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If you’re looking for an online crypto casino that offers great games, superb graphics, and bonuses that will make your head spin, BC.Game casino is definitely the place for you.

In this BC.Game ShitCode 2022 article, we’ll provide an overview of the casino and mention some of the great bonuses it offers, and most importantly, what ShitCode you can use to claim the bonuses. Let’s begin!

BC.Game Casino Overview

BC.Game casino is a crypto gambling site offering a wide range of casino games and bonuses. Founded in 2017 with the vision of fusing the decentralized structure of blockchain technology with online gambling, this casino is known for providing a unique and unrivaled gaming experience to its players.

What makes BC.Game different from most online crypto casinos with shitcode is that it offers “guaranteed provable fairness” to online casino players, claiming all transactions on the platform are easily traceable, and therefore can’t be manipulated.

BC.Game ShitCode 2022

Casino shitcodes are a trendy way players can get bonuses to use at casinos. A BC. Game casino ShitCode is a promotional code that gives you access to special bonuses and promotions at BC.Game casino and a chance to earn free crypto. However, each code has a designated level requirement you’ll need to meet before claiming it, but they’re nothing too strenuous.

The tested & approved BC Game ShitCode for September 2022 is:


By entering this code, you’ll be eligible for getting between $1 and $3 in BCD balance on your player’s account. The only eligibility requirement you need to meet in order to claim the ShitCode bonus is being a LEVEL 2 player.

BC.Game Bonuses

Apart from the well-known ShitCode bonus, BC.Game crypto casino offers other bonuses as well.

Welcome Bonus

As a welcome bonus, BC.Game casino gives new players a 300% deposit bonus on their first deposit of at least $10 within 20 minutes of signing up. However, if the player doesn’t make a deposit within this time frame, they’ll still have a chance of winning some other BC.Game bonus options the casino provides.

Deposit Bonus

For your first four deposits, BC.Game offers you a chance to win some of the following deposit bonuses:

1.First Deposit (Up to 180% Bonus)
  • For deposits between $30–$80, you’ll be eligible for an 80% bonus.
  • For deposits between $80–$400, you’ll be eligible for a 100% bonus.
  • For deposits of $400 and above, you’ll be eligible for a 180% bonus.
2. Second Deposit (Up to 200% Bonus)
  • For deposits between $60–$120, you’ll be eligible for a 100% bonus.
  • For deposits between $120–$600, you’ll be eligible for a 150% bonus.
  • For deposits of $600 and above, you’ll be eligible for a 200% BC.Game bonus.
3. Third Deposit (Up to 220% Bonus)
  • For deposits between $120–$300, you’ll be eligible for a 100% bonus.
  • For deposits between $300–$1500, you’ll be eligible for a 150% bonus.
  • For deposits of $1500 and above, you’ll be eligible for a 220% bonus
4. Fourth Deposit (Up to 240% Bonus)
  • For deposits between $150–$400, you’ll be eligible for a 100% bonus.
  • For deposits between $400–$3000, you’ll be eligible for a 150% bonus.
  • For deposits of $3000 and above you’ll be eligible for a 240% bonus 

Task Bonus

Every day, all casino players are given new tasks to complete, earning a bonus if they manage to finish the task within the given time frame. New BC game players that can’t use a ShitCode have access to special “Newbie” tasks that reward them with bonuses of up to 1 BTC.
Players can take advantage of these tasks to improve their VIP level and unlock certain privileges.

DID YOU KNOW: Apart from the bonuses mentioned above, BC.Game Casino offers several other ways each player can use to earn a bonus, including Free Spins, Roll Competition, Master Medal, etc. For more information about these, make sure to check our in-depth BC.Game review.

Deposit and Withdrawal

The casino only accepts cryptocurrencies, ensuring all transactions at the casino are completed using crypto wallets.

The ShitCode for BC Game in 2022 has no deposit restrictions, and the withdrawal restriction is wholly determined by the cryptocurrency selected by the player. It’s as simple and straightforward as making a deposit.

More About BC.Game Casino

Here’s some other information about BC.Game casino you might find useful:


BC.Game casino offers various games, including Crash, Classic Dice, Keno, Limbo, Blackjack, Hash Dice, Wheel, Slots, Plinko, Beauties, Video Poker, and Roulette.

Although the number of games offered is limited, the casino’s interesting gaming interface and the constantly present bonuses entice players to try more of its games.


If you want to play at BC Game or use the ShitCode today, you can choose from the following languages on the website: English, Chinese, Filipino, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian, Spanish, Urdu, Vietnamese, German, French, and Russian.

Restricted Countries

Apart from having a minimum age requirement, this casino also employs restrictions on certain countries, including Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, Costa Rica, France, Netherlands, Saba, Statia, and St Martin, as well as some parts of the US.

Accepted Currencies

BC.Game crypto casino accepts some of the most popular cryptocurrencies out there, including Bitcoin, Satoshi, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Dogecoin, Stellar, Bitcoin Cash, Tron, and more. In addition, the ShitCode used at BC Game might earn you the casino’s own cryptocurrency called BCD or BC Dollar.


All things considered, BC.Game is a great choice for online casino players looking for different ways and opportunities to earn a bonus. With a range of accepted cryptocurrencies and available ShitCode that offers you a chance to earn a generous prize, BC.Game is definitely a casino worth trying out.


Is BC.Game a good casino?

In our experience, BC.Game is definitely one of the best crypto-based casinos. Its interactive interface, variety of games, and vast opportunities to earn a bonus with the BC.Game shitcode 2022 isn’t something you see often in a crypto casino.

Is BC.Game legit?

BC.Game is a legitimate online casino licensed and regulated by the Curacao eGaming Authority. In addition, it uses the latest 128-bit SSL encryption to protect your personal and financial information.



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