut, smelling fresh, and most importantly, looking happy, don’t you think that the person responsible for your dog’s happiness deserves to be rewarded?

If you’re satisfied with the result, you should certainly let the groomer know that. More importantly, take notice of whether your dog likes the groomer, because anyone can groom your dog, but if the dog feels comfortable with that particular groomer and they’re doing a great job, that is priceless.

Also, you should tip the dog groomer because they can give you some extra advice about dog pregnancy, crate training your puppy, or any other topic regarding your dog you might be interested in.

Dog Groomers Very Often Your Needs Above and Beyond Their Call of Duty

I am sure that there are occasions when the dog groomer needs to come early or to stay a bit late just to take care of a client’s dog. Also, there are situations when they go to the client’s house in a mobile van and groom the dog at their home for extra convenience. So, should you tip a dog groomer who comes to your door? Of course, you should!

This way, the groomer is accommodating the clients’ needs and putting themselves by the wayside to ensure that the clients’ dogs get what they need. Moreover, even though most of your dog’s needs that dog groomers can address relate to the dog’s appearance if your dog has problems with joint issues, restlessness, and anxiety, groomers can sometimes suggest some of the best CBD oil for your dog or some joint supplement for dogs.

If you find yourself in such a situation, you should definitely acknowledge the groomer with an extra tip. Don’t worry too much about “how much to tip the groomer”, tip them depending on your possibilities at the moment. That way, you’ll show that you appreciate the things they do above and beyond their call of duty.

When to Withhold a Tip

In case you are not satisfied with the groom or the whole service provided, or your puppy is not comfortable with that particular groomer, it’s better to discuss your complaint with the staff or with the particular groomer who took care of your dog, rather than withholding a tip. Now, you’re probably thinking: “Why should I tip the dog groomer if I don’t like the service?”

If you don’t like the trim of your pet or your pup needs extra attention or comfort, you have to speak with the staff upfront so they can understand and pay more attention. If it’s already done, keep in mind to inform them in time for the next appointment, but It’s not fair to leave frustrated and without leaving a tip if you hadn’t informed them about your pet’s specific needs beforehand.

DID YOU KNOW: Depending on the extent of work that has to be done for your dog, the appointment with a dog groomer may take anywhere from ninety minutes to four hours. So, are you supposed to tip dog groomers who have spent 4 hours with your dog? I’d say so!

Key Takeaways

As a responsible dog owner, you need to take your dog to the dog groomer, not just to keep it clean, but for its overall health.
No matter the breed of your dog, dog groomers are professionals who provide a wide range of services for dogs, such as detangling hair, hair-cutting, nail clipping, or bathing and brushing.
Tipping is not obligatory or expected, but it’s appreciated for sure—by tipping your dog groomer, you show appreciation of the service provided and all the care they give to your beloved puppy.
Why should you tip the dog groomer? Because they perform (extra) services for you, often accommodate your needs above and beyond their call of duty, and much more. Dog groomers are professionals and should be treated as such.
In case you’re not satisfied with the groom or the whole service provided, or your puppy is not comfortable with that particular groomer, it’s better to discuss your complaint with the staff or with the particular groomer who took care of your dog rather than withholding a tip.

How Much to Tip a Dog Groomer

Tipping a dog’s groomer can be tricky, but when you’re provided with a good service, you should show appreciation and award it with a nice tip. For starters, 15% is a good choice. If the groomer did a good job, even though they didn’t go above and beyond their call of duty, but you’re satisfied with the service that they provided, a 15% tip is very reasonable.

You’ll probably be wondering:  “How much should I tip my dog groomer if I wasn’t satisfied with the service performed?” In that case, you shouldn’t withhold the tip, but a 10% would be acceptable.

However, the better the professional groomers perform their job, the more you should tip them. For instance, 20% or even more (if your budget allows it) is a good baseline, if the groomer has put in extra effort to meet your dog’s needs.

What Is the Best Way to Tip a Dog Groomer?

Keep in mind that you need to ensure that the tip goes into the groomer’s hand! So, when do you tip a dog groomer? The best way to perform that is by placing the tip right into the groomer’s hand. For instance, when picking up your groomed dog, the person who took care of it is likely going to bring it out to meet you. That’s the right time to hand over a tip.

Nevertheless, if you’re not in a position to tip the groomer, you can find another way to show your appreciation instead. A simple “Great job!” can be very uplifting, especially for someone who had a long day.

Another thing you can do for free that’s even better than a generous tip is to refer the place to your friends, providing your groomer with potential customers.

How Much Does a Dog Groomer Make?

In the United States, an average dog groomer’s salary ranges between $21,000 and $51,000, according to an independent study done by, with some dog groomers making more and some less than this amount. On the low end, there are the entry-level groomers that make roughly $17,000 per year, and on the high end, there are the established, experienced dog groomers that make closer to $50,000 per year.

Keep in mind that these numbers refer to the average dog groomer’s salary, bonuses, and tips not included, and they can be a significant portion of a dog groomer’s income. So, think again, should you tip a dog groomer?

Statistics show that, when working 40 hours per week, experienced groomers can make additional tips adding up to $4.26 per hour (in tips alone), or $8,860.08 per year.

DID YOU KNOW: If the dog groomer includes pet photography sessions as part of the service package, they can increase their revenues by around $150 per appointment.


Are you still wondering how much should you tip a dog groomer? As mentioned earlier, the tip can vary from 5% to 20% depending on the service provided. Not only does tipping your dog groomer help them financially, but it can reassure them that they’ve provided you with excellent service. Anyhow, in the end, you can tip them as much as you think that you should or you can afford.


Do you tip a dog groomer for a nail trim?

In some basic grooming services, nail trimming is included, and in others it’s not. If the dog groomer adds additional services for you and your pup, that should be an incentive to give a generous tip.

How much do you tip groomers at Petsmart?

Actually, do you tip dog groomers at Petsmart? If you’re satisfied with the service, you definitely should. Most groomers make a 40-50% commission, which is about $10-14 per hour. The recommended tip range is from $5 to $20, based on the type of the performed service and its quality.

How much do you tip your dog groomer at Christmas?

If you have a dog groomer that you visit regularly, it would be nice to give them a small gift or a 30-40% tip as appreciation during the Christmas holidays. This kind of gesture will surely be appreciated.


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