Is Getting a Mortgage Possible With a CCJ in the Way?


Getting a mortgage is a big financial step, and the process can be stressful. And matters get even more complicated if you have a county court judgement (CCJ) against you and would like a mortgage. Can you get a mortgage with a CCJ? This article addresses this question and provides essential information about measures you can take to obtain one.

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What Is a CCJ?

A county court judgement is a court-issued notice indicating that you have a certain amount of debt that you have failed to repay on time. Once a CCJ has been issued against you, you become a ‘defendant’ under a legal obligation to repay the money you owe to creditors or lenders.

CCJs appear on your credit record and may harm your ability to open a bank account or get a credit card. Getting approved for a mortgage with a CCJ on your record is significantly more challenging. But before being served with a CCJ, you should receive a ‘letter of claim’ that allows you to reach an agreement with the creditor—as noted in our dedicated CCJ article.

DID YOU KNOW? When people don’t abide by the terms of a CCJ, the court can enforce the debt via a Charging Order, bailiff action, or an Attachment of Earnings Order.

How a CCJ Affects Your Mortgage Application

A CCJ on your credit record can damage your overall financial health. It can lower your chances of being approved for any loan and negatively affect your mortgage application.

It’s challenging to secure a mortgage (or any loan) if you don’t have good credit. Mortgages with a CCJ are riskier for a lender because a CCJ is proof that you can’t pay a debt in the specified amount of time. Furthermore, a CCJ causes your credit rating to plummet, and lenders can see that you have bad credit.

Additionally, if the amount of debt you owe is significant, it may be difficult for you to make payments toward your CCJ mortgage on time if you’re still paying off the CCJ.

DID YOU KNOW? If you’re considering getting a mortgage, it’s helpful to know that those who have low monthly expenses and those living without dependents are more likely to have their applications approved.

Key Takeaways

A country court judgement (CCJ) is a court-issued notice that requires you to pay a debt.
CCJs lower your credit rating and harm your ability to be approved for loans and mortgages.
Mortgage approval with a CCJ is possible with the right lender.
The issue date of a CCJ, the number of CCJs you have, the amount you owe, and your income determine mortgage approval.
You can improve your chances of getting a mortgage by settling the CCJ, boosting your credit score, and refraining from other loan applications.

Can You Get a Mortgage With a CCJ?

It’s possible to be approved for a mortgage even if you have a CCJ. It is, however, more difficult to be approved because not all lenders are willing to give out loans to those with financial problems.

Fortunately, bad credit mortgage lenders give out mortgages to those with CCJs or other financial difficulties. It’s essential to find a lender who’s willing to grant your approval. But don’t be disappointed if one lender rejects your application; there are certainly others willing to approve it.

So can I get a mortgage with a CCJ? Yes, but approval depends on many other factors. The following section explains which circumstances can be the deciding factor in your mortgage approval or not.

DID YOU KNOW? Becoming a homeowner in the UK is nearly impossible without a mortgage, proven by the fact that 35% of adults have at least an average amount of mortgage debt, and some even more.

Influential Factors of Getting a Mortgage With a CCJ

There are specific eligibility requirements that you must meet to be approved for a mortgage. And if you have a CCJ, these requirements become even stricter. Consider the following fundamental questions lenders address when reviewing your mortgage application with a CCJ.

When Was the CCJ Registered?

One of the most critical factors that determine if you’re eligible for a mortgage is the issue date of the CCJ. The older the CCJ, the better your chances of approval. If the CCJ is more than two years old, your chances increase significantly. A CCJ expires after six years and is deleted from your credit record—so an expired CCJ won’t affect your chances of being approved.

How Large Is the CCJ?

Can you get a mortgage with CCJ if you owe a lot of money? If the CCJs are recent and the amount of CCJs rises to more than £3,000, lenders will probably deem you ineligible for a mortgage. Some lenders are willing to grant approval even if the CCJ was recent, but it’s below £1,000. In short, the less you owe, the better your chances of obtaining a mortgage.

Is the CCJ Satisfied?

Can I get a mortgage with a satisfied CCJ? A satisfied CCJ fares much better than an unsatisfied one. Some lenders require you to satisfy your CCJ before approving your application. And you could even be approved with an unsatisfied CCJ. If the CCJ is over two years old, some lenders won’t ask you to satisfy it.

What’s the Number of CCJs?

The number of CCJs registered against you has an immense effect on your chances of approval. If you have only one CCJ, it’s much more likely you’ll be approved. It’s even possible to be approved with two if they’re old enough. Some lenders, however, impose a CCJ cap, meaning they won’t approve applicants who have more than two or three CCJs.

