What Is a Trixie Bet and How Does It Work?


The world of betting can seem intimidating, especially when you bring more complex bets like the Trixie bet into the equation. No need to fret, though! This guide will tell you everything you need to know about Trixie bets – what they are, how they work, and how to successfully place one. Let’s get started!

What Is a Trixie Bet?

A Trixie bet is a multiple bet that consists of four bets placed on three different selections. A Trixie requires punters to place three double bets and one treble bet

For a bet to be successful, at least two of the three selections have to win. Even if one selection fails to achieve a win, when betting Trixie the bettor will still receive a return; if all three selections win, the return can be substantial compared to the relatively low stakes

The possibility of high returns is the reason why the Trixie bet is often compared to the Patent bet and Yankee bet. If you want to spice up your betting experience, look into Yankee bets or consider Patent bets to see if either of those suits you!

Still confused on what is a Trixie? Remember that it is a system bet that combines several bets into one. Another thing to keep in mind is that it’s a cover bet: although it doesn’t provide the amount of coverage of full-cover bets, it’s more likely that you’ll turn a profit if you bet Trixie. Horse racing is the most popular sport for placing Trixie bets. 

DID YOU KNOW? The word ‘Trixie’ has origins in slang. The word was used in a derogatory way to denote a young white woman, usually unmarried, in the 1920s and ‘30s.

How Does a Trixie Bet Work?

The first thing you need to know before placing a Trixie bet is that you can’t wager on events across different sports or multiple outcomes of the same event. You have to make three selections on which you will place four bets total.

Each selection forms two double bets, and one treble serves as a fourth bet. Only two of these selections have to win in their respective games for the bet to be successful – the Trixie bet meaning becomes evident at this point. 

However, since the profit margin for the Trixie bet is higher, the stakes also have to be multiplied – you need to multiply your stake by four. For instance, if you want to wager £5 on a selection, your total stake will amount to £20 (£5×4=20).

At this point, you might be confused as to how many bets are in a Trixie and why do you need to multiply by four if you’re only choosing three selections. This is best illustrated with an example:

  • You choose three selections: A, B, and C. 
    • First wager – A and B
    • Second wager – A and C
    • Third wager – B and C
    • Fourth wager – A, B, and C
  • At least two of these wagers have to be successful for the bet to be considered profitable – for example, if wagers 1 and 3 are the winning picks, the punter will receive a profitable return

Once you’re confident after having the Trixie bet explained, you can go ahead and place one! You can do this through a bookie or on a betting site, but keep in mind that oftentimes bookies will give you less favourable odds than online betting platforms. 

If you decide to bet online, you’ll need to choose a betting site, open an account, select a sportsbook, and the events you want to wager on. Then add the three selections to your virtual ticket, double-check the odds, enter the stake, confirm the bet, and that’s it! You’ve successfully placed a Trixie bet.

Trixie betting involves more risks, but the potential returns are also significantly higher than with regular bets – this is the ideal type of betting for experienced punters, but even if you’re a beginner and want to give it a go, you can easily get the hang of it. 

DID YOU KNOW? The UK is the world leader in betting! The first bookies began operating on the island in the 19th century and have been in business ever since. 

Win Trixie vs Each-Way Trixie

If you’re still confused as to what is a Trixie in betting, let us clarify further. There are two types of Trixie bets: a win Trixie and an each-way Trixie. What does each of them entail?

Win Trixie

This is a regular Trixie bet, also referred to as win-only, meaning that at least two of the selections have to win for a successful bet. 

Each-Way Trixie

With this type of bet, all four bets in the Trixie are each-way bets, making for a total amount of 8 bets. This means that the stake has to be double that of a win-only Trixie bet, but the chances of turning a profit are better. If you’re clear on the Trixie meaning of the bet, but you’re still unfamiliar with the each-way part, make sure you look into each-way bets more closely before placing a bet of this kind.

Which One Should You Choose?

At this point, you may be hesitant as to which Trixie bet is the better choice – win-only or each way? Well, this depends on several things: the odds, the sport you’re betting on, the match in question, as well as your personal betting preferences. 

