Yankee Bets Explained [Definition, How They Work, and More]


Betting can seem complicated, especially when it comes to more complex terms like a Yankee bet. A Yankee, essentially, is a multiple bet; like other multiple bets, it’s a bit more difficult to understand and implement. Don’t fret! This guide will explain several things: what is a Yankee bet, how does one work, and all the sports you can place a Yankee bet on.

What Is a Yankee Bet?

A Yankee is a complex multiple bet that allows multiple wagers to be placed at the same time. A Yankee bet consists of 11 bets of equal value placed on four different selections. The 11 bets are six double bets, four treble bets, and one four-fold accumulator bet. At least two of the four selections included in a Yankee bet need to be successful for the punter to receive a return

What Makes the Yankee Bet a Good Choice?

The Yankee bet and its meaning lies in the fact that a large number of bets increase the chances of making a return; if more than two selections are successful, more significant profit is attained. In addition, this also serves as a form of security – even if one or two selections don’t win, the other bets serve as a safety net that protects the punter from losing their initial stake.

However, there’s a downside to Yankee bets – the profit margin from a Yankee can be significantly smaller than profits from other multiple bets, such as a Trixie bet or Patent bet

Now that you’ve had the Yankee bet explained, keep in mind the potential return from the Yankee depends on the number of winning selections and their respective odds. This bet is most commonly used in horse racing, and British bookies allow you to place bets on horse races online! Although it can seem tricky, this bet is a good choice for those that want a low-risk bet with a better likelihood of a return. That being said, we advise that only those familiar with the sport they’re betting on place a Yankee bet

DID YOU KNOW? What’s a Yankee bet? Check. Now you’re probably wondering where it got its name. The rumour is that it was named after an American soldier who placed a small wager on several selections and got thousands of pounds when they all won!

How Does a Yankee Bet Work?

We’ve already established that a Yankee bet consists of 11 bets across four selections, but what do these bets look like? We thought this would be best illustrated with an example, so we’re going to refer to the four selections as A, B, C, and D. 

Double bets 


A+B; A+C; A+D; 

B+C; B+D; C+D

Treble bets


A+B+C; A+B+D; B+C+D; A+C+D
Four-fold A+B+C+D
Total bets 11

We hope this clears up any confusion as to how many bets are in a Yankee; the number of bets is the reason why the initial stake is multiplied by eleven. If you want to stake £1 on a selection, the total sum of the bet would amount to £11. 

Remember that a Yankee bet doesn’t allow for single bets, so you have to bet on at least two outcomes for every selection you’ve made. This is an ideal choice for selections that have short odds if you bet on them as a single selection that would produce a minimal payout. 

When Is the Yankee Bet a Good Idea?

Yankee betting in general is a good choice if you’re convinced that two or more of your selections are winning picks, but you wouldn’t receive a handsome return if you backed them separately. 

How to Place a Yankee Bet

The process of placing a Yankee bet is straightforward. All UK bookies offer this option, but before you go ahead and put down money, make sure that you understand the rules of the bet, as well as the sport you’re placing a Yankee on. It’s also best if you’re confident in all four of your selections. 

It’s possible to place an each-way Yankee bet – this will double the number of bets and the initial stake as well. If it sounds confusing, you should look into each-way betting and learn how you can combine it with Yankee bets!

DID YOU KNOW? The UK is a world leader in sports betting. Brits love to gamble on all types of sports, especially around Christmas when the number of wagers doubles.

Yankee vs Super Yankee Bet

While the regular Yankee bet features four selections, the Super Yankee features five, making the total number of bets 26. The Super Yankee is also known as a Canadian bet and works on the same principle as the traditional Yankee, the only difference being you have to pick one more selection. 

At this point, you may be wondering how to work out a Yankee bet with five selections. You would have to place the following bets to make a Super Yankee:

  • 10 doubles
  • 10 trebles
  • five four-folds
  • One five-fold

What Is a Super Yankee Bet?

A Super Yankee is a bet made on the same principle as the traditional Yankee, but the chances of getting a return are significantly better as you still only need two out of five selections to win and get a return. This bet is often found in horse racing, but it’s not as common as the traditional Yankee bet. That’s not to say that you can’t place a Super Yankee on selections from other sports competitions, though.

How Many Bets Are in a Super Yankee?

