What’s Draw No Bet? [Meaning, How It Works, Examples]


If you’ve ever dabbled in betting, you’ve probably come across the Draw No Bet market among the offered options but may be unsure what it means. Our guide covers what a Draw No Bet represents, how it works, and when to consider placing such a bet.

Draw No Bet Meaning

Draw No Bet is experiencing a surge in popularity among bettors. This betting market removes the outcome of a draw, leaving the bettor with the possibility to bet on either a home win or an away win, albeit at lowered odds. The following presents a more detailed look into how this bet type works and why it works so well.

How Does Draw No Bet Work?

When you’re betting on a three-way moneyline market, you’re faced with three possible outcomes: a home win, an away win, and a draw. In three-way betting, when one of the teams wins, and the match ends in a draw, you lose the bet. If the match ends in a draw, the bet neither wins nor loses. Conversely, Draw No Bet eliminates the third outcome, meaning that you can bet only on home or away wins.

What Does Draw No Bet Mean for the Money You Staked?

You only have two outcomes to bet on with a Draw No Bet option, but the match could still end in a draw. So what happens with the money you’ve staked? If the match you’ve bet on ends in a draw, the stake you’ve placed will be returned to you in full. So you have nothing to lose if the bet doesn’t go your way.

These bets offer a higher level of security than three-way bets and are an excellent choice for bettors who want to minimise risk.

What Does Draw No Bet Mean for the Bookie?

Since there’s less risk for the bettor, it’s only normal that there’s a higher risk for the bookmaker with the Draw No Bet option. So bookies offer this bet type at lowered odds to minimise their risk in providing this option.

DID YOU KNOW? The UK is a world leader in sports betting. The betting industry generates more than 20 billion euros in revenue each year. The most popular time for placing bets is Christmas when bets double.

Advantages of Draw No Bet

The Draw No Bet market is a desirable destination for bettors with different experience levels because of the following advantages.

Stake Insurance

If you want a safe betting option, then Draw No Bet is a perfect choice. If your selection doesn’t win, your original stake will be returned to you. So you have nothing to lose with a tie.

Backing Defensive Teams

What is a Draw No Bet with regards to defensive teams? Betting on defensive teams is a good move since you bet on them against more skilled teams who will likely win the match. Even if the better team doesn’t win, you lose nothing. If the match ends in a tie, you don’t risk anything, either—the bet gets cancelled, and your stake is returned to you.

Works Well With an Accumulator Bet

Accumulator (Acca) bets are among the most popular combined bets, but they’re also risky. Even if one of the matches covered in the acca bet ends in a draw, it doesn’t count as a loss, and the bet remains valid.


The Draw No Bet strategy is best applied when you think the outcome of the match may be decided in the final moments. Placing a Draw No Bet ensures the flexibility needed when betting on suspenseful matches.

DID YOU KNOW? An increasing number of people are beginning to place bets from their mobile devices. It’s quick and convenient, just as effective as betting with a real-life bookmaker, and there are plenty of excellent betting apps optimised for use on a mobile.

Draw No Bet Examples

A Draw No Bet explained in the following examples should help you understand its concept better.

Example 1:

West Ham is playing Liverpool at home.

  • The odds include:
    • West Ham win – 4/5
    • Liverpool win – 11/10
  • You bet £10 on a West Ham win:
    • If West Ham wins, you receive an £18 payout.
    • If Liverpool wins, you lose the stake.
    • If it’s a draw, the stake is refunded.

*Fractional odds used.

Example 2:

Tottenham is playing Leicester away.

  • The odds include:
    • Tottenham win – 2.05
    • Leicester win – 1.70
  • You bet £15 on a Tottenham win:
    • If Tottenham wins, you receive a £30.75 payout.
    • If Leicester wins, you lose the stake.
    • If it’s a draw, the stake is refunded.

*Decimal odds used.

While you may appreciate a Draw No Bet meaning in an example, you should know a few other things before rushing to the bookmaker to place your bet.

DID YOU KNOW? If you wish to cover both sporting event outcomes, consider an each-way bet, enabling you to place two bets on the same selection. But each bet is placed on a different result, so you’re covered if the selection wins or loses.