For example, in horse racing, a win-only Trixie is suitable only if the odds are 2/1 or smaller. If you see bigger odds, you should consider placing an each-way bet compliant with the Trixie bet system – although it’ll cost you double, the potential winnings are more promising. 

DID YOU KNOW? The annual turnover of the British betting industry is 14 billion pounds! This is the biggest confirmation – seriously! – that betting is a popular pastime among Britons.

Key Takeaways

A Trixie bet consists of four bets placed on three different selections.
Two of the selections have to win for the bet to be successful.
There are two varieties of the Trixie betwin Trixie and each-way Trixie.
Horse racing is the most popular sport for placing Trixie bets.
You can place Trixie bets on a variety of sports, not just on horse races.

What Is a Trixie Bet in Horse Racing?

One of the most common bets among horse racing enthusiasts is the Trixie bet. This is because punters can wager on different horses in separate races. With a Trixie bet, they can select three horses from all available races and combine their bets, increasing the chances of a profitable outcome

So, what is a Trixie bet on horses and how does it work? The Trixie bet works the same for all sports, but it’s especially popular for horse betting since horses usually come with higher odds. Punters can choose horses with various odds, and even if only two out of the three are victorious, the payout will be quite substantial – if all three win, the winnings will be very handsome indeed! 

What is a Trixie bet for experienced horse bettors? Experienced bettors utilise this type very often, but they also will place an each-way Trixie as well. These bets ensure that the punter will receive a return if two out of the three horses win or place. This increases the chances of success since people can bet on two possible outcomes for each horse chosen. Most horse betting today is done online, and there are plenty of horse betting sites that give good odds

DID YOU KNOW? One British engineer won £1.5 million on a £2 bet – he bet on six winners of a running jackpot and placed a bet on a horse that lost 28 races! 

How Does a Trixie Bet Work in Other Sports?

We’ve already established that horse races are the top choice for Trixie bets, but how does a Trixie work when it comes to other sports? 

Trixie works off the same principles regardless of the sport – you must make three selections and place bets on all of them. Almost all sports played on a professional level are eligible for Trixie bets – football, basketball, tennis, baseball, and hockey are all good choices!

What’s a Trixie Bet in Football?

Football is the second most popular choice for Trixie bets. These sports bets require the punter to choose three football matches taking place on the same day. This type of betting is popular among football punters since they consider it the ideal way to bet on a total number of goals or both teams scoring. The best possible situation for placing a Trixie is when the selection odds are even since it maximises the potential winnings.

The Trixie bet system can be implemented in any sport. You can combine selections from different competitions or leagues, or even place bets on various sports if the bookie allows you to do so. There are no restrictions when it comes to Trixie bets!

DID YOU KNOW? Potential winnings from a Trixie bet can be difficult to calculate – luckily, there’s a Trixie calculator that can help you determine the total amount you’ll receive if you win some or all bets.


Once you understand the basics of a Trixie bet, you’ll see that this system bet is not as complicated as it may seem. If you adhere to some of the commonly used Trixie bet tips and you’re confident in your selections, go ahead and place a Trixie bet on your choices! Keep in mind that if your bet is successful, you can receive a significant return, making Trixie bets a smart investment

Disclaimer: Enjoy betting, but always practice betting responsibly.


What is the difference between a treble and a Trixie?

A treble bet includes three different selections on three individual events placed on one betting slip – to win a treble, you need to correctly predict all three outcomes. When betting Trixie, all three double bets need to be from the same three selections, in addition to the treble bet.

How much does a Trixie bet cost?

A Trixie bet costs four times the original stake placed on a selection. All bets in a Trixie are equal, so the total cost depends on the amount you decide to place on a single selection. Keep in mind that each-way Trixies cost double the amount of a win-only Trixie.

Are Trixie bets worth it?

What is a Trixie bet and is it worth it? Yes, it’s a good bet! If you feel good about certain selections, putting them in a Trixie is a great idea. In addition, the profit margin for Trixie bets is higher than regular ones.

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