What’s Your Yearly Income?

Has anyone got a mortgage with a CCJ and low income? Your income plays a significant role in mortgage approvals—whether you have a CCJ or not. Lenders conduct an affordability assessment before they approve you. So you would probably be ineligible for a mortgage if you had a low income. And your chances would be lower if you recently switched jobs, you’re self-employed, or are on maternity leave.

What’s the Deposit Amount?

Can you still get a mortgage with a CCJ and no deposit? If you have a CCJ on your credit record and you want to get a mortgage, it’s recommended that you provide a higher initial deposit. You need to deposit at least a small percentage of the amount, and the age of the CCJ is a factor, too. For example, if the CCJ against you was issued in the past year, you need to put down at least 25% of the total amount. But if the CCJ was given three years ago, you should be approved with a 5% deposit.

What Type of Mortgage Are You Applying For?

Can you get the mortgage with CCJ and still choose the type of mortgage you get? No. The lender decides what kind of mortgage you’re eligible for. It’s more likely that you’ll be approved for one of the standard mortgages, such as a fixed- or variable-rate mortgage, a tracker mortgage, or a remortgage. And if you’re applying for a buy-to-let mortgage, your chances of approval are slim.

Do You Have Other Credit Issues?

Besides CCJs, creditors look at any other issues or defaults on your credit record. But you have nothing to worry about if you have a clean credit file and only one settled CCJ.

You may also wonder: Can I get a mortgage if my partner has a CCJ? This depends if you’re filing jointly or separately. If you’re filing separately and have good credit, your partner’s CCJ shouldn’t affect your application. But if you’re in a debt management plan and have declared bankruptcy or your assets have been repossessed, it’s unlikely that you’ll find a provider willing to lend to you.

DID YOU KNOW? Your credit score is critical with mortgage applications in the UK. The Experian scale reveals that the average credit score is 797—ranked as a ‘fair credit score’. If you have an average credit score or above, you’ll likely be approved for a mortgage.

How to Get a Mortgage With a CCJ

As previously noted, obtaining a mortgage with a settled CCJ is possible, but being approved for a mortgage with an unsettled CCJ is a bit more challenging but still achievable. Fortunately, you can improve your chances of being approved for a mortgage by taking the following actions.

  • Settle the CCJ: If you pay off the CCJ in full, it will appear on your record as ‘satisfied’, and mortgage providers will be more inclined to lend to you.
  • Check your credit report: Request a copy of your report and make sure that all the information listed on it is correct and up to date.
  • Boost your credit score: Work on improving your overall credit score by paying off debts, closing unused credit cards, and registering to vote at your address.
  • Don’t apply for other loans: Can you get a mortgage with a satisfied CCJ in the hope of applying for other loans? Mortgage providers have access to your financial history and current situation and see any new loan applications. So do not apply for other loans.
  • Don’t apply with another lender if rejected: It’s best not to apply with another provider immediately. If your application was rejected, examine it and see if there is anything you can improve. Wait a while before you apply with another lender to have a better chance of approval the second time around.

These are excellent tips to implement and improve your chances of approval for a mortgage. If you have a CCJ to your name, this is the way to go.

DID YOU KNOW? Another step you can take to help you get a mortgage with CCJ is to avoid moving frequently. Mortgage providers see the previous addresses you’ve listed, and if they see you’ve moved around a lot, they may think that you can’t make the required payments.


Getting approved for a mortgage when issued a CCJ is challenging, but it’s not impossible. Many factors influence a mortgage approval, and you can take measures to improve your chances of getting approved. Remember, a CCJ is not the end of the road—you can still obtain a mortgage and become a homeowner.


Does a CCJ stop you from getting a mortgage?

A CCJ mortgage may be more difficult to obtain than a mortgage with a clean credit file, but it’s not out of the question. You can be approved for a mortgage, even with a CCJ, but make sure you first improve your overall financial situation.

How old does a CCJ have to be to get a mortgage?

It all depends on your circumstances and the lender. It’s always best to wait two years after a CCJ has been issued to apply for a mortgage. Some lenders, however, may grant you approval even if the CCJ is just a few months old.

Do I have to declare a CCJ after 6 years?

Can you get a mortgage with a CCJ that’s six years old? Yes. A CCJ is removed from your credit file after six years. But if a lender asks you about any CCJs issued against you in the past, you must declare them.


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