Key Takeaways

The Draw No Bet removes a draw as a possible outcome.
Draw No Bet offers a higher level of security but at lowered odds.
When the match ends in a draw, bettors receive a full stake refund.
Not all sports allow for a Draw No Bet. The most popular sports for placing a Draw No Bet are football and cricket.
Draw No Bet is similar to an Asian Handicap bet, and it can be an excellent addition to an accumulator bet.

Sports Permitting Draw No Bet

The question of what’s Draw No Bet is often asked because many are curious as to where one can place such a bet. This betting market is not available for all sports because not all matches end in a draw. So what are some sports you can place a Draw No Bet?

  • Football (US soccer)
  • Cricket
  • Australian football
  • Boxing
  • Chess
  • Horse racing and other racing sports

The number of sports on which you can place a Draw No Bet is limited—not all bookmakers have this betting market on offer. This bet type, however, is quite popular in the UK. The Draw No Bet meaning in soccer is the most commonly sought because football is the most popular sport for such bets. Other popular sports for placing such bets included cricket and horse racing.

DID YOU KNOW? Can you start betting if you have no knowledge of sports? Yes. Matched betting is probably your best option because it doesn’t require experience, and the outcome is irrelevant.

Draw No Bet Accumulator

One of the advantages of a Draw No Bet is that it works well in accumulator bets. But what is the Draw No Bet meaning in an accumulator? When creating an accumulator bet, it’s a good idea to include a Draw No Bet as a form of insurance if you want to remove the draw as a possible outcome. Since acca bets are placed on many selections, you could opt for placing a Draw No Bet on just one of them, or you can place one on each selection included in the bet.

How Does a Draw No Bet Reduce Risk?

Even if you place just one Draw No Bet, you significantly reduce the risk of a losing Acca bet by removing one of the three possible outcomes. With only two possible outcomes, the chances of securing a winning bet increase.

Additionally, a Draw No Bet means that even if one of the matches ends in a draw, the rest of the selections in the accumulator are unaffected, and the bet remains valid.

DID YOU KNOW? The odds offered for accumulator bets are very high. So bettors don’t need to stake much money to see substantial returns—one of the reasons why acca bets are so popular and considered a form of fun instead of a betting type.

Draw No Bet vs Asian Handicap Bet

The Draw No Bet meaning is very similar to the meaning of Asian Handicap bets but not identical. The main similarity between the two is that the draw has been removed as an outcome, and if the result is a tie, the stake is refunded.

What Are the Differences?

The Asian Handicap requires analysing the teams’ abilities and their probability of winning a match. Another difference is that the odds are better with Asian Handicap bets because the chances of the match ending in a draw are higher.

Lastly, remember that the Draw No Bet strategy and the Asian Handicap method could be identical in one way—a 0.0 Asian Handicap bet offered is the same as a regular Draw No Bet.

DID YOU KNOW? There are two types of Asian Handicap bets: 1) a single Asian Handicap—used when there’s a vast difference between the two teams’ abilities and 2) a split Asian Handicap—used when the difference between teams’ abilities is not apparent.


What does a Draw No Bet mean for a bookie, a novice bettor, and for the money you stake? The Draw No Bet is a popular option for betting on a selection to eliminate the risk of a draw. We hope our guide has given you the confidence to start placing bets on individual selections or integrate the Draw No Bet in accumulators. Whatever you choose, we wish you good luck.


How do you win Draw No Bet?

Since the Draw No Bet eliminates the draw outcome, you can only win if the selection you’ve chosen wins the match. If your pick loses, you lose the bet. And in the event of a draw, you get your money back.

Is Draw No Bet worth it?

A Draw No Bet is the best option for betting on sports in which the likelihood of a draw is high. It’s worth placing a Draw No Bet on such sports as football and cricket because the matches often end in a tie.

How does Draw No Bet work in an accumulator?

The Draw No Bet meaning is also clear-cut in accumulator bets—used as a safety net to ensure that a draw outcome will not invalidate the whole accumulator. Instead, the Draw No Bet makes sure that a pick ending in a draw doesn’t sink the other combined bets.

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