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As Freddie Mercury used to sing: Don’t stop me now!

One thing is for sure: no one can stop the video gaming industry from thriving! That’s why we are here today – to examine the flow of video game statistics and give you a fresh insight into those that matter the most in 2019. 

First, let’s have a quick look around: 

    • 2.5 billion people played video games in 2016. 
    • 70% of video gamers are aged 18 or higher. 
    • In 2019, 63% of mobile gamers are female. 
    • 60% of American adults prefer to play on their smartphones.
    • 52% of gamers play on their personal computers.
    • In 2019, the gaming industry has generated a total revenue of $151.9 billion.

Statistics are positive about the state of video games in 2019: they are one of the favorite modern pastimes for people all over the world. 

Let’s give the remote to video game industry statistics. Prepare to be amazed!

Fascinating Video Game Facts


How many people play video games in 2019?

Let’s see what do those pesky 2019 video game statistics have to say for themselves?  

1. 2.5 billion people played video games in 2016.

(Source: We PC)

The world of video games is a perfect escape from reality. Many people nowadays seek refuge and spend time in fantasy realms, fighting crime, or playing football. According to video game sales statistics, more and more people are looking to gaming as a favorite pastime activity.

2. The average age of a woman gamer is 34. 

(Source: Entertainment Software Association)

In 2019, women of all ages are playing video games. Enjoying games has never been easier. Mobile gaming is on the rise, guys. (Next time you are on the subway you can make a little statistic of your own – how many girls are playing mobile games. I already tried. The numbers check out!)

3. 65% of American adults are video gamers.  

(Source: Entertainment Software Association)

Video games are at the top of their game, pun intended. Since the turn of the century, gaming has influenced our society a great deal. People of all ages, education and social status play games.  

Now, let’s talk money: 

4. In 2016, the US video gaming market value was $17.68 billion. 

(Source: Statista)

  • In 2018, the total value of the video games sales market was $43.4 billion
  • In 2019, the global esports revenue will top the $1 billion threshold for the first time. 
  • The South Asia gaming market is estimated to generate up to $4.6 billion in 2019. 

The online gaming population is growing fast and it’s making it rain. Stay tuned to find out the amount of money that some of the most famous games are making. The video game market is exploding nowadays. 


How many Americans play video games?

5. In 2018, more than 166 million adults played video games in the US. 

(Source: Entertainment Software Association)

We are living in the Golden Age of gaming. Esports enjoy an unprecedented audience and the numbers are constantly rising. The market is expanding rapidly – people enjoy their gaming time. Especially kids: 

6. 92% of US teenage boys play games on a console.

(Source: Pew Research Centre)

Yup! Kids love their gaming. They are a source of entertainment, spending time with friends, or just some activity away from the classroom. 

They are competitive, and if used well, games can teach the new generations a good set of values. Of course, there is the other side of the coin – gaming addiction is a real thing. As always – we’re searching for the middle ground. 

7. 46% of all gamers in the world are aged 36 or higher. 

(Source: Filmora Wondershare

Competition in esports gives us adrenalin that few other activities can provide. Video gaming is for all seasons and all ages. Regardless of the time of the day and the device you own – the rush of not knowing what will happen next remains the same. 

In other words: 

Video gaming gave new meaning to words like pastime, hobby,  and even sports.


Types of Video Gaming: Devices and Generations 

Born to play, forced to work. 

We’ve all seen those words on t-shirts or bags. After you have spent 800 hours on a single game in Steam or Twitch, you are one of the pack. There’s no way back! 

What’s your pick? 

8. 60% of American adults prefer to play on their smartphones. 

(Source: Entertainment Software Association)

According to the statistics on video gaming, users definitely prefer smartphones and desktops for gaming. Since the future of gaming is online, in the years to come, most games will be played on the cloud. No downloads, no expensive devices. 


9. 62% of video gamers choose to play on a PC or Mac. 

(Source: We PC)

That’s not all: 

10. 49% of gamers prefer to play on a console. 

(Source: Entertainment Software Association)

Consoles have fallen a bit out of favor nowadays. But they still charm users all over the world with their interactivity and ease of play. 

On the other side, they are expensive and sooner or later, with the advances of online gaming – they will become less and less popular. 

Video Gaming Demographics

Nowadays even toddlers play games. (If only there were statistics about whether baby girls or baby boys played more often… well, we are still waiting for such, but that’d be fun!)

11. 70% of video gamers are aged 18 or higher. 

(Source: Statista)

It used to be that mostly teenagers played games. They still do, but they’re far from the main audience now. People in their 20s and up have more money to spend, and a lot of them are happy to spend some of it on games.

12. 57% of parents in the US play video games with their kids at least once a week. 

(Source: Entertainment Software Association)

Yup! Isn’t that cool? Spending some quality time with your kids and relaxing at the same time. Enjoying a mutual passion for gaming is an amazing way to bond with your progeny. 

Games & Stats

Let’s cover the favorite games of players all over the world. And sprinkle them with some video game statistics

According to the video game market

13. In 2016, 27.5% of all games sold in the US were shooter games.

(Source: We PC)

The variety of games nowadays is absolutely stunning. Live streaming has changed the way we play.

14. In January 2019, there were 30,000 games on Steam. 

(Source: PC Gamer

Before we move on to the latest video game trends, let’s have a look at some stats about 2 of the AAA games of recent years: 

15. In 2018, Overwatch was played by the staggering number of 40 million people. 

(Source: Statista)

In 2019, the odds are that either you or a friend or relative of yours is a dedicated Overwatch or Fortnite player. It’s the age we live in, and it’s awesome. Companies like Blizzard and Epic Games surprise their fans with amazing season features that keep gamers hooked! (Did you enjoy the Overwatch Summer Games this year? Lúcioball was awesome, am I right?) 

Video Gaming Trends

There is a lot to look forward to in the near future of gaming. Like: 

  • Cloud gaming – online game streaming. In the near future, gamers won’t need expensive rigs to play top games with high FPS.
  • New alternatives to Steam – Epic Games, the creators of Fortnite Battle Royale, are developing their own platform for online gaming.
  • Game Stadia – one of Google’s latest innovations. It’s kind of like Netflix for games. 

According to video gaming sales statistics

16. By 2021, the total number of gamers will be close to 2.8 billion people. 

(Source: Broadband Search)

According to online gaming statistics, the future of online gaming is as secure as the success of the next Taylor Swift video… so to speak. Gamers are looking for multiplayer shooter or sports games that are shorter in duration, have amazing and complex characters and give them the experience of a lifetime. 

To Sum Up

Oh, those video game statistics were a hoot and a half, weren’t they?

In the course of the last decade, the global video game market share has been climbing at a steady rate. And it seems that it won’t lose momentum any time soon.  

Video game industry statistics have announced their verdict: mobile gaming is on the rise and the future of gaming is on the cloud. Most gamers are aged 18 and higher, and women are playing video games more than ever before. 

Enjoy your gaming, everyone! 

It’s a great time to be alive! 



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