Again, more than the traditional at 26. However, there are two other popular variations of the Super Yankee with a larger number of total bets:

  • Lucky 31 – Adding five single bets to a Super Yankee makes for a Lucky 31, bet consisting of 31 bets in total
  • Each-way Super Yankee – An each-way Super Yanke consists of 52 bets total. 26 bets are placed on selections to win, and 26 bets are placed on those same selections to place. 

What Is a Permed Yankee Bet?

You might have come across the term permed Yankee and wondered what it’s all about. Well, this bet provides more extensive coverage than the traditional or even the Super Yankee! The permed Yankee bet consists of five or six selections in different events, such as five individual Yankee bets placed on different sports. This would make the total number of placed bets 55. 

DID YOU KNOW? Horse racing is the second most popular sport for betting in the UK 3.8% of people that enjoy betting on sports place bets on horse races.

 Key Takeaways

A Yankee bet is a multiple bet consisting of 11 bets of equal value.
The bets in a Yankee are placed on four different selections from the same sport.
Super Yankee bets require choosing five selections for a total of 26 bets.
Horse racing is the top choice for placing Yankee bets.

How Does a Yankee Bet Work in Horse Betting?

Horse racing is the most popular sport for Yankee bets. What is Yankee bet in horse racing?

A Yankee bet is often the most popular choice in horse betting, which is because you can choose four horses from four races and bet on all of them to win. If successful, a Yankee bet placed on a horse race can yield high profits; even if only two of the horses finish first, you’ll still receive a payout. 

What Is an Each-Way Yankee Bet in Horse Racing?

This is another possibility offered to punters that bet on horses – with an each-way Yankee, you don’t bet only on horses to win, but you also bet on those horses to place, effectively making a cover bet. As with a regular each-way bet, the stake is multiplied and the chance of getting a return is also higher. 

DID YOU KNOW? Contrary to popular belief, horse racing wasn’t invented in Britain. Horses have been racing as long as they have been domesticated: as far back as 4500 BC in Central Asia. The first horse race on British soil took place in 200 AD!

Yankee Betting in Other Sports

Now that we’ve seen how Yankee bets work in horse racing, let’s explain what is a Yankee in sports betting.

A Yankee is a bet that can be placed on almost all sports – football, basketball, hockey, Formula 1, greyhound racing, and so on. Besides horse racing, football is the most popular sport for placing Yankee bets. You can bet on matches from the same league, or you can choose a match from four different leagues. Although Yankee bets are placed on selections from the same sport, you can also pick selections across different sports

Yankee Bet Examples

A Yankee bet example on different sports would look something like this: one selection from horse racing, one from Formula 1, one from tennis, and one from football. You can combine all of these in one bet, but you should only do so if you’re confident that you’ve chosen winning picks

Traditional Sport Yankee vs Horse Racing Yankee – What’s the Difference?

The main difference between Yankee bets on horse racing and Yankee bets on traditional sports is the number of possibilities. When betting on horse races, possibilities are limited; when it comes to other sports, the large number of betting markets gives punters options and endless combinations.

In case you were thinking about how to place a Yankee bet on something other than horses, just remember that the principle remains the same – you need four different selections, regardless of the sport or league

DID YOU KNOW? Football is the most popular sport in the world! The same is true for sports betting. Punters, especially in Europe, love to bet on the outcome of football matches. 


Now that we’ve explained what are Yankee bets and how they work, you should be able to see the appeal behind them. The increased chances of turning a profit, combined with low levels of risk from Yankee bets, make these a very popular choice among sports betting enthusiasts The best part is you can bet Yankee on almost any sport, which is a big plus for this multiple bet.

Disclaimer: Enjoy betting, but always practice betting responsibly.


Why is a Yankee bet called a Yankee?

What does a Yankee bet mean? We’re not certain, but it’s believed that it was named after an American soldier that first placed a similar bet. The term ‘Yankee’ is used to refer to people from the United States, hence the correlation!

How do you win on a Yankee bet?

To get a return from a Yankee bet, at least two of the four selections need to win, although these returns usually aren’t very substantial. For your investment to pay off, three or all four selections should win to produce a profitable payout.

How does a Yankee bet work in football?

If you want to know what is a Yankee bet in football, the answer is simple! A Yankee in football is the same as a Yankee in any other sport. The only difference is that you need to select four football matches, instead of, let’s say, four horses.

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